Earn Commissions and Free Products with our Affiliate Program

– Today we’re gonna learn
how you can get outstanding merchandise from VitaJuwel
Natural Action Water and Jivara for free. (ocean noise) Hi I’m Patrick Durkin from
The Wellness Enterprise and I recently hired
a consultant to review our pricing systems to see how we could be more generous with our Affiliate Program. He came up with some amazing ideas and we just sent an email
out to our community about an hour ago and released the new program. And not long after, one
of our old customers, a customer who’s been around the business for a number of years called us up and she had
a friend in the background and they spoke on speakerphone to me and I guided them through
what would best serve this new person and he made
a couple of selections. He ended up spending $1574 for some new structured water products for his family. After we finished, my
friend the affiliate and I, continued talking and I let her know that her referral is going to
count in our new program which was just released an hour ago. She said “Well what does that mean?” And I said “Well let me
get my calculator out here and we’ll figure this out together.” I said “The first thing is you receive a 10% cash compensation through PayPal on your referred orders.” So $1754. Let’s say that again. $1574 was spent. So 10% is $157.40. I said “But you also receive our new product bonus points.” The way the product bonus points work is if you refer over $1000
worth of sales to us in a quarter, we’re gonna
give you product bonus points. She did it in one sale. So we take the amount
that she referred, $1574 and we multiply it times .25. She gets 393 points which are equivalent to $393 to spend on products
that MSRP in our store. So she said “Wow that’s
a lot, plus the 157?” I said “Yes.” So it’s a total of $550
to spend in our store. So we reviewed some of the options and you haven’t seen these
in one of my videos before. I’ve been so excited to start making them and I just cleared some
space in here so we could see the VitaJuwel Grande
Decanter in the videos. And one of our customers,
I was on the phone with her yesterday and
she said “The pictures on your website do not
do the VitaJuwel justice. I had no idea how pretty they are. Now that I have mine I just
want to caress my VitaJuwel.” They are so pretty in
person and I hope you can get that sense from the video. This is the stand down below and then the Grande Decanter. And it has a vial that
hangs in the middle. This vial is rose quartz. Sorry for turning my back to you there, I just wanna make sure I
handle the VitaJuwel carefully, it’s such a work of art. This one has rose quartz
hanging in the middle of it. There’s 17 different blends
that you can choose from. The decanter by itself, this part, costs $364. And then the vial is $104. And I also brought another
product to my desk for this. Here’s a VitaJuwel Water Bottle. And this one is The Wellness Blend. I’ll open that up. Comes in these really
beautiful containers. It comes with a catalog where you can see all their other products. And then once you receive it, you can remove it from the little piece of plastic that’s over it and you see this beautiful gem pod that goes in here. So with this person’s $550 to spend in her cart, including their product bonus points, which are paid quarterly, she can receive that decanter, that vial, and this water bottle
and have $4 left over. And I am just so excited that I hired this consultant, that our Affiliate
Program is this generous, that you can earn such extraordinarily beautiful products from us just from making simple referrals. So we invite you to go to
thewellnessenterprise.com, join our Affiliate Program,
refer a couple of friends, get some great merchandise for
yourself, and tell the world. Be sure to comment underneath this video and let us know if you like it and subscribe to see more videos about the wonderful new
VitaJuwel product line.


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