Earn in Lazada Affiliate Marketing: Making Carousel banners and Earn Money through commission 2017

We’ll sell Lazada items and we’ll use this thing that is moving If someone clicked on that picture, and bought it you’ll get commission Is it your first time to be here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the Subscribe button and the Bell to get notified for new uploads This is part two of selling for Lazada Check on top if you haven’t watched the part 1 yet This is called carousel I made another jsut like this It’s like this It’s not moving but with a larger picture I will teach both of these I also learned that the minimum payout is just $25 and not $100 Sorrt if I am wrong Those who encountered problems on deeplink, after the carousel topic I will teach you another way to add deeplink If you got questions about Lazada comment it down I will now require you to create a blog don’t worry about doing it You’ll jsut put your username, password, then register then your blog is done Just add a few articles so you’ll have visitors on your blog so we can add Lazada advertisements This is my dummy Lazada affiliate account To create moving pictures or interchanging pictures, got to offers carousel banner or best carousel they’re just the same but for best carousel, they’ll automatically give you items on this one, you’ll choose yourself Let’s now go to carousel banner Click on “Click to create your carousel banner” We’ll start with just one picture but it’s moving Select your country You’ll choose items you want to sell like camera, groceries, home and living, home appliances, I want to sell mobile and tablets Search for the item you want here for example, Samsung Once it loaded, choose 5 items that you want to show up in the picture This is just a trial After choosing 5, click on done You’ll now go to your dub ID This is for tracking purposes for example 3 1, 2, 3… Banner layout You’ll choose how it’ll look like Single rotatin is just one item, click that Then banner size there are different sizes Play around you can do that 300 by 250 If you want to check, “Get banner now” Your banner will show up here That’s it it’ll automatically rotate If you’re not yet happy with it, you can change the size You can make it 500 then “Get banner now” It became longer Just play around with the size you want That’s for Single If you want a long one, Click on Products carousel horizontal You’ll choose how many items to display let’s try 4 You can change the size That’s just one so it’s small you need to make it longer Let’s make it 600 get banner now Your 4 items are now there it’s rotating since we got 5 items and only 4 is being displayed so it’s still rotating You can also click on that they can click the one on the side if they want to see more That’s how to make to types of banners Single and horizontal I am not really recommending the vertical one because it’s irritating it’s a long vertical one That’s it we’ll now add it to our blog It also works with your websites from wordpress or any website You can put in together with your articles or anything that you have on your websites Let’s add it to our blogger You can add it in the article directly For example here in About Paypal and Paymaya You can also put it at the bottom page or on top It can be outside the article, directly on your blog or inside the article I will teach you both on blogspot Let’s go to slogan slingers review Edit that Once you’re here, Click on HTML This is a bit confusing but it’s not that hard I normally add my advertisements on the very bottom Go to the very bottom of this HTML add a spacebar Go to the banner you created then just copy this This code then paste it Just that easy Click preview to check if it worked It’s now loading It’s playing I haven’t fixed it well Go back here If you want two of them just add one more preview If you want two of them then just add one more That’s okay Better if it’s two different items so you’ll be able to promote more on your website or on your blog It’s now rotating Once done Click on update How to add on the very bottom or directly on the blog so even if they haven’t seen the article yet they’ll be able to see it already I will teach you how Click your blogspot Click on Layout Add a gadget HTML Java Script Title Try these Lazada Items that’s the title Get your code I want to get rid of this I will replace it with the horizontal one Let’s make the size 700 For the very bottom I want a horizontal one make the size longer for your website Copy this again Paste it here then click on save Try this lazada item is here It’s on the left sidebar top You can put it anywhere you want I will put it at the very bottom on the footer Save arrangement Click it for us to see the actual Click on view blog On the very bottom you’ll see your carousel or advertisements If someone clicked on that then bought it you’ll get commission from that that’s how easy it is to add carousels Isn’t it nice? You can’t imagine that it’s just copying and pasting it’s easy and you can earn from that For the deeplink on my first video, the one I did don’t work anymore Browse Search, click this Type in PH Deeplink Enter Click on PH Deeplink generator Click on add deeplink then look for a lazada item For example this one Copy the address on top add deeplink paste it there then click on plus Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for your link to load don’t think about those who are commenting that it’s hard and there’s no way to earn You will not know unless you try Don’t think that it’s hard everyone has difficulties There ain’t no easy jobs As long as you set this up someone might still buy from it and you can get earnings from that You’ll be able to payout for $25 Just one-time set up To know if it’s working copy it then paste on your browser It has now loaded it now has affiliate ID That’s your affiliate ID To post it on Facebook Copy this then paste it here on your Facebook post after pasting you can delete it then replace it with “Try this TV” then click on publish After that, you’ll see your post try tv if they click that picture they’ll be taken to your affiliate link if they buy it you’ll get commission That’s it for this video comment down if you want part 3 for an advanced one or other ways to sell Lazada items Comment down Don’t forget to subscribe if you want more videos like this Extra income online Click the Like button if you liked it Thank you for watching


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