Earn Money Every Day Just Searching On Google

You ready to earn money just by
literally searching on Google? Well, I’m going to show you in this video. It’s
unbelievable. It’s insane. I didn’t even think this was possible
but then I tried it out and it works. And you can earn money literally by just
searching on Google. And I’m going to show you. You’re going to get paid in crypto, okay?
That’s how you get paid. You get paid in crypto currency. Not even joking and if
you come over here I’m going to show you on my computer this crazy believable method.
Where you’re going to get money and it’s verified just by searching on Google.
Things you do every day but you’re earning money doing it. Let’s get it.
We’re going to go on my computer. I’m going to show it to you. It’s quick. It’s easy. And
you’ll earn money doing it. And you can do this no matter what country or in.
This is totally free to do. You can do this if you’re under 18, over 18. No
technical skills. This is super simple. And it’s worldwide so let’s get into
this right now. Let’s see it. Okay, so how do
you… I mean this is just crazy, right? Like you make money by searching. You think
I’m lying. I mean this is real and I’m going to show you. I mean if you go to my
computer right now, it’s a site called presearch, okay? Right here. Look, you can
google it or whatever. You find the side typing in presearch.io. Link should
be in the description. And what this is is it is a decentralized search engine
powered by the community. Whatever that means, okay? But the point being basically
instead of Google making money off of your clicks, you make money off of your
clicks. And you don’t make a lot but it works. And you can read the whole you
know white paper. You can read all this gobbledygook right here. But long story
short, you need to join the beta and it says join pre search beta and you go to
presearch.org to sign up. So, when you go to presearch.org, it’ll give you an email and password and you just sign up. And after you sign
up, you’ll get this search bar. Just like any other search bar. And as you see
right here, it says it all. When you search you’ll be rewarded with
PRE crypto tokens, okay? And you know I’m just going to click Next. And you can see
how many tokens. You have in the top right corner. You earn 0.25 pre tokens
per search up to 32 searches per day. So, a PRE tokens. And basically, you just your search will go to Google bla, bla, bla. And let’s just start searching,
okay? Let’s just try this out right now. I’m going to search for you know like
guinea pig sellers. You know? And guinea pig breeders, right? So, redirecting to
Google and there we go. Now, I just went back to pre search. And
as you see, we got 0.25 pre tokens, okay? And you can add this to Chrome. You can
use it. But basically you’re earning real money with searching. And if we want to
see how much is a pre token worth, right? How much is this actually worth? You can
actually go to coinbase. Now, one slight side note that you have
to understand is crypto is arguably the future of all currency. Right now, all of
our currency is controlled by governments and you know, it’s kind of
funny money. Way the system is built is not to make you as individuals rich but
it’s to make the people who run the system rich. You know, if you believe in
conspiracy theories, it’s the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. It’s… Or
or if you don’t believe in conspiracies, it’s you know, the tech and the political
elite. Whatever it is, it’s not making you and I rich, it’s mostly putting most people
in debt while I’m getting rich. But that’s a different story. But let’s go
back and let’s see how much each of these searches is worth. Okay. So, here I
am on a site called coin market cap and this is a site where you can see the
value of different crypto tokens. There are a lot of different crypto tokens out
there. And we see here we have pre search, okay? So,
and unfortunately, the value is only about… It’s a little less than a penny. So,
if we did… If we got eight PRE coins a day, so 8 PRE coins times 0.6 really
you know… The most you can make is 5 cents a day. So, that’s not a lot. And it’s
not the best way to make money. You’re not going to get rich doing this. But who’s
to say that these pre tokens aren’t worth a lot of money in the future? Could
be, could not be. Who the heck knows? But either way, you can start searching and
you can start earning some money. And maybe the value of a PRE token will go
up. Now, if we look over here, we’ll see that in the past,
back in January 10th of 2018, each PRE token was worth 67 cents.
So, by that math we would earn 67 cents times 8. So you’d earn about $5
a day. If the PRE coins were worth that amount of money. So, you can earn as much
as $5 a day just literally searching. Which is pretty insane you
know they’re much less now. But who’s to say they don’t spike up and go Bitcoin
wild and they’re worth 10,000 someday. I don’t know. I don’t think they
will. But once again, these are the sorts of things where you could possibly get
an early and suddenly you’re a millionaire 5 years down the line.
Because you just did some searches back when PRE was really easy and they gave
you a quarter of a coin each. So, who knows but this is one method that you
can use to make money. There are a lot of little methods. This doesn’t make sense.
Time wise, to do 8, you know… It’s not that much time. It’s 32 searches a day.
But at the same time, you could probably make more money doing something else. You
take your own path. Now, I don’t talk about crypto a lot in this channel. But
if you want me to talk a little bit more about crypto, I’ve made a little bit of
money doing that. Type in “crypto” in the comments and I’ll kind of go into more
ways where you can even have affiliate networks pay you in crypto I’ll go into
different strategies where you know you can do different weird
crypto arbitrage and stuff like that. Just type in “crypto” in the comments
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your business and make money online. So, have a good day.
Awesome seeing you. Make some money. Get some of those PRE coins, baby.

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