Earn Money To Review Amazon Products 2019 (New!)

Did you know you can make money by reviewing
Amazon products? Woo! Today I’m gonna go over with you how you can
earn money to review Amazon products. This strategy’s gonna be super easy, so you
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of this video. I will share you some information about that. Alright, let’s go. You probably know Amazon, right? Let me know in the comment who have Amazon
Prime. I love Amazon because I also do an Amazon
FBA. This is my result for this month. I will explain more about Amazon FBA business
in another video. One of the cool thing about Amazon is they
have every single thing like camera, gadget, electric, book, all kinds of things. Whenever I go buy a product in a different
store like Best Buy, Fry’s Electronic or Barnes & Noble for books, I always pull up my phone
and check out the Amazon review, who do that? Comment below. Now, would you like Amazon to pay you for
reviewing a product on their website? If you review a high price item, just a camera
or drone, you gonna earn higher affiliate commission by prefer someone to buy the products. Before I show you the strategy, I want you
to go to this website, it is called Amazon Associates and you’re gonna sign up with a
free account so you can start promoting Amazon products and earn Commission baby. There are so many different product that you guys
and I can promote and make review for it. It’s unlimited that you can do this forever. You can create a huge YouTube channel just
about reviewing the products and you don’t need to show your face if you don’t want to. Here is an example by Sean from Think Media;
Best Budget Canon Camera, Canon SL2 Review. I want you to see the potential here, check
this out and look at the view on this video. He got 380,000 view! That is really high view. You can see a lot of people may interest in
this camera, that’s why they watch it. if you look down on the description, you will
see his Amazon affiliate link; what is the best budget Canon camera? Check out this review and video test of one
of the Canon SL2. Check out the Canon Rebel SL2 on Amazon here. Here is his link. Anyone who visit that link and purchase the
camera, he will get commission. Now you might be asked; Mike, we can get all
this link and how can we get some of this expensive camera without actually buying it
so we can do our own review on it? Now hear me out on this, I don’t want you
to go buy from Amazon and three days later, you return them. This is not very good and Amazon will crack
down on you. I am discouraging you doing so. The way you do this is go over the website
called fatllama.com. This is the website I’m talking about. You are actually rent other people stuff instead
of buying. This is a great website that you can find
a camera near your area. You can rent them for a cheap price. So, take a look. Oh, there’s a camera right here, $50 per day,
$21 per day, $32 per day, $28 per day now you can see the map right here, you can
take a look at your area who can rent the stuff out. They also have the whole category; Film and
Photography, Camera, Lens, Accessory, Audio, Projectors and Screen, Drone, all kind of
stuff guys, make sure you check it out. The other website I want to show you is called
Borrow Lense; this is a great website, you can find almost any camera and you can search
up here like any camera that you like. I’m using an example, Canon SL2, search. What you do next it just rent the camera,
that’s pretty much it. Let me check how much the Canon SL2 price
on Amazon, woooh, $599, that’s roughly over $600 for this camera but you don’t have to
pay that, no no, you only need to pay $42 or 36 bucks for 7 days. When you get the camera, start to figure it
out and read the manual; learn about the feature of the camera and then what you do is make
a video review like Sean over here. That’s it and you just need to send the camera
back after you’ve done video shooting. Simple, right? Now, I want to go over with you a little bit
about SEO ranking on YouTube because there are so many competition, how can your video
stay on top? How can people see your video and watch. I will use the Canon SL2 example. So, I’m typing Canon SL2 review. If you see over here, this is called TubeBuddy,
the Chrome extension. I will leave the link on the description. It’s a free Chrome extension and it’s really
helpful. What you do is click “Show Keyword Score”. Yak, poor 18 out of 100. It says “Although this keyword is searched
very often, it is bad to target because it’s extremely competitive and hard to rank for.” Now, don’t worry, when you scroll down a little
bit, it’s says “Related Search”, Canon SL2 review photo, Canon SL2 review video, Canon
SL2 review and unboxing. You can choose either of this three topic
right here. So, let me check the first one; click on here. Now the same step, click on “Show Keyword Score”,
boom, woo woo! Good, 56 out of 100. It’s saying “This keyword ain’t too competitive
and has enough search volume to make worth to target”. You can change your content a little bit,
you can make video include comparison, phone versus camera, photo or video quality. This is the business guy, check out Sean Channel,
he had ton of product review in not just camera but Gimbal, mic, best tabletop and mini tripods,
all the good stuff. I don’t know if he keep all this stuff, I
have no idea. Maybe he return them on Amazon or rent them
out, I don’t know. But I do know he make ton of money by doing
this. If you don’t think people look for review
online, he got seven hundred and thirty one thousand subscribers. People love this stuff and I do too myself. This is a business you can start. All you need to do it just borrow from someone
like a friend and your family or your neighbor, whatever you have to do, go get the stuff
and create the video so you can place your affiliate link from Amazon associate account. You might be ask, “Well Mike, I got a camera,
I shoot the video, now how can I edit it?” If you have Mac, you can use a software iMovie. This it totally free and if you have Windows,
you can use a software called Wondershare Filmora, it is free. This come up with 300 effect, you can’t do
a little effect like title pop out or anything like that. After you finish editing, you just need to
upload on YouTube and your video will stay on YouTube forever! This is not a one-time thing, you can earn
recurring income six months from now, two year from now and forever. This kind of product gonna be on Amazon for
years and years. This is for one video, let me ask you, is
that worth for the investment? I cannot imagine how many click does Sean
have. Probably the whole ton of traffic and click,
this is really powerful. Invest yourself and create more content. The time is now, don’t wait, start to borrow
the equipment and get that review, upload now! There are a zillion of people making a million
dollar a year just doing Amazon review. All right, go out there and kill it. If you got some value out of this video, make
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to the next vlog. Peace! [Music]

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