Earn More Money with Your Own Coupon & Affiliate Website With Joomla

Hello Mathew Tamin here and I’m so excited
to bring you another brand new course how to create a coupon listing website with Joomla.
Now this course is going to teach you how to create a basic coupon listing website where
users can you know create an account and they can post the coupons themselves. You can manage
everything because as the site owner, you have 100% control over what’s posted on your
site. So here’s the site that you’re going to learn how to create. You’re gonna have
different categories, you’re gonna have different coupon listing so that user can see all the
existing coupons and merchants are going to be able to create an account and they can
post their own coupons. You know they can set the expiration date for how long that
coupon is going to be and this is the sign up page so they can be able to sign up and
choose different categories. By the way, you have 100% control about the type of categories
that they can submit things to. So whatever categories that you put up here, this is what
they’re going to see on the frontend and they can add their logo, they can put their address,
their website, their phone number, and they can put an overview about their company. And
they can also you know post their coupons. So once they’ve created an account, uh they
can just log right in and post their coupon. If you can see here, a list of different categories
that they can see all the existing coupons for each category and you have 100% control.
And you can be able to feature certain merchants. The great thing about this course is that
you’ll learn how to do this without having to be a coder. And this component, the CM
Coupon listing it allows you to manage the site on the frontend or the backend. So here’s
the backend; you see everything that happens. You know the users, the coupons, the merchants
the votes, you people can be able to votes to let you know did a coupon work, you know
what’s good, and what’s bad, and things like that. They can leave their comments and their
feedback. So if you want to create a basic you know but yet high quality coupon website,
then this course is going to walk you through step by step how to do that you know without
you having to be a professional coder so I look forward to you taking this course!

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