EarthBox Garden Kit: Unboxing | Self-Watering Container | Gardening Products Review

Hi there! Check this out; this just arrived in the mail This is from EarthBox, and it is their complete grow system, so I’m going to open it up and let’s have a look what’s inside the box Okay, so this is a complete kit And it comes with whoa okay so if you order the kit – here’s a tip – don’t do what I just did and slice open the tape on top because I just sliced open the bag of potting soil So that’s not such a good option. So there’s a one bag and two bags, so that’s why this bag is pretty heavy – this box It’s got two bags of their special blend of potting mix that comes with it So you can order the grow box (meant EARTHBOX) with or without that Let’s have a look Inside – okay – we’ve got the box the grow box (meant EARTHBOX) Sorry this is the EarthBox let me be really clear. This is not the grow box Grow Box is a competitive product that we’ve already evaluated, and so now we’re taking a look at the EarthBox That looks like in here, it looks like a handle is actually the overflow for For what’s inside this Okay, this is the platform that goes on the bottom so your potting mix is gonna sit up in here Now let’s see what else do we have in here – we have Okay, so this would be the fill tube Definitely. This goes somewhere in here to fill it up with water and it comes with an instruction manual! Yay! That’s always my favorite thing because I always do something wrong if I don’t read manuals, so take a look at that and then Okay, this is all natural dolomite and then a special plant food 7-7-7 in terms of NPK So this is something to mix in with the potting mix and it also has 4 wheels – so four casters I’m going to guess that these They’re gonna go right here on the bottom so you can wheel this thing around which is really great because when one of these things is full of water in the reservoir at the bottom, it’s gonna be pretty heavy. So being able to wheel it around instead of having to try and lift it is gonna be pretty awesome And then I’m gonna guess that this thing that looks like a handle from the front is the water overflow so if you put too much water in the bottom, it’s not just gonna sit there and run out your plants, it’s gonna flow out the bottom. So we got it in this really fun purple color It comes in a couple of other colors as well, so if you don’t want the bright purple there are more neutral options, so we are gonna test this thing out. I’m going to be growing Chinese long beans and Lemon cucumbers in it, so we’ll see how it does and we’ll keep you posted so check back for the review; you’ll find it on the And you’ll also find a review right here on YouTube, so don’t forget to click that subscribe button so that you get notified when we have the review ready for the EarthBox See you then!

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