– In this video I’m gonna
show you the easiest way to make money using affiliate marketing having no money to start. So you don’t need any money to start this. This is one of the easiest ways. You don’t have to have your own traffic like a lot of people think
you need a big following to do affiliate marketing, that’s completely not true. I’m gonna show you some examples in this, that’s I’m gonna start using and that a lot of our students in affiliate marketing
course have started using and are doing well with. There’s a couple of people who are making 60 and a $100 a day
from mainly this source that I’m gonna show you. So if you guys do find
value in this video, please hit the subscribe button but let’s jump into it. So the way I’m gonna be showing you today is a way of doing affiliate marketing so for those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s pretty much you’re showing people what they’re looking for. So if someone, let’s say
someone is looking for drones and they search up top 10 drones and the first website
shows up, they click on it, it compares the 10 drones,
the benefits and whatnot, each link they have is an affiliate link so if you click that and
then go buy that drone, they get a percentage of that sale so it’s pretty much commission if someone clicks your link
and goes and buys something. So for this example, I’m gonna show you a free way to do it. Normally it use Facebook traffic but for this example, I’m
gonna show you Facebook Groups. So it’s very easy to create a
Facebook group around a niche so the example I’m gonna be
doing is entrepreneurship ’cause a lot of you are
probably interested in that. So with this niche, an example I’m gonna
use, a lot of you guys are actually in this but is a group called
Entrepreneurship Lifestyle. So it’s a closed group, only the admins can really post I think, but they just create a group, probably posting relevant content, it’s literally I think they put post quotes and other
inspirational stories and whatnot. Now yours doesn’t have to be like that but you just create a
small Facebook Group, add your friends that you
think will be interested and then go into similar groups. Maybe go into this, join
this, post in there, like people’s stuff, and
say “hey, I have a group “about blah, blah blah”
without being too spammy. Get a couple of people in there, and then you show them offers
without being too spammy. So an example of this,
so we’re going after the entrepreneurship niche. So let’s say we create a group
even get a hundred people add our friends and it
keeps going from there ’cause when you see a big group, more and more people join. This group probably gets at least a hundred new people a day. So the author I’m gonna show you guys, so any of you guys can do this, this is Amazon’s affiliate program, it takes about two minutes to sign up, I just made an account for this. The example I’m gonna show you is Audible. So for this offer, the
person gets a 30 day free trial of Audible spending no money and if they just sign up for that, you get five bucks for each person. So what you would do is
you just click get link, go here, you post this,
and maybe, in your group, you do once a week, you post your three best entrepreneurship
books for the week, maybe specific niche. Now our example is entrepreneurship but you can use any
niche, it can be sports, it can be gaming, it can be anything. Example I’m using is just entrepreneurship so maybe every week, I
post my number one book that I read or listened to using Audible and I say here’s a link,
get a 30 day free trial if you wanna go listen to this book and you think people are
gonna go use my link? Of course they are, they’re in my group, I’m giving them something for free, and in turn, I get paid
and then we get $10 if they do signup for a
membership after that. So we have the possibility of making 15 but they just sign up for
free, we get five bucks. Now if you have a group of 45,000 people and you get 1% to sign up,
so let’s do some math here, and you get 1% of those people to sign up, you just made about $2,500
for posting one link, $2,500 if you can get 1% of your group. Now, of course you’re not gonna start off with a giant group like that, but just imagine you’re getting
a hundred new people a day, let’s say five of them sign up, you’re making 25 bucks a day, you’re now making a 1,000 a
month from posting one link and that’s if you post that once. Now you can do other offers too. This is just an example of how easy affiliate marketing actually is, I mean, you can do any product on Amazon, try Amazon Prime for 30 day free trial, I mean, a fourth of the
world has Amazon Prime so that would be a pretty easy one but I like Audible for this niche because people ask what
I read all the time. Maybe I have an email list
that I can start building where I send out my favorite
book I read every week or whatnot but you see the possibilities are endless with this. You can really do anything
with so many offers. You can search up products too. I mean, there’s tons and whatnot but just make it relevant to your niche, don’t spam people in your group but just start slowly
building a Facebook Group and posting stuff that’s valuable. If I’m giving you a free trial for 30 days and books you can go
read that’ll benefit you, you’re not gonna think
I’m making money off that or you’re here to make money, you’re gonna think I’m helping you. So that’s kinda what you want
your whole page to be about and again, choose any niche you want. There’s so many different ones. You can do a tech niche,
like I said, any sports, maybe a specific sports
team, you can get their gear, you got affiliate links for that, it doesn’t have to be
through Amazon associates, but everyone really
gets approved for that. I did, it got approved
in like two minutes. so it’s super simple, it’s very easy. Facebook Groups is just one of the ways. If you guys are interested
in more stuff like this, make sure to subscribe
and I do have a course on affiliate marketing,
this is just one of the very few free ways we
teach so you don’t need any money to start it. There are paid ways to do it
where you can make even more but this is just one of the many examples and just a small little
piece of affiliate marketing. Yes you can do it from anywhere, no you don’t have to be 18 or older, and no you don’t need a following to start affiliate marketing but I hope that gave you guys some value and if you are new, please
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