so what is the easiest way to make money
with affiliate marketing and do you even want the easiest way when you hear
easiest way ask yourself is it because you’re looking for a get-rich-quick
overnight thing or because you actually want to save time and money and build a
legitimate business those are some things to think about when saying you
want to know an easy way to make money with affiliate marketing because the
truth is no matter what it’s gonna take work but it comes down really I think to
product and traffic which I’m going to go over in this video my name is Rachel
s Lee and this youtube channel is all about affiliate marketing only marketing
online business and making money online so if you’re into that kind of stuff be
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any videos so if you want your affiliate marketing journey to be easier then it
is so important that you are promoting the right products when deciding on what
products you should promote or just choosing even one product to get started
with it’s important to find out do other people have results is there a track
record for this product not only if the product actually being good but
affiliates of making money from it I get hit up all the time Rachel will you be
an affiliate for my software for my course for whatever usually like no
because I don’t want to be the first one I want to make sure that other people
are already making thousands of dollars promoting this before I even spent any
time thinking about promoting it a lot of affiliate programs have very strong
communities like online communities Facebook groups and it’s a great way to
make new friends and colleagues online by joining these groups and meeting
people networking with people who are already promoting this product you can
learn from them and get hyped up about promoting it and a lot of times people
share screenshots of results that they’re getting so that’s a great way to
know that something will actually convert for you I also think it’s
important to consider the Commission structure and the product line you want
to make sure it’s paying you good whether that’s a higher commission
percentage or are you getting paid every single month with monthly recurring
Commission’s or perhaps there’s two tier commissions
perhaps there’s bonuses and the affiliate program maybe there’s a
flagship product but then there’s upsells and upgrades and more ways for
you to make money promoting one thing but the funnel the whole affiliate
program will upsell things for you I always like to look for that also and
then when I choose a product I want to make sure that it’s easy to grab
affiliate links and when I go check out my own affiliate link it goes to a good
landing page a good funnel a funnel that converts it I want it to already provide
that to me I don’t want it just to go straight to an order form I want it to
go to like a free training or a free trial and I think it’s also very helpful
when the affiliate program gives you trainings they tell you hey this is the
best way to promote this this is the best way to position it to market it and
if this affiliate program also has a community other people other affiliates
are also probably going to make trainings and share with you ways that
you can promote to and succeed promoting it another really important thing to
consider if you want your affiliate marketing efforts to be easier is
quality / qualified traffic I’m gonna go more into traffic and then I’m gonna
share with you guys my favorite affiliate marketing offer so for traffic
I say quality / qualified they’re kind of the same things like good traffic
traffic of people that are actual potential buyers so let’s say you’ve
found a great product you have your link you’re like ready to promote but you
need I ball you need traffic you need people potential buyers to see the
offers see the funnel click on your links so you need to ask yourself well
do you want to learn or anok traffic methods paid traffic
methods or books I think the easiest way to start is just choose one traffic
method and then go all in on it so for me YouTube is my favorite traffic method
right now because I can rank my videos and no one can stop me I can get
subscribers and use it as a social media platform and no one can stop me and I
could still learn paid ads and run paid ads and sometimes I get a little stuck
there you know you’re testing out different paid ads and spending money
and investing money into it but I make sure that I also make organic content so
the philia product that I’ve done the best with so far I mean I promote a lot
of different courses and software’s different things but my favorite so far
is the click funnels affiliate program it gets the check mark for all the
things I said before other people have results with it the commission structure
is great 40% on the tier one five percent on the tier two so every month
of someone’s on a monthly subscription you’re getting paid or if they buy a
higher ticket thing for $1000 or $3,000 you get a $400 commission a $1200
Commission and the product line is very varied it’s a funnel building software
and they build their own funnels to sell their products so you can just be
promoting a free trial or a free webinar and make multiple sales on the backend
automatically because the funnel automatically is guiding people through
the sales process and click funnels has a ton of great trainings there’s the
affiliate bootcamp but also other people like me put out lots of great trainings
about how to promote click funnels and succeed as an affiliate I am a clip
funnel super affiliate if you get 100 affiliates under you they give you five
hundred dollars a month for your dream car and if you get 200,000 a month so I
don’t know how much affiliates all have at the time of this recording but I
definitely way more than 200 so it’s nice to get
the car bonus and get the Commission’s only give you guys these free trainings
just check out in the description below a lot of the things that I’ll teach you
or resources I’m providing can be used for other affiliate offers too the
biggest best training that I have though is a bonus for people who get click
funnels that sign up for click funnels with my link so I’m also gonna put my
link in the description below and if you sign up for click funnels just email me
rachel at rachel s leave comments in the description and i’ll give you even more
in-depth training videos on how to succeed as a click funnels affiliates
ways that i got to getting enough affiliates to get the dream car I’ll
give you funnels I’ll give you email swipes lots of
things to use and implement and just set up that are already created for you to
start succeeding as a click falls affiliate and then start implementing
other affiliate offers into your product mix I know it can get really
overwhelming again this is called easy ways to make money with affiliate
marketing and sometimes it just feels really hard information overload always
so much to do and I know that you’re not an excuse maker always looking for
shortcuts but sometimes shortcuts are good if they’re smart shortcuts that are
going to save us time and money trying to figure things out on our own the best
thing you could do is learn from people who already have the results that you
want that’s what I did that’s what I continued to do I don’t really try to
make up new strategies I mean it’s fun to get creative it’s fun to think of a
video idea and use your creativity but there’s also things that for sure work
and things that for sure are not gonna work so I like to learn from my
colleagues and people that have even more results than me and are making even
more money online than I am what they’re doing so I can model it so again check
in the description for trainings and if you like this video I would love for you
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you know if like what affiliate programs are your favorite in the comments if
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