Easily DRIVE FACEBOOK TRAFFIC On Amazon Using Your Customer Data with ZONPAGES

hey guys Antion here I just wanted to tell you guys about another tool that I’ve been using a lot cause on Patriot’s there’s a certain feature in it today that I really want to talk about it has a couple different things in it like a Imahara spotter and all that but I really wanted to highlight on like this key feature within it that builds like Facebook custom audience for you and automatically updates it for you a lot of these tools don’t automatically update your Facebook custom audiences so you know yeah usually if you’re familiar with Facebook audience that you have to like re upload a new file every single time you get a new customer and like you do a pre article II like weekly or so zom pages does it for you automatically and that in itself is like one of my favorite little features of the feature so basically what a custom audience is on Facebook is the ways on pages will pull in the custom audience for you as daily user existing Amazon customers who purchase your item right and it’ll create a custom audience from that for you to put into Facebook so you can run ads to them right and this is super super powerful because if you have a ton of customers like I do you can retarget them to like like your Facebook page join our email list and just expand from that like the potential is like unlimited write and draw off of Amazon’s platform so you can just kind of do whatever you want with them you know so like I said these custom audiences lead to warm leads and repeat buyers not only that remember you going to be collecting emails because of the custom audiences and these same users become part of my VIP review Club is what I like to do and I use them for all my product launches they’re like warm leads and they love my products on like hey like I got this new product coming out toter community tell your friends and I’ll give you you know I get discount or something too and they always get like a good discount whenever I do a new product launch so before I move into like the three tips of like how I use it I’ll show you kind of how like it feels like walking through zone pages so you’re kind of familiar with like what settings there are and like how it works so once you log in as on pages and create an account and there’s a thing called Facebook audiences right so with Facebook audiences are just kind of coast at so I’ve had at least a hundred thousand people customers I guess since like I had my account or something like that but yeah so jumping in to face with audiences click on that you want to click on create a new Facebook audience and when you create a new Facebook audience alright it’ll give you some really options so you’re gonna click you’re gonna have to usually if I think on the first time you you log in you’re gonna have to sync it to your Facebook ad account so you can go ahead and do that I’m going to just create a new audience name and I’ll just call it solar tradecraft tests all right and this example for you guys so you go on to the next page and you always want to filter out specific clients right and what I mean by that is you can filter out by these two total amount spend my coin or percentage of discount so I like to filter out anyone who got an item like via give away from me right so if anyone got a discount more than say 90% then I don’t want them to actually more than like if they got a discount more than 10% like I don’t want to retarget these users these users order prior to once you got like three items from like a viral launch or market hustle giveaway and those usually are like really cheap like freebie seekers that I read are not waste my head spend on so right so I’ll put 10% and repeat bars I don’t use that and then I’ll select all my products that are like relevant right so if you have one big overcome passing brand just select Augen right so I’ll just select a couple so you can kind of just see how big like one of these audiences could be let’s see looks xoxoxox work so I clicked all right so I selected a couple and then what you do is hit continue so it brings you to this next page where audiosurf restrictions right so yes is like when should we remove these clients like I actually choose never I want to retarget them forever basically and then it also dents on pages also gives you the option to do email pens and with for emails and phone numbers if you’re not familiar with email pens or phone number like appending basically it’s really cool what it does is all of our all of our information is out there on the internet somewhere like your email or your address like we’re all in some database out there that’s like kind of free is by email pen software and phone number of pen software’s what they do is based on like the information we can extract from the customer say we have their address say we have their name and their zip code right based off of Amazon’s data that they give to us we can the email a pen and phone number pen what they do is they use that name and address and they go look over the Internet and they find an email and a phone number that’s related to basically the name and address a little scary but the informations are out there so they piece it together right so the cost those on pages to do it is like nine cents there’s a couple other softwares that do it you don’t have to do this but it makes her custom audience a lot lot stronger but if you have you know like 10,000 users and it’s nine cents a piece it starts to add up you know like it starts to add up in terms of how much it cost so you don’t have to use it but it definitely makes her custom audience list a lot stronger so for the sake of this example I’m just gonna hit create Facebook audience and not use that pen function all right and once we have it created you can see it’s right here it’ll actually probably take a second to let’s see view yeah so once you click it and have it all set up basically you can look at it in Facebook and it will automatically sync right and it’ll be say it’ll automatically be created by it will say it will be created by us on pages and over the size of it will update automatically if you see one of my other pass ones let’s see yeah like this other other one that I have basically 31,000 people dead like I can retarget automatically which is really cool and I really like it but you know like so I have this custom audience but what do I do with it essentially all right so the three ways that I use in I really recommend you use it is use your custom audience tip number one use your custom audience to build a look-alike audience and reach even more people so they look a lot like audience feature within Facebook this can go really deep but I won’t give you guys like a high level so based on say the audience that I had for $31,000 the 31 you sirs 31,000 people I can create a look-alike audience right the really cool thing about look-alike audience is that you create this variance based on like what you want so I usually choose a 1% variance what that means is Facebook has a list of users right that we created from Jean Peters Facebook’s is gonna find people that are basically 1% different zdenda list of users that you have on your list and you can target them all right so basically you essentially can double triple quadruple like the amount of people that are targeting and based because like they’re so similar in interest is that potentially these customers too could I mean these this audience could potentially be your customer too so it’s super super powerful and it’s like something you should definitely play around with and explore I’ve seen really really good results with it and this is the reason why Facebook is not going away anytime soon so tip number two right so run a page like campaign under custom audience for easy warm likes and social proof and retargeting so any user that likes her page you can easily retarget if they like your page it alerts their friends and their friends can like your page too but also what it does is it gives you more social proof so whenever you like post anything on your social media or you contest or you like really want to build your brand now you have this warm huge audience that already have liked your page and they were more than willing to like shared a message and continually receive updates from you right it’s basically like having an email list of sending stuff out so anytime you post something on your page I’ll get an alert and there’ll be that much closer to being like another repeat buyer and spreading the message of your brand all right so tip number three this should definitely say number three instead of two I’ll probably fix by the time you guys see this but so run ads to custom audience with a contest via gleam IO and collect email addresses so this is one of the easiest ways to collect emails or make them your customers do whatever they want so for a dis example there’s this date right say you want them say you want to capture an email the trick is to give away like something really really cool and your niche right so say you’re selling kid stuff right you’re selling like diapers or something what is in the same vertical as diapers baby strollers right say you give out a really badass baby stroller that cost us like $200 maybe I don’t know hundred dollars I don’t know how much baby strollers go for not at that point my life yet but basically using you want to use it as bait right so the baby stroller like that really nice baby show that our moms want you want to use as bait because if they buy that baby stroller probably willing buyer diapers right because they’re in the same vertical same customers same demographic so what you can do is like for an example is this you can make them sign up for an email newsletter you can ask them you can tell them subscribe to your YouTube channel Instagram Pinterest Twitter like on Facebook share it right and you can also refer other friends for extra entries so basically the entries each one of these give them one more point into winning like that what is it caught the baby stroller right so it incentivizes them a game of finds the customer to like hey like let me do all that stuff so I can really win a stroller and this is how you get stuff to go viral right there we go like whenever you do anything on Instagram Facebook you want ideally 1nt go viral because if it goes viral then it’s like free publicity and say like maybe the five dollars you spend on targeting users or ten dollars you spent on targeting users if it shares and goes viral then you’re gonna get like a ton of ton of customers and get emails for super cheap Facebook’s likes for super cheap and you can retard your audience users so this is like a little more of like a dance game for those just starting out and their private labels right so my recommendation is if you’re gonna go through and do all this like you should have a brand write your end goal should be to be building up brand and that’s what I really preach because I really believe that if you’re trying to build a private label product you’re going to only sell it for it I got to it 3x multiplier if you build a brand you can sell it off for like a 5x multiplier art even more it just disguised the potential is like unlimited so my whole thing is like I really think that you should focus on building a brand and not a private oil product and this feature insides on pages is one best ways that you can get a head start on doing it right there you already have a warm audience from Amazon why not leverage the audience to really build out a Facebook page and collect emails and just build out the brand alright so if you had you guys have any questions feel free to ask me below in comments below make sure you guys subscribe and give this video a thumbs up thanks see you guys

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