East Caribbean $1 banknote

hi people are you going today I have a
$1.00 bet note from East Caribbean Central Bank and this is the Caribbean
island so if you have a look at here over map on the bank note which is on
all the bank notes of this series and it just shows all the countries that are
using this banknote then you have these countries here well not countries
Islands I think quite a lot bear and forget the other one these two are
French possessions you have ever different islands as well Antigua and
Barbuda and not actually independent countries so these think no it has the G
suffix on it and that indicates the country they was used in in this case it
was Granada okay it has Queen Elizabeth the second it’s a beautiful red banknote
red on banknotes is quite good and as well as blue but ever colors here
whatever there’s a gastropod or a snail sea snail I’m not too sure looks like a
conch shell not not ashore and has a sail board the security window which has
when we need to lift a second is watermark also it’s a security Fred mmm
I think this security Fred is riding on a more patination but I can’t tell beautiful nandus banknote was issued in
the eighties in all the banknotes of this serious are pretty similar they all
the Queen was a second but I brought it for DC she yeah you’re on the back isn’t
that beautiful it’s a picture on one of the arms I
think they smoked me Dominica it’s like swordfish so this is probably
too blonde lots of sailing boats from all the people would like to actually go
there and use it as a holiday destination here’s our native flowers
native plants it’s a palm tree coconuts on it
coconut palm but just the way these colors miss our print is beautiful
printed by TMS de la rue in London oh yeah so that’s a one dollar from East
Caribbean Central back you feel like expect now please give it a thumbs up
you like this series let me know down below and awesome day

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