Easy Vintage Hair Accessories DIY // AD // Vlogmas 2019 Day 9

Hello lovely people, Today’s advent calendar message is to ‘Create
a DIY gift for someone special’ and I decided… that the ‘someone special’ is myself.
Both because loving oneself is important and because I in particular am ‘special’… I can call myself that. And I made a video
to tell you whether you can too, it’s in the card above. [bell sfx] This video is sponsored by Skillshare and
today I’m going to be taking you through making three ultra-Christmassy DIY hairpieces
and the fun hairstyles you can do with them! I was inspired to make this video both because
I went to see Last Christmas and spent the whole time staring at the lead character’s
festive headbands- And because I’ve been spending a lot of
time browsing Skillshare recently to get inspiration for crafting and learn some new skills. For
those who don’t know: Skillshare is an online learning community targeted at creatives,
whether that’s on the amateur or professional level. The tutorial videos on the site, known
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course particularly interesting as they cover so many essential skills that will help strengthen
a story as well as any characters within them. And I’m very much into writing my fiction Such as their Storytelling 101 was really great and the Writing Authentic Fiction classes.
Those were really good too. They also have closed captions on all of their Skillshare
Originals and Staff Picks videos. [gasp] We are blessed! And videos on flower crowns, which helped
me a lot today! [sparkle sfx] As a member you also have the chance
to give and receive feedback on projects through the creators community which can be a huge
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their skills. Skillshare is giving away a free 2 month unlimited access trial to any
of my subscribers who click the link in the description box! And after that it’s only
around $10 a month. And it’s… genuinely worth it. Which you’ll see as I make my very own Christmas
flower crown! Technically has no flowers. It’s just a Christmas crown. I just wanted
a crown. [cheerful Christmas music] [VO:] My childhood home had a huge fireplace: the
ceiling in my living room was probably fourteen feet high and in the middle of the room was
a fireplace wide enough for six people to warm themselves around. Above the fireplace
was an antique cast iron double wall light in which we put candles and let it stand alone
as mantlepiece decoration. But… in winter every year, with the trimmings from the Christmas
tree, my parents would let me create elaborate decorative foliage sculptures with wire and
greenery above the mantle. It was one of my favourite parts of Christmas decorating but
since they moved house I haven’t had the chance to flex my wire and fir tree muscles
so I’m very excited to be making this now. I measured my head and snipped some wire to
length… later realising I should have made it twice as long! I lapped each cutting halfway
over the next and tied a knot with the wire leaving a little extra at the two ends so
they could be tied together. [cheerful Christmas music] Next I added my chopped up fake mistletoe
(FYI, real mistletoe is poisonous so bear that in mind if you’re working around small
animals), which I tied on using some lovely gold wire with cream beads that I picked up
at Hobbycraft. I’ll leave a link to that in the description along with some other crafting
supplies that I use in the video. Since the wire is so thin this part was really
quite tricky but I genuinely have the best time playing with wire so I was having a GREAT
time! Finally, once I’d woven mistletoe in all
the way around the crown I considered putting these red holly berries on it but then Coco
Chanel reigned me back in with: take off the last thing you put on. So we skipped those-
and I would say it was a success! I’m really pleased with this little crown,
it’s the first flower crown-adjacent thing I’ve ever made but I think it turned out
quite well! So thanks to Skillshare for the crown tutorial! [cheerful Christmas music] [VO:] For this piece I really wanted to build upon
one of my favourite winter hairstyles: the vintage roll. I don’t tend to wear my hair
up much during the warmer months but I think it’s lovely during the festive season…
which is probably a little strange as that’s when your neck gets cold! I love fancy hair slides but I really don’t
get enough wear out of them so having one that only lasts a few days seems like a great
and sustainable answer. I had a couple of plain slides lying around- again, I’ll link
similar in the description- so wanted to jazz them up for the season. And yes, that does mean using a lot of wire
again because wire is my friend. Remember to keep that wire tight as you twist it around…
I once made a meter long star out of bamboo cane, decorated with tree trimmings to hang
above the fireplace- it was essentially a Christmas wreath in the shape of a huge star-
but didn’t quite tie it tightly enough to its moorings and it fell off the wall, almost
smacking me on the head. I say that… it probably did smack me on
the head. I have memory loss. Genuinely anything could have happened to me. [VO] To get this look, first follow the hair
tutorial I’ve linked in the card above and then simply side your grip into place! Voila!
Beautiful. [cheerful Christmas music] [VO:] And finally, this look is deceptively simple
and really quite cute. It uses just your average everyday hair slides- or ‘kirby grips’
for you Americans- I’m a fan of the matte kind. Grab two grips, some fake holly and a bit
of bush. Clip a long length of wire and tie the two grips together you’re going to be
attaching things to the top half of your grips but having two together obviously makes them
much sturdier. Once you’ve finished wrapping around the
grips, use some pretty ribbon to finish off the end. It’s important to make sure you leave the
curved edge of the grips free at the back so that you can slide in a third grip, which
will be the one that actually attaches the piece to your hair! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video! Quite
a few of you asked for crafty, DIY and hair related things when I posted about vlogmas
a few weeks ago so I really hope you like what I’ve made. Which one is your favourite? The Christmas
Crown? The Holly Slide? Or the Berry Grip? Remember to subscribe if you haven’t already,
click the like button and make sure you try Skillshare using my link in the description! I’ll see you tomorrow for another vlogmas
video [kiss] [Off camera] Clara: Spin slowly… You mean, spin slowly so I don’t vomit? Clara: Yeah [laughs] That’s fair It’s probably gonna happen really soon Probably when we stop filming this video Clara: Focus on Jessica!
Oh no, it’s lost the face! Clara: There we go!

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