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## Get em up, get em up ## We can go 12 down ## I’m in the ring with my hands held high – What’s going on guys, JR here and in this video I’m gonna show you guys the easy way to make at least $3,000 a month with affiliate marketing. So if we jump into my computer here I’m gonna kind of draw
out this process for you and then I’m going to
kind of walk you through what I’m talking about. So basically what we’re gonna do is build a niche Facebook group. So I’ll show you an example of all this stuff in a second. So this will be the Facebook group. And we’ll call that Facebook group. And then we’re gonna drive people from this niche group. So this could be a group on dogs, on real-estate, on entrepreneurship, on vegan eating, on pitbulls, whatever. And basically what we’re gonna do is drive traffic from that group to our email list. From that group to our email list. But also from this group to offers. But we’re not gonna go directly to offers. We’re gonna use what’s
called a bridge page because we want to collect emails. So this is a bridge page. It’s basically a page intended to just collect email
before sending someone to an affiliate offer. I’ll show you what I
mean here in a second. So we’re gonna go from the Facebook group, collect emails by giving content. So content. So this could be things like cheat sheets, free cheat sheets, free guides, free anything, free trainings, free videos, so basically what we’re gonna do is drive traffic to our email list with content from this group but also to these bridge pages and then on the other sides of these bridge pages there’s going to be
what’s called an offer. So this will be the offer. Oops. And the offer will eventually turn into money. And on the other side of these emails there’s also going to be offers. So as you can see this is a very very simple process but I’m going to show you exactly how it works here. So here’s a group that I started. I don’t own this group anymore but this is a group that
I started back in January and I was able to make a decent amount of money with it super super quickly. It’s a group on, it’s
called real estate Facebook lead-gen mastery. So I started this. Actually I started the exact day was December 24th. So this was just a niche Facebook group and I was able to promote products now to this group that I grew up. It took me like two weeks or so to get it to 1,000 members. Now let me show you an example of another group that I currently own. So we’re going to go to it’s called digital
marketing hacks with JR. By the way if you’re not in the group make sure that you join that digitalmarketinghacks.org. So this group is at 9,600 members. It took me about four months or so to grow that one to almost 10,000 members. And as you can see here as soon as you get in the group there is a opt-in for a cheat sheet. So this could easily be like the one trick you need to do to get your dog to roll over or something like that. Go here to get that and collect their emails. So what what’s gonna happen is people are going to start
giving you their emails if you have a good opt and that’s something that they want. And if you want to find out what they want or what’ll get emails just ask your group. Another easy way to collect these emails is go here into the let’s see if we have one pending member. Currently because we
just let everybody in. But if you see right here it says “If you’d like to get
JR’s seven simple hacks “to creating and profiting “from affiliate marketing campaigns “drop your email here. “It’s hot fire, as the kids say.” and this person chose
not to leave their email but I think about 30 to 40% do. So you can collect emails when people are joining the group as well. And then as far as sending people from the group to an affiliate offer. So you never want to send someone directly to an affiliate offer. You always want to have what’s called a bridge page in between because you want to be able to market to those people again and if they just went from Facebook to an affiliate offer
you’re not gonna know who the heck they even were. So what I do is let’s say I’m sending traffic from email from Facebook to an offer. I’ll put a bridge page in between that makes it look
directly like correlated with the offer page. So I’ll show an example of that. This is an affiliate program I’m part of called click funnels. It’s actually a really
awesome affiliate program. You get recurring commissions for every person that
purchases the software. And they have all these other products. So in this case I was running traffic to this book, Expert Secrets. And I made my pay so if
you were to click here it would prompt you to give your name and email and after that it redirects right to the book page, to the order page. I’ll show you. So it’s probably, I think
it’s expertsecrets.com. Expertsecrets.com/freebook. And I’ll put the link to this stuff too in case you want to buy the book through my affiliate link. That’s cool. If not that’s cool too. So let me stop the auto playing video that’s gonna play here in a sec. So basically if you look at this page, this is the back end, if you look at my Expert Secrets page, and this page they look kind of similar. Like I have the Expert
Secrets thing up here. He has the Expert Secrets thing up here. I tried to match up the blue but it’s not really. I used his same copy, his same colors and all that stuff. So basically what I was doing is when you give your information here, when someone gives information here, it redirects to that book page. Now if they buy the book, great. If they don’t I now know that they’re
interested in this book and I can send them little
nudge reminder emails. Now if you’re wondering what to say in these emails, when you’re first getting started don’t worry about that. Just get started. So a simple format that I use is I use a catchy headline. You can use like the best. Like the best X of our time. You can use a clickbait headline. You can use a negative or scary headline like the death of Facebook ads is one that I like to use. The death of whatever. This is going away. You can use a personal email. Personal email’s probably the easiest one for someone new. Just say hey. You can literally say personal email or use the person’s name and say like WTF or I thought person’s name, I thought you might like this. Those always get decent open rates and they’re really really simple and beginner friendly. So what you’re gonna do is just start marketing maybe three to four times a week. Build up that email list from the group and just start sending emails three to four times a week. Tell a story and try to
send someone to an offer or you can even send someone through to a link to a
bridge page from the email. I usually, from emails, I just send them straight to the offer. And your group over time, your group is gonna grow and you’ll be able to easily send these emails,
make these offers, and make affiliate commissions. So this is a really really simple method. I want to show you a few more examples of groups. I know one that is called like I look… There it is. I love pitbulls. I think this is more of a page but it works the same with the page. Let’s scroll through this. A bunch of my friends like this which is crazy 852,000 likes. And I don’t even know if
they’re monetizing it. So okay. So I don’t see any links just yet. Let’s see when I load. They could easily be
selling pitbull t-shirts as affiliates. They could be selling dog collars as affiliates. They could be selling like vegan dog food as affiliates. All this stuff easily has affiliate products that
you can attach to it. And it looks like it’s probably just like a hobby page. Like some you know stay-at-home person just started this page to express her love for pitbulls. But they could easily be monetizing this. I like Facebook groups just because the niche that I’m in Facebook groups works better because I can interact better with people and it’s kind of like a secret community. It’s like it’s own entity. Whereas a page like this people kind of just see the
stuff in their newsfeed. Maybe they are monetizing
with these articles. Maybe there’s Adsense or something. Who knows? But basically that’s the gist of it. You can do this in any niche. I’m sure there’s like even stupid stuff like let’s see if there’s like crochet. Sorry, no offense if anyone loves crochet. Okay crochet beginners group. This is perfect. I didn’t even plan on this 71,000 members in a crochet beginner group. So do you think that crochet beginners would have to buy supplies and materials to be able to do crochet properly? So you could easily say hey if you want to join my crochet beginners guide… Oh they’re actually pretty active. They updated this for Halloween. If you want to join my
crochet training course give me your email here. Give them a free little training course and if you don’t know how to make that again Google is king. Google’s your best friend. So make them a training guide and inside the training guide. Say okay I usually use
this type of material from this company. You can order that here. I usually use this kind of I don’t know if crochet uses needles. I usually use these kind of needles. You can order that here. And then what me and other smart marketers do, and I’ll talk about this in a later video, is build these massive communities and then have a back-end mastermind where you’re charging a couple grand and yes people will pay especially for hobby stuff like crochet to come hang out with me for a weekend and do crochet and learn how to do my most advanced techniques or something like that. I know it sounds stupid. People don’t always pay a lot of money for masterminds because they want to, because they necessarily love crochet. They might just want
friends in the industry. They might just want to get away from their their husband for the week or whatever. So this is a very very
simple business model. To find affiliate products
go to clickbank.com. There’s a bunch on here. Go to jvzoo.com. There’s a bunch on here. And then one of my favorite things to do is go to Google and type in dog affiliate programs. Boom. And you see ok Petco has
an affiliate program. So I’d look into that fitbark.com. I’d look into that. Dog.com/affiliate. Ruff Ware. And then I’d go through and say hey crochet affiliate programs. I honestly don’t even know if… Okay crochet business. The truth about affiliate programs. Annie’s Affiliate Program. Perfect. Affiliate.lovecrochet.com. So anything that you can think of, anything that you’re into, probably has an affiliate program. So I hope you enjoyed this video. This is a very very simple
simple business model that anybody can do and get started with online. If you enjoyed this video and you want more stuff on affiliate marketing make sure that you like the video below. Also I’m gonna put in the description my seven simple hacks to creating running and profiting from affiliate
campaigns cheat sheet. Make sure that you opt-in and download that. That’ll help you get started as well. Follow me on instagram @djrrivas. Make sure that you subscribe as well. Click that notification bell and join the notification squad. And I’ll be back at
you guys again tomorrow with another video. (hip hop music)


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