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EasyAzon v4 WordPress Plugin Software – Make Money Online from Amazon Hey, Chris got through here co-creator of ez Azon version 4 and in this brief demo I’m gonna be showing you how this wordpress plugin can help you save time and earn more money as an Amazon affiliate You’re not gonna miss this. So let’s check it out so let’s say you’ve created a product review post and you’d like to go ahead and earn some money from this Proctor view post by Linking to the products that you reviewed now naturally one of the best places to do This is with amazon.com because they have one of the best paying affiliate programs for physical products So let’s say you’ve written a post about an Xbox one and you’d like to create a link for it So what you need to do if you want to create a link using the Amazon affiliate program is you have to go to amazon.com I’m gonna do that right now and you search for Xbox one You find the product that you’d like to link to let’s say this one here and click the link to this page button and Then you take this code. I’ll say the text link here come back to your post in this case since its HTML paste it in here and now We’ve created a link for the Xbox one using Amazon’s affiliate program So it takes a little bit of time because you’ve got to go to amazon.com to create this link Now if you actually go and use the ez Azon plugin, you can do that all within this post editor so let me show you briefly how to do that and You’ll see precisely why it will save you time and then after that I’ll show you how it can make you more money to it Which is also important. So inside this post editor you’ve wanted to go ahead and do the same thing You want to create a link for an Xbox one? So let’s go ahead and do this here Click ez Azon button and because I’ve already select the text. It knows what to search for click text link insert and you’re done So you can see that took just a few seconds especially compared to the fact that if you don’t know precisely We want to search for on Amazon. I might take a little bit longer move through a few pages to find it but here You know you select the text click ez Azon it automatically starts searching for that item and it was very fast to do it Let’s say I’d like to add an image to your post. Well, go ahead and already click that button. It’s already been added because I Had already searched for that specific property for and I’ve got an image now Let’s say I want to link to a game click the button again, and let’s just say let’s link to Halo Master Chief This is a more recent game may create a text link here And I’m gonna go ahead and create an image again and Then what I’m also gonna need to do is I’m going to create a Buy button here. So I actually want to show you Hey, let’s go ahead and try and get some people to Click the item to buy it Now one thing I want to do is I want to show you that you can also do a Add to Cart So if I click Add to Cart I can insert this here And now what will happen is when someone clicks this item this Buy button They will be prompted to add the item to the shopping cart and if they do add that item to the shopping cart, the cookie time is increased from 24 hours to 90 days so if the item is in their shopping cart And they’ve clicked through your affiliate link. You have 90 days to earn a commission Whereas if they just click through a link that you’ve created using Amazon’s affiliate program, you only have 24 hours So that’s one way that we help you make money And obviously I’ve already showed you how we make you say a lot of time So let’s show you another way that you can make more money now very quickly You can see how very fast I could create links text links image links Buy Now button There’s other things you can do as well, but I want to show you these settings page So one of the things page you can also control your links so you can control them on an individual basis or a site web Basis you can open them in new windows. Nofollow them add to cars I just mentioned cloak your affiliate links and also do a product pop-up so what that looks like I’ll show you here in this post is When you check it out and you hover over this item it will do a pop-up for you So hover over and you can see I’ve got the Xbox one the price the current price and the Buy button That’s a great way to get more commissions and then here is the ad shopping cart so once someone adds this to their shopping cart now this person has 90 days turning commission versus when you normally are doing it. You only have 24 hours So coming back to the settings area. I want to show you where you can really make a lot more money This is a tab that is in easy Azon, and it’s called link localization and what allows you to do is automatically convert your links to the country that someone is visiting your website from Let’s say for instance you’re looking at your traffic and you see you have fifty-two percent of your traffic coming from the US that Means you have 48 percent traffic coming from other countries. And so in this case here for this website eight percent It’s coming from the UK another five percent from Canada One percent here from Spain now your website might be different you might have even more traffic from other countries But it’s typical that you’re going to have at least some traffic coming from other countries So these people in the UK, they’re not really able to buy on amazon.com They’re gonna be buying from Amazon Kota UK So what do you do if someone clicks through your links you’ve created from amazon’s affiliate program in your blog posts? well They’re gonna go to amazon.com and then you’re not going to get credit because they can’t actually buy the item that you’re looking for So instead what you want to do is you want to come back here You want to turn on link localization power buy easy Azon. So here when someone comes from the UK for instance Or also Denmark Estonia Finland, all these other countries you can manually select these countries of course because you know people over the in Europe might all buy from Amazon Cote UK a lot of the countries do Now, so anytime one of these people from these countries comes to your website and clicks one of your Amazon affiliate links They get automatically sent to the Amazon Kota UK website so you can earn a commission from them as well So in here in your settings area You’re able to enter in your affiliate IDs for every single country the Amazon does business with so you got the US Brazil Canada China, France Germany India Italy Japan Spain in the United Kingdom So this is where you’re able to cash in on traffic that you previously Would waste because people will just go to the country you created your affiliate link for instead of going to the country that they are Supposed to go to right so you’re able to save time Using easy Azon then of course make money and there’s just a few of the features you can individually also Control where people want to go for individual products as well So these are just a few of the things you can do And of course, there’s a few other things you can do it inside easy Azon. You can also create different types of links as well You can search like this and say you want to further refine your find your search You can also come down here click video games Then I can control the minimum price maximum price, but you can additionally do an information block and when you do that it’ll pop up more information about the product and then you can determine whether or not you want to line it in different ways and So every time you create one of these links, it’s very simple. Just a drop down window you select what you want to do No window. No follow tracking ID. You can have multiple tracking IDs all of that is a massive massive time save because you’re already inside your post area creating your contents and Instead of focusing on trying to go to amazon.com and creating these links. You can do it from both in your area here so all together you can see how easy Azon version 4 is a Massive improvement over just creating your links going to amazon.com because you can do it all from within your wordpress post editor that in and of itself saves you a bunch of time and then combined with the fact that we’ve built features that help you make more money from amazon affiliate links and then you can see why it’s Such a no-brainer to pick up easy Azon version 4 you can order it right now and then to provide no risk at all We have a 30-day money-back guarantee So if you buy the software and for whatever reason don’t like saving time and don’t like making more money You contact us and we’ll give you your money back right away So no risk here and everything to gain go and order easy Azon version 4 by clicking the Buy button on this page Thank you so much for watching

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