eCommerce Logistics: ITN Worldwide and One Two Cosmetics

We are an international freight
forwarder and logistics service provider. My name is Daniel Grimes and I am the
chief operating officer of ITN worldwide. Our services range from moving radars to
mountaintops to yachts to Dubai and sometimes even eyelashes to London. In
eCommerce there’s basically three parts: there’s the online shopper,
there’s the retailer, and then there’s the logistics operator that works behind
the retailer. When we get an order from an online shopper, we’re actually
beginning the process right away. It goes directly to our warehouse, we pick, we
pack, we ship, and we trace. We started ecommerce back in 2015. One Two Cosmetics, for example, was our first e-commerce customer. Hi my name is Katie Stoka, I’m the inventor of the magnetic lash and the founder of One Two
Cosmetics. Right away when we launched the company we had accolades from major publications and so we knew right away that our orders were going to be more
than what I could handle from my home so I needed a logistics partner and I
needed them very quickly. When Katie first approached me, we immediately
identified three very specific needs: one was for logistics expertise so that
she could focus on her core business and have the peace of mind that she was
entrusting a logistic service provider that would take care of her Freight in
her business. The next was technology; she needed a system that connected
automatically and seamlessly into her websites, a shopping cart, and lastly she
needed tender love and care. In this case with the e-commerce solution, we went to
Magaya and said “hey can you help us with this” and luckily they had just developed
a new system called Logistico and Logistico fit perfectly to the One Two
Cosmetics needs. It was a plug-and-play solution that got us right into the
shopping cart of One Two Cosmetics and boom there we were logistics service
providers in the area of domestic and international fulfillment. It was wonderful. From our website where the orders were taken, that information
went straight to ITN and the orders were shipped from there. It was a very
seamless and effortless way to get our orders quickly to all of our lash lovers.
They actually taught us how to prepare the box, how to pack in this beautiful black
wrap with the card and like that we learned a lot actually. I became an expert on
eyelashes, believe it or not. We cared because we owned the business. We felt
like it was ours and this was a startup that we attached ourselves to; so we had our
heart and soul in this business and we wanted to make Katie a success. One Two Lash was such a success that I was able to move on to the next stage after
startup. I guess we can call it phase two. From an operational standpoint I believe
one of the most important parts of the process is the connection made by Logistico through the online retailer and our Magaya. This simplified all the process.
It’s a really smooth process and saves a lot of time. Through Magaya’s marketplace now and the experience we got with One Two Cosmetics and our
current customer for fulfillment, I see a really good potential to develop this
new product. I think working together with Magaya, we can definitely be on top
in this industry.

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