Email Marketing Introduction – Automation & Scheduling | Final – Digital Marketing Series | Hindi

Let’s talk about Automation and scheduling When should i send a mail when my audience is most active and when are they active? after office time Or in the morning What should be the best time? I’ll tell this in next video. You can test both times and based on analytics , fix that time. You’ll get the time when your audience is active. But according to researches , i’ll explain in the next video. Because that video will be detailed. Although this video has gone long too. I guess next video will be long too. I’ll try to explain as fast as i can. and to the point thing only. And that beep beep noise is an alarm ( i’ve a meeting) But i’ll first shoot this video. SO the thing is that whenever we’ll send mail, keep in mind it’s timing too. fix one time using analytics. Like our video is live everyday at 12’o clock in the morning Because now people remember this timing too that at 12’o clock. I’ll upload You can one of those who wait for my video so that you can write 1 view 1st like . Why? Because our family is growing now. So when you’ll start sending bulk emails. People may wait for your mail. That this particular company sends me mail at 9am everyday. at 12 o’clock in the morning. And their content is good , i always learn something new. This was all about Part 1 Introduction of email marketing. In the next part we’ll go more in more detail. Now in the description i’ve given a link If you want to give me your email, you can. In the coming time, i am going to start my own institute. Like you know. Due to some ceiling problems , it has been delayed a little. and my content writers – they are all busy in exams. If you are interested in content writing then do mail me. on [email protected] in the time period of feb 2018 Only then contact me So the link given below And fill that form if you are interested seriously Do not take this casually. I’ll try to run a campaign for next 2 weeks. and then final data/results will be shared with you in the final chapter. and if nobody sent me mail or even one or two did then i’ll tell them only If nobody filled that form i’ll inform you about this too. Although rare people watch the video till this point 5-6% only So if you want to join, fill the form in the description Okay friends(dosto), with this , video ends I hope you liked it. If any doubts , do ask me in the comments I’ll cover that in the next video. Bye goodnight goodmorning goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.


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