Email Marketing Introduction | Building List | Buying Email Database Is Good? | Digital Marketing

so now we gonna to build our email list,how we do that we buy the data base,from friends selling at Rs 2000 so should I use that database how many bounces we gonna to get,do they really know me.I am sending a mail thank you for purchasing from us last time you purchase,whatever we made a mail campaign and sending it.They don’t know us,they would unsubscribe us they bounce,and the number of unsubscribe increses then will analyze this domain is bad and ultimately your ranking will decrease,in emails you can tell your audience look we have facebook page,twitter page if you need any customer care support then you can reach facebook we will help you directly,so this type of marketing we can do we talk about mistake that most of the people do dood I am running a campaign like xyz like holi is approaching and I am running a campaign but in my website there is nothing about holi I have a e-commerce website and I do not have holi regarding things I am selling sweaters and I am running a campaign of holi wishing them happy holi and bla…bla so basically we must run our campaign in series if in your website is going something then the same thing you are pushing in email and not vise versa your top level strategy will run in email campaign and not if holi is arriving then the holi mail diwali is approaching then diwali mail if you are sending a mail in diwali then your website office,if you own a store then there will be also a diwali theme present now how to design our email campaign we will discuss in final chapter how to made,logo,good content,nice images call to action button all that people will tell you but we will do practical of it but the main point is if we are sending a mail then it does not spam it may be not like that he just opened it for the shake of sahil khanna take an example I made a email list and I am continuously sending you my youtube video now you are watching video on youtube and email too,this does not make any sense but the video skipped in youtube and watching here then it make sense this level of automation is kind of difficult if you can do that do like this if not then do not spam your audience take an example you are watching my all the videos and if I would sent you 3 mails daily then you won’t read may be it will work for 2 3 weeks but after that you won’t read and ultimately loss in your business,so we need to send a relevant mails we need to try if our mails is read my one person then he must get a education thats all

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