Email Marketing Introduction | ROI | Cheapest Way Of Marketing | Digital Marketing Series | Hindi

Lets take an example of normal guy he wakes up and checks whatsapp,facebook but professional do check email first and if checks email then he comes under potential buyer if you are selling a product then the potential buyer will take who is professional and know how to make money and the one who is struggling will open social media like facebook first if not then if he is professional then he will surely opening email too the one who communicate via email are professional according to me so if someone is opening email then it is the best way to communicate with them I am sending someone email for free and he is opening that and I am able to track it too which is a best thing for me so email marketing in ROI term is the cheapest marketing platform available if you are spending x amount of money then you will receive good income from here than other platform but to the fact that you need to do good email marketing the mails you are sending should go in inbox if it is going on spam than you marketing effort will of no use so lets understand first in our website we need to do SEO to get traffic in our website so to do SEO or a business we need to have a traffic in our website so we will get the traffic by google search,ads ad by email marketing you mailed your consumer and in return they purchased your product which is vary easy and good.


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