Email Marketing Introduction | Types Of Bounces | Hard Bounce & Soft Bounce | Digital Marketing

let’s talk about bounces,basically we have two types of bounces.Some day in your life you have sent a mail to someone sometimes we send a lot of mails to them then few mails comes back to us saying it does not exist this email is this and that,so why this happens so in this comes a hard bounce.What is heard bounce? means the email id is wrong whatever id you wrote [email protected] whatever you fill up may be that ids spelling is wrong or instead of .in you wrote .com,basically there is a typing error second thing is you bought my domain and I am running a email [email protected] for example and now I sold that domain and now the domain goes to the new server and the one closes the domain and he too not making a email id on it named [email protected],so what will happen when ever you mail something to it gets bounce as that mail does not exist so this bounces is hard bounces so how we can beat hard bounces so first we gonna to check spelling mistake we there is a mistake we need to correct it do take email id twice checked how to check the spelling,do look the id spelling,@ .com,.in you have seen all this things if you put irrelevant id then it shows error it does not exists so same thing and do send to one from whom you have taken the id and just not to any one you can even do in every 3 months mail your potential customer if you have any other email id then do update us. if the one is thinking of closing his current email id same we talked about [email protected] now this id is closed and if you had asked me about this then I would definitely give you the new one of my id but the person will provide you only if you add a value addition to there life if I every saturday night precisely at 9 pm send you a mail telling you what all things you can do on sunday all about sunday and you liked my mails so maybe by this you can be my regular customer you feel interesting reading my mail now what is soft bounces so 3 soft bounce=one hard bounce soft bounce means the one you sending a mail has blocked you because of irrelevant mails or may be there is not enough space in mail inbox or he may be temporarily unavailable right now and may be some other technical reason so whenever you get some bounce back the do read the reason of bounce back if you are using mail chimp then it says you the reason behind the bounce back when we come to mail designing in final chapter then I will tell you how to prevent mail from spamming,promotion it is quit difficult or may be I send you the mail and may go to spam or may be in promotion because how I tell the server value isn’t so good maybe now your email clint don’t trust me when I am sending you mails everyday and you are opening it,reading it and clicking on links then we say there are my potential audience and we consider that email open when the one opes it and clicking on the link,if the one isn’t clicking then any software will tell you that the person hasn’t opened it. so how do we inquire it most of the time we see the one has opened our mail but to me its looking that he did not opened it so to prevent this insert image into it so the time image will load we know that it is opnes


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