Hey guys! It’s Jana! and today we’re going to
clean up this entire house so we got to make the beds and pick up a little bit maybe a little dusting a little vacuuming all that good stuff right get the whole house looking nice so luckily I did all the floors downstairs
yesterday if you missed that one I will link it up there and down there so you can check it out but we need to get the upstairs up to snuff because the upstairs is really bad and just a few things downstairs not a big deal so I hope this motivates you to get your whole house picked up and cleaned up go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the links down below go ahead and share this video so we can grow our family here on YouTube let’s clean the entire house today Whew it’s a lot of work entire house is clean every room is looking fantastic I know that Emma has way too many stuffies so I was thinking about doing a video and laying them all out and counting them all up and having like a Marie Kondo jr. festival with her and see what happens I don’t know let me know in the comments
if you think that would be a fun video she has incredibly too many I have absolutely no idea how many she actually has it’s ridiculous anyway the rest of the house looks amazing everything looks great all is well in my home yay I hope this inspired you to get your
entire house cleaned with me today let me know in the comments if we are
cleaning buddies ah it feels good it feels good to have it done so yeah the kids will be home from school in like any second now daddy went to pick him up so yeah just in time for them to throw their shoes and backpack somewhere just kidding they’re getting better and better about it they’re getting older man they’re getting more mature Quin he’s manning up his bedroom wasn’t that bad at all he just never has time to make his bed in the morning really he barely has time to put his shoes on he’s he’s me not wanting to wake up in the morning so thank you so much for watching go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check
all the links down below be sure to check out those videos I picked out just for you and I will see you next time


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