EP 02 How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing with Keysha Bass

Aloha and welcome to the Stacia Kennedy show I’m your host Stacia Kennedy and Welcome to episode 2 where I bring you Keysha Bass my online bestie We’ve known each other for many many years. I want to say over almost 10 years and she has Have created some remarkable results in her online marketing business. I Just will let the interview speak for herself. Let’s get into it I’m here live with my friend. I’m super excited to have my friend and longtime friend actually Keysha Bass She is. Oh my gosh, there’s so much things that I can share with you about her I’ll let her explain a little bit more. But basically we met through networking and If you guys don’t know anything about networking, it literally can exponentially increase your business Sometimes people say it might take a little longer When you’re out there building relationships, but you’ll build long-lasting Relationships when you you do it the way I tell you to do it but so if you don’t have you haven’t seen my network up Five-date five-step checklist is something that you can do easily it’s probably something that you do all the time, but maybe you don’t do consistently and The reason I just bring this up, is that because I’ve met Keysha through networking We actually I used to live up in Seattle, Washington she lives in Renton, Washington and We met through mutual friends and finally and we just been following each other on online and it was I finally went out to one of her events and she was like I Get to make Stacia Loo. Well at the time I was Stacia Loo and like guys Keysha’s just a normal chic just like you and I and she you know comes from Louisiana from a little shack and I can tell you I come from Hawaii so I know what shacks look like But it’s probably all worth because I had the island and the beach stuff right your shack is better with you’re using features outside, right and so we’ve gone through the struggle of building our online business and now she’s making 1k a day and look at that check right behind her a hundred and forty three Thousand dollars just from one company And that’s not including all the other things that she’s doing in coaching program so I just wanted to bring her on and catch up and you guys can be the fly on the wall and so I don’t really have anything specifically planned out but I’ll just be asking her some questions if you guys have some questions you can comment in the chat box As well and I’ll try to grab them but he should tell us a little bit more about you. Oh my god Well, first of all, thanks for having me. I think you’re still in my phone as Stacia Loo Whenever she would call me then I’d have to sing her name whatever. I still have to catch myself now talking to you and like But you know, I’m just a um Just a girl. I like you said I’m a I come from humble beginnings I didn’t you know, I didn’t know entrepreneurs that were in my family like maybe some pharmaceutical reps or something Like street pharmaceutical I’m sorry You know. My brother has a little bit of a past Not quite like you know you guys But you know, I just yeah so I I was traditional, you know, my mom’s a schoolteacher Alright, so it was definitely embedded in myself and in my brother You know that we need to go to school We needed to get a good job, you know, we need to get good grades Of course because our mom was a schoolteacher. So that was like pressure like real. Um, and so I just really, you know, I I was just it was just imprinted in me that that was like what I really had to do I mean to the point where I even I had Quote unquote good jobs even without a degree, but because I had B I was so impressed that that if that that blueprint Right. It was so impressed on me that even though I could manifest really great jobs, you know like Like Kiwi like how’d it? Get that job You know Like it would be something like you definitely would need to have some sort of degree or something to get into places where you’ve gotten But and so it took me ten years to do to finish a four-year degree right because I was so determined that I needed that piece of paper in order to be some sort of validation that I had accomplished something, right so So I went through, you know all that. I gotten pregnant. Um Like my freshman year college or something. Like I can’t remember how it happened It was like but I got pregnant and so it took me a while because I had you know, my son I became a single mom. So then I had to you know work take care of him and And so it took me a while to get through that, but I was just determined honestly, he became the reason why I was doing a lot of the stuff I was doing he was a really the reason why I Finished college because I was like, well, you know I don’t want him to have the Excuse or you know to be able to say well my mom is single parent and so she dropped out of school and she didn’t Do that into her life. And so now he had some sort of You know Excuse, you know I’m saying or some sort of blueprint that was like, you know, what Society said should be of single mothers, right? So I didn’t want that. So I was like, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure he was without excuse he’ll never be able to say that so I bust my butt and I’m finished college and Before he was like 2 years old. I completed that and stuff. And so um Came back to Seattle. I did get a great job and stuff like that, but then I got introduced to network marketing days, so I was like Yeah, I thought I didn’t think that there were Businesses, like outside of like a traditional entrepreneur like, you know brick-and-mortar I had no idea like people were made pay money you know without that hefty investment of a traditional business, so Once I got introduced in network marketing in 2008, it was literally over it was everything I had Dreamed about you know, like all of my all of my you know My job pursuits were like crashed and burned Okay what time light was introduced in network marketing and I realized like There’s a different way like there’s another way for me to actually get rich So I just you know, just kind of jumped in hook line and sinker with it And I just I failed miserably etic If I didn’t know I had no idea what what it was, you know I fail miserably at it and stuff and I just kept going like seriously I just kept going I decided to turn to the Internet. I got really good at doing videos and stuff and like did I got introduced in affiliate marketing and I Got laid off for my job, which was the best thing that happened right ever It was like, oh my god, like I just got walking papers. And so I went off to create in that in like a year’s time like multiple six figures like on just Susan Facebook and a Bunch of free marketing and stuff and selling on Amazon. Like I did everything I was like, whatever I don’t care I’m not going back to the job. So Yeah, so now we’re we’re here something like that was 2013. And so this 2018. I’m still full-time and still Getting checks like that, you know it company man. So I’m just evidence that it actually works right? So, there you go That’s my story. I’m sticking to it Awesome. So for those were new at online marketing and affiliate marketing and I Hear you you just didn’t quit You know just kept going kept trying new things and that’s something that I I do as well, too So some people might say things like oh, well, you have all this influence already That’s probably you were able to make all that money. But what and I go back to starting from nothing and no, you know budget for Traffic or things like that? Literally you’ve done it just by Facebook messaging, right pretty much Facebook messaging I’ve got like I said YouTube marketing was something that like I started in 2008 and I got and like I was doing like at some point like I would just put myself on like a YouTube like a video binge and I would just do like I Mean five videos a day, right and I would just whatever I thought about any question I would come up with okay Then I would do a video about it and stuff So I just because I didn’t know traffic to me was interstate, you know five, you know, high five, you know They’re like four or five of those of the major freeways dozen major freeways in Seattle. So traffic to me Was was that and so and then the other things Stacia was like, um, you know, I heard about like Google pay-per-click Okay, so like Google pay-per-click, I knew about that but the only thing I knew about it was that it was a lot of money you see I’m saying so like my Perception of it was like I heard about the Google bust and how everybody who was using Google PPC They had gotten busted or something happened And so it just wasn’t a traffic source that I was willing And I didn’t even really not even if I was willing. I didn’t really have the capital You say I’m Santa like really play with that, you know, so I was like in my mind I’m a person that I say, okay, it’s not about me looking at the limitations that are around me and saying, you know And now becoming limited by that, it’s me actually myself Wilkie show What can you do you only with whatever you got like whatever you have in your hand. What can you do? And so I was like, you know what? I love to talk. I should have gone to law school So why don’t I just like talk to people? you know say like Look at ilooked at Facebook as a coffee shop. And so I would look at every little Facebook group That was on I look at them like like coffee shops And so I would say okay so I’m gonna go in a coffee shop today and I’m going to intentionally meet a few people Right, maybe five or ten people today. I have no intentions of selling them anything So now my expectation level is is I can’t be disappointed because I don’t have an expectation to sell anything Right, so but I had an intention to say You Know Who am I gonna meet today? and then I got I have bought a course like I Don’t even know how long ago this. I’ve heard about this course mmm 2009 maybe I don’t even know like it was like, you know like back then I bought this course on how to you know Like asking questions and stuff and how to like how to move people through a conversation On social media and he taught LinkedIn all these different platforms and stuff And so I just said well, I’ll just figure out how to just do this thing on Facebook and so I would just use his questions to talk to people right and But see between that and videos Right then I just got good at selling stuff and I honestly building a community of women and just showing them what I knew how to do right, so Awesome. Yes, so you have winning women Network. So how how can other women or even there’s some couple of guys? Genesis where can they go to join the women would winning network? So so winning women network comm is a website I ended up I started that because I had like I was a part of a community and like I know that you have them learn like when you’re in a industry, like internet marketing affiliate marketing network marketing any I mean I would say any type of sales and we’re all selling something right everybody’s selling something in the day then you have to learn how people What makes people tick right what makes people why do people do what they do? And so With the industry that I’m a part of which you know, that part is like network marketing, whatever I knew women We like to congregate, you know, like we like to be together. You know, I’m saying like we go to the bathroom together You know, it’s like it was seriously, why do you think like let go out with women Like, you know, it’s nothing for me to say. Hey, let’s come across the bath and with right guys, they’re not doing that Hey, you know, he’s like boy like hey come as goes the bathroom together, right? It’s just not how they do things But I looked at that I look at that dynamic about women and I was like, oh my god Okay
So why don’t I create a space that’s a girls-only zone and at that point it was the girls-only zone It is like it’s where another group guys can’t come in our group They can come on the Facebook page and they can come on our calls and stuff like that but in our Facebook group It’s girls on the zone because there’s things that we want to talk about and we don’t want you in there You know, we need to talk about girl stuff and just be girls, right? So so anyways, yeah, it’s very segregated over there Yeah, so you actually I’ve Talked about my networking up planner or checklist. Not really actually open. See your boss it out daily planner as well too – and I hear One of the most important thing is in which I think we have a lot in common as well is the mindset portion of this because this is it’s not a make money or Get rich quick type of business. This is something where you got to get your head in the game. You tell us more about that Yeah, well the like 80% of success You know in well Maybe even 90% I think the statistics are like 90 percent of Your success is really based is really your mindset. Like it’s only like 10% of it that skill set And and so what we normally do is we focus on the 10% you know Was it like the 90 percent just goes, you know to the side? And so really, you know some of your mentor like, you know encounter your mentor and stuff and there’s things you know that I definitely learned from being around you and You know and hanging out with you and stuff like that. There’s some words I used to wouldn’t even say like I wouldn’t even say like manifest Right. I mean like I was serious like I must I’m a super deep back this country girl, right? So like there’s some things we just don’t you know, like we just don’t go there right? So so it was me, you know Understanding really coming to understanding that it’s all good you know, I’m seeing it and to really know and learn so for myself, so it’s really um I have a success planner and I created communities, you know able to positive people and my success planner one of the most important things is a self-confidence formula right that They’re actually put in there and that was one of the things that really helped me go from, you know, just being like delusional chick that I mean, I remember like when I first got laid off, I mean I didn’t have like a Super solid plan. Okay. So just FYI. I didn’t um, I didn’t have a super solid plan I had we know me my and I’m married now I mean, I we have kids in private school and stuff like that. We live in Seattle So it’s not the it’s not low on the totem pole as far as expenses are concerned and stuff and so I remember one day I was like on my sofa and I was just like bawling my eyes out because at this point I didn’t really I didn’t really know like what Was gonna happen, you know, I didn’t have a solid plan And then I encountered some information You know with like the self-confidence form and understanding that the dominating thoughts in my mind we eventually reproduce themselves an outward physical action and gradually Transformed the cells into physical reality And so those are the things that really helped me to stay sane When I couldn’t really see I couldn’t really see the next step You know, I couldn’t really see I didn’t see all the blue print. I didn’t see $100,000 a year Like I mean like I’ve only seen that done on a job So I don’t I didn’t even have anything to attach that to and say, you know Like nobody in my family didn’t has that hundred thousand dollars, right? So so now you’re talking about everything I’ve seen has been exerting exterior to me and stuff. So it’s like, you know, um, so I Got ahold you know I realized that whatever I was seeing in my life. It was me. My thoughts had gotten me there so if my business wasn’t growing guess what is my Guys suck. I have to go within say Kisha. What are you what are you doing? Where are you stopping yourself? What’s going on with you and not the business opportunity? You’re part of none None that you can get Richard anything honestly, I mean like you can get Richard any you know, I mean people got richardlodge stuff okay, so so I just had to work on me and I went I was like Every morning say sure. I was waking up at 6 a.m. To To get on a card. I don’t I don’t know. We got Anna cause he was a thing for a rich girl Yeah, I was getting up like I was one of church like every day Monday through Friday I was dialing in and I was like I gotta get this this is this is about Keisha, you know, it’s not about money It’s about Keisha and really Undoing some of the the programming that I had that had been embedded in me from from a child. Mmhmm. Yeah Yeah, I love that call I actually want to serve started up again for my for myself start in my own call for the millionaire’s Yeah, those are good is everything definitely it’s definitely important You know to really work on you know work on the the inner game because that’s where the real battle and all of us I mean all of us are facing in every and every in every area, you know I’m saying like from business and marriage to raising kids to you know anything that we do in our lives the real game is played in in the inner game, you know, so So that’s definitely important work. I love it. Love it. Love it So, yes, definitely you guys there’s lots of places to get started. I love YouTube as well too have a youtube channel We’ll also link. He shows YouTube channels. And hers is blowing up lately Love it Love it. Love it super easy to get started as well. Just like you know what? What are you guys googling to find right? Like if you’re if you have a question and you’re googling it Well millions of other people are googling it. And now after you got the answer now you can share it cuz you’re an expert And that’s what I was doing. Like, I mean seriously, like I was like my first YouTube channels I mean my first YouTube videos and stuff like that that’s all I knew to do was it’s like was a If I hear was what here’s a challenge and I challenge you all just as well Here’s a challenge idea for myself if I went to Google and I googled anything I mean like it didn’t matter even if I google one time I went to Google to find out how to set up my Google Voice So it didn’t ring past 10 o’clock or like it was like I got it. Wanted to ring past a certain hour And so I didn’t know how to do it, but my friend told me that I can do it But I didn’t know so I went to google type it in like how to set up Google Voice So you have like certain office hours. I wouldn’t learn how to do it. And guess what I said Guess what Keesha turn around do the video, right? Because somebody if you’re looking for it Somebody else is looking for right and I had like an issue with my printer Like I mean I didn’t and I wasn’t I didn’t discriminate on What the videos were going to be about my printer kept printing out these reports like everyday stages So like I wake up in the morning am I I don’t know and it’s my friend, ah fees Digest like the readers digest, right? What the heck is doing right and so I had to go and Google it right I the Google wait This is my printer keeps printing out these forms every morning and sure enough I found some setting that I had done so they spit out, you know something So guess what? I had to turn around and do a video and how people how to undo that setting just like that and So people now might be thinking. Okay. So you do these videos. How are you going to make money? So I right off the bat. I’m thinking okay, you can put an affiliate link for the printer Exactly, right little things like that But the other part of it as well as well is to monetize that traffic into building your list I think that that’s probably one of the mistakes affiliate marketers make it’s not building a list what other mistakes do you think people do as an affiliate marker that they might be missing or hold that I could probably fix – Yeah what I you know, one of the things and I got a question someone posted on my youtube channel I would like I joined this I joined, you know, Clickbank Which is the affiliate promotion company and I’m not making any money, right? And so it’s like I feel like um We don’t there’s a disappear different things. We don’t understand that there is a skill set You know I’m saying that has to be learned you can go and sign up for many different things But then it’s knowing what it what all is required Right in order for me to be successful At this particular thing that I want to do just like if you decided that you wanted to become a doctor Well, you don’t just go take one class right or go and sign up right so you don’t just go to To the website sign up and apply to get into med school And then take one class and then what will where’s the money you already know? There’s a process that has to happen So I have to you know show up for class. I’m gonna be in school for forever Okay, so or however long so we already know that. Okay, I’m gonna be in school for eight years, right? It’s not going to be any payment. Okay, I’m going to study for eight years or more before I’m before I even see any sort of payment Maybe you know once I’m done I’ll get paid to the level which I’ve imagined So I feel like what affiliate marketing network marketing, you know and stuff We don’t understand With it out with the get-rich-quick You know, let me save me from my job Which is sometime it can be some of the advertising that we do because I’m the advertising it is fire your boss You know, I’m seeing it. So we like we give you the highlight reel, but we don’t give you the detail So, you know I’m saying so it’s like oh, yeah fire your boss But you got to set everything out with every day’s like, you know, like it’s like you miss all that, you know, you know So I think that is is coming in and having a good understanding Of what is it that I’m actually getting into right? So let me go and make sure that you know, like if it’s med school, how long do I have to be in class? Really to become good at this. Okay. What are the other components? So it’s not just signing up for an affiliate you know sign up for a Site and then getting a link and then thinking like oh my god now the cash should be coming out my computer That’s not that’s not what as you know, I mean like I’m Sorry to inform you that what happens right? Um, so I so I think that that’s you know, really setting expectations for yourself that I gotta learn this thing I got to learn traffic and here’s the other thing sanction. Here’s what I personally know. This is my personal recommendation Hire somebody who already knows the ropes. Okay, like seriously, like if you can just find somebody that has You know does in front of you that’s already gotten the result that you want. Just save yourself Time energy and money right save yourself and just hire them, you know Even if it’s not like a full coaching package or whatever Maybe you say okay for a couple hours, you know It’ll be more valuable to be able to ask them questions about how they got to where they are So that’s one of the things make the investment love it. Yes, definitely coaching That’s because I mean people want a fast-track you need to get coached. You need a mentor You need to go to school you met you don’t go to You know go to surgery right away ready? Okay Okay. I took my classes. I’m ready like no. Yeah Well, thank you so much for your time, I love that we were able to connect and I’m just so so grateful and appreciative that I have you to be able to text from call whenever and Really appreciate you being on this show I interviewed a friend of mine last week and I said You know what? I need to just start a new show with all my successful online friends Episode two guys the Stacia Kennedy show because I couldn’t think of any other name yet Hey Stacia Kennedy is a powerful name. Okay. Seriously that’s what I tell you Okay. Say rocket out girlfriend. Thanks so much for having me. You know, I love you dearly like a sister Okay sister from another mister. And so oh god be in it I shall be in LA at the beginning of June but I’ll definitely be getting down to San Diego. I love it there They’re doing a whole summer tour Definitely. Let me know when you’re here yeah I mean this is this is what I’m doing or what I do and what you do is basically taking imperfect action I literally don’t know anything. I’m doing guys, but I just do it We in it all the way ok So you guys can catch look at keyshabass.com that’s that hey you got a question to ask you smash ok keyshabass.com you can always find me at staciakennedy.com again. Thanks for being on the Stacia Kennedy show every Tuesday I’ll be going live here on the page and you can also find the recording of this inside of my private group the art of Affiliate marketing for influencers. Okay, that’s definitely an art it does take time to study marketing It’s not a make money overnight but if you find something that you love share it out with the world and you can actually make some income and some passive income depending on the program and that’s what we teach inside of the group and we Mastermind and do all kinds of fun stuff inside of the group you get some fun bonuses if you join it stacakennerdy.com/fbgroup to get inside the group easy link for you to go to Otherwise, I’ll catch you guys probably on another video soon much love and aloha


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