EPIC SPANISH TAPAS: Seared Shrimp with Romesco Sauce

today we are making one of the most epic
Spanish tapas dishes ever seared shrimp with romesco sauce guys it does not get
much better than this this is the top of the pops we´re talking an explosion of
flavors very easy to make and done in under 30 minutes you can serve these
tasty shrimp as a tapas appetizer or even as a main course with some
french fries and a salad either way you go these tasty shrimp are gonna rock
your palate now really quick two things traditionally when you make romesco
sauce at home it takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour now I’ve adjusted some
of the ingredients we’re gonna get that same sauce with the same flavor done in
10 minutes guys this is an incredible shortcut and for the second thing yes this
is an epic tapas dish so make sure that use an epic extra-virgin olive oil as
this is what’s gonna flavor the entire dish for this recipe I’m using an
extra virgin olive oil from Laconia-Crete these guys are based out of
Healdsburg California guys I’ve tasted so many different extra virgin olive oils
in my life but this one right here in particular really stands out it has such an incredible
depth of flavors to it I mean you even look at their bottle they’re a double gold
medal winner at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair they’re certified extra
virgin olive by California guys get a bottle of this stuff it is insanely delicious
link in the description box below alright folks let’s get started
we’re gonna begin by making our romesco sauce first I’ve got small fry pan let´s heat
this with a medium heat I’m gonna add in 8 raw hazelnuts and 8 blanched marcona
almonds and we’re gonna dry roast these between 3 to 4 minutes and make sure
that you mix the hazelnuts and the almonds continuously that way they all toast evenly
and none of them burn after toasting our hazelnuts and our almonds
for exactly four minutes and they look exactly like that they are perfectly roasted
let’s go ahead and remove them from the heat and set them aside
ok guys for the next step I’m gonna add in four jarred roasted red bell
peppers into a food processor we’re also going to add in a quarter cup of tomato
concentrate one clove of raw garlic that’s been cut in half our dry roasted
hazelnuts and almonds half a teaspoon of red wine vinegar a 1/4 cup of this Laconia-Crete
extra virgin olive oil and we’ll season it with a generous pinch of sea salt
and some freshly cracked black pepper now we’re gonna place a lid
on our food processor we’re gonna run this on a low speed between two to three
minutes until everything is well combined after processing this for three minutes
everything should be well combined let’s go ahead and turn this off and look at
this guys this is the exact texture you want your romesco sauce to have
we’ll remove this and set this aside alright guys for the next step of the recipe I’ve got 15 jumbo shrimp here these have
been peeled and deveined and I bought these frozen and thawed them out just
because it makes things a lot cheaper I’m gonna pat them down with some paper towels
and then season them with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper and you wanna make sure that you pat
the shrimp completely dry remove any of that excess water in there that way they
have a beautiful texture okay guys let’s start searing our shrimp
I’m gonna be using a nonstick frying pan but you can use whatever kind of pan
that you like I’m gonna heat this with a medium-high heat and add a generous
tablespoon of that Laconia-Crete extra virgin olive oil after heating the extra virgin olive oil for one minute you don’t wanna go any longer that way
it doesn´t lose that beautiful flavor start adding the shrimp in there seasoned side down and I like to add my shrimp in a circular design
that way they all cook evenly after one minute I’m gonna start flipping the shrimp after cooking these shrimp for exactly
two minutes they are ready to go let’s go ahead and remove them from the heat
okay guys let’s start plating our dish I’m gonna add some of this romesco sauce
into a small bowl add the romesco sauce into a dish
we’ll add some of the shrimp to the plate and top off the dish with some
freshly chopped parsley okay guys our tapas dish is done
this looks insanely delicious let’s try it and see how it turned out here we go bravo what an explosion of flavors this
is an epic Spanish tapas dish guys those shrimp perfect one minute per side
medium-high heat don’t go any longer there’s nothing worse than over-cooked shrimp
and then that salsa romesco let me tell you the traditional one that takes 45 minutes to an hour
to make this one done in 10 minutes I can’t really tell the difference the flavors are there the textures are there insanely good sauce
what really made it is that Laconia-Crete extra virgin olive oil guys link in the
description box below you can get that it is an insanely beautiful extra-virgin olive oil
now you guys know how to make this beautiful Spanish tapas dish
easy to make done in under 30 minutes if you enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
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