Eric Thomas Outlines the Importance of Staying Hungry!!!

The more knowledge you gain, we find that
the more people get close to making their dreams become a reality, the less information
they are inclined to take in. So it’s like the deeper people get, the less they think
they need to learn. You know, and I find, that is the reason why people don’t have longevity.
Because they don’t stay hungry. It’s the difference between, and this is in my next book, it’s
the difference between an alligator and a bear. What most people don’t know is when
an alligator eats, he’s satisfied so he’s at his most vulnerable point. But the distinct
difference between an alligator and a bear, is that an alligator is a lurker a bear is
a hunter. So their very nature is different, one lurks, one hunts, and so if you’re gonna
be successful by the true meaning of the word, you gotta be a hunter. Some people they eat
and eat and they get satisfied. They eat and they chill for 3 or 4 months. Hunters, every
time we accomplish something we looking for the next one. We’re not eating to get satisfied,
we’re eating out of necessity.

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