ETF President Frank Moreels wishes affiliates a happy Labour Day 2019

Brothers and sisters, I wish you a very
happy Labour Day. I wish happy Labour Day to all the affiliates of the European Transport Workers’ Federation because Labour Day is
a day to celebrate the big wins that we achieved for the workers during
our more than 100 years of history. We must be proud of what we did,
but we also know brothers and sisters that the work is not done. But we have to admit that we achieved a lot when we were together, standing together when we were able to realise real union solidarity. Because when we work together
we are strong, brothers and sisters and when we are divided we can’t obtain anything. Brothers and sisters, we have been
working together the last year in our Fair Transport campaign
and we had success. Remember brothers and sisters, the CEO of Ryanair once saying that it would be rather freezing in hell than him talking with unions. Well, brothers and sisters, it must be cold in hell for the moment because we forced him to sit around the table with us and bargain with the unions. Are we happy with the situation?
No we are not yet where we want to be. But we made a major step forward in this dossier of low cost aviation. And we can be proud of it! Remember, brothers and sisters, the
European Commission coming to us with bad proposals for the Mobility Package. We lobbied all together. We campaigned all together. We put pressure on the European Commission and on the European Parliament. and we were we were able to turn these bad proposals into an acceptable compromise. So there again we achieve
a big win for the people we represent. And we must be proud of it! Remember, brothers and sisters,
thousands of workers marching together in the streets of Brussels on 27 March.
We launched a clear message to the candidates for the European elections:
Either you are with us or you are against us. And those who are against us, we will fight them. This is not a threat, it is a promise I can make
on behalf of all of you becuase when we work together and we stand together we can make changes We can change things, brothers and sisters. That’s what we have to continue to do in the coming years: working together in solidarity. That’s my appeal. Union solidarity will
enable us to achieve even more than we dream. Because if we stand together,
brothers and sisters, we are strong. If we are united, nobody can beat
us. Brothers and sisters have a happy Labour Day. Solidarity!

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