Etsy Promoted Listings Not Working? Here is why

What’s up Etsy sellers? Today let’s talk
about why you’re promoted listings aren’t doing so hot. Before we get
started my name is Dave welcome back to the channel if you’re new to this
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so promoted listings have a whole other set of variables they have the same
variables as if you were selling without promoted listings and then a few extra
that can make it a little bit complicated if you haven’t already go to
the description below and download my free cheat sheet on setting up promoted
listings and tweaking them as well you’ll also get a code for the full
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so with that being said let’s jump right into it I’m going to go through some of
the main aspects of promoted listings that may just totally kill a listing or
totally kill a promoted listing and make it drain you of the bids and the money
that you’re spending on it so the first thing is your main photo it may just it
may be a killer product it may be a killer price great description great
everything right but the main photo may not be anticipating enough for people to
click on it so you could literally just duplicate the listing you can tweet the
SEO if you don’t want to like compete with yourself and then just change the
thumbnail image the main image is it does a lot more than what a lot of
people realize this tip goes for selling without promoted listings the main photo
is like the the juice of the apple if you will it’s what gets people to click
obviously you need to have great SEO to show up in the search results but then
the second most important thing is the photo itself if it’s a really boring
photo that they can’t see the product or it’s really weird then they won’t click
and Etsy as it says it in the help files where click-through rate is a huge
determining factor for your rank and your success so if your click-through
rate is really high then you’ll rank better you’re promoted listings may even
rank better but if it’s a bad photo then people may barely ever click or if they
do click they’re just not as stoked about it
initially when they first see it if you first see an image you’re like this is
so cool you click on it right away you look at and you really like and you
buy it but if the first image is kind of boring you’re like I don’t is where is
this product or what is this product I can’t see this detail or that detail
then you may not be as exciting about it and you still may be in like window
shopping mode but if that first photo gets you hyped then then you can see why
the first photo the main photo can really go a long way especially with
promoted listings because if you’re paying if you’re literally paying to be
in the the rankings in the search results then obviously you want to put
your best foot forward you want the best photo to be there so consider playing
around with main photos and the thumbnail images whether it be in
promoted listings or not just consider that and think about that and see Oh
which if you have a few duplicates for example see which of those listings are
selling the best and then look at the main photo like if you have the same
product three listings of the same product look at all the main photos if
they’re different see which one sells the best obviously in that situation
there’s other variables like if that if the title and tags are different on each
photo but you get the idea the main photo is very important it’s the first
thing people see and if you’re paying to get in the search results you want the
best photo you can put all right so that’s the first one the second one is
is a really big one this one I learned the hard way
really really learn the hard way a few times actually it’s a like a straggler
tag on your on your tags like sucking away your bidding money for example on
some some of my print-on-demand products I would have liked I I didn’t have
enough room to fit like a full phrase into the twenty characters so so I one
of one listing ahead it just had a tag of sweater right and that one tex
sweater that’s he just ran with it and they were showing and this liver showing
this listing to everyone with sweater in their search and it was like holy crap
half of these people were we’re not even looking for this type of sweater you
know like my shop is nature and you know woodland and stuff if you’re not
familiar with my shop its woodland sent on Etsy if you both search me please
don’t click on my ads because that will take my bid money away
just find my shop anyway so it just had sweater on it it would but I’m look I’m
trying to sell this to like nature lovers gift or you know wanderlust
sweater etc so sweater was just showing up in everyone’s results and that you
can see this in in the promoted listings statistics you know when you go to
promoted listings you go to the statistics and you see what people are
clicking on and it said hi click rate didn’t say hi order rate it only said hi
click rate so that means a lot of people were clicking on it and window shopping
and and using a lot of my promoted listings money and needless to say that
that listing was not earning more than it was spending so I had to I had to
rearrange those tags so a straggler tag may suck away your money be always be
sure to be going in your statistics of your promoted listings and looking at
what keywords are bringing those promoted listings traffic the statistics
for promoted listings is a completely different set of statistics for your
normal listings without promoted listings on them they show you exactly
like if you have enough data what is being clicked on the most for what
search terms what it’ll say hi click rate and then if you’re getting a lot of
orders from that specific search it’ll say high order rate and I’ve done a
video on this in the past I’ll link it below to where you can go through your
promoted listings data and find the high order rate keywords and then recreate
some more listings with these keywords you know that you sell well with so it’s
a powerful strategy so you always want to be going in your statistics and and
finding winning keywords and also making sure you don’t have these straggler tags
as I call them that are just sucking away your money like if I had if I was
selling handmade soap and I was trying to spell sell a specific
like type of handmade soap for example like maybe it has like some like loofah
stuff inside of it and I’m to all my promoted listing money is going towards
just straight-up soap not even handmade soap or not even bar soap somebody may
be looking for some like other type of soap you get the idea make sure that
there’s no tags in your promoted listings that will spend your money and
be shown to people that are not your target audience simple enough number
three your bid amount in relation to your niche so you may be bidding you you
it can go either way you may be bidding way too low for for how many people are
trying to bid in your niche or you may be a bidding way too high and if you’re
bidding way too high like for example let’s say all your products are really
expensive and you can afford high bids and you want to and you want to bid high
so you can beat everyone else that may not be the best strategy some sometimes
it works it’s like half and half you know sometimes it’ll be great okay cool
I’m on top I’m getting the sales etc but it also could go the other way where
your competition actually isn’t bidding that much and you’re you’re needlessly
bidding too much and then in turn would suck away your money and then have and
then have it spend more than it’s earning so that would result in a losing
promoted listing as well so consider that people in your niche may be bidding
only 10 to 15 cents then if you come along and you’ve been 20 cents you’re
top dog but you’re still spending a ton or it can go the other way you may be
spending too little for your niche you may be selling diamond jewelry that you
made yourself if you do that that’s awesome I’m sure you make a lot but if
you if you’re bidding 5 cents on a on a ring that sells for 2 grand on se then
you’re you may not get the the traffic you deserve you may need to increase the
bid so think about your bid amount in relation to your niche and your
demographic it’s a very powerful powerful thing you know you go test it
around you may have never even tested the opposite side if you if
you think your bidding high you may have never even tested bidding low if you’re
bidding low you may have never even tested bidding high and it’s variable
for it for everything when it comes to this okay so that’s number four your bid
amount in relation to your niche number five is the variables that are out of
your control you know you’re promoted listings may not be doing well for
reasons that are totally out of your control and it’s tough to pin them down
when there’s lists there’s a whole list of things that you can control that can
affect your promoted listings so just make sure your ducts are all in a row
and then then you can worry about the variables that are out of your control
for example season you know your shop size how many reviews you have etc
things that may help you rank or hurt you in your ranking so there’s a ton of
variables that are out of your control and a lot of these variables that I
mentioned today like I said it applies to non promote listings and promoted
listings so when you’re doing a promoted listing you’re paying to get the traffic
this is a big misconception I think with promoted listings and Etsy sellers is
that if you’re doing promoted listings you’re paying to play and you should
automatically get sales music you should since you’re paying extra you should you
deserve those sales that’s not the case it sucks I wish that was true I think I
deserve those sales too but it’s not the case you’re paying to play and you’re
paying to get in front of the audience that you choose because you choose the
tanks and titles so it’s completely up to you who you are paying to be shown to
and and it doesn’t mean it doesn’t always result in sales right away just
because you’re paying to play so that’s a powerful thing and a humbling thing
that you need to keep in mind so you when you are paying to play like I call
it just make sure that everything is legit obviously we all know a lot of
different things when it comes to our organic listings for example your photos
your description your SEO needs to be good all the things we’ve always been
told when it comes to selling on Etsy those always apply to the promoted
listing and the things that I mentioned today
are the extra variables… so I hope this video was helpful to you guys again in
the description below there’s a link to a free cheat sheet that helps you setup
your promote promoted listings as well as tweak them a little bit and it also
has a code to purchase my full ebook in the book and below in the description so
I hope you have a beautiful day everyone please subscribe if you have it have a
great day

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