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Spongicle. The Solomark Night Vision and infrared Monocular
is consumer grade at an affordable price. The infrared illumination sensor is 6.8 volts
per LUX second. Depending on how much light is in your environment,
the Solomark Monocular allows you to adjust the brightness level of the infrared illumination
by 7 levels to suit your needs. Even at the lowest setting you can still see
detail of objects. Unlike most night vision monochrome devices,
this monocular can display color. You will be looking at a digital LCD screen
of 320 by 240 pixels and a viewing angle of 14 degrees. It also has optics adjustment for people who
wear glasses. The digital zoom range comes in four increments
of 1, 1.3, 1.6 and 2. Keep in mind this is digital zoom which means
it is simply enlarging the pixels. Since the video resolution is small at 640
by 480 pixels, Solomark include a 1 gigabyte SD card however you have the option to use
a SD memory card of up to 32 gigabytes. You can easily transfer the photos and video
to your computer using a USB connection or simply watch the content directly on your
TV using a composite connection. The night vision monocular can also be mounted
on a tripod and you can simply leave your night vision monocular for 5 hours or however
long your batteries can last. If you prefer to have the night vision monocular
around your neck, then you can link it to a binocular harness. Don’t like a binocular harness? That’s okay because it has a rubbery surface
to help strengthen your grip. This night vision monocular can be used for
travel as it is compact and only weighs 11.5 ounces. There won’t be any issue fitting the monocular
in a luggage bag as it measures 5.8 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 1.85 inches
in height. What you get with the Solomark Night Vision
monocular is a two-year warranty, 1 gigabyte SD card, mini USB cable, AV cable, neck strap
and a soft carrying case. Unfortunately, the four AA batteries aren’t
included however it gives you an opportunity to buy longer lasting batteries that might
last longer than its stated 5-hour battery life. One of the most convent applications of the
Solomark Night Vision monocular is that it can be used for security and surveillance. There are numerous uses including night boating,
night fishing and night hunting. If you’ve been exploring day time wildlife
now you can begin exploring during the night and see all the nocturnal animals you missed
during the day. You definitely would want to use the Solomark
Night Vision Monocular for cave exploring because you might be disturbing bears or who
knows what else. Although you would hope to use a military
grade night vision monocular for search and rescue expeditions, this Solomark Night Vision
monocular still works with its 100 meter range for humans and 300 meter range for larger
objects such as vehicles. Remember to comment, like, share and subscribe
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