Every Tool We Carry for Full Time RV Living

in this video I’m going to show you all of the tools we carry in our camper van i’m joe from we’re the Russos. one question i get asked all the time is what kind of tools do you have in your camper van well today I’m gonna go through all of those tools, some of their uses and why I think they are vital for van life the first couple things I’m going to go through are things that I carry on my person every day these are what I call my everyday carry items first one is this little it’s kind of like a credit card tool it’s made by night eyes it has a small ruler on the side a little screwdriver a pin and of course a bottle opener this thing comes in handy all the time when I’m someplace you need to crack open a bottle no one has one I’ve got one in my wallet at all times my next tool that I use everyday standard pocketknife I love it because it has a clip I can put it in my pocket keep it there it’s easy to access this is a very robust knife and it comes in handy almost every single day something to always have on you and finally is a pen light this is made by Pelican it is the 1920 extremely bright has two settings you know I never thought I would use a flashlight on a regular basis I can’t tell you how many times I pull this thing out of my pocket if I’m crawling around in the van and looking in a storage cabinet for something this comes out if we’re walking at night we’ve been someplace where the lights go out I always have a flashlight and it’s so handy and as handy as all three of these items are Kate carries every single one on her person every day – if I was only gonna carry one tool it would be this little guy that pick quick stubby this has six different tools on it and they’re all accessible by pulling out the tool on top and pushing through the one that you want to use now this has two flathead screwdrivers two Phillips head screwdrivers and two square drives what I love about this is most of the screws in this van are all square drive so this is the tool I use the most and it’s what I always reach for I keep it in the glove box of the van because I like to have it handy it’s easy to use and very simple now I’ll start going through everything I have in my kind of toolkit here this is a Nantucket bag and I found it really versatile for van life because it’s not hard sided and you can actually squish it move it around to fit in tough places and has all these different pockets on it has a nice big kind of recess in the middle straps to tie it down if you need to and all sorts of other things so I got rid of all of my hard sided cases toolboxes and things like that and every tool I have – the ones I keep in my pockets all right here I don’t care where you live what you live in you need a hammer plain and simple and with a hammer you need a roll of duct tape if you can’t fix it with duct tape and a hammer well you’re not gonna fix it so let’s see I’m gonna start on this side and just kind of go around the bag show you what I have different size zip ties I have the large ones small and then kind of this medium size never know when you’re going to need a zip tie to hold something down small screwdrivers now since I have that little pick quick I don’t use these as much but they’re still nice to have flathead Phillips a level exacto blade and one thing I like to do here is I like to take the blade out and actually put it sharp side down so if I’m reaching in I don’t cut myself for those tough to reach places a longer flat-head screwdriver and of course a longer Phillips oops a tiny Phillips and of course my giant flathead this is actually more than just a screwdriver it can be used as a pry bar and just to kind of get things out really handy flat-head pliers with wire cutters I also keep needlenose pliers a set of channel locks and a set of vise grips I love these things I don’t carry a set of wrenches with me instead since I am so limited on space I just carry one adjustable wrench I’ve been able to do everything I’ve needed to with this so it’s come in handy and it saves a lot of space by having one tool that replaces a whole set a dedicated pair of wire cutters these are always important to have around see I’ve got another Philips Kate’s asking why I have so many Phillips I don’t know I just happen to have them this was my actually my grandfather so it got passed to my dad and then to me and although I have this little guy I keep this around as a nice memento plus I always feel like I have my dad there with me when I’m working on something never get rid of this this little guy has come in extremely handy as well it is a quarter inch ratchet and what I’ve done is since this is so small it’s very easy to throw in my kit and I bought a set of let me see if I can find them there we go so I can go from my little quarter inch drive see to now I have a 3/8 drive and if I really need to go big I can go all the way up to 1/2 inch on this little guy I also keep an extension little flexible unit so I can go around a corner or angle if I have to and then in this bag since I got rid of my hard sided cases I just threw everything in a little ziplock I have my metric sockets as well as torque screws and various other little things that I can attach to my ratchet little file never know when you’re gonna need one of those and a large file I also keep a bottle of googan let’s see let me go into my bag this is a little LED light my mother bought it for me to go camping but what I found is when I’m working on something I can pull it out and it gives great light especially at night if I’m under in one of the bays and I don’t want to hold a flashlight I just pull this up and kind of light the space I also carry a multimeter this is really handy if you need to check let’s say the solar coming in or wires or leads if you’re having an electrical problem and you need to trace it back to something this comes in very handy and I always have one with me besides the duct tape I also carry a roll of gaffers tape this is very sticky it’s easily terrible and nice to have also just some clear packing tape when I need it a set of tiny screwdrivers for working on glasses or just little electronics thread seal for different plumbing applications pair of leather work gloves Silicon lubricant spray rope wire these are interesting but they almost look like lid they’re little picks they almost look like the things that you might use at a doctor’s office they’re handy if you need to get into really tight corners grab something or scrape something off these are always good to have now I have a couple of these but this is a set of Allen wrenches so let’s see what else do I have in here yeah a wire brush the reason I initially bought this is our last frigerator was propane powered and the vents would get clogged up every now and again from debris so I could take off the panel go in there clean out the vents and we were good as new so if you have a let’s say like a norcold propane fridge these are handy to have around and they’re cheap inexpensive and you just toss them in your bag let’s see here’s a random bolt I have no idea why I have that and then see little hose clamps of various sizes and what I tend to do I know a lot of guys are like this I’ve tried not to do this in the van but when I come across something like this bolt that I’ve had for whatever reason I’ll toss it in my bag now I’ve been good about this but I do have a collection of little screws nuts bolts things like that and what I’ve found is if something breaks and you’re out in the middle of nowhere you need a screw or nut or something a lot of times they come in handy and I like to have them little spare parts here and there I think that’s about it a couple little other odds and ends in here like I had to fix some electrical stuff so these are little what are the connectors butt connectors reflective tape heavy-duty lock some anti-seize lubricant and a little single Torx bit I bought this because I needed it a special size so here it is this is a little bonus item from Kate oh yes so this is good should have brought this up in the beginning tire pressure gauge we like to check our tire pressure on a regular basis so having one of these in the glove box is essential this is an a cue tire it’s digital so far I found that it works great we’ve gone to a few tire shops and I’ve checked this against the air gauges this tends to be within 1.5 psi of their gauges so it’s pretty well calibrated got to put everything back in the order that I want it least useful at the bottom most useful at the top I’ve never actually pulled everything out of here before so it’s gonna be difficult to try and figure out where I want to put everything again let’s see I keep my tube bag and one of the back Bay’s of the himer there’s an open space I’ve kind of carved out a little wedge but again the reason I love this nantucket bag so much is because I can pretty much squeeze it into any space I’ve had this bag over a decade it’s held up extremely well as you can see it’s like twisted around there is grease dirt all over this thing but it is solid and I’ve I’ve beat the you-know-what out of this it is held up and what’s cool is you can actually do a little demo the bag you can unzip it flip the bag inside out so all your tools are in the inside and then you can tie this up and carry it like a tote you can even configure the straps to go over your back like a backpack I like to keep it this way because when I put it in the bay what I’ll do is I’ll turn to the side that I think I’m gonna use the most so typically this side with the screwdrivers you know my zip ties and all of my little wrenches and things keep that on the outside so it’s easy to grab and I don’t have to try and pull this out to get to something I also tend to leave the most important stuff like my light on top so that I can just reach in grab it feel around but that’s pretty much it I love this thing again this the tire pressure monitor will go back into the glove box and all of my other tools like my credit card thing knife flashlight go back in my pockets that is it thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and finally answered the question of what tools I carry on the road in our campervan we’ll see you next time bye


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