Everyday Carry | EDC 2017 | What Does an Affiliate Marketer Carry?

(hard rock music) – Aye! Yo! It’s your boy Ngo. There’s a concept out there
called “Everyday Carry.” I’ve seen a lot of articles
and videos out there where people show off what they carry
with them on a daily basis and what they carry with them around, in their pockets and to work. So I’m always looking
out for awesome gadgets, products to buy that simplify my life. So I wanna show you guys what’s in my pockets every day
and whenever I go travelling or my co-working space, what’s in my bag. So let’s begin. So let’s start with the main things that are always with me no matter what. First thing is, obviously, my iPhone. So when it comes to the phones, I prefer an iPhone over an Android. I have used Androids in the past, but I like iPhones
because they are simple. So I have a iPhone plus,
I like the bigger size because I get to read more
and this is the iPhone 7. So next is my wallet. I actually do not carry a wallet with me. I have something called the
“Silk iPhone Wallet Case.” This was $12 from Amazon and
what I like about this is it lets me put different
credit cards in here. So with this, I have my
MetroCard for New York, for the subway, I have my
driver’s licence, debit card, personal credit card, and
a business credit card. Now I’m not going to show ’em off just because I don’t want
anyone to steal my identity and go shopping with it, but
it’s really nice to have this. It’s with me all the
time. I rarely use cash. So the benefit of this is: I
don’t have a wallet anymore. I carry this which has
my phone and a wallet. It’s minimal, I don’t have to waste time tryna find out where my wallet is, but it’s just simple. I love simplicity. Over here I have my keys.
Nothing special about my keys. I have something here
called the “FreeKey System” from Amazon, so it keeps
everything nicely organised. I wanna show this off.
This comes from Nomad. This is a USB iPhone charger with a lightning charger cable right here. I like this because there are
charging cables everywhere or charging ports everywhere in New York. For instance, there’s these
booths near the subway and if my phone’s over dead,
I could always stick it in and charge my phone or if
you’re ever at someone’s house and there’s no charging
cables, if there’s a USB port; let’s say their PlayStation
or their computer or their laptop, then
you can charge your phone because there’s been a lot of
times where my phone’s dead and I don’t have the charging cable. So this is a big lifesaver. Another little bonus is I have a USB key on my key chain at all times. This USB key is encrypted and in there are important documents, like my passport, my driver’s licence
photos, so just in case I’m ever stranded in a different country, I lost my passport; I have
all my documents here. And in case I do a lot of speaking, so I always have my PowerPoint slides, presentations on here. The most important thing guys,
make sure you encrypt this in case someone ever steals my keys, they don’t have all my
private information. So I do have a little protection on this. So these are the two main
things I carry with me every single day: my phone
with the wallet and my keys. So I’m gonna show you guys
the things that are optional. So these items are optional. I have my main three
things that I carry with me every single day, but
there are some other things that I do carry in my pockets
depending on the occasion. First one is AirPods. So I bought these AirPods,
two months ago, from Apple. They’re about $170, with
tax. I absolutely love ’em. In New York City, I’m
always walking around and whenever I’m walking
around, I like to multitask. So with these, I can listen to podcasts, I can listen to music, I
can listen to audio books. So whenever I’m walking around the city, I walk around like 30
minutes to an hour a day, so I’m getting some work done,
I’m learning, I’m reading. And I absolutely love these because they’re small, there’s no wires, I’m not walking around
with wires everywhere. I highly recommend these. The only downside is if you carry them and you drop something, then
these can easily fall out. Of course a lot of it depends
on the kinda ears you have, but I have smaller ears, so these tend to fall out a little bit. But I highly recommend
them and I like ’em because they fit in your pocket very easily. If I don’t want to carry the AirPods, I also have these headphones.
So these are the Bose QC 35. I think this was about $400,
$300 or $400, I can’t remember. So the benefit of these over these is that these are a lot more secure and they have noise cancellation. If I’m on a aeroplane,
I’m gonna have these on. If I’m on the subway,
I’m gonna have these on. If I’m working in a
Starbucks or a coffee shop, I’m gonna have these on. So I absolutely love these.
These are wireless as well. Of course if you’re out, you don’t want your breath to stank. So I absolutely like the
Listerine PocketPaks. So these are really cheap and I like ’em, they keep my breath fresh and they don’t take up a lot of space in my pockets. Chapstick. Burt’s Bees. You guys don’t wanna walk around and meet ladies with crusty-ass lips. I mean there’s not really
much to say about these, but if you’re in New York, cold weather or you’re in Las Vegas, dry
weather, not a lot of water, you definitely wanna
keep your lips chapped. What if I am out and I’m
worried about my phone dying? So I’m out and about and I only
have 10% left on my battery. Then I carry an extra battery pack. So this is called
“Jackery.” It’s from Amazon. What I like about this extra battery pack is it has built-in cables. You have one side, the
cable’s attached for Android micro USB and on the other side, it has the lighting cable for iPhones. So if I’m out of battery, I’m running out of battery,
I gotta step out. Boom. Boom. Now my phone is charged. I don’t have to carry the
iPhone cable everywhere. This is simple. It’s convenient.
I absolutely love it. Sometimes I am at a conference and unfortunately, I need business cards. So I got this business
card holder from Amazon. It’s about five bucks and I can open it. Boom. Here are my business cards. It has my phone number, my email, everything and I can hand ’em out. So, unfortunately, it’s 2017, but people still insist on business cards, so I carry this around
only to conferences. Let’s say it’s a sunny day.
It’s sunny or you’re in Miami. You’re going to the beach and
you gotta protect your eyes. So I have some sunglasses. I have different types of sunglasses. These are my go-to ones from Persol. Nothing too special about them. Just make sure you carry some sunglasses ’cause they can protect your eyes. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, but I do enjoy wearing watches. So this is my everyday
watch. It’s my Rolex GMT. I’ve had this watch for a few years. I love it a lot because
I can wear it casual, I can wear it with a suit;
it just matches everything. I think this was about $9000. I’m not too big a watch guy,
I know there’s a lot of guys out there that have like five
or ten different watches. I like having one main watch,
it keeps everything simple. And on top of that, I’m so
paranoid of losing my watch. So I can’t imagine some of these guys with like $40,000 watches,
’cause you know, if you lose ’em, that would make a very bad day. So when it comes to this,
I don’t really wear it for time function; I
wear it more for fashion because you have cell phone these days that can tell you the time, but with this, this is the watch I carry.
So what’s in my bag? This is my main bag
whenever I’m on a short trip or I gotta go to a co-working space or I’m going to a coffee shop, this is a Tom Bihn Western Flyer. I’ve already done a review of it on another video on this channel,
so I really like this bag. Let me just show you guys real
quick what’s inside my bag. First of all I have the Roost Stand. The Roost Stand is for my
laptop whenever I go travelling. This way I can put my laptop on this so that I don’t have bad posture. So this is called the
Roost Stand, once again. I have this. This protection
case is from Amazon. I think it was 10 bucks.
So inside of here, I have the Magic Trackpad number
2. This one’s new by Apple. So I carry this in here and I
also have the Apple keyboard. So you absolutely must get one of these. You must get one of these
because whenever you travel, the keyboard you’re gonna miss a keyboard because it gets roughed up in the bag or maybe, I’ve had so
many Trackpads break. Ever since I used this,
it gives the protection so I never damage my Trackpad
cause those are like $120. So you can lose a lot of money. And obviously, the most
important thing is the laptop. So this is my laptop. I bought it this year. It is the new 15-inch Touch Bar. I like it a lot because it has this fingerprint thing right
here and it’s a lot faster and it’s a really cool-looking
colour. So that’s my laptop. So pretty much this is all my gear, guys. Alright, so that’s it for the video. You guys can kinda see
some of the cool products that I carry with me on
the day-to-day basis. Some of the things that
I carry every single day, some are optional stuff
and some of the things that I carry in my bag whenever
I go to a co-working space. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you guys have any cool products, I love trying out different products. If you have anything
that would help my life, simplify it some more, just comment below. Let me know. I would love to test it out. And if you guys try anything
out that I recommend, then please let me know if it helps you. So guys, if you liked this video, just comment, like, subscribe. Let me know if you guys want more videos and I will shoot some
more. Until next time. Take care and make some money. Bye. (upbeat hip hop music)


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