Executive Committee – November 28, 2017 – Part 2 of 2

I think we have quorum plays present in
the room and so I want to welcome everybody back and hope many of you got
a chance to enjoy that magnificent championship celebration outside for our
Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts now I’ll just remind you ladies and
gentlemen both the committee members and the
councillors that we have agreed to a deal next with the item twenty nine
point three six the establishment of an indigenous affairs office at the City of
Toronto and we’re going to hear a definite on that later but we’re
particularly delighted to welcome all of the members of the Aboriginal
communities our indigenous peoples who are here for this item but also in
particular to to to welcome and to say that we have the honour of having the
Toronto council fire native cultural centers all nations drum president to
ground our discussions and I want to begin because we’re going to hear from
two shrunken sugar a youth speaker who is going to conduct the opening to be
followed by the all nation drum and so I’m going to stand as I ask you all to
do as well if you’re able for the opening and for the drum. [Inaudible] [Music] [Inaudible] thank you very much may I ask everyone to please be seated
and may I just say a word of thanks to Tess Tess young sugar and also to the
all nation drum we thank you very much it was a very meaningful part of our
deliberations here and I hope it’s not for the last time that you’ll be be with
us and I think that will ground our discussion and we’re gonna move forward
with it now but we thank you very much for being here may I also take this
opportunity to recognize Francis Anderson who’s from the Anishinaabe
Holmes she’s the chair but also more not more importantly but important to us the
chair of our Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee
you’re most welcome here as always Francis thank you thank you
first I want to thank our young knowledge keeper for bringing a strong
message to this gathering I want to thank the drum for continuing to share
the heartbeat of our community and giving us such a strong way to begin
this presentation good afternoon Mara Tory and members of
the executive committee and members of the Toronto community my name is Francis
Anderson and I am the co-chair of the Aboriginal Advisory’s Council along with
our co-chair Michael Layton I have been a member of the AAA sea for more than 15
years it has always been my pleasure to serve my community in this capacity the
Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Council has recognized and emphasized the need for
an indigenous office here in Toronto for decades for the past 24 years we have
been stating the same case we need an office specifically designed and staff
to support the city and community working together to promote Aboriginal
inclusiveness in Toronto the proof of this is available in a 1993 report
recommending just such an office it is important to note that the new census
puts our population at twenty-five thousand in Toronto whereas
there is clear evidence to suggest we are vastly underreported and new data to
include it to indicate our population ranges as high as seventy four thousand
as for the well living house report indigenous issues have not fared well
under the EDH are a case in point the EDA chart does not include a plan for
indigenous people in their 2015 2018 strategic plan in fact we’re barely
mentioned the city has had used to show progress on the statements of commitment
to Aboriginal people Aboriginal education strategy and Aboriginal
employment strategy in yet there has been very little action the City of
Toronto recognizes and affirms the United Nations declaration on the rights
of indigenous peoples and supports Aboriginal peoples unique legal and
constitutional position in Canada and honors our right to self-determination
we are hopeful now that we have the support of Mara Tory
Peter Wallace the city manager and a number of city councillors we can move
forward with instituting the first City of Toronto Aboriginal Affairs Office
this office will be a hub of activity working with city officials to educate
and inform regarding Aboriginal culture tradition and ways to support the city’s
response to the truth and reconciliations ninety-four calls to
actions it will also be a guiding light for members of the Aboriginal community
wanting to navigate and negotiate through the city’s employment
opportunities social service network and political bureaucracy there will be no
longer a question of who should recall to clarify questions regarding
Aboriginal protocol the answer will be in house as Aboriginal staff will have
the resources to respond in a very timely manner our hope and plan will be
to work closely with city officials to develop a symbiotic relationship
designed to assist city and commune like it is our hope to take our rightful
place alongside other communities living in Toronto the most diverse city in
Canada thank you very much thank you very much miss Anderson we would now in
the ordinary course as we would revert to the manner in which we would deal
with an item like this and we have one a registered deputed on this item and I
would ask him to come forward now and make his deputation and that on this
item twenty nine point three six and that is Miguel Aviva Velarde
Thank You mr. mayor
thank you welcome as always congratulations to the AAC for this
historical day that we celebrate with all the members of the community my
friends from the council of fire present here today a regular the council of fire
as well I want to touch on the issue of that will be discussing after this item
which is e^x 29:10 enhancing security for cities City Hall as you can see we
control fire has brought some drums and some instruments of ceremony my question
is to you mayor and to the corporate security will this items be permanently
allowed to come to City Hall without asking permission to security do we need
to as our do we need to make some some kind of presentation request that these
items do not represent anything that should be afraid of but these are
instruments of peace and and honor our ancestors as a member of the Quechua
people of South America and I want to congratulate this is a great opportunity
for other groups that are not underrepresented such as the Aymara the
Quechua perhaps through this our Regional Committee we can work together
as we are allies working together many areas of indigenous recorded recognition
one of the things I would like to ask to Jack
I mean Michael Layton is that can we have access to the channel YouTube
channel of the City of Toronto because this meters are not currently recorded
life so perhaps since we have 45,000 registered first nations they can see us
on the YouTube channel and perhaps a kiosk in the main door of our building
the city hall this is the home of the people’s so maybe at the main inches
which you have a kills that talks about the original Affairs Committee what are
they doing what are they contributing to our society growth the other issue I
want to say that during the conversation that we have at the AAC last month is
that the word the the desires that the employment are for first in bitching for
First Nations people we hope not to see any other member of the other
communities who don’t represent us being higher so to the general mayor who is
busy typing his iPad I wanna remember remember him please hire members of
First Nations okay thanks so much and what else I want to say I
I just support this mushroom I just support whatever initiatives you want to
go ahead thank you so much and congratulations again thank you very
much Miguel for your submission are there any questions of the deputy okay
there are no other registered decadence and so it means we could move to
questions of staff questions from members of council who are visiting with
us at the executive minute today any wishing to ask questions okay questions
by members of the executive committee all right those wishing to speak to the
matter and may I just say in introducing we introduced your co-chair or just I
think before you came in the room to say thank you on behalf of the council for
all the work you continue to do on this very important file if we wouldn’t be
here today if it wasn’t for your work councillor Layton and I want to
q and asked you to to make your remarks thank you very much mr. mayor first by
way of thanks I just wanted to extend a quick thank you to brother sugar for for
who joined us at our Aboriginal Affairs Committee meeting and opened it in such
a good in a positive way and at a very important moment for for that committee
where we all were really coming together in a journey that we’ve taken over the
last at least I’ve been a part of that journey for for seven years now I know
that there are many who have been on the road for a lot longer than than me and
it was very a very powerful way to open that session which is why I thought it
was so important that we open up this session to in much the same way and so
thank you brother sugar to my sister and co-chair Francis Sanderson for helping
provide guidance to to to us along the way
there there are many occasions I have to call her to seek her advice about one
matter or another and she is always very generous with her time and her and her
expertise on such matters we also have other members of her committee here
including a committee member and a Andria Kristoff and I should just say
that her tireless efforts for the indigenous community in in Toronto I
think are unmatched amongst Christian my apologies
are unmatched amongst many that work on any issue in the city her tenacity is is
is becoming quite well-known amongst the halls of of this building in a very
positive and at very encouraging way as as we need to be challenged to do better
and to do more and then finally if you don’t already know crystal this is an
individual who I believe will be a major it is but will will increase in her
status as a a very major player and and and and changer in our city and this is
a crystal bossy who’s played an important role to this point but even
previously has served on on for many organizations and in our city and has
has served us very well and will continue to do so I hope in in whatever
capacity she chooses although I certainly think that that her leadership
will will be reflected in in the future of this city I have I was given the
opportunity in our former administration and again in this one to serve as the
co-chair it’s been a great honor of mine to to be involved in in this way but
even after seven years after a trip to Edmonton for our the final event from
the Truth and Reconciliation Commission I got to admit something to you I still
don’t think I understand what reconciliation means I think that I
probably share that sediment with many people in this room there are calls to
action that have been made there are statements of commitment our city has
done I have regular conversations with with the Aboriginal community in Toronto
I don’t know what what reconciliation will mean to this city I know what it
Ramin means to me personally but I don’t know what it will actually mean and what
actions our city will have to take and therein lies the need for not only this
committee but this office one of the first acts I got to do as co-chair was
was author a letter to the 2010 budget process this was the number one ask this
was the one thing the community said if you’re going to do something if you’re
going to do something meaningful in the year of truth and reconciliation that
you’re declaring this is what you need to do need an independent office need a
well resourced office you need someone to put action to the words that you’re
saying because we as a city do a really good job in the ceremonial pieces for
the most part in the ceremonial pieces in the years of dec of declaring the
year of reconciliation in in drafting with the community a statement of
commitment where we do a poor job is in the delivery of what
we commit to this through this motion moving forward and through the work that
our city manager is is committing to doing I believe that this is the
strongest foot forward that we could take if we were a city that wanted to
pursue a path towards reconciliation and and an equitable and a fair and a just
relationship with the Aboriginal people living in this city as one final note I
would like to I would like to thank the city manager and his team at equity
diversity and human rights for the the faith and the trust they put within the
community in in examining what was going on elsewhere and what would work in a
maiden for Toronto solution they showed great openness and and have moved
forward in a way that I think both reflects the the needs and the desires
of the indigenous community living in Toronto with the realities of how our
city works and they did that in a very I believe respectful way and so I would
like to thank them from the from very deep down for making the recommendations
and bringing them forward to the committee and bringing them forward for
you here today I’m over time but thank you mayor very much for leadership
you’ve allowed us to show really yeah okay out of respect to ladies and
gentlemen I think you’ll remember from this morning we we passed a three minute
limit but out of respect for not only the item that you were speaking about
and your work which I acknowledge but also of recent events in your family
which are cause for great celebration I just let the clock run and very little
sleep I I would point out I’m if I if I couldn’t five in five seconds just thank
the mayor and his staff for for their contributions to this point I know the
behind the scenes they’ve been working hard and you you mr. mayor have been
working hard to bring this forward and I thank you very much as well Thank You
councillor now that that was the beginning of speeches by members of
visiting with the committee today councillor Krusty would be next then I
thank you no I will be brief I do want to extend my thanks to the
Aboriginal Affairs Committee our two co-chairs both of whom have now spoken
today the city manager’s office and you mr. mayor
I just think very briefly truth and Rickon reconciliation which is talked
about a lot is a journey and truth and reconciliation it does require us to
reflect on both the past with the present it also challenges us to dig a
little deeper and to look at some hard truths it it took me a long time to to
come to terms with my own family’s history as fathers of Confederation in
this country and in this land and and I began my career living and working in
fly-in OG Cree resorts in Northern Ontario that’s where I started doing
literacy work and when I began my career I thought I was going to help I quickly
came to the understanding that I was there to listen and learn and and I
think that ultimately is what truth and reconciliation requires us to do is to
listen harder and to learn and and I acknowledge that in that long journey
this office today is a key step and I want to thank committee members for
their support thank you Thank You councillor Cressy are there
any other visiting members of council I don’t see any hands members of count
members of the committee rather wishing to speak councillor Ainsley and
councillor McMahon I see so we’ll start with councillor name is Lee sure right
then we’ll start with council McMahon chivalry lives yeah thank you thank you
very much I have to say I believe and I’ve only been here since 2010 that this
is a first that we’ve actually had started executive committee with a
drumming song and smudging and people in in the middle of the circle and I think
that’s fantastic and I think we should embrace that and and encourage more of
that in I think it’s a great start for education
and awareness raising and we still have a long ways to go but I think we are
getting there slowly but surely and I really appreciate all that you’ve done
and council laitanan and Francis and the whole committee that’s fantastic I want
to encourage counselors to reach out and and to continue the learning and and to
encourage their residents to do the same and there are many opportunities around
the city now and one is Thursday night there tonight right
the IRS s at Daniel spectrum at five o’clock I think it is so I’d encourage
everyone to come out there and also it’s over for this year but next year for the
sunrise ceremony it’s a little early 5:30 in the morning but you can do it
it’s well worth it and moving and very informative come out to Council laitanan
and Francis would welcome you as the whole committee would to come out and
join the Aboriginal Affairs Committee and see firsthand and learn firsthand
what their the great things they’re doing and be a part of that and when
this new office starts which is so exciting then reach out and do a meet
and greet with the new staff and and bring them into your office and and
introduce them to your staff as well and and talk about it in your newsletters
and and talk about the work we’re doing it’s not enough at all and it’s long
overdue but it’s it’s as I said trickling along I learned a lot from
Lindsay Kretchmer who used to be here and also from my intern in my office
Craig wah booth who was here we had four interns indigenous interns in the city
for four in counselors offices four for six months which was fantastic and we
need to continue that program as well on on the executive committee
agenda tree you will see ax twenty-nine point 37 where we’re looking at
indigenous cultural competency training for counselors and their offices I know
city staff it’s already started for them so lots of good things happening slowly
so happy to do that thank you Thank You councillor McMahon character
Ainsley Thank You meryt or to recommendations in those report
I want to thank by saying my watch to the drummer’s and for the smudging
ceremony as a city councillor in eastern Scarborough native Child and Family
Learning Services Family Services has facility at King Saud and Galloway they
have a daycare center on the south end of my ward
we the Gabriel Dumont complex and I’m very proud to say we have one of the few
powwows that have been taking place annually in the City of Toronto for the
past 15 years so it starts off with a sunrise ceremony and when and today I
think we’re you know with this report we’re approving the establishment of for
staff in the city manager’s office for an indigenous affairs office in the city
manager’s office it’s not tucked away somewhere it’s in a very prominent place
in the city manager’s office which I think speaks a lot about how far we’ve
come and where we’re going when we talk about truth and reconciliation but I
also I think two other times when I’ve been at the homeless memorial across the
street at a Holy Trinity Church and I’ve met people from the indigenous community
that have people their friends and family whose names were on the memorial
shelter that didn’t feel that they had a place in the city and lived on the
streets and died on the streets in Toronto which in the largest city in
Canada any city in Canada should not be happening and I still think we have a
lot of work to do but this is a huge first step I think this is a momentous
occasion and I’m glad that I could be here to vote for it Thank You Mara
Torrey Thank You councillor Agee councillor deputy mayor Barlow thank you
I’ll be very brief I just want to thank the co-chairs and the community for all
the work that you’ve done and especially the community
have pushed us for so many years and this is so long overdue
that it feels it truly feels like a special moment because as it was said
here this is it’s about listening but it’s it’s about bringing you to the
center of the session making it’s not telling you what needs to be done is
bringing you to help us getting it done and telling us how to do it and telling
us what needs to be done and I think that is the meaning of this office is at
the highest level with our city manager we’re gonna be working this together
we’re going to be learning from you it’s not about the city telling you it’s
about us listening learning working together and making it right so thank
you so much to the community for so much patience with us but I think we have we
have a little bit of hope with this with this office I think this is the right
step and I’m very proud to be able to support this thank you Casa Bella deputy
mayor is there anybody else on the committee wishing to speak well may I
just say a concluding word then before we call the question on this you know
it’s it’s it’s interesting to hear the discussion of reports from 1993 and
discussions from 2010 that sort of placed this from our indigenous
communities at the top of the list of things we might do and yet here we are
in 2017 I think about to do it and of course going on to City Council but I’m
actually not that surprised at that because I had the privilege of being the
secretary to the Cabinet Committee on Aboriginal Affairs in the 1980s in the
government of Ontario and there are things just being done today
I think thanks to the truth and reconciliation process that finally got
done and that’s what 30 35 years later or even more and I think Francis
Anderson was kind enough to not make mention of the fact that while she did
say we were the most diverse city in Canada and in fact I think we may be the
most diversity in the world that our real goal is to be the most inclusive
city in the world diversity is a fact
a goal is inclusiveness and how could we possibly even think as well as we’re
doing relative to other places that we are on the way to the goal of being the
most inclusive city in the country if not the world if our first people our
first people are not completely included and so as others have said before me
this is a small step an office will not solve the problem but I would like to
say that it goes beyond flags I think it was a very important thing that was done
also during this term of council that we put the flags in Nathan Phillips Square
to join other flags in recognition of our First Nations and of our indigenous
peoples but this goes beyond flags and gives us now an opportunity only an
opportunity putting an office in place will mean nothing if we don’t you know
seek out the opportunity as councillor McMahon said so well and and others have
said to take advantage of the presence of those people to listen to what
they’re saying and to take action and I for one will be turning to the city
manager I will make no bones about it and asking that we that we request of
that office once it’s put in place a very specific set of goals that they
want trying to achieve themselves in the early going and that we hold ourselves
to account but also hold them to account for having a measurable measurable plan
to achieve progress in this area but we have the opportunity now we are we can
we can I think begin to make up for lost time and I just think this is something
and you know I’ll just say to those because there been some not many
unfortunately who have questioned this that I believe that when the communities
themselves are indigenous people themselves name this as the top priority
that they believe will get them on the road to include to be to being fully
included and to that kind of reconciliation we all seek then I think
we had a responsibility before now but here we are today answering that in a
way that I think will be will be something that will pay substantial
dividends to us going forward in many many different respects so life and I
thank you all for being here and thank the members of the aboriginal advisory
committee including you know Francis especially because you are a volunteer
the others are volunteers councillor late and he’s doing it and doing it well
but it’s his job just as it’s my job to be here but you’re doing it as
volunteers and as citizens and we very much appreciate that so I thank you for
your patience and listening to me and I think we’re ready if there’s nothing
else that people want to add to call the question on the recommendation that is
in front of you accorded it will have a recorded vote
all those in favor councillor Ainsley councillor Bulow councillor Burnside
councillor Crawford crown sir Giorgio councillor McMahon Mara Tory council
plot co-counselor Thompson all those opposed the motion carries for the item
carries pardon me the report on enhanced security measures
item number 29 dot ten and there are nine deputations on that item and so
we’ll begin hearing those deputations now as we would and the first person to
speak to us today will be Dave Maslin yes are they going to – well don’t you
don’t at all come on now No thank you again for being here and we’ll give you
a moment just to close oh yes of course and that was my fault you we were
supposed to ask you to close the please do and we just and as well for that
thank you [Inaudible] we asked mr. Medlin to begin his
deputation may I just say at the outside of this item that it is quite likely
following the deputations which will be in a bit yet we would like to move into
a in-camera closed session because there is a confidential report that has not
yet been made public and it may be the committee wishes to consider that so I
just mentioned that to the people in the room who are not members of the
committee so that you’ll be forewarned of that possibility and on that note mr.
Breslin we welcome you here today and ask you to you have three minutes thank
you so much I fell in love with this building in 1996 I’ve been coming here
for more than 20 years longer than anyone on this committee has been
working here and I’ve seen a huge transition in the way the building feels
and measures that have already been implemented up until now that make the
place in my opinion feel more hostile and unfriendly so when I first started
coming here 96 and the debate I was watching then was about should we ban
smoking in restaurants which was a very radical idea back then and then
following that the Adams mine the campaign I got involved with and was
here watching that what I learned quickly was that even though we were
watching the debates in the council chambers the real magic happened on this
floor in committee room 1 & 2 and in the city councilors offices and that aside
from maybe josh matt lo of most councillors go into the council meeting
already having decided how they’re gonna vote it’s all about this floor here and
at that time this floor here you could walk into the counselors offices easily
there was no glass doors there were no check-in there were no stickers with
names there were no escorts there were no bag checks in the council chamber the
only time we had barricades outside was if a cop might be coming and they’d set
up barricades and leave an opening and then at some point those just began to
stay there all the time all the doors were open on the main floor there were
no locked doors by the press gallery or on the side there were definitely no
security guards watching over everyone as they came in and there were cookies
in these committee rooms if I invited any of you over to my house I would
serve something as a gesture of you being welcomed here no he was a small
thing it didn’t cost a lot it nice because we have to wait here
sometimes for hours if an item is in time there was coffee and snacks and
that’s like all these little things add up so you have to look at the trade-offs
anytime you’re looking at a security measure and we have to look at data and
actual risks in my mind there’s three categories of risks that take place in
terms of terrorist activities and violence one is political targets so
someone goes and shoots up the Parliament Buildings because the federal
government is actually involved with Foreign Affairs dropping laser-guided
missiles in other countries that makes people angry and they do release stupid
disgusting things you guys don’t have a fleet of cf-18s you have a fleet of
Zamboni’s no one’s targeting Toronto City Hall as a political target because
of the activities you carry out I know some people are angry about the blower
bike lane but they’re not gonna kill you for it
number two people target places that have very large crowds big rock concerts
marathons etc and again with all due respect you don’t exactly get a huge
massive turnout for your meetings number three
lone wolf unstable people and I think we would all agree that one of the most
unstable people we see on a regular basis his counselor mammal lady and he’s
gonna get he’s gonna be in your side of the wall you’re actually keeping him
inside away from us the data show statistically councilors politicians in
North America are three times more likely to get hit by lightning than to
get hurt by another human I have to ask you we had the three minutes sure that’s
over yeah I just encourage you to consider how this place feels for
someone who’s new not a lobbyist not a regular insider like me they want to
check out the political culture what’s gonna make them want to come back I just
want to close by explaining the photo here I run a non-profit project called
the downtown defense project it’s an award-winning project it was recently
featured in a documentary we offer free fence removal opening up
neighborhoods people phone us and say take down my fence I want to live in a
place that feels open I encourage you to do the same thing here thank you thank
you are there questions of the deputy councillor burns head thank you through
you your last statistic politicians or three times more likely to in North
America in the last 50 years politicians are three times more likely to have been
killed by lightning or statistically if you look at the number of the
percentages of people who are killed by lightning based on population and the
number of politicians who actually injured in North America which we can
all think of the stories they’re terrible stories but there’s actually
only about 12 or 15 over the last half-century in all of North America
it’s not and again municipal II they’re actually the most time councilors
killing each other this is like sure fair enough mean so how come you guys
get detectors just because I’m on two right
my next question is what’s the likelihood and the comparison to
lightning with actually being on a plane that explodes on a plane that explodes
so we have all these security measures at airports be very much lower it’s the
80s would be higher there’s it three times more likely or
five times more likely to be struck by lightning or idea that I’m trying to
make a comparison right you give tip to planes
yeah so because they’re all these two key or at a concert are you more likely
to you know what are the sports Oh throwing out numbers you’re making
comparisons with concerts and and and other targets and then you throw out a
number about politicians yeah and so I’m just trying to understand the
comparisons I could get for you okay I think there’s always a trade-off and if
you’re looking at private sector examples we could find lots work for
example someone was stabbed to death in a Shoppers during your example so I just
haven’t responded was trying to understand from your examples the
comparisons if you can get that for me that’d be great okay I will thanks
thank you accounts are inside councillor Platt
Co and they’ve had a question for the deputy I’m sorry yes thank you mr. mayor
they good to have you here I think for coming you think for those amazing
murals that you’re painting are there within the report is there are some
recommendations to create these glass partitions
spreading the public with the rest of Council and you gave your examples years
back but moving forward what’s that you main concern in terms of creating that
in terms of accessibility to the public in terms of connecting with your elected
officials if not here community meetings out there
I’ll Community Council and so on yeah so I’m writing a book right now about
democracy and I have a chapter about user experience and the private sector
any store or restaurant will invest a lot of money into how a place feels
everything from the carpeting to the color they use to the music that’s
playing to the size of the doors and the idea is to make a place feel very
welcome and very comfortable and I think that needs to be done here as well it
might sound counterintuitive for me to be saying as a democracy activist we
should be running government like a business but I think there’s a lot to
learn from the private sector in terms of when they make decisions of risk
versus comfort of their customers they tend to err on the side of making sure
that the place is comfortable and I think we need to look so for example the
bollards that are proposed for the square that makes sense I mean that’s
not going to infringe on anyone’s sense of comfort and it might stop a heavy
vehicle from plowing into a large crowd celebrating an Argo game
no one’s gonna disagree with that it’s very unclear what a glass wall whether
it’s waist high or higher is gonna do to stop anyone from doing anything whether
they’re armed with a gun or whether I’m throwing water balloons at councilors I
just don’t get it all it does is create an environment that we’re watching some
kind of spectacle that you’re on that side we’re on this side and we’re not on
the same team we’re just a passive audience and and that’s somehow we’re a
threat I mean it almost will make us start fearing each other right I mean
that’s what the security guards do when they’re looking at everyone one-by-one
coming in the front door now it actually makes us scared what are they looking
for like who’s sneaking through and there’s
no evidence that there’s ever been any right here other than whatever
confidential documents on that point we do have a security system at the moment
that in my opinion excellent in terms of protecting the integrity of this iconic
building as well as protecting the citizens and those of us that work here
as well yeah do you think that security system that we have is sufficient and if
not why not or is there anything else that you like to see perhaps I actually
think that a lot of the resources are currently being misplaced towards
visible barriers that don’t actually increase your security versus forms of
security that actually will reduce threats for example the sign in tags I
mean I don’t I don’t get how that improves Europe security anyone who
wants to come here and hurt you first of all they could do it on the other 28
days or not counsel you guys are in the public all the time someone wants to get
you you can wrap this whole place in a 20-foot iron wall it doesn’t nothing to
protect you I look at the 15 councillors who have been hurt or injured in the
last 50 years it’s either been again at home or by fellow councillors at City
Hall there’s just it doesn’t do none of these
things do anything you should have armed guards around I think I believe in
having in no I mean if you look at Parliament Hill what stopped that guy
who was charged in there with the gun in 2014 in the end he was armed police were
able to respond with fire with fire someone’s in this building shooting
there needs to be security around but the idea that everyone coming in is a
potential threat and that you can identify that threat by having a
security guard just looking you in the eye to see what kind of person you are
all that does is make people feel unwelcome that was your final question
counselor fassio Thank You councillor Thompson
thank you very much mr. mayor through you too mr. Medlin thank you very much
Dave for being here you mentioned that your first time in the building was 1996
and so it’s 2017 now given the conditions that around the world in
general and SWANA are you suggesting that this particular
building or the security experts shouldn’t really be considering
opportunities to ensure that there’s an and security here you may disagree with
perhaps some of the suggestions and so on but are
you suggesting though that from 1996 to 2017 that conditions have not really
changed such that we should do nothing I just want to make sure I understand no
of course things have changed and we’re all painfully aware of it every week
there’s a new story it’s the security experts job to let you know what the
what the highest level of security is you could implement they’re not it’s not
their job to worry about me being comfortable in this room it’s our job to
come here be the counterbalance and say we think this place should be really
comfortable it’s your job to listen to both and find the balance right but the
fact that that’s your role but your job isn’t definitely isn’t to just take the
advice of the security experts I mean cuz I mean it’s a neverending spiral
there’s always gonna be a way to spend more money to make this place more
secure I could wear a helmet every day and be safer
I don’t do it cuz they just the comfort doesn’t know I have another question
so I don’t disagree with your response so you would then agree that this body
will have an opportunity to review and assess and make some determination based
on the information that’s been provided and so that information that decision
would you then agree that that would be and again you may not agree with some of
the things that we do but that’s the fair way to approach decision-making
base on information that’s been given to us to then decide what is the type of
security that we’d like for this building yeah I mean in the end I think
I mean not committee but council council I mean I actually proposed in the book
that there’s been arm’s length Department of user experience that has
capability to make certain decisions about the level of comfort in the
building that can override council but that’s not about to happen
but I just encourage you to really look at each recommendation and make a
distinction between terrorist safety which of course there’s been an increase
of and just worrying about you know some activists throwing something because
again I don’t see any of these barriers that the plastic barrier is the walls
the stanchions the sign in badges if a terrorist wants to get you know
you know waist-high glass wall it’s gonna do anything it’s just it’s like
you li like the bollards outside makes sense the rest of it are just just
limits civic participation thank you thanks counsel Thompson councillor
George Oh so just to clarify for me and I’m sorry I missed you the first part of
your deputation so do I hear you correctly when you say you know you
shouldn’t you should focus primarily on measures that can be put in place that
focus on someone that is intent on doing harm the majority of people coming here
have no intention of doing harm even an activist who a peaceful activists but
someone like as they use the word terrorist but someone who brings a
firearm in here who was intent on doing harm to not only let’s say counselors
but anybody in the public or anybody in the building what are the measures that
you would implement to address that issue I have a a preventive measure or
between I was wrong because at the end of the day enhanced security talks about
preventive measures right so again I went through the three scenarios of
types of violence that I’m reading in the newspaper all the time and none of
them seem to fit a building like this okay not a political target because of
decisions decisions you’re making as a local body that deals with municipal
issues it’s not a high crowd area and I haven’t seen any evidence of terrorist
attacks on municipal buildings anywhere except councilors killing each other
which has happened a few times which makes me wonder why the proposal says
the councilors shouldn’t have to go through the metal detectors is this
really about safety or not all right thanks thanks councillor to George or
any other accounts there Crawford hey Dave hey doing I think we’re first of
all I’m coming at this because I do agree with everything your ear you’re
saying suggests in this room in particular and I think these two rooms
are where the democracy happen so I understand that but I’m going to sort of
look at that and it’s not that it’s you versus us and so to understand why I’m
saying this not that but you did mention the lone wolf sanera
and that you wouldn’t think that anybody you know would be coming into this
building this room with with a gun or anything like that wouldn’t you agree
that there are decisions we make in this body that impact individuals all across
the city and they may not be large you know world issues but they’re issues
that impact people on a daily basis and that could would not suggest that one of
those individuals could potentially you know want to come in here and do
whatever so you’re saying no but I’m saying wouldn’t it couldn’t be a
situation that that could take place yeah and and sadly the the reality in
history shows us that those will take place regardless of what this building
is like if you look at the the political assassination attempts or violence in
the last 10 years the ones we can all think of they’re in the news one was a
baseball field one was out in a road one was in a grocery store parking lot
the Kennedy assassinations weren’t in legislative building the FLQ kidnappings
were on people’s front lawns I mean if someone who is crazy enough to want to
hurt you councillor Crawford you can put tanks
around this building you’re a public person you’ve chosen a public line of
work increasing security in this building does not protect you it affects
me again again as councillor Thompson said this this is not about the what
because I agree that we want to put up a plastic barrier that will that helps so
I’m not getting into the the what and the house yeah but I mean would it
surprise you and I’ve sat in that chair where I have had to in two occasions
feel very unsafe and had to have security come and deal with an incident
that put me and the people around me in jeopardy the only reason I knew about
that is because I was sitting in that chair and I could view everybody because
that would be my role you guys have a button you can press to call security we
do but again alls I’m suggestion is that putting us on our side and I’ll put
myself more in a chair because that tends and that’s what the mayor’s role
is is to assess everything we need to ensure safety of everybody in the room
yeah and whether I mean what that is and how we do that I have no idea yet I
think we have to recognize that there always needs to be some sort of form of
security and I don’t know what it could be me somebody check them before they
come in but that does and has happened in this building in the past thanks any
other members have questions of the deputy well not note mr. Maslin well
thank you very much for for sharing your thoughts with us appreciate it
thank you next we have Miroslav glavish please
you have three minutes today we thank you for coming okay I’m gonna
bring cookies for David Nelson for next month faint if you want I partially
agree with the with some security measures I disagree with the what’s it
called the wall I think metal detectors and it’s called the x-ray machines back
security and policemen they’re in when they were outside many times they have
asked me to check me back I open it I have nothing and when this agenda item
this being a came out there’s been articles and the Toronto Star Toronto
Sun and councillor Janice mentioned that somebody showed him a switchblade what’s
to stop somebody coming here with a knife you know this doesn’t there’s
nothing many other city halls and have metal detectors I was a problem in Hill
two days before that that incident occurred when I go to see my member of
Member of Parliament I’m going to go to a security system it takes less than
four there are some five minutes now one of the problem one of the problems if we
put a metal detector and x-ray machine downstairs you know in the front there’s
the second entrance to the building for the cafeteria and there’s that one in
the back and the I kept apples on the side this could be a lot more expensive
or you know put as a metal detector son x-ray machine within those ones that
they have there the airport there has been being a some
crazy times especially during the previous May mayor with some aggressive
people but you know what what might be people people people I have you know I
have my my keychain right right here have never been stopped I think you’re
speaking a curb wrap this around any of you occupy but I want you know and I’m
sure Isis is going to send a threat but when there’s more people there’s barely
any P in any people and there’s gonna be more sure if these threats that’s gonna
be more threats towards the mayor then let’s say with all the respect to cancer
the Georgia because all all these wackos crazy people terrorists out there they
want to make they want to make a scene and injuring the mayor versus cancer the
Georgia he gets more brownie points or whatever you know he’s more important
than you know I’m not saying anything better but you know but you you were a
police officer you know how not every sir a threat he’s gonna be made made
public that you guys get I am sure Rob Ford when he was the mayor he must have
received a lot of threats to it during those years you know and I worries and
doesn’t some of the some people there are some people who are very aggressive
that come in the building I don’t know what the hell they could bring something
and there’s nothing stopping them you know we will thank you very much on that
note and see if there any questions for you
any questions for mr. glavish thank you very much appreciate your deputation mr.
Riley Petersen Riley Petersen budget lead Toronto Youth cabinet I’m sorry
it’s miss Riley Peters alright okay hello members of the executive committee
thank you for your time today my name is Riley and I’m the budget lead
of the Toronto youth cabinet the city’s official youth advisory body I’m here
today to express our concerns over the proposed in hey
security measures at Toronto City Hall one thing we take pride in at the
Toronto youth cabinet is that we bring young people from across the city
together to meet here in City Hall for many of them this is their first time
ever visiting the building and for even more of them they don’t think that
institutions like the city airspace is meant for them much less open to them
enhanced security measures could discourage youth from entering a space
that is already unfamiliar and intimidating for most people this call
for enhanced security measures comes at a time when there’s so many Torontonians
struggling to get by and are dealing with long wait lists for things like
social housing and recreation programs I would like to echo what Tim McGuire
president of cUPE Local 79 said in a Toronto Star article earlier this week
the 774 thousand dollars a year plus the five hundred thousand dollars in
one-time capital costs would be far better spent increasing the number of
subsidized recreation spots for low-income Torontonians who are facing a
huge waiting list while we understand that the necessity of keeping everyone
here the councillors city staff and volunteers safe we hope that moving
forward in this decision we do not lose the openness and transparency that makes
city halls so fantastic in the first place thank you thanks very much mr.
Peterson the questions of the deputy seeing none I will thank you very much
for being here appreciate it nevel Park please hello
you have three minutes thank you for coming alright so several years ago oh I
should probably introduce myself but honestly if you don’t already know who I
am then you probably have no reason to take what I say seriously so several
years ago David Simon the creator of The Wire said the day I run into a
Huffington Post reporter at a Baltimore Zoning Board hearing is a day Oh No
or be worried about journalism well thanks to the openness of City Hall
anyone with a phone or laptop can be a City Hall reporter and we do go to
boring board and committee meetings I went to committee of adjustment once I
learned about a Darth Vader house many of us peanut gallery members have gone
on to become editors reporters colonists writers professors etc many many don’t
because every day there’s less and less of a future and traditional journalism
you might have heard yesterday about the dozens of local and free papers that
were that were closed in a post mediate or star deal including Metro Ottawa
maybe maybe you also know about the dismal news from diversity stats that
show that a great many people can’t get their foot in the door because well it’s
a positive feedback loop because the people there don’t look like them so
when you put up barriers before members of the public you are shutting out
tomorrow’s journalists you’re also shutting out tomorrow’s politicians and
scholars and activists by all means make Nathan Phillips Square safer from eye
attacks like they like the vehicular terrorist attacks the that we’ve that
we’ve seen around the world recently but metal detectors corralling the public
away at committee meetings instead of say having eight having this meeting in
a bigger room lake council chambers keeping up those hideous eight metal
fences at the front doors rather a rather than just like blocking them if
you must why not just leave them all open I having more armed security this
is this is just a pretext for intimidating racially profiling and
keeping out the people who hold you accountable that’s all any questions
okay LJ’s I’m sorry I was speaking with the clerk for moment yes
have you finished your deputation thank you very much sorry I was distracted
momentarily questions of the deputy thank you very much um Derrick Moran
please you know the rule sir
three minutes thank you I just want to say by me speaking at this meeting this
shall not be deemed to be in any way my consent expressed or implied in doing so
it’s fraud god bless or Majesty the Queen and long live Her Majesty the
Queen so Miguel Merritt orient Lee at lunch told me he hadn’t heard Desmond
Cole’s comments on his radio show this past Sunday so what I told Miguel was he
said that these measures were meant to be an increased buffer zone between us
and you people meant to discourage interaction dialogue and answering
questions of our public servants so of course now I’ve got some Supreme Court
case law to read to you about this so this is from committee for the
Commonwealth of Canada versus Canada 1991 Supreme Court of Canada said that
in my view the methodology set out and Irwin toy dictates the test for
constitutional protection of expression on a particular state-owned property the
test for whether to be applies to protect expression in a particular forum
depends on the class into which the restriction at issue Falls if the
government’s purpose is to restrict the content of expression through limiting
the forums in which it can be made then this is Cox says is usually
impermissible the result under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
is that section 2b applies if on the other hand the restriction is
content-neutral it may well not infringe the freedom of
expression at all in this case the jurisprudence laid down an urban toy
requires that the claimant established that the expression in question
including its time place and manner promote one of the purposes underlying
the guarantee of free expression these were defined in Irwin toy as one the
seeking and obtaining of truth to participation and social and political
making and three the encouragement of diversity and forms of individual self
fulfillment and human flourishing by cultivating a tolerant welcoming
environment for the conveyance and reception of ideas only if the claimant
can establish a link between the use of the form in question for public
expression and at least one of these purposes is the claimant entitled to the
protection of section 2b of the Charter now I just want to end off by telling
you merit or to take notice that this is from your own code of conduct that you
came up with before you ran while you’re running for mayor making City Hall more
functional means making sure Council is accountable and working for you every
single day Toronto’s elected officials work and
answer to you not the other way around to code pledges to run an open
government emphasizing the basic democratic requirement for having
elected officials answer questions publicly I will introduce real penalties
for elected officials and public servants who abuse the privileges
responsibilities and trust that accompany public service we work for
Torontonians not the other way around Tory’s code of conduct also addresses
that length is commitment to use City Hall as a vehicle for progress and
positive change not a congested fortress which is what this these measures are
basically going to eventually turn this place into thanks very much for the
deputation are there questions of mr. Moran uh take notice that the crown is
the surety for mr. Derrick brand the person I have had their questions for
Derrick grant okay here we mat all thank you very much for being here as always
Tim Maguire welcome as always thank you for the opportunity to speak before you
first I’ll read out a short as sometime will read out the recommendations and
we’ll talk about some of the background one is that the executive committee
reject we recommend we recommend the executive committee reject the report
and vote against the staff recommendations and to the executive
committee and council redirect the proposed 774 thousand dollars up
operating funds for security staff for security staff to much-needed city
services specifically the creation of 20,000 new spaces and community
recreation programs as mr. Medlin and others before you indicated this is a
beautiful place because of the access in the openness and transparency municipal
government in Canada has a proud tradition proud proudly recognition
recognition of being the most accessible level of government in Canada and
Toronto City Hall is not just a government building it’s a community hub
where activities weddings cultural events celebrations demonstrations
visitors and much more being part of the daily life of one of the Toronto’s most
historical sites the security recommendations before you are alarming
on many levels one unknown information I know you’re gonna have a private meeting
afterwards but it’s hard to assess whether there are appropriate security
measures and being taken if we don’t know what those security threats are the
installation of physical barriers and delineation of public and reserve spaces
will create obstacles to individuals with physical disabilities and those
with mobility devices and again the openness and transparency of City Hall
should be championed because it allows community groups and others to speak to
councillors about city policies and reaffirms the city’s goals of inclusion
and accessibility the report states that permanent security measures are needed
due to the Canada wide threat elevation from October 17th to 2014 from low to
medium but there’s been no indication of actual number or nature of security
threats made against City Hall that would necessitate permanent security
installation installation of permanent security measures patient screening
recommendations will have a significant impact on members of marginalized groups
through additional policing of individuals who may already be heavily
policed the groups that the report cites security employees as an area of prime
importance yet Local 79 here has not heard of concerns from the unions
thousands of members that either work here or come here for meetings
I’ve checked with our full-time health and safety representatives who have not
been contacted by our Health and Safety Committee in this building about any
threats that have been security issues that have been raised in the incidents
and as I indicated to the media the joint Occupational Health and Safety
Committee is the legal place the place where the city has a legal
responsibility to discuss the potential safety issues with our empower members
your employees that work in this building and elsewhere and from our
understanding that has not happened this this report has not been reviewed from
our understanding they’ve been no recommendations discussed with the
committee in this building in order to make recommendations to make this place
safer if there are threats that need to be responded I’ll have to ask you to
conclude on that note unless you had two more words to say but if you’re well
whatever the threats are it needs to be dealt with parallel to what those
threats are the Health and Safety Committee now needs to be consulted from
our perspective that’s your legal obligation and secondly that whatever
the threats are has to be balanced with maintaining the openness and
transparency of this place that’s what has made it a great place to come and
make deputation at an impact on on city policy if you don’t have that that
interaction and you don’t have a good policy thank you mister are there no
they had questions and mr. councillor perks was first thank you very much Tim
I want to make sure I’ve understood this so you’ve checked with the shop stewards
and the occupational health and safety committee for the employees that you
represent in this building and ones who come to this building and they have not
they have not told you that they feel unsafe working here I’ve had the our
health first full time health and safety people that work out of our office
contact this committee and we’ve not heard back with any security rest set of
the nor’easter okay thank you secondly I want to I want to understand
so you’re asserting that if the corporation of the City of Toronto
believes that there is a safety risk for its employees the City of Toronto is
contractually bound to raise that with you directly through the joint
occupational safety committee I believe it’s legally legislatively bound and
actually bound because that language is incorporated into her collective
agreement but back to your first point when I did check with our Occupational
Health and Safety Committee they talked about threats threats of violence in
other workplaces and we’ve not seen the same response I was threatened with my
life as a caseworker a few times one time with a sledgehammer those things
happen when people do make decisions out there and be in legislative decisions
other decisions they don’t see the same kind of same kind of threats and in fact
in in test offices now the partitions have come down over the past number
number of years not up this was 15 years ago this happened to me
unfortunately the men did not come back twice he came back once to get a check
that was prepared the appropriate policies were followed in terms of
making sure that I was safe but he didn’t come back with a sledge hammer
that he was wandering around the streets with so the same response if it’s not
accorded to when our members employees of the city run into troubles potential
threats in other workplaces this seems over the top response to some unknown
threat thank you extra perks counsel a CEO did you have questions and then the
council gave us Thank You mr. mayor is a couple questions and it’s my well how do
you feel about the the communication measures or to have to protect the the
main square with some sort of safety how do you feel about that sir I didn’t
within the Nathan Phillips Square the main square city staff they’re
recommending some vehicle mitigation measures to to put some concrete
barriers whatever are you guys know about the measures that are have already
been taken well no there is something that’s been proposed here I don’t have
any specific thoughts in terms of the I thought in terms of the the metal
detectors and screens in this in this room etc and
over-the-top I don’t know what the security risk is but I think the people
the experts on health and safety we should be consulted in terms of what
those threats were and if they need divisors from a security standpoint then
help that have the Health and Safety Committee also apprised you in terms of
what the response might be now in terms of consulting you mentioned that the
health aesthetic community has not been consulted and you haven’t being able to
provide input on that how about the public in general well that as the
question was answered last earlier that’s what youyou were here for but I
think the other body that need you need to hear from before you make decisions
of the occupational health and safety committee that represents the employees
in this building with regards to the existing security systems that we have
within the corporation do you think that’s enough I think there should be a
risk assessment done involving the joint occupational health and safety committee
to determine whether that’s enough thank you
Thank You councillor Platt co-counselor Davis thank you very much for coming to
him I’ve run from another meeting I chair the occupational health and safety
Coordinating Committee for the city and we do have a violence in the workplace
policy correct correct and isn’t it a requirement of the policy that risk
assessments be done with the joint Health and Safety Committee in all
workplaces yes and in fact there is the joint health and safety committee for
this building it took some time to form and to get there terms of reference
confirmed but they have the responsibility for determining what
responses there should be to address violence in the workplace here is that
correct yes I think that’s from the committee and I think that’s there
because it’s legislated that it be the case right we did have one complaint
from residency from workers here on the second floor at one point that came up
through the ranks and to the Coordinating Committee as a
result of some of the commotion that swirled around our previous mayor and is
it not the case that that matter was resolved as well some about a year ago
I’m not sure of the resolution but I remember the incident where it was an
employee that felt intimidated by the mayor at that time yes so I don’t want
to go any further on this but that’s the only recollection I have of workplace
issues in this building so it would be normally a very different process for
determining risk in workplaces yes yeah okay thank you thanks counselor
Davis are there any other members not of the committee we’ve got councillor
Thompson and then counsel we’re inside I thank you very much mr. mayor through
you to mr. McGuire mr. McGuire I’ve heard your comment with respect to how
best utilize the funds that would be allocated for the security measures I’m
just wondering then are you suggesting that no security security measures are
necessary at this particular point in time are you in just second part of the
question are you suggesting what we have is adequate or sufficient I’m suggesting
we don’t know what that threat is or those threats are they haven’t been
discussed with the occupational health and safety committee in the joint and
doing an actual risk assessment so we don’t know if there are threats then
then then what are the policies in a response and I suggested that the money
go to recreation and I in I’m just gonna bring him back to my mind a letter that
I wrote you mr. mayor well over a year ago in response I was inspired by a will
mail article about the terrorist activities in Brussels the main point of
that article was to suggest the way to keep people safe fost is to deal with
inequality in communities and providing recreation programs is one measure to
provide more equality in communities and that is an
anti-violence though so the report that’s actually here in front of us are
you suggesting that the experts who have prepared this report who would and and I
agree with you we should afford an opportunity for the occupation and
health safety group to review this but are you suggesting that the information
that’s here that that group will be able to either independently provide their
own assessment of risk and war that the report that’s here you’re not taking
that seriously is that what I’m hearing because I’m conflicted what I’m hearing
from you I think you would be putting words in my mouth to suggest it’s nuts
not trying not trying to with great respect I’m not trying to what I’m
simply asking it if so there’s a report here let me just finish so maybe clarify
it a little further for you to answer to be fair that there was a report here
that gives us information in the assessment of risk has been done in
terms of how I read this report do you read it the same way at all I don’t
think the report tells us anything about what the risk is you will know you will
know later today what that risk is no one else knows okay thank you thank you
ex-con sir thompson counselor Burnside yeah thank you
through you or to mr. McGuire are you suggesting that there shouldn’t
be barriers to the public I’m suggesting there are barriers now some I’m
suggesting that if there are increased barriers according to the actual risk
that’s there we have to maintain as much as possible the openness and
transparency of this place to ensure the constable you concede that there need to
be that on some level we there are barriers to the public and you don’t
have a problem with that I’m suggesting that if they that increasing them no no
I just want it sorry I’m not asked I’m but increasing and sorry for
interrupting only cuz I have three minutes it sounds like not talk abouting
interrupting it it’s not about increasing I’m saying there are barriers
currently to the public are you satisfied with that fact as they are now
yes okay so you have more historical knowledge than I do but were there
what sort of threats were there to any above the second floor because as you
know you can’t get into this you can’t get above the second floor in this
building without a past you can’t get onto any of the floors are you asking me
if I’m aware of threats above the second floor right because there are all these
security measures we have above the second floor I can’t even get up there
and I’m just wondering what measures because that’s a barrier to the public
with to our city staff and I’m just trying to understand what threats there
were that led to the city going down that road you have a lot more noise made
but but there’s public access right to the top floor you can’t get on to the
floor no can’t get on the floor okay but you
can’t get on to the floor to speak to city staff so I’m wondering what that
threat was cuz obviously there must have been threats I don’t know okay okay
thanks my next question thank you are you
suggesting that we only react after something occurs or you just want to
know the information the the threat assessment
you just want access to that I want those that have responsibility under law
the joint occupational health and safety committee to have have knowledge of what
those threats are so they can be part of reviewing what those threats are and
determining whether there’s a need for for further measures or not would you
can would you concede that most attacks that have occurred whether they’re you
know sort of Isis related attacks or attacks on churches and in Texas they
were just sort of unexpected that no one actually there was no prior knowledge by
any one of the and they’re actually there being 13 attacks that have been
thwarted in New York City where nobody had any idea these where these people
were coming from so what my suggestion is we don’t know what we don’t know
would you concede that there’s an element of that are you asking me to
delve into the question of terrorist attacks and gun violence in the United
States well no that’s not what I asked I’ve what I was asking you the question
again which you concede that we don’t know what we don’t know half most of
these attacks we don’t know where they’re coming from but you can see that
it will build the iron wall that the previous speaker talked about
thank you thanks counselor any other questions of this deputy
well mr. wire well thank you very much for your answers and for your deputation
and we will go to Miguel Vida Velarde thank you again for / – nity to address
this committee all these ridiculous comment to raise walls and barriers to
citizens of Toronto I’ve been coming readily for seven years almost to the
City Hall I love my city I love my city hall and I disagree with the
recommendations made here however in the and and the issue of raising above the
borders to avoid any potential trucks coming in or a car driving into the
pallet that could be a acceptable solution in my mind but before we do
that we have to sanitize was currently happening at the police board meetings
does anybody here at this committee knows what’s happening at the police
board meetings well if you’re not aware we have to be a screen we have to get a
screen out so in other words we have to empty our pockets be a screen without
our consent it is only because chief Sanders put up a tweet about someone
coming into a police headquarters screaming for someone who has you know
emotional disturbance that’s the only reason why police encourage right now is
a fortress and many of us deputies have been selectively target I say that word
because the on Renee was tackled down by a police officer is that police office
is currently not and under suspension my friend Desmond call has also been
arrested for the peering my friend Chris Lang field has been given one year of to
be better for coming back to the Police Services Board appealed in that’s a
shame it is a really a shame who is gonna be next me direct Moran
or anybody else so please don’t push the panic button here this is a really this
is not acceptable you know what I will I will advise you that the money that
you’re recommended to waste is to give it to the original Affairs Committee
because if you see recommendation to from the Virgin Affairs Committee says
that we don’t have the money to build this office so if you’re going to waste
1.2 million dollars please don’t watch do not give it to
them to the oriole affairs committee so they can have money to hire First Nation
people and have this office operating this coming year instead of waiting
that’s all I had to say and please fix what’s going on as a tab at the police
board before you have any idea of implementing the saying strick barriers
at City Hall we don’t want to see that happening I love my city please and
don’t make it look into a police state which is not thank you very much thank
you very much Miguel any questions of the DEP unit okay thank you
Emily a Daigle please now are you gonna use the okay well
hello everybody I’m kind of scared to go after that um so I’m here at the table
that I fought very very hard for you notice I didn’t accidentally bump into
it and throw it over again this is our City Hall this is the most basic of
democracy we have in this country this is the only fully accessible part of
democracy that we have the Ontario legislature it’s really clamped down to
a point where people with disabilities can’t even watch Christian period
properly because we’re all the way up in the galleries or we can’t even see
what’s going on I remember probably can’t even invite us to come see it from
near their area kill or watch question period because guess what it’s not
accessible the biggest thing you must think about
if you’re going to bring in any cervix of these measures is this accessibility
that’s word I’m using accessibility but I’m gonna explain why I say that I’m a
very well liked and very respected person that comes here I don’t try to be
on either side of the politic political spectrum I like everyone equally I try
to work with everyone equally the security staff in this place has gotten
to know me has gotten to appreciate me as a human being as someone with a
disability with many disabilities right now in chambers I don’t sit where the
accessibility spots are because they’re always covered by staff chatting with
their counselors and you can’t hear really what’s going on and you’re on TV
and if you have the body dysmorphic issues I do I hate what I look like on
TV so I don’t like being there and you get these really bright lights and they
hurt your eyes if you put a glass around there how are we supposed to see
when we’re visually impaired in there’s glare on the class I’m gonna ask you two
questions in each and every one of you on council not one of you is in a
wheelchair not one of you that I know of is legally blind not one of you on
council its hearing-impaired enough where you have to fight for an FM unit
there’s only one working FM unit in chambers the security staffing chambers
are very special people they know what they’re doing the only way I can get
safely into City Hall without having to go through hordes of people and busted
up sidewalk and grates that aren’t built very well and having to go through
accessibility issues of Nathan Phillips Square is to go through the parking
garage the security staff downstairs are wonderful I’ll tell you this much we
already have enough problems security wise of those of us with disabilities
getting in and out of the back door where Weil trans picks up and drops off
there’s only one door they can open the door buttons no longer work and if
you’re after the time the g4s people leave your Sol if I stay for a late City
Council meeting or a late executive meeting we have issues getting in down
at the back of Weil trance so I ask you this
this guy is not falling you guys want to sit here and say excuse me mr. crusty
excuse me speaker thank you and I’ll just did you ask you to wrap up
furniture it’s great I will say this this guy is not falling don’t think ever
don’t don’t try and see ghosts whether or not and I thank you speaker for what
you do at Council and I thank our security staff and I think our sergeant
of arms but most of all I thank the public that are willing to come down
here because without their input how are you gonna govern properly thank you
thank you miss Diego are any questions of the deputy thank you very much
appreciate it Desmond Cole okay mr. Kaul you have three minutes
thank you as as has been mentioned already on September 21st of this year a
Toronto resident by the name of Dion Rene was attacked by a police officer
inside the lobby of the Toronto Police Headquarters at forty College Street
this incident happened very shortly after the Toronto Police Service
introduced new security measures inside the building some of those measures are
similar to the ones that you all are talking about this afternoon and I don’t
think that that’s a coincidence nor do I think that it’s a coincidence that Ms
Rene who is a black woman with a disability was so blatantly targeted I
think that any assessment about risk should not be oriented the way that this
one is because this assessment is really hoary nted on how all of you folks stand
to be harmed or at risk when the true risk to the public when security is
increased like this is actually to us it’s to the civilian population
you can look anywhere at this city and how we do our work you can look at TTC
fare collectors and TTC constables and look at the fact that they
disproportionately target black people indigenous people homeless people people
with mental health issues you may say that that is not the intention that you
wish for them to do when they go out and do their jobs but that is the impact
whether you want to admit it or not you can look at our community centers and
how security is used and see that the same people experience higher barriers
than others are targeted more with violence by their own security than
others you can look at places like our shopping
malls in public and see the exact same trends happening to the exact same
groups of people and of course we’ve just had a conversation that resulted in
police officers being removed from our schools in the city because again there
was some notion that there was a security risk in the schools and that
the correct way to respond to that risk was to put people with weapons and the
authority to use force where children go to school where they try to study how
many times do we have to tell you that these measures are harming vulnerable
people the larger that your security regime becomes the less that you have a
capacity to interpret and assess threats the larger that your security regime
becomes the more likely that you are to target the homeless to target the poor
the target black and indigenous people to target people with mental health
issues and disabilities even if it is not your desire and intention to do so
these are the statistics this is not really an argument that we need to be
having in 2017 and so what I would actually say is that since you’re going
to be talking next about anti racism anti black anti black racism
specifically that you acknowledge that doing these things presents a much more
direct risk to our community than what you’re doing now and then you
acknowledge that actually as the previous speakers said your goal ought
to be increasing accessibility and that when you arbitrarily decide to put more
people who come into this building into a security regime arbitrarily not
because there’s something specifically about them that you have a problem with
but when you do so arbitrarily we are the ones who are more likely to suffer
those of us who are already suffering under these security regimes thank you
thank you very much the questions of the deputy ok
seeing no no thank you very much mr. cool sorry did you have a question yes
Thompson sorry I thought you were doing visit visiting members first through you
to mr. Cole mr. Cole so I’ve heard your comment since one but
do you then think that there are no levels of securities that should be put
in place I mean beyond simply the points that you made about the different groups
who are being more to buy as a result what level of
security should be in place in order to ensure that not security for politicians
particularly what security for everyone for example coming into the building I’m
not opposed to politicians having security of course I think that you all
need to be safe and I don’t dispute that there are risks to you in doing this
work but I think we need balance so I think that if you look at what we’re
doing now I’ve read the recommending of the the background err and the
background er for why this is happening talks about the threat level the
national terror threat level being raised three years ago and it
acknowledges that there is no specific threat to this building or to the people
who work here that has prompted these new proposals that it’s just a kind of
general fear in the country of Canada that’s been ongoing for three years and
that since we don’t know when that threat will come back down we should
just increasingly militarized this space I would ask you what kind of security
you councilor Thompson and others feel that you need that you don’t have right
now unfortunately I get to ask you the
question yeah yeah no no I don’t want you to answer no I would simply respond
to your question by saying we can have that conversation on a specific basis
and not on the Canada wide general unspecific threat basis that we’re doing
right now right now in your comments and it not part of the Scared way you talk a
little bit about police and security in general what are your thoughts with
respect to why this is a becoming more of a condition which is that those
individuals in those groups that you’ve identified seem to be much more at risk
with respect to security apparatus to protect people I think it goes back to
the reason we have security forces in this country to begin with black and
indigenous and poor and other racialized disabled people people with mental
health issues we have always had to fight in order to be part of the
conversation and our desire to participate has been perceived as if we
are aggressors as if we’re here to hurt you
because we just want to participate that’s why I was arrested in July
councillor Thompson and folks who are in this room watched me get arrested for
speaking like I’m speaking to you right now perhaps they felt I was speaking out
of turn and that’s fine but telling the state that it has the right to put its
hands on me because you believe I’m speaking out of turn I’m a black man who
is it gonna impact we know this and we’ve seen it over and over so it has to
do with historical interpretations of us wanting to be included as being violent
and then that justifies violence against us which is very unfortunate thank you
thank you Miss America any other members of the committee wishing to ask mr.
Quayle questions could I just ask one mr. Cole which is with regard to the
square outside yeah I mean we’re operating under this artifice where this
report that everybody seems to have read it’s confidential and we as a committee
just so everybody knows we don’t have the authority here at this committee to
make it public only the City Council can do that but you’ve read it and you’ve
read what it said about the square do you distinguish between the square and
the large crowds that can gather up there like today in other days and the
building in terms of the measures that could be taken I do I I think that there
is a difference for example from saying that because somebody for example could
even unintentionally crash a vehicle through an area of the square where
people are gathered that that kind of increased security is necessary I would
simply just that again though that if you’re not taking into account how that
will affect accessibility if you’re not accident asking people who act to access
this building in different ways how that will have impact them before they’re you
do it I don’t agree my problem is is what was said before is
that it is this idea that individuals for no real reason they haven’t done
anything they don’t really pose any threat are being suspected that they may
and then being then subject to whatever security measures you folks team are
necessary that’s always going to impact certain groups of people more so it’s
that specificity it’s not just protecting a general
crowd outside in the square it’s when you start saying every person who comes
in here is a potential threat that I really do have a problem I trust one
final question you should also be supportive then given that we have these
reports now they’ve been written by security people that you’d be supportive
of the notion of us asking the public in a broader way than even here today to
ask for their views on all of this as we decide how we how we can best deal with
these reports I would love for you to ask the public mayor Tory but because
I’ve seen how these conversations progress usually I would like you to do
something that’s not done in the city usually and I would like this executive
committee and this council at large to start doing something when you do these
kinds of things and have this kind of discussion which is to prioritize the
voices of those who are marginalized by your security regime to say that they
actually have more of a stake in this than the average person and that their
voices deserve more wait we just went through a process of talking about
security in our schools where we had conversations where essentially a person
who is in a rich white neighborhood that does not have a police officer in their
children’s school that their opinion is weighted equally to somebody in Jane and
Finch who can’t even walk around their own community let alone their school
without feeling like they’re being policed and without in fact the
statistics showing that they are over policed and so asking the public is a
good thing but you have to acknowledge that some people here have more of a
stake than others there will be councilors in this
building who will find ways and public officials in this building and I’m not
saying this to hate on you guys I’m talking about what’s real if you guys
want people to come into this building and not have to go through those
security you guys have power you will figure out ways to do that
other people who have influence in this building if they don’t want their guests
to go through that they will do you know how I got through the security regime
during the Rob Ford days I walked through the cafeteria because when
you’re going into this building and to engage in capitalism no one cares if you
have a weapon on you or not suddenly but you see that’s all I’m saying is that I
have to do that to keep myself safe and again
into this building to talk to y’all but I shouldn’t have to you need to
acknowledge that for me this conversation carries more weight than it
might for the average member of this council who is middle-aged white
upper-middle class and doesn’t have these barriers so please do have a
public conversation but please weight it accordingly to how we are experiencing
our public space Thank You mr. coin that brings us to the end of the deputy any
other questions the deputy I don’t think so that brings us to the end of the
deputations so we would now move to now we I’m sorry it was do did you have a
question for mr. Cole okay the question arises we can have questions of staff to
the extent that those don’t trespass on the cross a confidential report or we
can move in camera and I’m willing to entertain motion or not with respect to
what we do in that regard I think probably in order to allow for proper
questioning that respects the confidentiality of the report we should
go in-camera but if people don’t wish to do that then I don’t doesn’t matter to
me by me we’re okay all right then unless I
see a sense the expense of the room is so that we you you want to move to go on
camera all right then we’ll show the motion that goes with that and the
motion you can see there the executive committee recess it’s public session to
meet in closed session as the item relates to the security of property of
the municipality or local board and so I would then just call the question on
this emotion all those in favor we’re taking a vote here so people don’t seem
to be paying as close attention as they like the motions all those in favor okay
opposed I think they better have to do this properly because I just can’t I
think it looks really close and I don’t want to make a mistake on this so let’s
that’s all those in favor please put your hands up strongly opposed okay it’s
carried we’ll have to take a couple of minutes break while we while we have
you okay I just wanted the emotion that I’m
okay ladies and gentlemen the executive committee has completed its closed
session and so we will now resume and I will ask first of all if there are any
public questions of staff we have some people who I guess we’re not introduced
in the in the public session so perhaps you could just introduce yourself selves
in the public session so people will know who you are
my name is Donald Campbell I’m a staff superintendent the Toronto Police
Service in charge of public safety operations a nickel I’m the director of
corporate security at the City of Toronto thank you and are there any
members of the council visiting here the committee that wish to
ask public questions councillor Nancy Anna it just trying to why we’re here
with this report the decision history that you have in the report government
management motion that was moved in 2009 and then as well as in April 2011 counts
the protection of city property so what I don’t have the copy of them reported
that motion that was passed that government management but exactly what
was the recommendation on that report or that item that came forward government
management through mr. chair there was a number of recommendations in there the
first report was really key strategic things and statements like you know
there needs to be a separation of public and private a visible separation of
public and private space the next right the next document was the
recommendations that flowed out of that that’s when the visitor control on the
second floor the the sign in pieces were implemented and there was some other
other measures that confidential that were implemented and
some that were public okay so those were the two reports that
came through government management and then now this is your supplement report
on that we on that original request I certainly would not call this a
supplementary report through mr. chair you know this is a result of independent
assessments done by the Toronto Police Service in Public Safety Canada on the
vulnerabilities and on their recommendations again did very different
time from 2009 to to 2017 now okay Thank You councillor Sierra other
members of council first that have public questions to ask of our two
officials okay are there any members of the
committee councillor Thompson thank you very much mr. mayor through you and so
I’m gonna ask this question first because I found it interesting through
you mr. mayor to mr. Nichols mr. McGuire spoke earlier on and he and he indicated
that I guess that’s the impression I got from him maybe he may have said
something different or viewed it differently but the impression I got
from him but there is no consultation with the occupation and Health Safety
Committee in the process of putting together this report or that when the
report was received by the two parties Public Safety Canada and the police that
there was no consultation with is that correct
it’s your mr. chair what I believe what was said was that that he was not aware
of Local 79 had didn’t have any security concerns and that the report wasn’t
shared with them what I can advise is that on that least eight occasions I’m
sorry I can’t hear you it’s just a little annoys in the back sorry
counselor on at least eight occasions security has been a topic at the joint
Health and Safety Committee eight times in the last two years talking about
everything from lockdown to active attacker situations in fact a letter I
received from the chair the the co-chairs in that committee is titled
security current concerns at Toronto City Hall and starts with the committee
has had several discussions regarding security and safety procedures at
Toronto City Hall in light of recent international terrorism incidents and
the fact that Toronto City Hall is an iconic building in sida municipal
government and that it goes on to raise questions about the lack of security
measures barriers and screening on the main floor City Hall it has certainly
been a topic at those committees our supervisors of security sits on the
committee with this particular report this particular port was not shared with
the committee yet in my view this is really a decision that has to be made by
council there are the owners of this risk and need to make that decision and
you’re bringing that forward for us to as you say make that decision but
Council can determine who its forwards this report to for further review and to
be brought back and with additional information is that correct I it’s you
mr. chair I think the very important piece in this is if the recommendations
were approved there will be ample consultation back with the joint Health
and Safety Committee with our city employees and with members of the public
to make sure we get this right right and we are sorry we we are not talking about
you know going through a courthouse or airport evasive style we are talking
about a very different more customer service from the experience if that was
to occur okay and just to the police there even spare one final question
assessing the risk this is something that you do on a regular basis not just
for City Hall but you do this for the city as a whole and I gather other
organizations as well would that be correct yes counselor so this is
something you do naturally you do normally
okay you’re the experts you’re relied upon for that information thanks
we called an expert you are I consider you mr. Campbell in Appendix
so thank you thank you miss katsu Thompson other public questions
obviously we’re in public session of the two officials who we have here
okay well then on that basis I’ll call for speakers and I’m going to in this
case to speak first is I have a motion to put could I ask the motion be put up
on the screen is it ready I’m sorry did you want to speak I apologize
no I’m not excited I actually wanted to speak first because I’m putting a motion
that I think might help to help with the debate but you’re more than I fully
understand and I I have made exception I’ve made exceptions before but you go
ahead and speak is the motion ready okay so we’ll put the motion up on the screen
if we can and I’ll just say to my colleagues let me just start the clock
here that I I want to make one thing clear and I think I would speak for most
of us in saying this has not is not about and has never been about
politicians it is I think our principal concern all the way through has been
about in looking at these reports and having a discussion has been about the
staff who work here and about the visitors to the building but it’s
nonetheless a delicate discussion for a number of reasons and one that I think
we have approached and we’ll continue to approach because of course is whatever
we do here goes on to counsel with a great deal of care and caution and I
think that I certainly place a premium on on public input into this because
while it is about people in part who work here and visit here this is the
public’s building and it is one that is seen by them as their building and more
importantly than that I think our level of government or our order of government
is seen as the most accessible and our building is seen as the most accessible
and I think we want to protect that while at the same time making sure
people who work here all people who work here and people who visit here are safe
and that’s our responsibility to ensure as well and so the motion here it says
that the mitigation measures for vehicles should be approved and
recommends that to City Council but it goes on with respect to the committee
rooms and the council chamber of committee rooms item 2 recommendation or
two of the amendment number three a same for the council
chambers to say that those should be the subject of further work by our officials
so that they might find options other options for enhanced physical
delineation that are different than the ones that are put forward that have been
the subject of some public discussion email the documents confidential
recommendation or part for talks about asking for in public input and that
public input is to include the public city employees and to report back to
City Council on the broader issue of what’s called here patron screening
which again well the purport hasn’t been made public
as people have speculated on or written up what it is and then finally it it
authorizes the deputy city manager internal corporate services to ingest
enactments to the enhanced security level based on changes to the domestic
terrorism threat level which would be an external event that would happen that
happens at the federal level based on advice from law enforcement or otherwise
a change in the Terrorism I will also add to colleagues that I would be moving
a motion at the City Council to make the majority if not all of this material
public when I say that I just want to make sure we’re careful and looking at
it to make sure and just saying it should be made public I certainly would
think most if not all of it can be made public but I want to make sure we take
some advice between now and Council and so I’ll indicate I would be moving such
a motion at that time so people can see the reports we had and what they said so
I just think that this is a prudent and appropriate and careful way to handle
this that we can move forward on something where I think there’s a broad
consensus that we can address in two three and four some real concerns that a
number of people have both inside and outside the committee about those
measures and that we can get that input which i think is very very important and
then make this material hopefully public at council which is the only place that
can be done so people can see what we’re dealing with here so those are my
comments and now I’m happy to take a speaker’s list with that motion in front
of you and and so that members part councillor for questions of the mover
sure all right be first with that there aren’t any
pardon me of course just them were you looking at any sort of timeline for this
I won say I didn’t put a date in but I was looking at much sooner than later
because I think again the more this kind of sits out there but you want to have a
reasonable period of time to get the public input and to ask the staff to
consider other measures for the council chamber and the committee rooms other
than those that were recommended so I’m happy to sort of take a friendly
amendment to to put a date on it I could maybe get we can find out how long the
south thinking the our friends from the security places how long that might take
I’d like it to be quite soon though if we can we’ll get some advice on that
there other questions of the mover yes – councillor Thompson Council thank you
much Muir through you number four you talk about to survey
members of the public could you help us to understand what the form of the
service would be it would be on line what methods will be used to do the
survey I guess in my case certainly my intention would be for it to be
something that could have as broad a reach to the public in the broadest
sense as well as our employees and I think again when you’re dealing with
thousands of employees who frankly are not all in this building because I think
all the employees have the right to have a comment on this if they wish and
members of the public that it’s probably most practical to use some kind of
online you know methodology as the principal means of reaching out to a
very broad cross-section or brought the brought the broadest of availability of
the public and the employees and anybody else who wants to comment right and my
assumption would be that most people will not want to read the depth of the
report would there then be maybe a summary or an executive this is where
the dots fit together I’m hopeful that if most of this material is made public
we can then talk as frankly as we’ve ended up kind of doing in here where it
was written up in the newspaper and so on and say what they’re talking about is
you know bonding people at the door if that was a proposal or something else
and asked people for their thoughts on that and
not so much on the specifics yes or no but what do you think generally so that
that’s my own intention behind Apple thank you other questions of the mover
counselor flat CEO Thank You mr. mayor through you and it’s your intention with
this motion overall to adopt recommendation number one and then the
rest to send it back city staff for more consultation with the public is that yes
now I’ll determine how well I’ve captured the the consensus of this
committee and of course it has to go through the council but I sensed that
even listening to our deputes today there was a fairly broad consensus in
favor of taking the measures that don’t really interfere with accessibility but
do protect the the square in terms of large crowds and some of the kinds of
incidents we’ve seen elsewhere and so my sense was people seem more comfortable
with that and that the other ones there was a level of discomfort or a level of
anxiety it’s whether those were the right things to do the best things to do
and that we should get further input and get at both expert input if I can call
it that but also get further public input on those things so that we can
make sure we’re what we’re doing is responsible and consistent with the
public interest thank mr. mayor we regard two recommendations number three
and four is to review the options and to infer city stuff to reproduction cancer
now is which we I mean able to carry friendly amendment amendment in terms of
the time when yes I think somebody was just getting some advice about how long
both groups thought it would take both the public input part and the work to be
done by the officials about other forms of of physical delineation between staff
space council space and public space you know to the extent that’s necessary and
so if I get that information back we’ll maybe put a date in and hopefully it’d
be one you could be happy with but I just haven’t had that information back
yet I think he wasn’t asking over there so thank you any other questions of
myself as the mover all right then that brings us to other speakers and we had
councillor perks first councillor Cressy councillor Carol so those will be our
first three thank you and I I do appreciate your motion I went
when it arrives at Council I’ll certainly be supporting that direction I
don’t want to make light of the issues that are here public officials elected
and not do do face risks in I in all candidates to beating debate I sat
beside a guy who told me had a knife in his boot and he was gonna gut me like a
fish I have experienced I I do my community meetings in the basement of
the Parkdale library and I’ve had to push the panic button
I’ve had people threaten me attempt to follow me home to figure out where I
live and I’m I’m a person of considerable privilege members of
council who are not white men probably experienced verbal violence and threats
much more than I do in fact I know that to be the case so this is something that
we can’t take lightly but we have to think about what actually is the path
out of that risk out of that fear out of that violence the path is not to build a
fortress here I don’t know if many of you have been to Queens Park or the
House of Commons lately you can’t get into those buildings unless you’re
invited by a member of the government or the opposition you can’t get in unless
you’re invited in simply can’t get in the building
and making a written arrangement to give a speech there is by invitation only to
make a deputation so I believe that the path out of the ever
spiraling language and posture of violence in our society lies not in
building smaller and smaller and smaller spaces for government and less and less
access but rather as you will learn anywhere else in life by making yourself
more and more and more accessible that’s where we build strong bonds of community
that’s where we denormalized violent behavior
that’s where we make spaces truly safe if we can set an example in this
building of civilized dialogue and I know that I’m not always perfect at it
but if we can do better at that if we I can sit I 2 I 3 feet away from someone
who believes something that is very different from what any of us on council
are going to articulate and listen to them if I can make a space so that
person knows they are being heard we actually do the thing that we ask of our
police service all the time we begin to de-escalate the City of Toronto it is
crucial that we not become a community that reacts to the increasingly violent
language and rhetoric of the neo-nazis and others who are out there by walling
ourselves off and walling the public out of this space it’s crucial instead that
we demonstrate that in a civilized democracy everyone is welcome all the
time and that’s why I appreciate what the mayor’s done today and I encourage
you all this supporting thanks councillor perks councillor cressie
well thank you mr. Maron I I would begin by thanking our security staff for the
work they do often till now and yousuf our senior security coordinator in
particular I think that’s a an immense job I’ve struggled on this one as the
report came forward the confidential report which Thank You mr. mayor will be
made public with Council’s support and I’ve struggled to determine for myself
what the right balance is between safety and openness and and not for me
as a member of Council but rather for those for whom we are responsible and
those for whom we are responsible or are the staff who work here and the members
of the public who visit here whether you’re dropping your kids off of
childcare you’re visiting the library or you’re coming to a wedding and it does
strike me though in thinking about for whom were responsible that no amount of
safety improvements would make this building impenetrable
unless we were to become Fort Knox and nobody wants city hall to become Fort
Knox and so therefore the question for me is what is the what level of risk are
we comfortable with for those for whom we’re responsible and on that basis
based on what I’ve heard in confidence I are on the side of openness are there
some improvements that can be made absolutely I think and it’s in the
motion that mayor you’ve moved appropriately designed barriers as
simple as benches that that can be used to prevent vehicles coming into the
square I mean for goodness sakes we put bollards up to protect cyclists I mean
this could also be seen as a vision zero measured and so you know frankly that to
me is a non-starter and and there may be some others but going much further to me
risks the openness of this building and the openness of municipal government
which is a place that people feel welcomed and able to come and speak I’m
painfully aware that all it takes is one bad incident to change all of that and I
recognize that when we make decisions and debate that we have to think of that
one bad incident but based on our experience to date I would rather have
security in a city that mirrors the type of open city I believe we are and ought
to be and until I improve an otherwise I err on the side of openness thank you
very much thanks councillor Cressy councillor Carroll Thank You mr. mayor
I’ll be supporting your motion as well although I suspect for different reasons
than the the speakers who came before me I’m especially pleased to support the
motion because we are going to consult the employees in the building when the
agenda hit the the public domain last week immediately I began to hear
the media comment had the TV on in my office and I thought oh I know we’re a
political body but we’re also the the directors of this corporation and so we
have to make this decision but I thought I don’t want to
decide that I don’t want to be protected if it means that without talking to
anybody else I’m deciding that nobody else gets to be protective either I
don’t know what the women on the fourth floor or the tenth floor or the
twentieth floor feel about this I don’t know whether they welcome this report or
said I don’t need this report and I just will not make this decision and if we
haven’t asked them now I know we have a structure I know we have a Health and
Safety Committee but I think if we’re honest we’ll admit that what usually
happens when you’re employed in an organization you pick the person who’s
going to be on the committee and they just go and be on the committee and
sometimes they come back to the shop and they ask everybody how they feel about
everything they talked about on the agenda last night mostly they don’t
mostly they just make decisions on behalf of their co-workers and hope
they’re getting it right this is too important
recently at police headquarters because they’re going through the same sort of
security review publics any public sector building that has some role in
emergency response must go through this from time to time and they’re going
through training right now and it doesn’t change anything beyond what’s
there now there’s the the bag check at the front door and and people are upset
about that but beyond that what’s going on right now is training that that will
over the next few years happen I dare say in any building that employs as many
as they do or as many as we do here in this building and that is what will you
do when the gunman gets off the elevator on your floor not meant to scare you
into thinking that will happen every day but what do you do and I was really
impressed with the training and I’m not always I’m not always impressed when I’m
in my role witnessing how we do training in the police sense but this was
delivered to the civilian employees and then it measured in a calm way don’t
live your life as if you’re going to be blown up every day however
know what to do the day that happens and so they did the whole run hide fight
principal training and said now that you’ve had it you’ll be surprised how it
pops back into your brain if for some random reason that happens in your
lifetime you will know the principles of the run hide fight training I’ll ask you
do you may not know we had a three minute oh no I didn’t I was watching on
TV but I wasn’t in the room today well let me just wrap it up by saying this
the consultations definitely have to happen I don’t think we want to make the
decision but I think we have to make sure that the way we impart the
information about this is fair and balanced and brief and gets as much as
much opinion as possible so that when we make the decision we are really taking
into account every individual who works in this building Thank You councillor
Carroll councillor nets yada yes just briefly and Thank You mr. mayor and I
will be supporting your emotion and I want to thank security as well on the
amazing job they do when the council chambers and I mean they didn’t they did
meet with me and briefed me and I believe that they met with all members
of council and III did say that I had the concerns you know some of the
recommendations it’s my opinion City Hall in any public space that that we
all community centers should be accessible to the public and and easy
access to City Hall I mean we’ve always been that way with and so really have
some of these some of the security measures I just think you know I would
not support so I’m glad that the mayor has moved that motion me personally I
have not been threatened I did when I was in the City of York and physically
and so but since then I haven’t and when I was elected as mayor I had
constituents one constituent a senior my name
in ward that came to me a brother and bought me a present and the present was
pepper-sprayed because of the number of threats I was getting by I never used
the pepper spray but that was handed to me as a gift in light of the threats but
since then I have not been threatened so I’m fine I feel safe thank you thanks
Council in Sierra other councillors of councillor Davis just briefly this
building does have an Occupational Health and Safety Committee and yes on a
regular basis both management and union discuss issues to ensure that all of our
health and safety policies are implemented and there is a very robust
violence in the workplace policy the City of Toronto has a good policy it
comes because the provincial Ministry of Labour labour requires that every
employer has a workplace violence policy and we’ve been working on it so yes
there are discussions every day or regularly and there were some issues
about whether or not the suggestions were being implemented and there was a
time in the previous administration where there were serious concerns about
activity on the second floor that thankfully has changed and we don’t have
the kind of I was going to use the word mayhem but maybe that is an accurate
word of people running through the hallways and stuff that was just totally
unacceptable and sometimes scary here but I will support the recommendations
the example used in the motion said ropes velvet ropes I can live with
velvet ropes but I do not want to have structures permanent structures
that are going to inhibit access to this building metal detectors screening in a
way that is I sends that message that we heard about today that our residents are
not welcome here they are welcome here I say everyday how proud I am how proud I
am that in the city of China anyone can come down here and talk to us
and register to express their views directly to their elected politicians
and I think we should be doing everything we can to continue to make
this the place where the people are heard at every single committee meeting
and where they can participate through watching and being present in the
council chambers so I look forward to what comes back because we will have
another say I presume about what will come back and at that point we can all
feel comfortable that we are keeping the doors of City Hall literally open for
the residents of Toronto X councillor Davis as you just say to
members that I got the advice back from the staff and officials that suggested
that the report could go directly to the City Council on the matters that are be
reported back on the both the public input and the other suggested changes by
March of 2018 which I think since it doesn’t have to go through here would be
probably acceptable to people certainly this to me I mean I think it’s as long
as I’d want it to go but I think that’s adequate our people generally content
out then I’ll have all of end of my motion accordingly that before we call
the question I had now do I have any other members of council visiting us not
on the committee who councillor Fletcher yes thank you very much I’ve been in
meetings in my office but watching you all on television and I do thank you
therefore that motion I think that’s very prudent and a very important one
given the nature of this discussion I just want to pick up on one thing that
was indicated and I don’t know about your public consultation but when I
heard mr. Cole speak about the type of nature of consultation and for those who
find themselves often the subject of too much attention that that is a
conversation and that consultation should be with many of those communities
and I think he gave us very good advice that there are those who are carted
there are those who are stopped there are those who are considered dangerous
in some way because of the way that they look or carry themselves their
nationality their religion their race sometimes their gender depends on where
you are and that City Hall should not be that place and I know that mr. mayor is
proud of this city and of this city hall as all of us are I’ve been associated
here since 1994 when there were no there was no security get into those offices
now there is there is still though the open committee room is the openness of
the city level of government is very important and if we really wanted to try
a high level security and build some walls and do many things maybe we should
start at a Civic Center because it might not have as much impact and test
something but I do note that that their security Brianne died it’s very hard for
me to say this but I have to note that in the last term of council there were a
great number of security breaches they were not by the public they actually
were not by the public there was almost a fistfight in the council when one of
the councillors started calling out members of the public who were there one
of the councillors was knocked down by another member of council there was
marauding through City Hall at all hours of the day and night with people that
had no security badges of any kind being led through City Hall
chambers led into the garages and it was the subject of an ombudsman report so
I’m I’m not afraid of the public here and yes we had some people sing here
today and there was a press conference out there earlier that’s the nature of
this government it’s pretty open night 2018 will be a bit rough and tumble but
I want to serve the public I was elected to do that and I will take whatever
comes with that as far as as being called names or not being liked or being
threatened in some way as long as it’s not physical
I think our security forces are much more robust now they’re on the mark now
they’re thinking now they’re able to intervene now we have extra security and
we’ve actually taken steps since 2000 and I believe 13 when the Ombudsman
wrote her report to make a role more robust Security Service which did not
exist during the last term of office mr. marathon thank you sir
other members of council before we move to the committee that wish to speak on
this okay we can then move to the committee I have Mary councillor Mary
Margaret McMahon councillor Palacio and councillor Thompson so far
councillor McMahon thank you very much mr. mayor
and I I too wish to thank security they do they do a fantastic job protecting
everyone actually all Torontonians and in the building and so I really
appreciate all your hard work and let’s endless hours and endless work
I think what’s republished for the square with the bollards is is a good
dust step mmm given what’s been going on all over the world with vehicles driving
up on to you pedestrian walkways in endangering
harming and killing pedestrians mmm so that’s a good first step I would say in
this room it’s confusing I think to newcomers who come in there are so many
doors three different doors we now I noticed we have a little sign up which I
hadn’t seen before at the side here to know where to sit because I think people
come in this fact door here and don’t realize that media isn’t in the back row
and that this is for staff and so residents are often caught sitting there
and and then sometimes embarrassed that they’re sitting there so I think that we
could do better work with that with the ropes or or signage back there at that
door so work to be done there I too like councilor perks come from an
activist background so I like the freedom that we have at City Hall for
people to come in and and state their minds and crusade for for the greater
good but I’ve also now I’m here as well and
I’ve experienced threats is I think we all have I’m repeatedly at meetings with
a man I know who was a convicted stalker I’ve I’ve received many threats but the
worst being one that someone threatened to hunt me down and find my kids so you
know it’s one thing me but when it’s your family it’s I was most disturbing
so it there are some real things out there that you know we’re concerned
about but I think what the mayor is doing is is is the right thing to do
he’s on the right track and I’m I’m very happy to support him and I thank him for
his leadership on this Thank You councillor McMahon councillor Palacio
Thank You mr. mayor the City Council is known for being an
open inaccessible place to the public well it’s a good thing to have security
measures in place it doesn’t make sense to create unreasonable access
restrictions what speaking to my grandson and he asked me if he’s going
to implement it the way it is like he said going like when I go to the airport
do I have to take my shoes off so that’s the kind of question that made me think
in other times so it’s by implementing what’s being proposed mr. mayor members
of council that’s going to send the wrong message to
public to those that we are accountable to and that’s one of the reasons mr.
mayor that I do support your recommendations because I think that’s
extremely important to go out and consult with the public I’ve been
threatened in the past as well I go to public meetings like everybody else
where we have hundreds of people that may like you or not I have gone through
community housing developments at midnight and whenever where we have
shootings stabbings and so on I don’t shake on my boots but still it’s up to
me when I run mr. mayor members of council members of the public I promise
to be accessible to my community to have my what my doors wide open to them
whenever they want to come and see me irrespectively with their Canadian
citizens for not if they voted for me or not that’s the right thing for me to do
I think that our city staff in terms of the security that we have they’re doing
a fantastic job all throughout and we should all commend them for doing that
that’s just great and there is no need to push the panic button at this point
and say hey well that would be the wrong thing to do is we often have groups and
protesters out there I recall with the acha for example all the time during
specially the budget communities that we had a meanings with during the debates
with a taxi industry with whoever and whatever else but that’s I think the
right thing for them to do as well is to come in there as know and to say listen
to what we have said before you make those decisions and I think that’s a
priority that the public have I remember the nightmare when the former mayor is
was around that was Brewin that was dangerous when we all experienced
certainly I did when there was pushing shoving there was not compassionate
it was totally brutal but no one was asking at a point to keep people outside
no one was asking to close the doors the doors were wide open to the public and
that’s democracy my friends that having a place that’s accessible to the
public and that’s what makes this place and a special place a welcoming place
and that’s the way she city hall should be thank you
Thank You counselor Plateau councillor Thompson thank you very much mr. mayor I
too want to thank the staff for the reports had been presented and of course
the Tron police and the public service Public Safety Canada for the reports I
mean I believe in open government I think every one of us do there is a
necessity to ensure that open government is also serves and protect the public
and protect the interests of individuals who are obviously going about their
business involving in terms of whether or not the meeting with counselors or
meeting with staff or whoever in fact the matter what we have is a report that
says this is not 1996 earlier we had a person came in and said in 1996 it was
all wide open etc etc this is 2017 a lot has changed in the world there are a lot
of issues with individuals and so on and I think that there is an incumbent
requirement on us to ensure that we have measures in place that helps to secure
not only the building but also the opportunity of people coming in to do
business and everyone I think we have a responsibility to do that the question
is to what degree and to what extent and of course we’ve been given a report that
says you know there is a vast array of things to be considered and the question
is to what degree we want to implement that I think your motion mr. mayor
really speaks to address that and to create more opportunities for the
broader public to comment we’ve had a few people come in here today and speak
to it but I don’t think that’s a representative representation of the
general populace and the public in Toronto they’re 2.8 million people here
we had 74 and 9 people came and spoke most of them against it and so on I do
think that you know the the measures that are in place some of them I could
support there’s some that I don’t support and I get that but there we’ll
deal with that in a different day to suggest though that to have enhance
security that creates a natural barrier to City Hall I actually don’t
agree with that because the fact of the matter is that to encourage people to
come here and and to ensure that they are safe is an appropriate thing quite
frankly because if they know they’re safe they will actually come what is
being proposed in the report and I didn’t see this this is something to
create a natural barrier to prevent the public from coming here I didn’t see
that so it’s been sort of alluded to they talk about the the you know the
glass area being raised behind City Hall I’ve had a number of members of council
complain to me saying geez you know I’m having some challenges with respect to
people leaning over talking to me I’m not sure and so the report is simply
saying let’s enhance it a bit to ensure that we minimize that not glass walls or
not real walls as people are talking about and so I think it’s a real issue
quite frankly that we need to protect the public we need to have an open
government we need to have an opportunity people to be able to come in
to be able to talk to us but at the same time we ought not to simply open all the
doors and say we have no security we need to ensure we have a balance of
interest of security and the interests of the public being able to come to City
Hall thank you Thank You councillor Thompson deputy
mayor baile Thank You mr. mayor I’m not sure how this became so much
anti-democratic and all about politicians because when I when I was
consulted by staff what I had in my mind was how do we keep City Hall safe so
people feel they can come here and exercise that their democratic rights it
was never about me I never felt unsafe in this place it’s about everything that
goes on in the world and how do we create that balance Willer people feel
welcomed into this place feel like they can continue to be participants like
we’re here today with the public and and our staff and I think that we do have
the responsibility of ensuring that for our democratic institution and we need
to make sure that there’s nobody in this that doesn’t feel like it’s not safe to
walk into this building or to come to an event in the square because of
everything that goes on in the world and that we don’t have the appropriate
measures it’s a it’s a fine line it’s we need to balance that but it needs to
come from that perspective I don’t think this is about us I don’t think any of us
was expecting it to be dividing the public because I think some of the the
deputations were right I mean we’re out there every day if anybody wants to hurt
us they’re gonna hurt us this is about all of us continuing to be able to go
about our business like we’re doing today
exercising democracy in this place and everybody feeling safe it doesn’t matter
if you work here if you’re coming to visit here if you’re coming to do
business here and I think this is the balance that we need to find with this
approach so I’m glad that the mayor is moving this motion I’m sure staff are
gonna take everything that they heard here today and come back with with
suggestions along those lines because I think we’re heading all in the same
direction Thanks deputy mayor viola are there
other members of the committee wishing to speak counts of shiner well mayor
Tory I’m a supporter of the staff recommendations and appreciate them
putting forward those recommendations times today are not what times were in
the past you go to a concert you go to a hockey
game you go to a public venue you’re subject to some security checks and
they’re there to make you and everyone else be safe in that environment so
we’re a democracy we’re a symbol of government or a symbol of freedom
we’re symbol of Canada fourth largest government in Canada we’re the symbol
that people want to disrupt they want to bring down a system that’s here that
they don’t agree with and they look for ways to do it that don’t matter
#NAME? the way some of the acts that we’ve seen
in other countries you’d never dream of here but what about the act that we had
what they wanted to blow up a train line just when that happened we’re we’re
we’re prosecuting people that wanted to blow up a train line guy think it’s
between Toronto Montreal would you ever dream of that so you have security
experts that have said these are ways to protect not necessarily ourselves but
the people that you have the responsibility for the thousands of
people that work in the building live here and come every day to this building
that’s not one of them and to put forward recommendations that would
protect them that would have some screening as you come in look at ways to
do more than just provide a blue rope as your protection and a council floor or a
security guard whose main means of enforcing anything is to have a radio
and call somebody else is what we’re talking about because the world has
changed and because of the symbol that we are we are a possible target to those
types of initiatives and I support the recommendations because I believe we
have to protect our employees I believe we have to protect the public I believe
they weren’t a measure of not allowing people into the building but of looking
at who’s coming in and trying to make sure that those that are entering the
building are not going to be able to cause a harm to the people that work
here and disrupt what we have and I take the recommendations of our security
experts and I think they weren’t big walls they weren’t glass towers behind
council chambers they weren’t locking people here behind glass walls or metal
walls and keeping them out they were recommending some simple basic
protections to make it more difficult to gain direct access to ourselves but also
to the people that work in the city here and I had no problem supporting the
staff recommendations I think that they were reasonable and they could go
forward I scouts honor Casta birthday Thank You
mr. mayor I’ve listened to many people speak from
the executive and I think there’s a little bit of a general misunderstanding
this isn’t about preventing or preventing participation or or for that
matter protest this is about outliers this is about stuff we don’t know
there’s so much like we don’t know what we don’t know is and and I think that’s
really what it’s all about – counselor by Liao’s point it’s also
about providing an environment that where people feel safe I know what I get
on an airplane I feel safer that they have metal detectors I have I feel safer
when they have other security measures knowing that everyone else is is
undergoing those same measures as a former police officer well actually let
me say I’m confused how some think that a metal detector if we’re talking about
that measure has some have would be a barrier to participation as a former
police officer I know or I certainly had never heard of anyone that didn’t want
to fight a parking ticket or fight a speeding ticket because they had to go
through a metal detector it’s just you know it’s it’s to me a
ridiculous proposition that a metal detector would somehow deter people from
coming into the chamber in terms of open government I think the most open
government is actually speaking to your counselor it’s yes we want we want yes
it’s great to go up to the council chamber and watch us speak and debate
you can’t even clap but if we really want to talk about open government then
why are our doors locked on the second floor so I agree with
counsel shiner I I think the proposals as is I’m willing to support that being
said I recognize that there is a desire to to allow the public to have a say and
I respect that as well thanks Council Burnside are there other speakers on the
committee otherwise I think we’re ready to
to deal with the emotion amending first and then and then we go from there so I
will put that back up then and it has been amended just from the first time
you sought to put in the dates is the same date March 2018 for three of the
five the free three of the five applicable paragraphs all right I’ll
call the question then all those in favor of the motion opposed carry thank
you now just to update here one thing that
we didn’t do because we were rushing out to a cheer on the are goes is vote on
the mattered we’re all carried together all heard together twenty nine point
three twenty nine point four and twenty nine point two and we we did two and so
we just didn’t do a vote on three and four so I would ask on twenty nine point
three I think we had a discussion questions were asked speeches were made
etc we just didn’t take the vote may I ask two for a motion to approve the
staff recommendations because there hadn’t been any motions on twenty nine
point three which had to do with the parkland they were the first one was on
the strategy I think yeah parkland strategy preliminary report I mean I
have a motion to approve twenty nine point three counselor Ainsley all those
in favor opposed carried twenty nine point four which is the review of the
alternative parkland dedication rate under forty two counsel McMann I was in
favor opposed to carried counselor Palacio I think you’d mentioned you had
a quick release yes I do mr. mayor is item number twenty one is treated and
user fees for BIA s I have my questions answered by my staff so I’m ready to
release that one just try 9.31 on the agenda that’s on page 31 a what he seeks
so 45 page 36 I’m 31 item 29 point 31 Street event user fees
for BIA s is there and so Oh counselor Palacio is holding matter there any
other people wishing to ask questions or make speeches otherwise I’ll just call
the question on the staff recommendations all those in favor
posed carry any other items to be released before we move on to the next
conference Lee number 32 I have an amendment 30 to
transportation services 2017 capital budget adjustments all right is it something we can put up
there you have it buys local councillors have cost overruns is this something
that people want to question in the mover okay so question as a cherub works
in transportation I would have appreciated you showing me the motion
but what what are the implications of this both time and financial because
this division is is really got a lot on their plate so I want to understand the
impacts all right well we’ve got our hold it down then because I can give a
quick answer pardon me I would like to hold it down all right well hold it down
then guys just because we’re supposed to be a quick release other other quick
releases that are genuinely quick releases councillor shiner
well Mara Tory 29.9 the Toronto Hydro Corporation review of executive
executive compensation policy the city manager when I spoke to him earlier
today said he’d have no problem if I just moved to defer that through our
next meeting when he hopes to have a response to that so I let so move to it
all right moved by Councillor boom blackouts are
shyer to defer this matter 29.9 hydro corporation review of executive
compensation to the next meeting of the executive and it’s I guess it in
December or January anyway I didn’t move it to December all right
all those in favor opposed Kerry thank you anything else
Pratt councillor Ainsley my number 15 human trafficking I have a motion on
that as well 15 sorry support and housing for human trafficking survivors
no yes twenty-nine point 15 I have a all right
then that I hope this quick anyway aren’t reiterate the request to the
federal government to establish an office
reducing the impact of people that would go in addition to the staff
recommendations we’ve asked for this before I’m just reiterating and it was
you that held this down okay to move this motion can we move the fairly
quickly on this it looks to be fairly it’s a request we’ve made before I’m
assuming California it says reiterate the request I I’m ready to call the
question on I think it looks fairly straightforward all those in favor
opposed carried on the amendment and then on the item twenty nine point one
five all those in favor and Flo’s carrying thank you other items at all
all right so what we had then next agreed to do was twenty nine point
twelve I think I’m right in saying which is the I’m sorry I’m wrong twenty nine
point eleven the Toronto action plan to confront anti-black racism and there are
deputations on that and so we’ll proceed to hear those and
so first we’ve got first deputies just so people can be
ready kami Jacobs Breanna mock Whaley and Brandon hey those are the first
three so all y’all be all together oh right yes and and you know what I do
with in instances where you’re kind enough to come up together as I give
obviously some latitude on the time I mean you could take a total of nine
minutes but if you take less and that’s good too just in the interest of
everybody’s time but thank you very much all for coming and I’ll leave it to you
to decide how you wish to speak in what order are you a with them to 12 minutes
no no we’re gonna mark you down all right please carry on and you might
want to just introduce yourself so he knows who I think I’ve met everybody but
okay I’m cami Jacobs executive director of debtor Family Resource Center thank
you neighborhood resource center in the
northwest of Toronto my colleagues will introduce themselves as they come and I
hope you appreciate the coming together because it means that there will be a
lot quicker you’ve been here quite a long time while Delta is a black light
organization it is not a black organization sorry before you I just
want it there’s a bit of hubbub in here and I want to make sure we can all hear
you so if we could ask just it’s over on this side of the room is your might and
the mic was on I was just above a bit of a buzz yep okay sorry carry on can you
hear me now yeah I’ll start the clock again okay so while Delta is a black led
organization it is not a black organization and we have chosen to be
here because it is critical that the Executive Committee be aware of the
strong support organizations which live in Toronto’s most under-resourced
communities give to Toronto’s action plan to confront anti black racism 2017
is the second year in the United Nations International decade for people of
African descent which goes from 2015 to 2024 yet few people are aware of this
fact two years into the decade we see a global deterioration and lack of
consideration for the plight of people of African descent this month alone
brought news of 26 Nigerian women being buried in Italy after a failed attempt
to cross the Mediterranean horror stories of African people being enslaved
in Libya and the disturbing rise of state embraced anti black racism down
south has led the United Nations is your warning of alarming racism in the United
States but before we begin to quickly pat ourselves on a righteous Canadian
backs we must look at ourselves honestly all is not well on the home front a
United Nations Human Rights Council report this fall expressed deep concern
about Canada’s legacy of anti black racism and anti black racism in our city
has led to the rise of the black lives matter and increased criticism regarding
systemic racism and the reality of d2d microaggressions faced by Toronto
and this is where Toronto’s action plan comes in grounded in more than 40 years
of research in 41 community conversations and over 800 diverse black
Toronto’s become people living in Toronto and the concerted focus of five
expert working groups the action plan has grown from the ground up and first
that is really important it basically came from community in putting together
this plan common themes emerged from individual and deeply personal stories
have been streamed out of academic classes the perils of carding to the
unjust targeting of black families in the child welfare system to the
criminalization of black males particularly and the discrimination of
our people of African descent in employment and justice systems the
subsequent analysis of what needs to change and how change can be implemented
form the basis of the action plan it is a roadmap to a meaningful relationship a
meaningful partnership between the city and the black community what will it
mean if implemented these priorities and I won’t go over them in the interest of
time you have them in your reports these priorities will mean that one of the
city’s largest employers the city a municipal government with which all
black Torontonians must interact at one point or another will intentionally
begin to manage the way provide services to residents of San Pedro E and Dixon it
means that black youth will have access to internships and youth who have been
trapped in the justice system sometimes who no fault of their own will begin to
have critical supports finally it also means that there will be intentional
steps taken to increase access to public appointment opportunities and greater
access to meaningful decision-maker making by the black community what is
particularly interesting is the fact that the recommendations of look at
systemic change so recognizing that systemic change need boots on the ground
the community representatives who help build the plan have recommended the
creation of a team of senior city staff to lead the internal change process the
creation of an anti black racism unit within the city to focus on the
initiative and finally the establishment of an anti
black racism partnership and accountability circle comprised of
diverse Torontonians of African descent to support implementation truly a strong
foundation for the beginning of a thoughtful and intentional systemic
change process in view of this plan in support of this plan and more
importantly in support of meaningful change for people of African descent
living in Toronto we are urging the Executive Council to embrace these
timely recommendations for systemic tangible steps to be taken to confront
anti black racism in Toronto hello mayor nice to see you again in hello city
councilors so my name is Briana legato I’m the council coordinator of the
African Canadian Social Development Council the council is an umbrella
organization working on behalf of continental African agencies and
organizations through its four pillars challenging systemic issues affecting
the lives of African communities here in Toronto those four pillars being
community engagement capacity-building research and data and also policy
advocacy like here today so the council is pleased to have been a part of this
process as the council was one of the eleven organizations who participate in
convening in the 41 community conversations determining how best to
take meaningful action going forward a lot was learned from those community
conversations especially how diverse the needs are of our own communities of our
own continental communities many of us forget that Africa is home to 54 African
countries not one continent it is important that we recognize that
diversity and incorporate those needs within cultural institutions here in
Toronto reflecting various indigenous African values in the City of Toronto
that being said the council is pleased to see the five-year plan coming to full
council in the 22 recommendations and the 80 action plans touch on great areas
of need for our communities and changing the narrative to include diverse
specifically within seniors and youth never has there been a greater time and
a greater need to have culturally appropriate services so continental
seniors can age with grace and dignity with respect to an inclusive health care
system and a for affordable and accessible housing never has there been
a greater need for the system to address issues affecting continental African
youth for example you can take the high levels of suicides and specific African
communities so today many issues of unemployment education also a high
mental health issue in this community needs a cultural lens to apply African
indigent it’s a better understand and serve this population so we are ready
for a new narrative and we are in full support of the anti black racism plans
within the five years we are looking forward to continuing to work closely
with our black families and also to work with different levels of government to
tell a news story a story that truly includes that Toronto is inclusive of
all communities especially continental African communities thank you I would
like to thank the council committee for this opportunity to speak today my name
is Brandon hay and I’m the founder of the black daddies Club which is a
toronto-based grassroots social movement 2017 marks
our 10th year anniversary that we’ve been doing this work and the need and
relevance still holds true 10 years later after starting the club our
mandates are to develop continued support a continued support system for
black fathers and black men to share their challenges and their experiences
work with the work with black fathers and the community at large to address
issues facing black father’s children and and their families and work with the
media to provide alternate images of black fathers and assist in the creation
or for own media that depicts black fathers in a positive light
over the past 10 years doing front leg work I’ve seen how blackness complicates
the experiences of Antonius who live in the city I co teach
a course at York University entitled planning in Toronto black love matters
the 2017 on conference and we’re having a year-end initiative that you’re all
invited to this Saturday December 2nd at York University called blackness gender
worked and loved and I will use this framework around blackness gender work
and love in Toronto to converse with you today blackness speaks to the countless
stories I’ve heard from black men who have exited the criminal justice system
who are having a tough time finding work that is equitable and able to sustain
them and not making them go back to the negative lifestyle as Lois March from
zero gun violence movements will say the reality for these men as they will tell
you is that it’s easier for them to find a gun that is for them to find
employment in 2017 black daddies club we did a research project funded through
the City of Toronto called gathering our voices which focused on black fathers in
Toronto and some of the barriers that these men mentioned and some of the
barriers that these men mentioned they faced were family court employment
challenges media representation of black men and fathers educational educational
attainment amongst other issues in terms of gender I remember I went to an event
in at U of T in February 2016 and there’s two months into the year at that
point it was it was announced that it was an it was announced at the event
that there was already 14 trans women of color that went missing and none of
these women made it to the news in 2015 I was a research project coordinator
with urban Alliance on race race relations and we did a project called a
360 project in which one of the conversations were looking at racialized
LGBTQ people who were who were homeless or living in shelters in Toronto and one
of the recommendations that came from this extensive from these extensive
interviews was that there should be more staff at better racialized and trans
working within this cell ters City of Toronto being one of those shelters that
have been operated and to better be able to work with this
population the current system of homeless shelters makes trans people
trans people’s experience living in these shelters hellish where they will
prefer to live on the streets the 360 project was also funded by the city of
Toronto when we think about work going back to the 360 project another
community we looked at with the Somali Canadians living in Toronto West End and
the many and the many participants spoke about the lived experience as black and
Muslim and how after 9/11 Islamophobia became a very real thing for this
community we heard the countless we heard
countless community members spoke about the need of changing their names the
last name to see more white on the resumes and and and they and found that
they were that they would get more call backs when they did this very thing and
we also heard a similar narrative from the Tamil Canadian community in
Toronto’s East End regarding whitening their names to find employment and
finally finally love which i think is super important before I started the
black daddies Club I was constantly hearing the narratives on the Canadian
media that black fathers wasn’t existence and coupled with the fact that
I searched in Toronto looking for programs for black fathers and there
wasn’t any I decided to create the black daddies Club because of this void
however with the barrage of negative energy of black men I found it difficult
to love myself as a black man and black father it is not until I co-created
space for other black men to heal and to speak about their challenges and their
strengths was when I was able to start the healing process and I was able to
connect with some of the awesome black men not only parenting their households
about parenting their communities I would like to close again by thanking
the committee and stressed that the black daddies the black daddies clubs
support the anti black racism initiative I want to thank my friends for giving me
an opportunity to speak with them of all the issues that the City of Toronto
deals with whether it be the situation that we have with Toronto Community
Housing right now where people are being kicked out of their housing because it’s
no longer fit for them to live in or whether that be the attendant shelter
system which is supposed to be like the last measure the safety net and how full
on a regular basis our shelters are these things are definitely
disproportionately affecting black people and we know that but the most
important thing that this city does that can affect anti black racism that can
begin to address anti black racism in black people’s lives is changing the
culture of policing in this city we spend more money as a single budget item
on policing in the city than we do anything else and we keep telling you
that this is harming us you do not need another committee you do not need
another study in order to take into full account and start to act upon the things
that we keep telling you about how policing ruins our lives to pick up on
what Brandon was saying when our families and our elders and our children
are coming into contact with police the next thing that’s happening is that
they’re getting into contact with the criminal justice system and there is no
worse outcome for any human being in this country than to go to jail the loss
of their freedom the loss of their autonomy the loss of connection to their
family and friends the loss of housing that results from incarceration these
things are possible to come back from given all the other things that we are
facing as black people maybe you’re tired of hearing this from me but I’m
tired of seeing you spend and probably going to propose a gain in 2018 another
billion dollar-plus budget to the police when we can’t open enough shelters and
we can’t keep people in the housing that we already have for them and still
policing in a city where crime continues to decrease the spending goes up and up
the priority for police and goes up and up so if you want to be serious about a
plan to address black life in the city it has to begin with putting back care
into the way that this city approaches us and removing policing because
policing is not care policing is the threat of force necessary to we
presume maintain order so I’ll quickly say this Paula Fletcher said something
really interesting earlier a council this year councilor Paula Fletcher said
that for all of what we’ve learned about carding over a million contact cards
collected in one year and a quarter of them black people this executive
committee and the council at large has never had a discussion about carding in
three years you’ve never done it you’ve never acknowledged the impact you’ve
allowed the Police Services Board to be the place where that happens even though
every single one of you represents people who have been touched by this
unfair practice policing is where it starts it’s where we spend the most
money and it’s where the contact has the most disproportionate and potentially
harmful effect on our lives so I suggest you to take the social cues that you’re
seeing there’s a reason in 2016 why we talked about police not marching in the
Pride Parade anymore there’s a reason why last week we talked about getting
police out of the largest school board in the country
you guys are behind you need to catch up and if you want to talk about anti black
racism let’s talk about reducing the police budget and putting it into
services that can actually support and care for our communities thank you
thank you all very much and now we would come
to questions of this panel of deputies from first of all visiting members of
City Council if there are some questions councillor Carroll yes one of you I
can’t remember which spoke to the two the fact that it’s five years long and
I’m wondering if you wanted to sort of underscore those comments
this council especially in the last couple of years has a history of
adopting strategies and and and and a good work plan this one comes with the
work plan the implementation plan all at once it’s not here’s the strategy and
the plans coming later it’s all here now five years of funding is here includes
hiring people how important is it that if we adopted today we do it today
we stick to the five-year plan that’s in here what happens if we don’t stick to
the five-year plan that’s in here if it starts with hiring five people this year
in this budget I think the fact that it’s a staggered plan a year one year to
you so what is resented this year is 0-1 with your one can to be adopted with the
fine for the whole five years is right up for us a key and and there’s a reason
for that basically for systemic change to occur
you need a long-term plan change doesn’t happen overnight so it is critical that
the five-year plan be implemented one year won’t cut it
thank you thanks counselor Carol did I have other members of council not on the
executive committee wishing to ask questions seeing none I’d moved members
of the committee councillors George oh yeah just picking up on the comment with
respect to a police officers being moved out of the schools and whatnot can you
just help me understand so it’s your view that the police officers being in
the schools have actually been more counterproductive in terms of the the
environment that it creates in schools because I gotta tell you I was aware of
the environment in schools prior to the police coming into the school so I can’t
imagine a police officer in the school being more counterproductive than what
was already there so help me understand that I’d love to talk more about it
actually and not just through this but thank you for some people I think the
impact has been zero it didn’t change their lives one way or the other and
actually counselor the reason that is is because we didn’t put cops in every
school I know in fact we didn’t put them in the majority of schools but it seems
that wherever black and brown people are in large concentrations there was also a
police officer in schools we weren’t honest about why we wanted that program
we imprint implement in it and so for ten years almost we didn’t collect data
we didn’t collect data on how many police officers
arrested somebody in a school on how many police officers in a school had to
charge someone we didn’t have that statistical information because no one
asked for it we just assumed that it was good to put police in schools and for
some kids maybe it was but going back to what I was saying earlier this morning
having policies that are okay or neutral for some but extremely detrimental to
others does not work for me on balance right on balance we have to do things
that take the most vulnerable folks into account counselor I remember it might
have even actually been yourself in the debate about pride that I mentioned
earlier this year saying that a police officer is somebody who’s always on duty
that we expect our police when they go around our city to be prepared at any
time to deal with situations but we had this bait-and-switch notion with police
in schools as if oh they’re there to throw a football they’re there to hand
out pizza during pizza day but of course we had to acknowledge and even our chief
has acknowledged that if there was a problem they were also there to do the
job that they do every day to enforce the law and yes when police already have
an idea that the black kid walking down the hall is more likely to have drugs
more likely to have a weapon more likely to be up to something when that what
we’ve seen and through carding in our communities is brought into our school
that is not good equally for all children it puts some children and a
disadvantage and that’s why we’ve been fighting so hard for the end of that
program we’ve never been told by the way by the
police who unilaterally initiated that program how much it cost the board can’t
even tell us how much that program cost because the police said we’ll take care
of everything and I want to know how much money we could have been putting
into other things that I like I said support black students instead of
treating them like they need a security guard everywhere they go okay so just so
I understand you your your impression is that of the schools that actually of
where they actually put in a police officer is primarily where there was
heavy have the attendance of black that’s not my impression you can look up
where the signs were it’s a fact but beyond beyond that actually if I could
just really quickly we know that for example our Toronto
police who were in those schools not just any old police in the city but the
specific SR rose they had a partnership going back from
2011 with Canadian Border Services Agency where they would meet with border
agents every week now they said that they weren’t talking about status when
it comes to our kids in the school because we have a sanctuary city policy
in this city that you all endorsed earlier this year and we have a
don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy in our schools but why are the police who are
specifically stationed in the schools also having a partnership with Porter
agencies if not to collect information on people again there was a
bait-and-switch there and then there was a Toronto Star article that came out
through Freedom of Information requests done by no one is illegal that showed
that our police 3,200 times in eight months
called the border security on people in the city again if you guys take your
access without fear policy very seriously as you should you ought to be
concerned about that you ought to be concerned that police who are now in the
schools have a direct partnership with border agents and what that means for
kids who are trying to go to school who don’t have status but they have a
responsibility and a right under the Education Act to go to school we weren’t
honest about what these programs were there to do and we didn’t keep the
numbers and then ten years later people were essentially being painted in a very
negative late just for trying to protect our children I would love to talk to you
more about it okay thank you just to bring it back to the UM the plan the
plan also looks very squarely at policing because it’s a critical issue
as yes one of the 2018 initiatives is a community and police eliminating anti
black racism team so that’s one of the things that’s in the first year work
plan are there other questions count stubborn side and then councillor
Thompson thank you I just looking for clarification so the SRO and I don’t
want to go down this path too much because I know it’s kind of going off
and a little bit of that tangent but just for information because I’ve never
heard it the SROs when you say the SRO is met or meet with or have met
with border security on a weekly basis are you talking like who are you talking
about in the arrows Evia SRO or you know there was a memorandum that was created
in 2011 that required them to sit on these tactical teams with border agents
starting in 2011 all the way through to 2017 correct okay thanks and then the
other thing is you mentioned 3200 what was that number again 3200 calls by our
police to the Border Services Agency we okay but that’s the whole Police
Department no suros correct okay cuz I was sure because you’re talking SRO
again I’ve still never heard this council take that up so you guys signed
an access without fear policy you re signed it because we already had well I
was just looking for clarification on the statistic as it related to SRO 3200
and I really hope you guys look that up because it’s it’s unfortunate that
during these conversations we feel like we have to bring these up and then
there’s this like resistance to doing anything cuz no one has heard those
numbers before you guys need to know what your police are doing in the name
of so-called safety and how it’s affecting certain groups of folks and
again I would be happy to continue that conversation with you out of this
setting councillor Thompson thank you very much mr. mayor through you to
members of the group presenting 22 recommendations and 80 actions over five
years seems to be a large series of things to combat something that has been
traditional and historical for as long as Canada’s been around I’m just
wondering if you have identified three or four specific things whether or not
it be education whether or not the economic opportunities housing mental
health issues as your core focus because I’ve read this report I’ve had it in my
office for some time and one thing is Campbell for providing it to me but I
just wondered if today you could tell this committee if there are some maybe
three or four specific things that you’d like to focus on I get the policing mr.
Cole it’s an ongoing matter and the reason why I ask this question because
the education piece has to be collaborative with respect to the Board
of Ed because we don’t control that piece of it so I wonder if you could
just maybe speak to that so maybe I can take a first stab of that because and I
think the staff can speak to this but just a general ballpark no I’ll ask them
question I’d like to hear as a ballpark broader statement we feel that all of
the issues are critical we feel that we’ve come to this point because of
years of systemic oppression and basically the the reports heard from the
community and the issues which came up again and again we spoke of common
themes and they’re very stated quite clearly there’s policing there’s a
justice system they’re broad systemic issues and so the approach which was
taken by the community was basically looking and analyzing the information
and freaking out strategically what do we need to do in order to move this
thing forward and also to add on that I think it goes back to I mentioned that
Africa is home to 54 countries were not one country we’re one of the largest
continents with the biggest diversity even within specific African communities
there’s a large diversity so there’s different issues and different items
that affects us in different aspects we have refugee and settlement services
that are similar to the Syrian needs that have not been addressed in
different various communities issues of the justice system are affecting
different shades of the blackness in our communities so understanding that the
black community is so diverse is the first step into understanding that we
all have separate and different needs yeah all of our oppressions intersect at
some point but understanding that the needs and the different communities are
diverse and different that’s where we need to start mm-hmm
so thank you so mr. Kolb which is where you give me go ahead I want you to also
address from me in five years what Toronto would look like based on your
strong belief that it is possible to action out this report it’s a call you
may want oh that’s a big one just to go back to your first question quickly
apart from what I’ve already emphasized I think in terms of city
responsibilities a lot of a lot of the plan touches on goes beyond the
scope of what our cities are able to really ain’t make new rules about on a
day-to-day basis housing housing is so critical I think that apart from the
policing piece that’s an area where if we don’t have stable housing for people
what else is really possible if we have a shelter system
you know our staff counselor had set a target that we should never be above 90
percent shelter capacity you can go check the stats for today you can check
them for the whole week or the month of the year we’re at 95 96 97 % shelter and
remember that’s the emergency system so that means that when all other options
are unavailable for folks that’s where they end up and that system is
effectively full and so remedying the situation that we have now were hundreds
of families this year and potentially more next year are being asked to leave
derelict units and Toronto Community Housing I just without that foundation I
don’t know where we go and after policing that’s the biggest budget item
that I think all of these recommendations touch so I would really
urge council and this committee to think what more can be done now for housing
and on the five-year what it looks like what what this city will look like is
that in five years if this plan is implemented for me I’ll let others
address it too but for me we will have a few more people with a few more economic
opportunities in this city who are more visible than they are today and that’ll
be a real good thing and we might have a few more bodies where we can come and
have these conversations we certainly won’t have a really big increase in
money that our communities need we won’t have a big increase in supports that are
not always directed directly to money that our communities need and we will
still live in a police state and I will not stop talking about that because you
won’t stop state making it your number one budget item not you personally I
know it’s that well maybe we also have some additional members of council as
well who are the community I just wanted to put that
out there imagine that right so I think for a lot of us who do this work as you
mentioned like this is not new conversations that are being had right
but I think there’s a certain critical hope that a lot of us that do this work
that motivates us to do the work so I think for myself I think there’s a hope
that there’s four five years from now that it’s going to be equitable for
folks who are black in the city and there’s a as the sister talked about
there is a lot of intersection so there’s you know the report is vast but
it talks about there’s because of the fact that there’s issues that are being
left and being unaddressed and the reality is that there’s issues that
black folks in the city are dealing with that are special because because the
blackness and when it intersects with whether it’s gender or poverty or
disability etc etc it does it does make it it does make a difference I think
what’s different about this situation is a response and I think there’s an
opportunity to respond differently then traditionally the city has done it in
the past so so instead just having conversations or just creating a report
there’s an opportunity to create policies that are going to address the
issues right like these are conversations that have been having
I’ve been happening I think it’s it’s the next steps is what makes this
special an opportunity that we’re hoping to get done today you know realize we’re
taking up a lot of time so we councillor Thompson’s time is up but unfortunately
you may have to let I think arc yourself to a few more questions the one thing I
did want to add though is that what will have changed is that there would be
systems in place that would allow us to move forward right now they’re not I
think that it’s very important do we have other members of the committee
councillor Davis I think you missed your turn I mean I
well just it’s just it’s just one of those things that we’ve got such a long
agenda that people keep reverting counselor Pasternak Thank You mr. mayor
I don’t want to belabor the point of school resource officers but I was on
the school board when they were brought in in negotiation with the leadership of
the school board and Bill Blair my recollection of that time was that the
black community did not object to the program at that time and that shortly
after Bill Blair had said that he could not keep up with the request for
officers he didn’t have the resources because in the early going it was
actually provincially funded and then that funding ran out and then it came
back to the city and I don’t think police services notified us that the
funding was gone so what went wrong I mean this was this was something that I
believe Julian Falkner also supported he was he was hired by the school board to
write a school safety strategy and report based on the tragic death of
Jordan manners at the same time we were working hard with the black community on
the Afrocentric school which actually went into my ward that seemed to be the
focus the only debate I recall about the community resource officers was how many
schools were they they were going to go into and whether they were gonna carry
guns and that was really the core of the debate there was no pushback from the
black community at that time that is patently untrue
with all due respect to you councilor Pasternak let me set the record straight
on a couple of the things that you just said you mentioned Julianne Falconer I
can’t tell you how many people in our community have become experts on that
report that report did not say anything about the presence of police officers in
schools so I want to correct you on that that is not in the falconer report nor
is it in the roots of youth violence report that was authored by Alvin
curling Android McMurtry it was the Toronto Police and the chief at the time
who proposed this idea and I’m going to correct you on another thing that you
said because you said that you didn’t hear
any opposition from the black community there was zero public consultation on
the implementation of school resource officers in the Toronto District School
Board there wasn’t even a vote councilor so if you feel like you didn’t hear
anything it’s because you did not ask and the reason that we keep coming back
to this issue is because I’ll let other people on this panel cosign with me we
were not in agreement that this was the thing that our children needed and we
didn’t just change our minds after 10 years our community was solidly against
this but it was done apparently for our own benefit without ever being asked and
the studies that were just done in the last couple of months are the first
large-scale community consultation on the issue I really want that to be clear
on the record I mean we can go back and forth all night can we can I can answer
your question seriously and and that’s fine I can tell you that I was working
extensively with public consultations with the black community to establish
the Afrocentric school and I don’t recall one time where this came up as as
a make-or-break situation whether officers go into schools or not and we
could not keep up with the demand requested primarily by principals who
are not black actually some work so primarily the principal’s in our school
board are not I’m not gonna debate with you all night I was there as a trustee
and I’m and I’m going back I am going back 9 10 years we have the former chair
of the of the TDS be here yeah I’d be happy to let him speak to the issue all
I simply asked you was what do you think went wrong I didn’t I didn’t what went
wrong is that we asked for that program without the attendant accountability
measures that would have made it useful so like I said this was a
bait-and-switch bill Blair for the record said that no police officer was
going to ever stationed at the school and then be
asked to perform an arrest in that school and the reason that he said that
that would be the case was that it was very obvious to him that if you have a
police officer stationed at a child’s school and then you’re asking that
police officer in some cases to have to arrest students any notion of
relationship building which was the stated purpose of the program would be
nullified if one day a police officer is talking to students and making friends
and then the next day has to arrest somebody that’s not the proper
environment for that kind of fostering of a relationship but what happened was
that was never monitored so police officers in our schools did patrol they
did profile they did ask questions and in fact in many cases they did perform
arrests and lay charges and we were told counselor Pasternak that that would
never happen so what went wrong is that a program which was never publicly
consulted on and upon which your board never voted on was implemented without
any accountability measures for the community all right counselor Pasternak
I’m sorry your time is more than up and so we have to keep moving here and so I
want to see if there are other questions of this panel of deputies all right I
will then thank you all very much for your contributions and for answering so
many questions and staying so long and we’ll move on to the next group thank
you very much we’re actually a nude oh you actually Hugh I this is very very
efficient yeah okay so if you could be kind enough to introduce yourselves to
everybody here and for the cameras and so on that would be terrific and then
you can proceed with your comments greetings mayor Tory and executive
community members so they get us back onto track my name is Kwame Brown
associate vice president with skills for change an organization that’s been
building equitable and welcoming communities across Toronto and its
surrounding communities for over 35 years we add skills rich
in 100% support of the Toronto action plan to confront anti black racism as it
is a systemic issue that affects the lives of many black children youth
adults and elders our organization believes that everyone in the black
community needs to be fully integrated and engaged in our programs and services
offered within the City of Toronto and offered by the City of Toronto this is
why we ensure that any barriers that may exist with program and services we
deliver are addressed and removed to ensure success for all we work with
individuals who are in receipt of Ontario Works and are referred to our
programs through their local tests office we work with the young youth who
are involved with the law and also with families that are newcomers to Canada is
trying to settle in and trying to access basic resources and the thing is that
they all look like me they also share their experiences of systemic anti black
racism within the different touchpoints that they do go to and so I’m attributed
to their cycle of poverty as an organization whose top leadership team
is made up of black individuals we to face some unsubtle
and unsubtle cases of systemic systemic anti black racism be it with discussions
with funders on all levels of government private public sector and within the
sector that we operate itself it should be noted that skills for change was
pleased to host to Toronto for all confronting anti black racism initiative
community conversations which further illustrates our unwavering commitment to
tackling this issue so in short we would like the Executive Committee to fully
support the city managers recommendations on this issue and I
don’t need to list all the stuff as we discussed earlier thank you good evening
I am 14 Charles Riedel I am the executive director of Canadian African
Canadian social services or known as cough can so thank you mayor
Tory and the executive committee for hearing us I am also here representing
the Jamaican Canadian Association so the Jamaican Canadian Association JC anchor
and cough can we wish to express our support for the full adoption of the
Toronto action plan to confront anti black racism by City Council as
recommended in the city manager’s November 15th report the JC a has been a
community hub for the Jamaican Dyer spa in the Greater Toronto Area since 1962
it has a long history of providing cultural programming and addressing
issues that affect the broader African Canadian community CAF can the JCS
sister organization was founded in 2014 to deliver critical social services to
Toronto’s African Canadian and Caribbean communities we are indeed at an
important time in the political and social history of our city province and
nation one in which attention and discourse are focus on key issues that
impact African Canadians with respect to equity access to support and the
dismantling of systemic barriers that are grounded in anti black racism
through its proposed action plan the City of Toronto has taken a bold step
forward in addressing these concerns we are indeed encouraged by the
recommendation to establish an anti black racism partnership and
accountability circle to support implementation of the plan something
that was strongly advocated for by community members and organizations
including JCA when the interim plan came to executive committee this past June
this is a journey that the city and Toronto’s African Canadian communities
must travel together and that includes enabling a platform for continuous
dialogue and oversight it is also encouraging that the work plan
priorities for 2016 2018 include develop the development and delivery of
a comprehensive mandatory learning program for city staff and members of
Toronto police service establishment of a black youth internet turn ship
initiative investment in programs and services for black queer and trans youth
and development of a mayor’s roundtable on black business
these are definitely good first steps towards confronting and trans racism in
key institutions supporting the economic empowerment of black Torontonians and
creating greater space for black youth however critical issues remain that must
be addressed primary among them is the need for the City of Toronto to work
with other level of governments to officially recognize African Canadians
as a distinct group within su Canadian society from the earliest days of our
presence in Canada African Canadians have been an integral part of an and
significant contributors to Canadian society we have also since those early
days contended with marginalization rooted in anti black racism as
extensively noted in the recent report of the United Nations working group of
experts on people of African descent and in the city manager’s report officially
naming African Canadians at this drink group would provide future leverage to
influence policy and decision-making regarding matters that impact African
Canadian communities as well as provide concrete recognition of the UN
International decade for people of African descent that was alluded to
earlier lastly the city manager has recommended
that the initial 2018 request of 0.995 million be be referred for consideration
with other city priorities and including 2018 operating budget submissions the
allocation of sufficient ongoing resources to the action plan must be a
non-negotiable priority of the executive committee and
he counseled the requisite investments must be made to not only ensure the
short medium and long term sustainability and success of the plan
but also the trust of the community you serve thank you
greetings my name is Rudy Kwame Williams and at present I volunteer on the board
of an organization called young and potential fathers as well as being an
artist’s business person in the community business consultant and I want
to commend the staff at City Hall first of all and the leadership that it took
to actually move this particular agenda forward I think I think it’s very
important as I was on my way over here I was thinking about a conversation that I
had with one of my fellow black students as we went to Parkdale public school and
this was around 1970 and we were having a huge debate about whether there was
racism in Canada and being you know little kids at the time it was
interesting as I look back now and you know how we perceived that because while
he was saying that there was no racism in Canada and so on we were growing up
in a time where the Western Guard was a legal party and very strong in our
community the reason I’m mentioning that is to say this we have a situation where
race racism especially racism against people of African descent is a historic
plague in our society it is entrenched and so what I want to say is that from
my little bit of experience is that it seems as though where racism is an
entrenched part of the culture especially anti black racism that things
that would normally be seen or put in place to effect
positivity will be utilized as a as a tool of the racism itself so for example
when I was growing up and going to school I’ve gone through
several versions of what you do with children who don’t want to be in the
academic stream right I remember there was a creation of a two-tiered system
well you know I also sat and listened to my teacher tell a parent or tell several
parents of students who look like me that they really want academic material
and so shit they should be sent to in those days it was Brockton and West Park
the vocational school system so what did we end up with we ended up with without
the parents like my father who said are you crazy we ended up with children who
should have had opportunities academically who were funneled into
those simply because of the color of their skin because you know as we went
to school together everybody knows whose can do it who can’t do it etc and so so
the point I’m trying to make is this that without we support the initiative
but without vigilance from the leadership is my point
without vigilance from the leadership it will mean nothing at the end of five
years I’m sorry to interrupt you but under the rules I have to ask the
permission of the members to extend the meeting past six o’clock because we’re
just at six o’clock so all those in favor opposed carried sorry continue and
if you I think it’s probably time given that we’ve shared this that you would
start to bring your remarks to a conclusion yes thank you thank you you
know other people made I thought really everybody hit on all the points
everything you’ve heard today I agree with which is why I actually changed the
approach that I’m taking to this now because I think that it’s important we
can frame this you within the context of municipal policy
etc etc but what I really want you to consider is the importance of this in
the history of this city and this allows Toronto to take a leadership role right
we’re not going to see somebody asked just now you know will we see a drastic
change I think it was councillor Thompson you know what will we see in
five years etc etc well you know I want to say that it’s not so much about what
we will see in five years because for one thing I would like to ask the
politicians in the room to not only think as far as the next election these
should I’m saying this is important for our city which is why I talked about my
experience as a child in the city okay we’re at a junction now where you have
an input you have an opportunity you have an opportunity to put leadership in
place to take a leadership role as to how we begin to hold some people
accountable for changing the behavior so I’m gonna leave those I’m gonna end
there okay what what what you need to be is to consider not only as you adopt
this plan the policy itself in the words but that you are prepared to be vigilant
in ensuring that even the staff at City Hall follow through with this thank you
thank you very much are there questions from first of all visiting members of
the Council City Council to the committee who of these deputies
councillor Campbell thank you for coming today and for your deputations I just
like to ask what do you think success would look like success would look like
a response there’s an urgency of now with regard to this issue in terms of
the African Canadian community and success would look like what Kwame said
in terms of diligence and continuing to see the changes and beyond the action
beyond the words is the action so it’s walking the walk that is spoken and it
could look like you know more representation
in terms of staff and and a commitment and accountability I think is huge in
terms of in terms of what we would see a success we don’t want another 40 years
to go by which we don’t have to be able to to to be thinking about that I alone
cannot speak to what success looks like but I know that we need to see change
and this is the beginning of it so the next step is that it’s not 2 more years
before we I think somebody here asks the question early it’s about sticking to
the timeframes and yielding some tangible results based on the
commitments that have been me that’s one example but there’s a there’s an ask
here and there’s a proposal and so in order to avoid disappointment there has
to be there has to be an expectation at the end of some of some process and so
that’s kind of what I’m asking you know what is the expectation how how will you
know in 3 or 4 or 5 or 10 years if this has been worthwhile or not well the
staff have been needed that have been leading this I think have given examples
of that and I think they’re the ones who because they’ve consulted with the
community have some benchmarks that they want to see reached that we support and
I think that’s where the aunt the probably a more concrete answer to your
question would come from would be from the staff who have been leading this
initiative and have been consulting with the community I mean I can ask staff
those questions anytime I want to ask people from the community the community
that has come to make a deputation our representatives staff staff are not
representatives of the community staffers that okay I can answer so um I
think that success would mean that let’s look at the term of the of this
particular initiative which is five years so success would mean that at the
end of five years we would be able to recognize significant changes at City
Hall with regards to the way in which all of the the facilities that under the
city’s control the way in which they engaged African Canadian people so for
example in five years we will see a significant difference that when black
youth go into the recreation centers that are run by
the city that they don’t experience the degree of racism that they’re
experiencing today in five years we will see that when we look around us at City
Hall and we consider the population that are staffing the place that we will see
much greater representation that represents in fact that most diverse
city in the world in five years with the city’s leadership we will be able to see
that when it comes to the recognition of the propensity of the african-canadian
Torontonian in terms of the creation of arts culture etc that for example and
that’s not the only example but for example something like character on a
Caribbean Carnival which has been is 50 years old that has been a boon to the
city in terms of economic development and culture that we will see that it
won’t just be an exploitive situation the way it is today but that the city
will actually look at the community that who produces it in partnership and
decide how they will actually reciprocate and help that community to
grow and gain the benefit of the economics that is creating that’s good
this initiative is the beginning of what we are asking for in terms of the peace
around distinction for the African Canadian community what you have done
through this is begin to take us to a step closer towards that which we asked
for because without that policy research a lot of the things that would be
influenced so what if what success would look like would be within the five years
that were even closer to that if it hasn’t already happened than it is today
because that’s important we want the full stop at the end of the sentence not
to end out indigenous we wanted to include when we hear about groups that
have distinction and have us particular focus we believe that we the
conversations that were asked to have other questions that we ask that know
else’s asked we want to be recognized and although were visible were highly
invisible and success would look like support from the city to getting us
there so that at the end of the sentence is is we’re included in the sentence and
not left off I just I were quickly success for me is that the voices are
projected large louder than they are right now today meaning that there’s
more forms and more opportunities for people to express meaning at the end of
this process at five years that they’re able to hold everybody accountable to
what was said to happen and to work with ways in partnership on how to move it
forward for another five ten fifteen twenty as long as it takes it also means
that you know the biggest concern to myself to be honest with you are the
children in our community because that’s the future of our community and so the
the to have the things that City Hall can affect that effect the social
determinants of health for black children in this city I would like to
see much movement in that direction so when we talk about you know these
elements of you know unemployment a reduction in unemployment in our
community at etc discrimination in the schools the incarceration early of black
youth and so on at the end of the day what we are affecting is our children
because many of those people are brothers sisters fathers mothers etc and
at the at the end result is a reduction in the social determinants of health for
our children so so when I look in five years that’s what I’m gonna start to
measure what did this how did we change the social determinants of health for
our children Thank You councillor Campbell are there other members of the
council here not members of the committee wishing to ask questions if
not we’ll move to members of the committee are there remembers the
committee wishing to ask questions of these deputies councillor Thompson Thank
You mr. mayor through you to the defendants I’d asked this question
before and I’m presuming you’d heard them but
it’s a very big report big document five years and it’s gonna take more than five
years I’m just wondering whether or not there are any specific areas and maybe
I’ll ask you for three specific areas that we should really touch on and I
just want to get your opinion I realize they everyone wants to do all of it but
the reality is that all of its not gonna get done and so if all its not gonna get
done what are the key priorities irrespective of how this report is
written right thank you and so as I mentioned to you just now I’m largely
driven by those things that will impact our children the most so if education
employment housing yep the opportunity for the people in the community to gain
access right to those things that will make them economically independent where
does help fit in okay the overall health and well-being and particularly around
mental health and because it’s co-located with many of the things that
you have heard earlier so right so I know there’s a lot of mention about
police but if we can tackle the things that you’ve just identified do you
believe that that could actually have an impact with respect to the relationship
with respect to police and the community I don’t think so at all to be honest our
education if you’re more educated it’s not gonna help if you have a better job
it’s not gonna help if you know at this point okay you know I can only draw on
my personal experience yeah so what I want to hear yeah yeah so so being
someone yeah being someone who on several occasions was dragged off of a
bus as I waited at the corner of Finch and Sentinel to go up to York University
right and harassed by police on a regular basis simply because you know in
my younger days I had long hair sure right but I was also doing a master’s in
business right yes so what I’m saying is I don’t think so to be honest with you
so then that’s really good I’m happy to hear you say that not happy
about that yeah so then that’s the elephant in the room then the policing
piece so no matter how you aspire no matter how you’ve achieved there’s
always a situation that and I’ll submit to you based on what you’ve just said
that you’re always subjected to being one of those or subject to being harass
and other conditions as it relates of policing yes so so then how do we combat
that with respect to this report combat the policing issue as it is a major the
oh yeah I understand where you’re coming thank you so so you know one of the
things I think that is critical to policing is the education of police we
actually in the society we don’t require police to be amongst the most studied to
get onto the police force I mean the training itself is rigorous but we’re
not asking our brightest academically or you know to become police what what you
know the requirements are like that first of all secondly secondly I think
it’s I think it’s important to ensure that some of the tools that police use
indiscriminately be removed so for example it is why I do not support
police being allowed to card people in my community we you know as I said
before you take a society where racism is the way it is and has become a
culture in our society and things that would normally be fine and great
policies become tools of the racism itself so so so the key is the key is to
ensure that those tools aren’t going to be used like that so there has to be
vigilance and policies put in place to make sure that that’s not the case and
also we have to educate police officers the way we want them to act and just to
respond to that in the in let’s look at the in clinical work for
example as a mental health clinician there’s a disposition and a propensity
and an inclination to be that type of person doing that type of work and in
any other profession and with the police there is no there’s a you know the
racism is about beliefs and attitudes and those kinds of things and when
people are not measured on that right to determine their effectiveness and their
ability to do respond well unfortunately the privilege of being Melon and blessed
is also a disadvantage to us so regardless of whether we’re educated or
not educated black men who live in nice neighborhoods and have earned the right
to drive the same vehicle as anybody else still get stopped by the police so
education and how well we do does not change that and although we speak to it
about men we have to look at the impact of the family when that happens to our
men and the family is not just about you know partners it’s about community
because we are all affected we know that when a police stops a black person or
continued our community again is further traumatized as a result of what has
happened and and and this is important in terms of you talk about success we
continue to experience a level of traumatization in this city in our
country that’s supposed to be welcomed in a city that’s supposed to be
welcoming that is now at very serious serious concerns around the mental
health and wellness of the black community so the policing issue is one
that really has to be addressed in terms of recruitment and how people are
recruited thanks councillor Thompson other members of the committee wishing
to ask questions of these deputies well again I will say thank you very much for
a very thoughtful and I think having it is a group like that it was a very
beneficial to us and we appreciate that very much thank you thank you for your
time so that left us on the list with one definite we haven’t yet heard from
and I haven’t seen her but the Emily Daigle is Emily still here she’s in the
bathroom Oh in the back Tuesday Oh oh she’s on her way oh there’s Emily
thank you don’t need to now because you guys listened it took a bang but it
listened so I bet you all can hear me whichever way I said and it probably
sounds weird me being here fighting anti black racism racism comes in many forms
many of you don’t know this and 90% of the people would assume I’m not black
I’m actually biracial my mom is where I get my unfortunate skin colour
my daddy is where I get my body shape my attitude my hair and simply the angry
black woman inside me I get it I get it I get discriminated against and people
with disabilities get discriminated and stalee I don’t fit in with the black
community because I’m this color don’t get fit in with the white community
because my attitude in this color I don’t fit with the military communities
I’m legally blind it don’t fit in the blind community cuz I’m in a wheelchair
and I didn’t come from the special school system I fight racism daily in a
different form black people understand what it is to be misunderstood what it
is to be excluded andrew loca loca sorry was a deaf man he had mental health
issues but he was deaf the only understand which he understood was ASL
yes no it’d be nice if officers we’re trained in basic ASL heck the City
Council meetings are discriminatory towards deaf people
there’s no ASL this closed-captioning doesn’t work on youtube or the old
Rogers you know what the biggest part problem is imagine if somebody with a
disability was elected to council oh my god this City Hall would
be in so much trouble imagine someone who is black with a
disability or a person who is black who’s hearing impaired or deaf was
elected wow this place would be turned on its head same with the shelter system
people with disabilities have nowhere to go in the shelter system the only
women’s drop-in center in downtown it’s not wheelchair accessible I know a black
woman one of my closest friends she used to be around to all the time Miss
Beverly god rest her soul she was a beautiful black woman you guys know her
she was that executive she fought hard she was a woman with a disability she
died because people wouldn’t help her she was found sitting on the street in
front of her building waiting for her wheel trans she’d passed away and did
any went on that busy Bloor Street even stop and see if she was okay
no the wheel trans driver found her deceased people like Andrew loku people
like Beverly people of color are just screaming against daily but especially
people with disabilities who are of color whether they’re black they’re
brown or indigenous they could discriminate against Daly the most
important part of this it’s the fact that our police services have no
training when it comes to people who speak only in Braille or ASL the shelter
staff are not trained to deal with blind people or people who speak ASL they’re
not rousing workers are not trying to find accessible housing for people with
disabilities and this all encompasses the whole problem of racism because we
see it on a different basis I fight it daily when I am fed up with city council
not being representative of our communities how many city councilors are
blind how many city councilors you’re in a wheelchair how many city councilors
are profoundly deaf zero unfortunately we have one counselor
who knows what it’s like to be carted sabers a counselor my hometown of
Hamilton Ontario mr. green he’s been card he gets carded regularly
because he’s black and that is the problem is it no one on this council
understands the plight of people with disabilities who are also black or
biracial thank you thank you thank you thank you very much I liked you have
some extra time thank you for your thoughtful remarks questions of the
deputy all right Emily thank you very much as always appreciate that okay I
just thought we’d stop and take stock here for a minute because it is 25 after
6:00 almost and just see what the wishes of the committee are you as you know we
have time scheduled for tomorrow and we’re not gonna finish the agenda
tonight no matter what Wow we can sit here at 11 o’clock or 12 o’clock if you
want to you want to do that Michael councillor Thompson you know I have
another question yes sir I moved to finish this particular item yes I just
want to take stock though as do other people want to take a break or not take
a break or go to what time and so have a birthday event to attend my own your oh
I’ve forgotten about that that’s exactly right many happy returns yeah you look
great for you you look great for 60 I think it’s great so all right well
that’s we should take that into account but I just wanted to see what your
wishes were I mean myself I would not take a break and I would sit to whatever
time we’re gonna sit to and then people can we can adjourn and start off in the
morning we’re due to start at 9:30 tomorrow but we can get as much done as
we can you have American Council McMahon well I would just agree with you to go
disagree or agree I would agree just agreed okay you and give my heart though
birthday wishes to councillor Thompson but to stay go as long as we can so
there’s nine without Thompson and what about if I said because we want to
obviously finish this item and I think we could probably do the poverty item
there’s quite a few deputations on that we said we would deal with that next and
may be finished by nine o’clock is that a buy here we might be
I able to finish the agenda mayor well I’m look I’m happy to try deputy mayor
but I just don’t you know happy to try some coffee yes the council sorry do we
need an extension motion no we did it already so what that was the other
question I had asked I would prefer not to because I just think it by the time
you get people back here and we’ve got all these people that have waited to be
heard I would proceed and we would give councilor cop Thompson a dispensation if
he just disappears at some point in time to go celebrate his birthday alright
let’s let’s carry on then and we have to finish this item and so we’re now going
to go to questions of staff are there questions of staff counts to Davis I
just wanted to understand so the proposal is to hire in the first year
five staff and then to add half a million to support community partnership
initiatives and that’s intended to fund phase one is that correct it is intended
to hear one yes that is intended to fund the first year and be the foundation for
future years so I have to say there was a great deal of support here so I should
have started with I should commend you because obviously this process of
engagement to bring this document here has been a positive one so
congratulations on that one of the things that’s a priority in year one on
it was to do training internally at the City of Toronto division by division and
I presume that’s what the new staff are doing is that yes training is a key
component of the first year both to develop an appropriate learning program
for city staff as well as law enforcement officers I’m sorry
as well as law enforcement officers yes so the training program will include
police officers police have been a fairly active participant in this
process okay and what I wondered was four years two to five how do you know
it’s five years and in establishing your first year you must have gone through a
process of prior to prioritization of all of these recommendations you must
have some sense of year two and year three and year four so I would say
similar to a number of the deputies that combatting anti black racism will not be
a five year task yes right however this is about taking significant action
within the first five years and through that process we will be annually
evaluating progress and reporting so there’s opportunity for us to determine
what happens in the in the post five years a part of the process of figuring
out what happens in year one we engaged five expert working groups as well as
some subject matter experts working directly with divisions to think about
how to phase the priorities over the five years year one is the most tangible
there are things that may happen in year two or three that are dependent on what
happens in year one but are we confident what’s happen on special one one is
going to be able to be completed or is the intention that these things will
roll over into years two three and four all of these actions so the priorities
that are within the year one we’ll be ongoing initiatives training in
an organization this size must happen won’t take just one year some of them
will roll and some of them will yield clarity to what needs to happen in years
to and beyond okay thank you Thank You councillor Davis other
visiting members of council wishing to ask questions I don’t see any okay then
I think we can move to the committee members and see if what questions of
staff are councillor Ainsley Thank You Mara Tori and I had similar questions to
what councilor Davis was just asking and attachment B there’s the it mentions a
five-year plan there’s a one-year plan outlined I was trying to understand how
the other four years we’re gonna roll out whether you’ve already got a
template for that or it’s gonna you’ve got the recommendations are all
benchmarked and you’re working your way through them on a priority basis how
you’re rolling out the work plan so through you mr. chair as you can see in
the 2018 work plan the actions are organized according to some key
priorities the the plan for years two three and four will be similar in that
working with the community staff will determine based on the recommendations
what the priorities need to be for every year and similar to some of our existing
strategies though the each successive year will be reported to you for
approval and then the progress reports of the activities for those years will
also be reported to you okay and then in recommendation number six it
says is going to be reported to annually on the progress implement implementation
the next year’s work priorities is that being reported to the executive
committee yes I believe so counselor okay
all right and then sorry and just doubling back on recommendation number
three which is putting money in the budget for five positions so that’s
dependent on fighting for that money with the other priorities in social
services by and administration yes my understanding
is that it’s included right now is a new and enhanced initiative in the 2018
budget submission for Social Development Finance and admits in the budget new and
enhanced what we call its above line yes okay and then you is it anticipated that
the FTEs are gonna grow from the five or five is an adequate amount to monitor
what you want to do in the first year or is that anticipated five physicians to
do the whole work plan or monitor the work plan so what has been asked for is
to ensure that we have the foundation to first and foremost complete year one and
then set the stage for future years as I don’t know what your three or four may
may reveal I can’t comment as to whether there might be increase asked you’re
actually at six this one’s broke wasn’t sure which one that one is three plus
three so I just I didn’t reset it but it went so it’s I think it’s if you could
have one more but otherwise I would say yes so last question
my last question Thank You Mara Tori I just wanted to ask Denise and
recommendation number seven the different groups or agencies that the
action plan is going to be forwarded to why I understand the police why these
why these agencies were picked some of the things that we heard from community
that informed some of the actions will have implications for Public Health the
library as well as Toronto Community Housing so it’s important that those
boards understand the scope of the plan okay all right thank you thank you Mike
Scouts RNC counts to Thompson thank you so the five positions through you Miss
America Miss Campbell who are who will be staffing it will it be reflective of
a committee with respect to understanding the concerns that actually
exist in the community to deal with the real problems
what is outlined in the report is that the the five staff will be hires that
will reflect and understand anti black racism have that analysis understand the
dynamics of the community and have a commitment to implement the action plan
accordingly right so we have conditions now that needs to change would you agree
yes absolutely yes and so your baseline assessment and or using as your
benchmark that you’re starting from given we’ve heard what the speakers have
said but numerically how do you measure how do you kind of what are the indices
associated with the baseline so that we know in five years
this is reflectively the change other than maybe seeing you know some happy
people saying geez I’ve got a job and oh by the way my kids able to get into
recreation and so on we know this is systemic so how do we what what are the
baseline measures that we’re using so part of determining progress I
understand some of the questions the deputy ins worried about success but I
would really term it as progress because this is a long term ultimate plan is
really around trying to use the city levers to achieve some equitable
outcomes so what has been clear from the community studying the 41 years of
reports on this matter here in Toronto is that people are not just looking for
us to do some new programs and services what they’re looking for is some
fundamental changes so that there will be better outcomes and in areas like
policy development service delivery customer service as well as economic
opportunities okay good and I guess it’s me my final question
was try to stay within three minutes so the collaborations with NGOs and other
organizations on the mechanism to bring them in if there is a requirement for
resources how do we induce them is there some assistance and sort of conveyance
to the prob to ensure for example the Board of
Education it gets more resource because at the end of the day everyone’s going
to say we need more resources so how do we advocate is the mayor going to be
advocating is there an in requirement for a mechanism to ensure resources are
available to assist with respect to actioning out this particular plan so
the plan tries to focus on things that are within largely within the city’s
jurisdiction however you’re absolutely right that there are a number of actions
that require intergovernmental support both in terms of policy and service
alignment but also in terms of funding so in terms of what the mechanisms are
certainly I think there is a role for council and and the mayor to play in
terms of intergovernmental discussions there’s a role for city staff
discussions have already started particularly with provincial staff to
look where does our plan align with the provincial plans and where we can
leverage resources to mutually accomplish the things that are in both
plants thank you thank you Samir I’m willing to issue a birthday bonus
councillor Thompson all right oh I appreciate it but I’m good I’ll speak to
it no I’m good okay thank you thank you other questions of staff from members of
the committee okay well seeing none I will thank the
staff first of all for answering the questions and for all their work because
I haven’t had that chance yet on this and that we would move two speakers and
we would start with those visiting us from council outside the committee I
don’t see anybody in the room so we’ll go next to the committee members and
start with councillor Thompson thank you very much mr. mayor mr. mayor I want to
basically congratulate you and on your leadership on this particular issue and
of course the fantastic staff miss Campbell miss Vernon mr. Birling chair
and others and so on and certainly thank the members of the public for being here
particularly the members of the black community for stepping up often we’re
asked where the black leaders well they’re here and they’ve been through
this particular process helping to craft this particular document this is not a
question of people coming up could I just ask you to begin move the
staff report thank you here the recommendations here mr. mayor this is
not a question of the black community coming in demanding from City Hall that
they give them a handout etc this is not the conditions that people tend to talk
to me about personally about love you know the black community looking for
more looking for more what is actually being asked here is that there is a
sense and the history proves it that there is an amputation that’s taken
place within the black community in this city in this country for a long period
of time and we want to rectify that that can only be done through collaboration
to ensure that all of the agencies all of the groups work together to create an
opportunity where it’s about inclusion where it’s about ensuring that the best
and the brightest can actually be involved in making decisions in this
community in this city and in this country which includes a black community
and so the best and brightest will be part of all of us when we talk about
diversity in the city and what we expect and so on so the strengths of everyone
the fabric of everyone being brought together and so on I’m one of one as a
member of council from a black community not enough and I realize that there
needs to be more done and there can be and there should be and I just wanted to
really say that piece but I can tell you that the the speaker’s this address the
energy I don’t know his name spoke about you know the policing issue there are
some real issues with police at the same time we need them to protect and we need
to respect all both the police and the community and so on and we’re hearing
that although you may be a successful black person in this city you’re still
subjected to conditions as it relates to policing I’ll give you an example
mr. mayor of a friend of mine he is a very very wealthy man he runs a number
of companies and they’re actually make a lot of money he lives in a multi-million
dollar house and he is black and he I was having a conversation with him a few
weeks ago and he said to me you know oftentimes I
actually don’t go out to the front of my house on the street and stand out there
because I’m afraid of getting stopped by the police in front of my own house and
what he said to me was that he actually takes his wife out with him who was
waits to stand in front of his own home this is a man who has a lot of money and
can you know do all great things and does a great job hires a lot of people
but is afraid of his own City with respect to policing this is not a joke
this is not me trying to be alarmist or anything like that this is a real fact
and condition in 2017 in Toronto this is a city that we all love that we want the
best for we don’t want to be us against them the police or anything like that we
want the police to protect everyone and not to be viewed as occupier and it’s a
word I’ve use as a member of the police service board this report is seeking to
address many of those things and I realized we’re not going to happen
overnight and I’m not trying to point the finger I’m just simply saying if we
want a great city that’s a livable city that everyone can actually be proud of
the black communities part of this proudness of the city all members of
this city has to be part of that success and part of it being proud and so I
realized that there has been a lot of challenges and a lot of problems this
probably is one of the best reports that I’ve seen that deals with this
particular issue and I’m hopeful and I want to be part of the process to help
with the success to make this City mr. mayor and under your leadership the best
for everyone those young black kids last night I had
mr. mayor a meeting with Toronto Community Housing and the new president
Miss milsim came out young black kids at 10:21 birch Mont Road and by the way we
had my brother who works with tch-tch C and a board member her name is Linda
Jackson we all grew up in that building at 10:21 birch from our road and we went
back and we’ve got everybody we said by the way we’re from here we’re part of
this community not dissimilar to what the black community
we’re all here we’re all part of this city’s a success or failure we choose to
be part of its success we want to work collaboratively we want to work with the
police we want to work with all the institutions to ensure we eliminate the
inequality and discrimination that continues I can go into grocery store in
this city not dress in a suit and some people can
treat me in particular way who may not know who I am but they see black firsts
and that has certain connotation which does not represent what is in fact how
other people are treated in this city our blackness does not allow for people
to treat us in a way that’s different from anybody else we want to be part of
the success and I’m not being an alarmist
I’m just saying mr. mayor we’re ready to roll our sleeves up ready to work with
everybody to make this city and this country the greatest that it is for
everybody because I want the best for every family as I do for my own family
so that’s what I wanted to say on my birthday I gave you a birthday bonus
there councillor Thompson because and I appreciate what’s for me and I’ll be
able to speak much less if at all because you thank you spoke very well
for me and it is your birthday thank you so thank you very much other speakers
wishing to speak to this item well you know I think in all seriousness
councillor Thompson did say about the city and about the report and about the
entire process and about some of the experiences he can speak to in a better
way than than most of us I want to just say one word about that and then if
there’s no one else to speak and then we can call the question I you know I
listened a lot from learned a lot from listening in this exercise because we
did have the 41 community consultations and I went to four of them and you might
argue I should have gone to eight or twelve but four was a big a big learning
experience for me in terms of hearing parents talk about their kids in
policing while I didn’t think the policing
program in the school should be done away with with over
doing it and seeing if we can improve it I did here I will say and I’ve said it
many times I did here parents and kids talk about the bad feelings they had
about that program so I heard it I heard about people talking and councillor
Thompson was alluding to this being what it feels like to be walking around a
store and having somebody follow you I’ve never had that experience I’ve
never had that experience and I’m quite prepared to say I’ve never stopped it
unless I except when I deserved it for speeding a few times never been stopped
by the police just on the base that they want to ask me a few questions and so it
then went from there to some meetings we had with some veteran public servants in
this building who happened to be black and they talked about the fact that they
were veterans and had been here for a long time and had put in a lot of good
years in the City Hall bought that every single one without exception indicated
some experiences they’d had that they believed very strongly were on account
of the fact that they had black skin even in this place where we would think
this is this is a place that is a good employer and a good place to work and
that’s one of the reasons why there’s quite a focus on doing what we can do
inside this building to show leadership and to set an example and to make sure
that our own people of all skin colors and of all descriptions are treated well
and so I think the proof of the pudding with this like everything else we do
around here is gonna be how we actually act and I’m glad that some of the
questions by Councillor Thompson and others that talked about what success
looks like we’re asked because I think people felt the fact that we’re actually
do this is going to be in and of itself a great success factor but obviously we
have to make progress on the different issues that are covered and the first
year work plan which I just tore out of the book so I could look at it myself as
we talked is ambitious and but it is something where I think it would make a
positive difference just to be doing these things in the last comment I
wanted to make and I already had a meeting last week with Michael Cato the
minister from the province we have to do all pretty well all of this in
partnership with especially the province and to some extent the federal
government the province though mental health education you go down the list
health other kinds of health a lot of it’s in their bailiwick and council
mister katoa I will say Minister Cato indicated a real desire to work with us
in the city to show some real leadership in the City of Toronto because it’s the
City of Toronto and because we can because we want to and because he wants
to it because he represents this area too and I’ll
just conclude by saying I have not seen an exercise and I’ve been through now
only three years here but an exercise in which there was a better organized more
consultative more community focused process than this and I want to just
come in Denise and our other staff members and all those who helped because
it was really quite outstanding so we don’t have a deep breath after
councillor Thompson’s impassionate speech but I do want to thank the
community members because I mean we live in a great city and compared to so many
places in the world it’s it’s a great society but it’s it has a long way to go
and we need to continue challenge the status quo and continue asking why
people act a certain way and and I think that’s what we’re doing here and I think
the black community feels it more than a lot of other communities communities
have certain issues I when I was in high school there was studies that came out
that had the black community and the Portuguese community the highest dropout
rate and all of a sudden you know it was the communities were were attached with
this image that is very hard to to to a challenge and I remember when I started
in this building the question that I was asked by most of my colleagues and this
is very true is for help was if I knew a cleaning lady it’s very true to the to
the third of them I said you know what why don’t you guys ask me if I know a
doctor that I can give you but this exists and it’s not because it was done
in a malicious way but it exists in our society
and and I think that this is just I can’t even imagine what what you go
through so the importance of having this work done of having you at the table of
helping us deal with this issue it is so great and you’re not only helping the
black community believe me you’re helping the city as a whole
helping us understand these issues better helping us deal with these issues
better so thank you I think it’s once again it’s another
step forward in the right direction that we’re taking here to build an inclusive
and fair city Thank You Debra where if there are no other comments to be
offered then I will ask that the councillor Thompson moved the staff
recommendations and I’ll call the question on that report councilor Aames
Lee councillor Palau councillor Burnside councillor Crawford councillor DiGiorgio
councilor at man mayor Tory Castle Palacio cancer
Pasternak Council Shane or cancer Thompson it was opposed motion carries
unanimously thank you thank you to all the community members who have been with
us today and who spoke and those who listened and we thank you very much and
I’m sure many of them participated in the lead-up to today’s report which now
goes on of course to City Council next week
all right we have some items that I think councillor shiner can is we would
like to release which will help us in our cause to get to get done today and
so go ahead please Oh mayor Tory I had held item IX 29.1 92018 rate supported
budget solid waste management I had only held it because while it talks about a
rate it doesn’t really have a net rate in it that’ll be subject to the
discussion through the budget committee on the rebates I’m hoping next year we
can consolidate that so we know the net impact and I’m more than happy to
release this now councillor Davis did you have
Oh obviously if you’ve been waiting for it we that’s fine now were you having
questions and speeches to make it or is it something quick just because uh
pardon me no I understand all right why don’t you share it with her and I’m more
than happy to release this to Kellerman all right it’ll be released to calcium
McMahon and then we’ll see where we go from there and you had another one I
think out so sure I did I had also held the x20 9.25 the operating variance
report for nine-month period sorry I’m talking to myself here just we’re just
sorry just I’m more than happy to release it I did ask the question of our
staff as I found that the planning department has still under spent by a
million dollars your allocation and the building department is under spent by
three million dollars and I don’t think we’re looking for the savings there I
think we’re hoping they’ll put the staff in place to get the work done so it’s
simply to encourage not just that division but they have to work through
human resources to do whatever they can to fill the positions that we need to
move the applications and permits along otherwise I’m happy to release that item
all right that’s item twenty nine point two five and two five a and are there
any further counselor Shriners releasing that ready to call the question
all those in favor opposed carry anybody else have any releases they want
councillor Ainsley you’re gonna try again on the other one all right so the
first one number 20 2018 rate support of budgets Toronto parking authority
I had my questions answered on that by staff I can release it all right any
other comments or questions on that all right with I’ll call the question then
all those in the it’s a budget committee recommendation we’re approving here all
those in favor was carried all right thank you
number 30 Fleet Services Division 2017 capital budget in 2018 to 2026 capital
budget adjustments and accelerations and I have an amendment to the fleet
services it yes yeah okay go ahead so I’m moving an amendment I think the
clerk’s just going to put on the screen this has to do with asking fleet
services to continue in their work on looking at vehicle sharing for
commercial vehicles we don’t have it you sure we don’t have it not apparently the
amendments not here okay I can send it again okay and then number 32
transportation services 2017 capital budget adjustments now I have a little
note here myself that I was given by the clerk saying that they just look at that
saying there’s a deputation on that No so I don’t know why that says that
but it just does so you go ahead then please yeah so the motion I’m moving mr.
mayor it’s basically there’s two but there’s two bridge projects in this
project that both land over budget one of them’s in my ward the Morningside
Highland Creek Bridge I share that with councilor art in word 44 I’m basically
asking staff to inform the councillors about the cost overruns and the reasons
for the delay this is a substantial project I the borders through both our
wards it’s inconvenienced a lot of people and people are asking the
concerns and the overruns and councillor Hart and I would like to be able to
properly message out to our residents why it happened all right I think that
seems quite reasonable are there any people if anybody wanting to do is get
into asking questions or of the mover or otherwise unless otherwise we can treat
this as a quick release make the amendment and vote on the main item
everybody ready to do that all right on the amendment all those in
favor opposed carried on the item as amended all those in favor opposed
carried that’s item 29.3 to okay and then we’ve got the amendment for number
30 no well we sending I thought he had sent it okay did you send it again I’ll
send it again right now okay perfect anybody else in the meantime just well
before we proceed with oh yes the councillor Davis I had two items I was
here for one was on the investment policy that’s been held by councillor
Ainsley because I had a motion that he’s agreed to move on the investment policy
before it just depends now because we had promised the poverty item would come
next and so I if it’s gonna get into any kind of long proceeding we’re gonna try
and deal with tonight but we just said we deal with poverty next as an item so
we’re gonna get into questions and motions and speeches it would be unfair
to them because we indicated we would do a poverty mix so be dealt with quickly
do you think it will be I hope so the staffs over at the motion I’ve had a
briefing let me just check on one more thing councillor Davis there’s one on
that item which is the 39.6 there’s a deputation and it is Derek Moran who I
don’t see still here oh you are you’re okay well then
sorry counselor Davis we can’t deal with that until after so no not that not it
was a different one so what about the one just to try to clean these things up
but we can’t councillor McMahon what about the other one the councillor Davis
was concerned with counseling see how are you doing in here
we got counseling these other amendments no I’m emailing it right now sir okay
this is this is Cole this is councillor Davis’s motion moved
by councillor McMahon all right people should have a look at that
because if it’s all that’s gonna take to clear that item off and and then staff
can go home did you wish to speak I just go ahead if it’s gonna be quick to it
what happened this year’s RBI A’s have been hit with a one time charge that was
approved in 2016 not implemented in 2017 has come as a bit of a surprise but and
so there was some concerns from certainly from bi A’s in our area about
both that and the increase of 5.2 percent on the solid waste fees so what
this says is economic development is doing a review of retail strips and how
to support them it simply adds this and I’ve spoken both with economic
development staff and with solid waste staff and they’re quite pleased to look
at this issue of how these rising utility charges are affecting small
business in the report or in the study that they’re doing that’s coming to
council this month all right are there any questions that the rule would have
to be asked to council McMahon but are there any questions or anybody wishing
to speak beyond the comments of councillor Davis well I would just say
this really came to light in our BIA meeting last night we’re actually lucky
BIA has four councillors on it in the East End
and so people were concerned arrests businesses were concerned about the lump
sum which actually we approved in 2016 as councillor Davis says but now it’s
coming into place now so just a lump sum of $270 and you know trying to figure
that out we’re and in fairness to staff and the rest of us who supported it it
really is a cost because we need to ensure this is cost recovery which it
hasn’t been and the $5 bag fee never covered the recycling and the green bin
and there is money to be saved on your bag fees if you divert your waste so I
think we really need to do more education to everyone to divert our
waste and also educate ourselves be role models because we put all kinds of stuff
in the servery in the wrong bins all right let’s support me on that note
we’re asking here for something to be included in a study so I think it seems
based on the explanations given quite reasonable may I call the question if
we’re ready for that I’ll call the question on the amendment which is on
item 29 point 19 first all those in favor opposed carried on the item as
amended 29:19 all those in favor opposed carry thank you
then councillor nzz is now with us his amendment all right and this looks again
fairly self-explanatory in terms of car sharing sharing so I’m ready to call the
question on the amendment if you are at item 29 point 30 and I haven’t moved by
pop gasa lanes they all those in favor opposed carried item as amended all
those in favor opposed to carry okay so I think that now does bring us around to
the twenty-nine point 12 tío prosperity and I’m working on the
assumption by the way I’ve heard the committee would like to keep working and
see if we can’t make a great deal of progress on finishing the agendas
tonight so we’ll just proceed on that basis for the moment and then we’ll
regroup and take stock at say nine o’clock so we’re the the teal prosperity
item is deputations and the first is Natasha Allen tronic
benefits Network and I don’t know if they’re gonna appear together but
Rosemarie Powell Toronto community benefits network
Simone Walters you’re saying was supposed to be with you and is not is
she not gonna be here at all then okay thank you for telling me that
and and sir you are it was no signal Shana Community Benefit network
okay sir you are not need to see here again now
you’re not a registered deputed sir so I could say it just means that we can’t I
would allow up to six minutes for the two who are registered decrements but
not nine so they want to have you use some of their time that’s fine but
otherwise we’ll have to stick within six minutes or less okay okay thank you very
much so hello my name is rosemary Powell and the executive director of the
Toronto community benefits network mayors and councilors I bring greetings
from our membership the Toronto community benefits network it’s been a
long day but we have good news for you and this is an easy win for the city and
for our community so T CBN is a community labor coalition of 79 members
and groups who have come together to negotiate with developers on behalf of
the community to create jobs and opportunities for historically
disadvantaged communities and equity seeking groups through community
benefits agreements we’re a community labor coalition now I’m just gonna ask
that people try and keep things a little quieter we’re having some trouble
hearing thank you very much please go ahead thank you on April 2015
City Council directed staff to develop a community benefits protocol two and a
half years later City Council is asking for two more years to do a study as part
of its poverty reduction strategy we proposed that another study is not
necessary community benefits agreements are a proven policy tool to reduce
poverty and in in equality and it does so without
bloating the government’s budget the province has recognized this in fact
we’ve just received confirmation today from the Ministry of infrastructure that
they have adopted their community benefits strategy over the next ten
years and we need a community benefits agreement protocol today the research
has been done no less than five studies have been highlighted in our formal
response that we’ve submitted to city clerk but there are many more some as
recent as 2017 dating back to 2005 our responses here and posted on our website
when we have hard-working people in this city that continue to live in poverty
and deal with its after-effects it’s unconscionable that we don’t have a
stronger commitment to CBA’s who are these people they are women youth
racialized people urban aboriginals newcomers and yes even veterans they’re
the ones who’ve been historically disadvantaged enfranchised
because of income inequality and marginalization on the job market they
are the ones living in low-income communities with housing and
infrastructure in a state of degradation due to under investment there are the
people who are working two to three minimum-wage jobs to provide for their
children and families they’re the ones hanging out on the streets doing what
they can to hustle so they can eat they’re the ones who can’t afford to pay
their rent and much less to buy a home in this terrible economy they are my
family they are my friends they are my community incredible with the Toronto
experience we have trade unions on board who have committed to opening their
doors to diversity and to stand with the community on the platform of CBA’s if a
developer wants to build in this city they need to take the time to consider
their proposed impacts on the community and figure out ways hand-in-hand with
the community for how they can maximize their dollars to achieve multiple
benefits for them and the human thanks to provincial leadership Toronto
was the first city in Canada to have a signed community benefits framework
obligating a contractor to provide jobs and opportunities for social enterprise
and neighborhood and environmental improvements for the community since the
start of implementation this year of the Metrolinx community benefits framework
this has led to the opening of 30 apprenticeship positions for youth and
racialized people 104 professional administrative and technical jobs for
newcomers and approximately 3 million dollars of Social and local procurement
we have four more years to go on this Eglinton crosstown LRT project and we
expect to see this pace significantly ramped up with over 300 apprenticeship
positions offered over the span of the project the city has a model here that
just needs a little bit of commitment and fuel endorse it identify good
practices in it and scale it up identify challenges in the system for sure but
invest in solutions to strengthen it tens of billion dollars more worth of
infrastructure projects and other urban development projects will be built right
here in Toronto involving taxpayer dollars over the next 10 years starting
with the Finch LRT the Woodbine Casino the McDonald block to name son the city
has an incredible opportunity here to take the success and build on it by
requiring community benefits provisions on all their infrastructure and urban
development projects all we have to do is to start developing that protocol now
no study is further needed Thank you Thank You Mara Tori and members of the
executive committee my name is Natasha Allen I’m just gonna keep my speech
short Amira Torre we are disheartened to hear that the poverty reduction strategy
will be delayed for another two years Serrano is increasingly becoming
inaccessible for many families in Toronto for example Toronto is often
referred to as the child poverty capital of Canada as twenty six point eight
percent of children in Toronto are current
living below the poverty line furthermore in a 2015 study conducted by
the United Way of Toronto the income disparity in Toronto steadily increasing
as the income for Toronto’s wealthiest has doubled while the number of low
income families in Toronto is steadily increasing
we believe that enacting a poverty reduction strategy at the originally
proposed time would not only improve the quality of life for Torontonians sooner
but would also saved the city billions of dollars the city would save between
approximately 4.5 billion and 5.5 billion dollars a year if a community
benefits agreement was enacted to provide equitable access to employment
housing food and transit as expenditures associated with crime public health
welfare lost income and foregone taxes would be significantly reduced or
eliminated a CBA would allow for more people to work which would then allow
for more people to pay taxes thus increasing the city’s revenue and
allowing for the development of Toronto’s infrastructure and services
thank you once again for your time thank you for joining – you wanted to add sir
yes sir the Meritor II and staff and counselors I’m Nick ray construction
liaison person for the Toronto community benefit network I’m past president of
the plumbers Union in Toronto here as well as a business representative for
the local as well for 17 years but I’m recognizing right now as liaison here is
that the aspirational part of our agreement is not working as well as it
should the amount of apprentices that are coming through should be almost
double what we’re seeing now the problem though is aspirational it’s a very airy
number out of the sky that they promise that they’re going to try and get us to
the thing is that we have these young men
young women that are desperately seeking employment in a building trades these
people have their grade 12 they’ve graduated from our schools here take a
ride on the subway look at the next generation they want an opportunity to
work and live in this city and I ask you to support a 10% more not
an aspirational 10% but a 10% guarantee that you’ll look at the possibility of
putting these young people to work so they can be citizens here that are
earning good living and paying taxes that’s all I gotta say thank you thank
you sir thank you to all three of you may I see
if there are questions of these of these deputies yes concertinas oh I’m
struggling to understand the community benefits agreements that were thank you
for coming first of all that were negotiated for the Eglinton crosstown
was a Metrolinx initiative the provincial government is going to do
what you’ve announced that they’re going to expand community benefits agreements
in all of their projects or what is it it’s very new however they did take into
consideration the recommendations that we were part of presenting and what
they’ve decided is that they’re going to be adding in addition to the Metrolinx
project an additional community benefits agreement on another major
infrastructure project that they’re working on and that they’re going to
they’re developing a strategy that will last throughout the the ten years I’m
really looking forward to reading everything but and you’re looking to the
City of Toronto to do something similar on our capital projects is that that’s
correct that’s what we would like to see and also to support the concept of a
firm target not just an aspirational target we did receive ten at ten percent
agreement for apprenticeships on the Eglinton
crosstown and it was aspirational and for any future CBA’s we would like to
see that to be firm targets so the model that’s used on Metrolinx it’s just it
sounds incredible and I don’t understand if we have a model that we can’t just
take that model and import it into the large capital projects that we have it
provides opportunities for employment it I mean it has so many benefits that’s
I guess that’s the name of it so you’ve been told that we’re delaying it for yes
our understanding is that there is going to be there is a proposal to delay so
that the city can conduct a study for to another two years okay I didn’t read
that it sounded to me like well anyway I will ask staff and now a bill that was
also I’ve got there was also as I recall on an earlier TTC project there was
going to be a new model of a negotiated agreement with all of the trades through
a project that would have assured completion even through the termination
of collective agreements and other provisions that were going to be put
into agreements and I can’t quite remember what that was called that was
that was quite a while ago yes and and the thing is that some of it was
successful but not most of it was aspirational as well okay the the issue
that everyone must realize is this is not just for the projects that we’re
looking at but as everyone is aware it takes four to five years to serve an
apprenticeship that became a to become a journey person and sometimes the
employer only has six months eight months on a project the City of Toronto
is doing well we’re encouraging is that they will look
at this individual or individuals and say alright I can put that person to
work on other projects outside of the City of Toronto they have performed well
they have done their job well and they have the opportunity to work for this
employer I’m looking for them to get that first chance the first step and
that’s why I’m here seeking the opportunity and the 10% the
not be aspirational you have the right to say I’d like to see 10% of these
communities these people having this opportunity to go into the trades our
servicemen there are many of them languishing in homes they’re homeless
they have no opportunity because the training they took as a young person was
not akin to what we have in civilian life I was very lucky I got out of the
Canadian Navy at 20 and a half years and I had a brother say to me would you like
to be a steamfitter I said to him what’s that and that’s the truth
what’s that and he says well it’s putting pipes together and it’s hot
water and steam and I says all and I subconsciously said to myself I guess I
can do that until I start finding something better well I’ll tell you I
have not found anything better it was an excellent trade I live in Toronto I own
a home here it’s paid for and thank you very much for what I’ve had and now I’ve
come out of retirement because I know they need help to get into the trades
right but you’re the answer thank you sir and councillor Davis his time has
expired so well thank you very much other questions of these deputies okay
well thank you all okay counts about up just a quick one
you talk about being aspirational so where are you finding the issue is it on
the the youth so you’re not getting the youth
to work for its using this Metrolinx work we have feelings have for almost
2,000 people on our list that would like to be come apprentices so there’s no
shortage of people that you want to so you need the the contract so we actually
goes back there to to say yes we need the unions to say yes thank you and
thank you all very much for your deputation appreciate that thank you
that would bring us to Patricia O’Connell sistering hello miss McConnell
I’m here from sistering and sistering is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week drop-in for
homeless or precariously housed women women who have mental health issues and
an end for addictions issues the city funded us two years ago because a woman
was sexually assaulted twice on a city funded building in downtown Toronto
twice in the same evening by two different men and the city decided at
that time that women needed a safe space to be and then open to 24-hour drop ins
for women and I’m here to plead with you mr. mayor to take some action on the
current shelter crisis and I think your staff at sh-sh would now agree that we
have a crisis we need more affordable housing we need more supportive housing
we need more shelter beds this crisis exists for both men and women in the
city and I’m just here to talk about the women sistering has been at capacity or
over capacity since the first two or three months that we were open so our
capacity is 50 women we often have more than 65 every night we have 12
reclining chairs then we have mats and then we have the floor and I would
challenge you to imagine your mom your aunt your sister
sleeping on a concrete floor night after night after night because there are no
shelter beds or other affordable housing we have women that actually live at
sistering we have one shelter we provide meals we provide clothing we provide
support and women have stayed there for well over a year because there is no no
space for them to be just recently you open the respite centers they’re all
full you open 30 more beds for women at the
candidate Kennedy shelter they were open the first week that the beds were there
30 30 35 more mats at Fred Victor there at capacity as well you heard recently
that 70 homeless people died in Toronto so far this year two of those were our
women two young women who were homeless one of whom lived between the the Harris
treatment plant and High Park I have her tent
kami in my office her mom gave it to me and asked me to hang on to it for
another woman that would need it we really need you mr. mr. Troy to declare
this a crisis my understanding is you have the powers yourself to do that the
executive committee may or may not support you but you if you were to
declare a crisis you could open spaces now so women are women in my case are
not going to die in the street this winter we can put mats in the floor in
community centers in other other city spaces I know there’s an ongoing debate
about the Armory’s so I’m not going to get into that but I would I would say a
mat on the floor in one of the Armory’s would be better
woman sleeping in High Park in the middle of the winter I’ve asked you to
conclude shortly just because you okay and what I would say is we desperately
need right now 400 shelter beds to look look after us in the coming months and
then we need a thousand more beds but they need to be shelter beds that are
over and above what your current really replacing from the for the ones that
were lost these have to be net new beds not the ones replacing the ones that
George Street or whatever so on behalf of the women at sistering I really
really am pleading with you to do something about this as I say I
understand you’ve got the authority and the ability to do that and we got to
keep these women off the street we’ve got to keep them safe we got to keep
them warm all right thank you very much miss O’Connell are there questions of
the members of council of miss O’Connor yes council Bailey I just want to
understand a little bit better how you came to the 400 number immediately and
yes a thousand can you explain yes we’ve been looking at the the capacity at the
various shelters and drop-ins for both men and women and those for him 400 are
men and women not just women and that’s our estimate of the number of people
that are still outside that that need the shelter and I think one of the other
deputies will have a much better detailed response to the numbers that’s
what we’re thinking and at the CR DC the shelter staff agreed with us and my next
question is Patrice I mean you even you you said that you you had some women
staying in your drop-in for a year they basically lived there and I’ve toured
the place and I I know how much you guys do in there and and how busy it is if
people are living there for a year I mean do we really need the 1,000
shares or do we need a thousand supportive housing units we need we need
the housing absolutely we need the housing but because my concern is that
we’re gonna invest the money and the resources on shelters where shelter is
nobody nobody should live to have to live a year in a shelter right we need
to make sure that we transition these people into proper housing right yeah I
agree we we need support of affordable housing however that’s gonna take longer
to build and right now if the committee we need a transition yeah we need a
transition plan you can put a mat on a floor here and the woman who’d be safer
than she would be out on the street so that I’m just saying let’s deal with the
immediate crisis but absolutely all of us would fully support more housing
Thank You Kyla other questions at the deputy thank you very much mr. Connell
appreciate that next is now whom man no ma’am man
Michael Rosenberg hello mr. Rosenberg okay welcome you have three minutes all
right well it’s actually like more than 30 years that I’ve been talking about
technology and how it’s actually taking over and is taking resources away from
people rather than helping so it’s it’s it’s now been a long time and I think
like you can actually see it happening now right I mean this is just on the
basis of my knowledge of the technology and where it would go
that I was saying there’s even 30 years ago and and now it’s happening so let’s
sort of look at the background for the the poverty reduction stir
oh gee that poverty is something that we’re all headed towards I mean in just
in the last few months housing has become something that that everybody
recognizes as a problem it’s not just a few people so let’s look at sort of the
background of where we stand with with poverty and where we stand with the
economy and just want to make just a few recommendations one is on the funding we
need to look at how the city spends money and how the decisions we make will
affect the future so we don’t have a growing economy anymore it’s now a
question of what do we do to prevent the economy from shrinking any further so
let’s look at how we spend our money let’s direct the money away from things
like technology and let’s carefully review our other budgets and maybe we’ll
find that housing and transit are more important than roads I mean we have to
make those decisions we don’t have a growing economy anymore but we do have
to solve these problems we have to stop spending money on technology and
thinking that every new software and hardware project should just be
supported we have to change the direction and think of it in terms of
allocation of city spending and how that affects the economy and on an on the job
side you know we’ve heard a lot about jobs I mentioned it before but I want to
add that the city should review its job descriptions to remove unnecessary
educational requirements that’s not just about who gets jobs it’s about people
getting jobs faster and with less personal expense in time and money
before they can start to work so it’s actually increases productivity it’s not
just as many other of this we talked about about who gets what it’s
actually about making it possible for us to recognize that the knowledge economy
can be unproductive and that we can actually increase the total economic
benefits if we can move people into jobs faster with not as much education it
actually is an improvement for society if we can do that if I could ask you to
move together and my last point is that there were going to be some changes in
the advisory bodies for the poverty reduction strategy we were told right
from the beginning that there would be a new advisory body that it could include
people from the general public who are neither and like working in poverty
organizations nor people who are poor we need to expand the people who are
involved in this process so you can get like other points of view that may solve
the problem thank you very much mr. Roseburg are there any questions of the
definite all right well thank you very much for your patience today Leyla
sarangi manager Community Programs women’s habitat a photobook oh it’s mr.
Agee here okay next we have Julie pan ass Orpah nasi Julie pan ass Adina
Laveau there you are welcome and thank you for your patience do you have three
minutes okay thank you very much my name is Adina Lobo I’m speaking for carp
toronto the toronto seniors forum located here at city hall and today also
for our commitment to community coalition c2c is a citywide coalition of
residents faith communities nonprofit organizations and community
organizations working together to support actions that reduce poverty and
increase equity to ensure that Toronto is a great city to live in
you’ve heard from us previously and have received our budget Direction letter
signed by ninety three of our partner organization
Agencies individual members about the poverty reduction strategy and we’re
here again today to ensure that the monies are allotted for this in 2018
budgeting process if you haven’t got it I will leave a copy of the 93 signatures
and the letter with the clerk over the last couple of years or so through our
networks of organizations and our Toronto can do better campaign you’ve
seen these postcards we’ve talked to thousands of Toronto residents and the
message is clear many people are struggling and just making ends meet
Toronto has the highest child poverty rate in the country one in four more and
more seniors are using food banks and shelters as they run out of money and
more single women lead families are falling below the poverty line as well
as many of our new immigrants who are trying desperately to establish
themselves in a new country affordable housing affordable transit employment
opportunities and childcare tops their lists of concerns and people throughout
the city in different neighborhoods are not seeing on the ground improvements
and worried about their future we’re counting on City Hall to address these
issues and find solutions for Toronto in 2018 according to city staff the mayor
and council will need to invest 66 million in the city’s poverty reduction
strategy and related strategies this year this money is not new money this is
just money promised in other years and needed this year to honor those previous
commitments that City Hall has already promised to reduce poverty in the city
we expect full funding of it in 2018 and I’m saying this because if we don’t get
on with this job now in this crisis then over the next five to ten years
we’re gonna have an unscalable mountain to climb as seniors who are living
longer and who have not saved enough over their working years join the roster
of poverty and homelessness we see their numbers starting to expand now if you
take a look at seniors at shelters and see
at food banks this is just beginning please be leaders and make affordable
housing affordable transit affordable health more employment opportunities
essential rights for every Torontonians the feds have just announced a housing
strategy and embedded it as a human right please do not cut these budgets we
know across-the-board cuts are easy to do for staff but we’re asking you now to
do the hard work of setting priorities we’re asking you to conclude now we’re
asking you to think about cutting some budget items and departments while
raising others all right this is the only way out of an increasingly tenuous
position for for more Torontonians if we always do what we’ve always done we’ll
always get what we’ve always got so please let’s do something different for
2018 and honor our commitment thank you very much
are there are there questions of miss Leveaux okay
I see no question so I’ll thank you very much for your for your deputation and
we’ll go to a Derek Moran nope Merritt oh I know as a trustee of your
Godfather’s private family trust you probably have a copy of the Donovan
waters law of trust in Canada yourself I just want to share with everybody my
favorite part of this book it says whether by right of Canada or the
provinces the crown is a charitable purpose because it’s sold raise on debt
to us French for a reason for existence reason for being is the public benefit
nobody knows this but the night before you guys took the vote to replace a
councillor McConnell I I messaged Michael Creek on Facebook and what I
said to him was if you end up winning tomorrow ask city manager Peter Wallace
this guy Derek Moran says poverty can be solved with the security of the person
is this true and at the bottom there Michael Creek said
will do unfortunately you lost some that doesn’t help so everyone want to see why
there’s such poverty such a big problem in Ontario this is the back of a birth
certificate it says on the left here revenue receipt in the middle is what’s
called known as a CUSIP number it’s evidence of its security it’s a number
and has a letter there and on the right of it it says for Treasury use only
however that’s what it says on the back of a birth certificate in British
Columbia it does not say that on the back of a birth certificate in Ontario
now mayor Tory you know from the police for a couple weeks ago I explained the
void for vagueness doctrine the void for vagueness doctrine for Supreme Court and
it said that the law has to be clear can’t be vague can’t be arbitrary and
you have to give proper notice now I know crown attorney Jeffrey Clayton
appears to to him that I’m aapke as they say a free man on the land but how fair
is that that to think that of me when we aren’t given proper notice of what it
says on the back of a birth certificate as it once did I guess in British
Columbia so here’s the definition I’d encourage counselor Mavic and deputy
treasurer Mike st. amant to read it’s from the federal trust and Loan
Companies Act in Section three seventy four point one agent means a in relation
to her majesty and write of Canada or of a province any agent of Her Majesty and
the either of those rights and includes a municipal or public body and power to
perform a function function of government in Canada or any entity in
power to perform a function or duty on behalf of Her Majesty neither of those
rights but does not include one an official or entity performing a function
or duty in connection with the administration or management of the
estate or property of a natural person to an official or entity performing a
function or duty in connection with the administration management or investment
of a fund established to provide compensation hospitalization medical
care annuities pensions or similar benefits
the natural persons or monies derived from
such a fun or three the best part the trustee of any trust for the
administration of a fund to which her majesty and either of those rights
contributes and of which an official or entity that is an agent of Her Majesty
and either of those rights is a trustee all right well thank you I’m at note mr.
Moran thank you very much take notice merit or not the crown is the surety for
mr. Derrick Murray and the person I have a cue thank you very much Shaun Mahara
executive director social Planning Toronto I didn’t see him in here all
right Riley Petersen budget lead Toronto Youth cabinet we saw her there you are
again I’m Riley I’m the budget lead of the
Toronto youth cabinet the city’s official youth advisory body I brought
with me a stack of really meaningful and effective but not fully funded
strategies so in Toronto one in four children live in poverty a hundred
thousand households are on this the subsidized housing waitlist waitlist for
affordable recreation programs have grown to one hundred eighty nine
thousand TTC service is inadequate and many inner suburban communities and the
homeless death toll just surpassed 70 for 2017 Toronto can do better as the
city’s official youth advisory body we care deeply about the future of our city
and what today’s budgets mean for our tomorrow’s and we are concerned about
the 2018 budget if council continues down the road of status quo budgets and
commitments without funding attached to them the already stark inequality in
this city will continue to grow commitment to community has been having
conversations with hundreds of people across the city over the past few months
residents of Toronto have a vision for a fair better city and hope council will
set priorities that reflect community hopes that meet those goals and to move
forward with fully funding the poverty reduction strategy the the community is
looking for more investment in affordable housing increasing childcare
spaces lowering TTC fares and more meaningful employment
opportunities today we urge you to fully fund the 2018
work plan for the poverty reduction strategy we also ask you to fully fund
the other related strategies that council has already costed out such as
housing opportunities Toronto transform tío the middle childhood strategy the
Fair Pass Program and the childcare growth strategy among others we ask that
you commit to targeted action to reduce the inflated poverty rates among
indigenous racialized immigrant newcomer children and children living in
female-led single-parent families so that no communities are left behind and
we ask that you set clear targets in all areas of the poverty reduction strategy
and finally we ask that you finalize the long-term fiscal plan in 2018 with
dedicated ongoing funding for the poverty reduction strategy thank you
thank you very much mr. Peterson are there questions of the decadent thank
you very much for your submission Tim McGuire cUPE Local 79 why are here okay
Karthika Mahana chandran welcome at three minutes thank you for coming thank
you good evening everyone my name is car and I am currently completing my
practicum at the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto an agency that is also a
member of commitment to community today I’m here to speak about what CTC has
also heard from the hundreds of Toronto residents we have spoken with over the
last seven months and in addition to sharing what their shared vision of
amongst Toronto residents has resulted in the vision that emerged from
residents is closely linked to the goals of the city’s poverty reduction strategy
which was unanimously adopted by council two years ago it is the vision of a city
where all have access to decent jobs housing transit an opportunity residents
are telling us that Toronto is a city that is becoming more and more
challenging to subsistence in a city that takes pride in seeing diversity our
strengths it is increasingly disappointing to see the significant
lack of investments being made into all communities in order to provide all
residents with Toronto with equal opportunities to prosper the Children’s
Aid Society of Toronto recently released a report earlier this month
entitled unequal City the hidden divide amongst rhinos children and youth that
discussed the data drawn from Statistics Canada 2016 census this report revealed
the dire need to address child poverty in our city where the gap in child
poverty rates across Toronto neighborhoods remains start ranging from
4.1 percent in King’s way south to 60 point one percent in thorn cliff Park 13
City Ward’s contain census tract areas with child poverty rates of 50% or more
given that I personally came to City Hall myself to deliver these reports in
person to me or in council last Friday I’m aware that this report it should
already be in your possession or should or will be soon enough
I encourage you to please read it in full in addition statistics that are
included in the city’s teal Prosperity poverty reduction strategy report are
also echoed echoed in unequal City specifically poverty is
disproportionately higher among indigenous peoples people of color
newcomers and women-led families poverty as a whole however is something that
affects us all over the past seven months
CTC members have gone across the city to talk to Toronto residents about how they
envision a better Toronto to look like the feedback received from the hundreds
of residents we spoke with was put together in the form of another report
by CTC which should have also been distributed
to all of you here today as he just heard from Adina LeBeau the message is
clear and many people are struggling residents from across the city share
similar concerns people value the communities they live in and care about
their neighborhoods however year after year they see cuts
that strain their communities and the nickel and diming that make the things
that support their communities more and more threadbare and they’re worried
about the future people are counting on City Hall to address these issues but
they are not seeing things turn around there’s a need for mayor and council to
restore confidence and regain the trust of Toronto residents to keep their
promises by implementing the many strategies and action plans that have
already been adopted which aim to reduce poverty and increase access to services
and supports the housing transit and childcare the residents of Toronto rely
on city services and programs to make life better for themselves and for
others around them in the interest of time I will speak to the top five
priorities that have been identified by more than five hundred people we
received direct written feedback from in very quick summary of your at three
minutes now thank you Hugh challenges that residents reported
include unaffordable housing in Toronto the high
Fair’s associated to taking the TTC the lack of meaningful employment
opportunities the lack of affordable childcare spaces with flexible hours of
service and poor building management and maintenance as Meritor eat we did
yesterday we are grateful for your commitment to support the poverty
reduction strategy and to ensure that it continues to have a real and positive
impact on the lives of Toronto residents we hope that this is a promise that you
will be keeping by fully funding the poverty reduction strategy in the 2018
city budget thank you for your time and figure out for time I know very much of
the presence of the decadent okay thank you very much appreciate your patience
Hamish Wilson thank you I know it’s late
I was lucky enough to glean a copy of the written submission of the Children’s
Aid Society of Toronto written by Michael Polanyi who’s one of
the co-authors of the Hidden divide among children and youth in the Toronto
Area you guys I don’t think it’s been read into you into the record yet they
thank you for some work and yet likewise we urge you to move forward in two key
ways one approve the 2018 work plan for the poverty reduction strategy and
secondly strengthen the poverty reduction strategy by a setting clear
progress targets and timelines for all recommendations in the strategy be
reinserting into the 2018 work plan a commitment to find permanent funding for
the strategy which means moving forward with the completion of the city’s long
term fiscal plan see completing the formation of the accountability
structure for this strategy in 2018 putting in place a lived experience
Advisory Group is an important step but there’s no update in the staff report on
the status of the proposed accountability table or its components
including a private sector round table a monitoring and evaluation working group
and a senior staff steering committee now certainly there is a real set of
problems here it’s a very divided city it’s getting worse we have a real set of
situations I’m sorry that stack of reports that and commitments that was
committed to but there’s been no funding has left the room but I I worry a gain
that we have a set of nice policies nice talk nice initiatives nice than this and
that but hoops money and we don’t really have a plan
beyond the election that’s a problem and I quite honestly I think we really need
to worry about a downturn what if interest rates go up to 8% I think
that’d be great myself because it might deflate the housing and what if there’s
the the nafta pullout happens and things go south so there’s a real unemployment
again now are the middle east blows up and we get $3 a leader oil things could
we’ve been living a good party so we’ve have to the party if we’ve got a real
divide now I think we need to squeeze the billions and this is something that
you may not have picked up on the Guardian that Scarborough subway
extension has made the international headlines as being a white elephant but
the Guardian got the figure wrong was only three billion not three point three
five God heard back from today the globe itself in an editorial not too long back
also suggested that there’s a real you know it’s a probably the greatest miss
manager for public funds in Canadian history there’s also another little old
thing that we need to bring back to in order to fund the poverty reduction
strategy we need that vehicle registration tax but brought back I
would think that if we accept this figure of twenty seven hundred bucks per
car per year from Vancouver and it’s now twenty years old we could squeeze a
hundred bucks per car per year easily and I think instead we should just
putting into general revenues we should dedicate that to the TTC capital but
also to transit reduction passes on that note I’ll ask if you could wrap up any
indeed well we are spending a lot on the big-ticket items and that’s bad we’ve
got a squeeze the billions okay thank you very much mr. Wilson a Capri ribbon
executive director Street Health thank you
thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today about the city’s 2018
structure infrastructure the shelter structure infrastructure plan included
in the poverty reduction strategy work plan in recommendation 4.7 I’m also here
to request your support for the motions being put forward by the CDRC committee
to be voted on at City Council on December the 5th
my name is Capri Rabin and I’m the executive director Street health were
located at sir Bern and Dundas Street Health has been working in the downtown
east Toronto community for 30 years providing nursing mental health harm
reduction identification replacement identification storage services for
people who are homeless marginally housed and who struggle with poverty our
programs have over 2,000 clients as it’s a month we know the challenging housing
shelter physical health mental health and substance use issues that people are
facing here in Toronto and in our community the shelter system is well
over capacity and there are no beds available in the system I think you’ve
heard that many times before this is well documented we’re well over the 90%
that’s been the standard that’s been set by City Council the city’s response has
been to open up increasing our supply of warming centers and out of the cold and
while these programs are really critical and important initiatives they do not
address the issue of shelter beds warming centers and out of the cold
programs offer substandard accommodation there they’re mats on the floor or a
chair to sit in if you’re lucky or as we’ve heard from our colleague tonight
if people have to sleep on the floor there’s limited washroom facilities no
showers the resources are not shelters according to the city’s most recent data
16,000 unique individuals use the shelter system in 2016 22 percent of
those or over 3500 people are considered homeless for over six months thereby
defining them as chronically homeless the use of the city shelter system has
been on the rise for several years on an average night in 2017 there
are over 5,000 people using the shelter system that’s compared to over 4,000
people in 2016 that’s an increase of 20% the 2018 shelter infrastructure plan
identifies a number of shelters currently under development but most of
them are not slated to open until 2019 we believe that the solution to ending
homelessness is to build decent affordable deeply affordable accessible
housing for all however we don’t believe that this is going to happen in the
short term and we also don’t believe that the boat those who are most
marginalised in our community should be forced to suffer without access to
decent housing so today we’re asking the Executive Committee to support the
motion at City Council to direct the general manager shelter support and
housing to include in the 2018 shelter infrastructure plan the opening of a
thousand new shelter beds to meet the standard of 90% shelter occupancy across
all sectors and to support a motion to declare an emergency in the shelter
system to immediately act to open at least 400 emergency beds for singles and
people and families by the end of 2017 to provide immediate relief thank you
very much thank you very much thank you other questions at the definition well
thank you very much for your patience and for your comments thank you that
brings us to the end of the deputations and so we would move now to questions of
staff by members of the council that are not on the executive committee
councillor Davis did you have any questions staff I beg your pardon I’m
trying to understand the community benefits
provisions that we have under the social procurement policy and how
they compare to Metrolinx what we heard today was that Metrolinx
uses a particular framework or a particular model for doing providing
internships and job opportunities what do we do through the social procurement
policy that council approved last year in 2016 there is a framework through
which through city contracting we look for both employment benefits or diverse
supply chain benefits so do we set out requirements in a say there’s a water
project and we want to see in so many in interns not internships god I’m losing
it apprenticeships on a project we put that in as a requirement for tender
through the chair depending on the the model of the of the contract guess if
it’s a tender we will be more prescriptive of the types of
apprenticeship or workforce development opportunities that we would be looking
for that is suitable to that contract if if in an alternative situations where we
do an RFP or a pre-qualification where we’ll actually get the proponents to
propose what might work best out of a range of workforce development
opportunities we present and provide them a menu of things – that they could
propose and then we work with them to connect them to the proper pipeline to
get the those people who are need of employment into the into the what
they’re proposing so are we working with the trades unions where there where
there is a tender construction will work with the trade unions to facilitate that
so for example working with hammerheads as a pre-apprenticeship program so how
is it different than the metro program is a chair I’m not completely
familiar with the entire Metrolinx program but the one thing is scale the
metrics Crosstown project is you know five to six billion dollar project and
we are working with projects that are over five million dollars that are
suitable based on time and reach of the program okay so I see and in Table two
there’s like two three five ten maybe fifteen maybe more that have been
created through the social procurement will we require their tests my jobs or
apprenticeships in every contract large one small ones where are the where are
the guidelines through the chair the policy that Council adopted set of
guidelines for staff will look at what’s coming up in a given year and then
contracts that are over five million dollars of value we will apply a
criteria and work with the divisions to determine whether it’s suitable for a
workforce development opportunity so for large construction contracts that’s
usually that’s easier to work with but we do we have found that not all
contracts will be suitable for workforce development opportunity based on how the
work is going to be performed thank you alright any other questions of staff
know why they’re outside counselors so counselors in committee any questions of
staff quickly before the mayor comes back yes just a quick question do we
have any targets for Workforce Development sorry through the chair yes
we have we a part of the social procurement program that was adopted in
2016 there were output targets that were set out and also a commitment to keep
working on improving the chart that I’m so sorry can you remind me what’s the
targets so the first set of targets that we had was that 33 percent of our
competitive procurements with over five million dollars in value would include a
competitive would include a workforce development
component and that we would start actually getting at least a third of
them with a work in RFPs we get a workforce of L and proposal back and
when did that start or when is that starting so the the program was adopted
in 2016 but we officially really rolled it out its beginning in 2017 so we’re
just in the first year of implementation and we’re continuing to work on that on
improving our metrics on so when will we get a report back on how we’re doing
with all those metrics so there is a part of this report there’s an update
already and there will be subsequent update each year as we move forward okay
so will so you have a percentage can we drill it down to the number of
apprenticeships that we’re actually gonna have through the chair in the
report we indicate how many programs that we’ve how many workforce
development opportunities we’ve established to date on page 12 and it
there is no specific target for each contract it’ll depend on that contract
suitability of what might work thank you very much councillor Bulow
that was great moving along to Council really thank you
I just wanted our staff of it so last week it provincially they’d
asked bill 148 that fair workplaces better job sacks I was just wondering
what is what impact that will have on our policies and programs we’re looking
at through the chair a report was submitted to Budget Committee outlining
some of the implications of the changes of bill 148 for city employees of course
but 148 will have implications as well for any decent work standards of the
city determines are appropriate to apply to city contracts so we will need to
research what the implications will be for city contracts and that’s one of the
recommendations in the report to report back to committee now okay thank you and
then there was a an issue raised by one of the deputies about it to your delay
or time lag in the implementation of poverty reduction strategy I’m just
trying to understand what was meant by that through the chair
I too am wondering about the comment there from a staff perspective there is
no delay in the implementation of the poverty reduction strategy you have the
2018 proposed work plan included in this report the reference may have been to
not providing committee and council with a City of Toronto community benefits
framework writ large there is further work to do and that will be coming
forward okay all right thank you very much I thank you council or any other
members of the committee wishing to ask questions of staff I have one but if I
want to make sure others there look after okay
could I just ask about accessible shelter spaces and and what what what
the status is of the number of those and what the plans are to create more that
are accessible to those with differing abilities through the chair I can’t give
you an exact number of the operating shelters that we have at the moment what
I can assure you is that any new shelters that we bring on do meet AODA
compliance and will be accessible all right so if we went back for example to
the there was a women’s shelter open in the last 12 months I went and visited it
I don’t remember the name of it but since Scarborough
yes homes first is accessible so that would be accessible yes so there are
there are 50 if spaces in there do I recall correctly there are 60 there and
we’ve opened an additional 30 for winter so everything going forward and now
there’s another I’m just going for a memory here it’s hard with out in front
of me but there’s another women shelter I think it’s
do to be ready sometime in the spring no there’s a youth shelter that will be
opening in Scarborough but all of those the one on Kingston Road in the hotel
those are all accessible yes the hope shelter as of all of them are without
exception absolutely yes and do we feel that that going forward capacity will be
adequate in terms of looking after the needs of the those that portion of the
population needing shelter that are with differing abilities SSA J undertook an
evaluation this year on the accessibility in shelters we’re just
waiting the to get the report back from the the consultant right now we will be
making a presentation in December the accessibility committee on the current
state of accessibility in shelters but what that assessment will allow us to do
is come up with an action plan for how we want to increase the available
accessible beds across the shelter system not just in the new programs
final question do we find that the the shelter system reports back to us that
there are a significant number of people with differing abilities who can’t find
a shelter space given points in time because there just aren’t enough in the
right places I couldn’t answer that at the moment mr. chair I do know that we
do have an aging population in shelters and certainly mobility is a concern for
that population thank you alright I’m now able to move to those who wish to
speak on this item and those who are not members the
committee accounts with Davis you wishing to speak I mean I I mean I’m
sure I will echo everyone who has spoken to us over the last many months about
the deepening and worsening poverty in our city and with the new results of the
long-form census we’re getting an even clearer picture of the kind of poverty
that certain communities are experienced in Toronto our poverty is racialized
it’s in the outer suburbs it is continuing and deepening so we often
feel here like we are working around the edges with the kind of jurisdiction that
we have and knowing that the provincial government controls many of the most
important levers income security or income redistribution all of the federal
government both taxation the kinds of revenue streams that can actually have
an impact on poverty but I’m glad we obviously have put forward poverty
reduction strategy and that we are going to put forward the funding to support it
in the 2018 budget it’s as the CDR C Committee I’m sure will confirm from
their contributions this month we have a crisis right now in our shelter system
we simply do not have enough places for people to live whether their emergency
shelters supportive housing long-term housing our city is in crisis and we
really have to tackle this the solutions are complicated and councillor by Lao
raised this should we be building shelters or should we be building
housing and we’ve struggled with this since the day I arrived here and that no
we don’t want to be building shelters we have to be building housing well we have
to do both and we cannot have places like sistering be have offering shelter
that has converted been converted into housing so we need to treat people who
need housing with some respect and we need to make
sure that their place to stay that are decent until they have permanent housing
all of these other pieces as well obviously are important employment
childcare other supports that help people to become independent and to find
themselves a place where they can participate in all aspects of life in
the City of Toronto I do not still understand how it is that we are
creating and requiring that jobs and apprenticeships are included in our
contracting and social procurement and I hope that when you report back although
there is no date to report back here I hope someone will insert a date that we
can have a better understanding of how we are delivering on employment
opportunities through the incredible purchasing power that we have here at
the City of Toronto thank you you should be able to do more thank you thank you
members of the committee wishing to speak galilaeans Lee Thank You Mara
Torrey I do have a motion that I would like to move in it’s based on some of
the questioning that I just asked staff so last week at the province they passed
bill 148 which is the FIR Fair Work plays better jobs acts I’m asking for a
report back on how that legislation impacts some of the policies and best
practices and purchasing that we’ve been looking at implementing mainly through
the government Management Committee and we’ve been looking in a number of
different areas from scheduling equal pay to equal work plans programs and
policies needed to ensure fair and equitable hiring practices so I would
like staff to report back on what the impact bill for 148 is on some what
we’re putting in place here at the city Thank You councillor Ainsley question of
the mover so I’m so I’m asking and so had the
problem yep which part aren’t you clear on so the
province passed provincial legislation and I’m asking for some clarification
report back from staff on how that affects the city policies that we put in
place we just did this at council bill
48 was jump out just passed last week we did something at Council on this on this
very topic oh did we not I didn’t to do with the cost to the city of bill 148 in
terms of wages and so forth it didn’t really was a different with something
different we just this is different from yes I’m just saying you’re right you got
a council though correct I think it came through here on a motion by a through
the executive death the earlier on today actually I think yeah no but was but may
havoc move did it council yeah he did it cuz that’s why it ended up here okay
yeah question of the mover or did you have a question of the of the mover
council shiner okay so my answer Aynsley what do you mean by decent work
standards right what do you mean by decent work standards so some of the
things that we’ve been looking at as a city is scheduling for our employees how
we put in place a fair wage policy how we’ve looked at our hiring practices
sorry it was our part of our contract negotiations are they not
that’s a question of the mover yes I didn’t hear it those are the question
was those are part of our contract negotiations aren’t they correct and
then the province put in place legislation could that could be
overriding in impacting on what we put in place so I’d like some clarification
from staff on what the impact of the provincial legislation is when a stop
earlier when I was asking questions not asked about what it might be their
motion says I’m so China when I was asking questions of staff earlier they
said they understood what the financial implications were of the work of the
bill they weren’t sure what the policy implications were but your is asking for
a part on opportunities to include that’s not a report back way I read it
on what it means that’s a lot of work for staff to advise you what they might
wish to include in this which I understand to be labor relations issues
I’ll just try to be helpful here obviously counseling is that you can
have whatever amendment you wish to move it sounds like it may be one that would
have a greater chance of attracting supportive it just said the report on
the implications of the 148th on work standards covered by city policies and
practices that but as opposed to including decent work stance but I’m
just saying that and I’ll leave it to you to do what you wish are there other
questions of the move at that time was was up on that other questions of the
mover or other yes councillor do you have a question of the mover council
princess I do okay thank you so I’m unclear as to if he’s whether
he’s gonna take your advice or not if you were then my questions are somewhat
weird unnecessary but if you’re talking about opportunities to include decent
work standards as it relates to purchasing how does so are you looking
at would that be looking at companies we do business with that we buy like desks
or tires or gasoline what their work standards are
and how we can impose no we don’t so what is purchasing you have to do with
it so city’s policies and practices we can’t impose in it we have no ability to
pose anything on people we’re purchasing from in terms other than very little but
opportunities to include decent work standards on perch not covered by the
new legislation in city policies regarding purchasing right so my
understanding and provincial legislation there is a component of a quality and
quality of goods and the from purchasing there’s a purchasing component in the
provincial legislation we just want to know how that relates to the city yes so
are you taking the opportunities part out of your mission
are you deleting that part deleting what part the opportunities the word
opportunities to include our if you want to look at well as impacts of the
legislation on city policy practicing and purchasing if you that would be
great things alright so do we have any other questions the mover or otherwise
we’ll have that amendments it on the record waiting for question time for
when we call the question other you had finished your comments concerns they I
think other people wishing to speak to the to the item sorry I just can’t hear
you counselor not yet I haven’t seen one but I guess we’ll see it if we see it
and otherwise it’ll be but on the but up for a vote as is okay other people
wishing to speak all right I just say I have the motion up there and I’ll speak
you have a motion that was moved by council
you know we have a great public service headed up by our city manager by
guarantee you will be looking at any of the implications
with staff of the previous bill for the bill that was just enacted and we’ll
look at the wage impacts and others when you put up a motion like this that is
more of a motion to create more work inside the organization with all these
reports talking about including decent work standards I start to take it almost
as an offense to the fact that our staff one wouldn’t be looking at that and – we
don’t have decent work standards in the city because that’s what it’s telling me
that I should find ways to include decent work standards and I actually
think this is something that is part of our human resources policy and should go
through our Labor Standards Committee not just become through with the item
that’s in front of us because I don’t see how it relates to it so I myself
can’t support this and don’t think we should be sitting here trying to figure
these things out ourselves because we’re much smarter than our staff are I don’t
really think that’s the case I think that they’re quite intelligent and quite
capable and I think this is almost an insult to them to support this thank you
are there other comments anyone wishes to make on the item David look at page
15 it’s a whole section called decent work um I just uh I just have a quick
comment and that when we first moved the poverty reduction strategy the very
first round at Council at that time I moved a motion to ask for I don’t know
what to call it a summary or synopsis of all this type of work we’re doing no
matter what division it is or agency board commissioned to have a summary of
that I would really love to still see that that was a long time ago I moved on
I still haven’t seen that report but I would still love to see that scale and
scope of everything we’re doing across the spectrum on this front and I’m
hoping that maybe we will see that soon or maybe
even see it at Council when this hips council maybe not because that’s next
week believe it or not but at some point I would love to see that motion that
passed I don’t know if it was unanimously but it passed it council I’d
love to see their report so that’s all I’ll say other members of council
remember it’s the committee wishing to speak okay well I think we’re ready to
call the question now do we have just the one motion one motion that’s up on
the screen now constrains these motion so I’m ready to call the question on
that motion all those in favor I beg pardon
apparently not so we’ll just vote on it then so all those in favor opposed
motion is lost all right on the item then the item
which is again 29:12 the work plan for the poverty reduction
strategy for 2018 all those in favor pose your poster okay on favor thank you
opposed Carrie thank you very much okay that brings us to where’s my little
piece of paper here there we go six 29.6
at the new city of Toronto investment policy and I know councillor Davis has
been waiting for that and thank you for your patience
it was held down for one deputation and the deputation is from Derek Moran so I
wrote a an email to the City Clerk’s office regarding this the Toronto
Investment Board it was high the mayor’s administration suggested I email the
City Clerk’s office regarding the Toronto Investment Board meeting not
being taped streamed YouTubed and made part of the public record Monday these
are strangers on that board who will be entrusted with the public’s money the
City of Toronto blew about 25 million dollars on bad loans to theaters arenas
and Rob Rossini shrugged when questioned about some of it to councillor Robinson
councillor Fillion prevented recently what was probably an elaborately
designed kickback scheme regarding the Toronto parking authority the bid
rigging paving contractors gamble scandal need i say more at this point it
is not reasonable to expect the City of Toronto can be trusted with the public’s
money let alone some strangers that will make up that board Budget Committee
escape made part of the public record audit committee is tape made part of the
public record I demand that the Toronto Investment Board meetings be tape made
part of the public record and not streaming them live taping them making
part of the part of the public record is unacceptable I don’t think YouTube has
run out of room so this is from the city of Nanaimo versus rascal trucking mm
where the Supreme Court of Canada said municipalities exercised a plenary set
of legislative and executive powers yet do not have an independent
constitutional status they essentially represent delegated government
municipalities essentially represent delegated government as municipalities
are also delegates of provincial jurisdiction this Supreme Court of
Canada in pro swinging vs. LT golf 2006 said judges do not apply strict rules
but follow general guidelines illustrated by such Maxim’s as now the
reason I point this out is you probably remember meritorious Ken Jeffers was
recently reappointed to the Toronto Police Services Board the premier wind
signature Deb Matthews and at the bottom there is the tenant governor same the
Toronto Investment Board was appointed than the same way right no wrong it says
here at the bottom city council appointed six members to this board
which I’d like to point out has not one elected official on this board and not
one elected official actually showed up to the first meeting the reason I’m
pointing this out is because there is a maxim of law that says a delegate or
deputy cannot appoint another a delegated authority cannot be delegated
so as I said at that meeting the City of Toronto is delegated government it’s
already being delegated by the province a delegated authority cannot further
delegate authority and what I said to everybody and it’s just my opinion it
seems like the very existence of the Toronto Investment Board is unlawful as
it violates that rule of law Maxim delegated authority cannot further
delegate authority thank you sir I thought you were gonna point out that
board consists of 60% women what about an excellent 60% I don’t care who a
trustee is may I understand I shouldn’t have started in laughter light thank you
thank you for your deputies they’re qualified
thank you for your deputation are there any questions of the deputy thank you
questions of staff captain go ahead counselor Davis so first of all
thank you for your investment policy and I understand that
the committee the board has reviewed it and they’ve made comments and you’ve
incorporated some changes or through the speaker or the chair yes we have
incorporated a number of comments and that are included in the revised policy
that’s before you today okay and so how would you characterize this policy just
from a risk perspective certainly I would characterize it as a policy that’s
diversified under the current regime all of our investments are made in bonds the
current policy provides a diversification to include real assets
as well as equities so my assessment as well as the third-party assessment that
we’ve had is that the policy provides more diversity and therefore is less
risk than the existing policy and will will increase our returns through the
chair yes over the long run it would increase the risk adjusted returns okay
now at the end of the report there is a section that you speak about which is
something called ESG environmental social governance policies and would you
agree that many fund managers and other professionals in the field are looking
at how we can improve on ethical investments yes that’s it that’s an
excellent point I mean the policy does speak to the importance of ethical
investing and it’s our belief that companies over the longer run
Dennis if they demonstrate high ethical and environmental standards would
achieve higher rates of return and and certainly greater shareholder
value and so the policy does speak to this in the form of having the
Investment Board look at investment managers that provide that lends to
investing okay so through hiring invest the fund
managers and investment manager and also to be monitoring what’s happening in the
field so I have shown you a motion that asks you to report back on this in
consultation with the Investment Board both who were hiring and what are the
new developments in the field are you comfortable with reporting back on that
through the chair yes that’s perfectly in order okay thank you very much
Thank You councillor Davis are there other questions of sac all right we will
have I’m sure at least one speaker and I don’t see him as oh yes he’s there
because I know I think this motion is being put forward through councillor or
anything am i right so it’s councillor Davis’s motion but I just you have said
you want to speak first councilor Davis oh that’s fine go ahead please okay
although I can speak to mmm you just thought I would let him put it on the
floor and then have you speak after on yeah it won’t go on the screen Paul I’ll
go on the screen till you move it and did you want to say a few words or not
just to put it on all right councillor Davis thank you there’s okay this is not
my area of expertise but I’m very interested in what we’re doing here at
the city because we are handing over to an arm’s-length agency and or a board
who we appoint but to manage our money and we are giving it to them to manage
with a policy and the policy is before us and based on what I’ve read and
people I’ve talked to who this is that a solid policy that achieves the
objectives that we set out in the in the policy which is to ensure that we are
protecting the principle that we are also ensuring that we have adequate
liquidity because our sinking funds we need to be able to access we have to
have sufficient diversification and we certainly want to make more money out of
it if we’re going to go in this direction and so there will be hopefully
some increased returns but the asset mix that I think is being recommended is
quite prudent and it meets what is being asked of us which is the prudent the
prudent investor strategy which came out of the new legislation that has given us
the authority to start investing our money in different ways but because we
have to represent and protect the public interest it is I think important that we
also are quite conservative in how we manage our money and I think there’s a
good balance here and what’s before us but one of the areas that I know people
are interested in certainly I am is how do we invest in ways that are we are
investing ethically and it’s a new area that I think the industry is exploring
more and more and these new ESG policies we have now embedded in our policy but
we have to monitor how it is that we are achieving that and what are the other
developments in the field that we might be able to use to amend our policy to
achieve these objectives so I just I hope that you’ll support the motion and
that we can hear back more on on our ESG achievements and the results of our new
investment policy thank you thanks councillor Davis other or any other
members of the committee wishing to speak I just say I wish I could have
this occasion more often that I can completely concur that I completely
concur and the comments of councillor Davis and
most companies now do have with respect to their own investments and trusts and
so on a policy like this and so I think to ask our staff to come forward and
report on this as part of the board’s deliberations which they’re going to do
in any event by 2018 is very reasonable and a proper thing to do and I think
councillor Davis is also right the mix here certainly for my own experience if
anything in Arizona I say there is it tilts to the more conservative side but
I think given that we’re a public office holders that’s these are public funds
that’s quite appropriate but I will support the amendment and and of course
the item itself so thank you anybody else who otherwise will go to the
question first the amendment moved by Councillor NZ on behalf of councilor
Davis all those in favor opposed carried the item as amended all those in favor
opposed carried thank you we go now to item number twenty nine point
thirty-nine we’re getting there folks we really are making great progress with
your help twenty-nine everybody be able to go to the Reds just Toronto FC think
tomorrow morning when they come over here with the scarf twenty-nine point 39
is engaging the community of people with disabilities and the Public Appointments
process at the City of Toronto and there are deputations on that – McGill Aviva
Velarde is here and so your turn sir opportunity to speak the last item I
mean there’s another two more but in my my observation
following the tcac meetings you’re aware that I see one hundred sixty four
thousand tenants are residents right I’m councillor G dojo and councillor
Annabella they are aware that thirty percent of all those residents suffer
mental health and mental illness so my question to the appointments committee
is what are you doing – I incorporate more members we’re a member of the
committee sorry I want to show you something just discover that currently
we have one representative at a tche board from the resident side the Audion
tlemen Roberto Carlo has missing in action since April of this year and I
can show you more the more minutes and it shows that he’s being in living
absence so how can it be possible that only one tenant Reb is sitting at the
board of directors and no one else from the Civic appointments is pulling out a
name from the Hat or from the pool of data pool – to replace the member who is
not currently being represented are the tche board I want to add the two members
of this committee why are you allowing such a seat I’m first situation were
only one member of 164,000 tennis as current representing us at the other
tche board this is not acceptable so mu and imbue this information that I’m
presented to you these are the minutes from the tcac board the showing that one
man was currently on leave of absence it doesn’t say when is it going to return
so in my view I will advise the city appointments committee to pull the name
of another person who can see that the ball and who maybe have qualities like
mental health addictions that can help to advise the
members of the TCC board how we feel from our perspective of living
experiences in Indy CAC so I’ve been applying for the position
of TC receive since 2009 the appointments abysm appointment committee
have my record that have applied in the last six years I have renewed my
information because they asked me would you like to keep your name on the list
yes I say yes when I whenever there is the opportunity I would like to be
called in however no one from the Civic appointments has made any effort to fill
in the backend vacancy currently available at the tch-tch seaboard where
only one representative sits at the board and it’s not fair in view that
someone is on leave of absence automatically has to be replace it by
someone who can do the job and is at this point in time and feel it feels
that is ten or twelve members of the public versus one is not it’s not a fair
game so we need to increase the number we have done it through the tenant first
Ibaka see but that is something that is being delayed for X Y and C reasons
because mainly because a restructure the TTC AC portfolio into the seniors
program and into the other plans for housing so again I’ve given you an extra
minute so please address this concern because it’s not it’s not fair that only
one member is currently sitting on that board and the other one is missing in
action it’s not fair that’s players people
should attend thank you very much for your representation Emily Nagle was next
on on this item thirty nine twenty nine point thirty nine
sorry for taking a minute to get the table ready but it takes minute I have
two questions actually thoughts I have I’ve just recently celebrated my 20th
anniversary of being an accessibility advocate and a transit advocate I’ve
also just recently celebrated my 15th year of being in Toronto and around
Toronto whether it be homeless or non homeless and I’d have a question for
y’all why is it that those of us with disabilities are not represented on
boards and commissions I’ve applied twice started to apply and been told oh
well you won’t get on and I’m like why and they’re like well you don’t have the
educational requirements or you don’t have the business requirements or you
don’t have the requirements on paper is lived-experience not worth it is
experience of fighting for accessibility and results I can show you in both
Hamilton in Toronto Halifax and other places that I’ve fought for that I’ve
worked for that I’ve worked with committees on is that not enough for
people clearly it’s not clearly people with disabilities still are stigmatized
and discriminated against because how many people in City Hall do you see
working in a wheelchair how many people in your daily travels do you see with a
job who’s in a wheelchair how many people do you see being accepted there
should be at least one person on the TTC board with the disability
that’s not on a cat there should be people on the various city boards and
commissions arenas and rec centers that have disabilities because not just every
any not just only able-bodied people play hockey or play wheelchair
basketball or rugby or those things at these centers and how non-accessible
they are and who’s representing those of us with multiple disabilities who’s
representing those of us in the community who fight every single day for
the Equality of people I just want to thank you for letting me speak tonight
I know we’ve been here all day you’re exhausted I haven’t I lived my last few
dollars to eeks I missed soup kitchen but I want to thank you Mary Margaret
McMahon thank you for encouraging me all the time
thank you Paul thank you miss Bailey oh thank you too many people mr. Crawford
it’s like variety village says we all have ability that’s how we do that
ability that matters thank you thank you very much question counselor Sarah hi
Emily what type of appointments were you looking at applying for that you were
told you shouldn’t consider being able to apply for my Onelove TTC my other
love the board of the Ted Reeve Arena because I love Ted Reeve Arena my best
friend did one of my closest friends and Hamilton who was blind his name was
actually Ted Reeve so it brings a lot of memories and the one other I wanted to
join was being part of the affordable Hat the affordable housing I want to be
I want to have a committee that’s also part of s sha that has people that could
speak to s sha and advisory committees I’m hoping to
apply for the excessively Advisory Committee but I’m scared to apply it
because I don’t have the stuff on paper most people have due to bullying and no
police in my high school I was bullied to the point of almost death and
couldn’t complete grade 12 and it’s those kind of issues accessibility and
stuff but I bring a good word that I can bring experience to any and every
committee thank you Thank You Emily we know Emily by the way a lot about
your background so whatever you say may not be on the paper we know so you can’t
we get appointed if you don’t apply so so don’t be don’t be shy about
appointing we know of your background so I’ve thought of applying for word 28 –
it’s quite a crowd all right other questions of the deputy all right well
thank you very much for taking the time and for all your patience today thank
you do we have questions of staff on this item we have anybody wishing to
speak today otherwise I’m ready I have a question of standing up who’s here to
answer them so I Drive my question so how can we encourage and try and provide
a fair playing field for people like Emily that might have other experiences
and themselves personally that could be helpful in finding ways to provide us
with the perspective that many of us don’t have to face every day did you
find somebody who wanted answer the question well I guess I’m looking at our
city manager first and it’s not it’s not men I think Peter you know the question
and so at the end you is maybe just to clarify we work here with the
organization where we know each other and the senior staff and we understand
how works but from the outside we’re a very
large organization that’s difficult to work with and there are people that
might be a provide us from their personal experiences more than and some
benefits that we may not see I was taught when it comes to accessibility
that the little edge like this in the front of a door is something that people
with a wheelchair can’t get through and I learned from that so my question is
how can we encourage or what can we do to try and encourage people with
disabilities that have life experiences and might still be helpful to us to come
forward and give them the assistance they need in applying and try and make
sure their credentials and their experiences are in front of our
appointments committees when they go forward so I think there are two
different mechanisms by which people come to to contribute to the City of
Toronto one is through the staff employment side and the other is through
appointments to the various boards and other elements that are controlled
through through council process in both of these things they will benefit from I
think extensively from relatively recent research that suggests very strongly
that the mechanisms of discrimination and they are mechanisms discrimination
relate on relate to things like origin name a variety of other things and I
think blind screening processes that make sure that you take into account
only the the qualifications including appropriate weight for lived experience
other qualifications can be extraordinarily useful so that is
something we can look at thank you alright anybody wishing to speak yes
sorry castor Davis yes I actually am on the disabilities committee and this item
came before us I also used to chair the Public Appointments Committee so I
understand sort of both sides and what we did at the accessibility committee
was we heard about the process and it’s in our agenda there’s a presentation in
our agenda about how we recruit and what came out of it was a good discussion and
the members of the committee asked to have a more
a meaningful role in recruiting the initial pool of people who come forward
to apply for agencies boards and commissions we do go through a process
of asking people to self-identify what their characteristics are in order to
actually make sure that we have the range of diversities that we’re looking
for on our boards as no racial diversity indigenous people LGBTQ and disabled and
so what we’ve found over the years when we have assessed why at the end of the
day do we not have the representation on our boards after we have recruited
shortlisted and selected we have found in the past is because the initial pool
of candidates was just not large enough and so what has come out of this is a
suggestion that this committee will work with our staff to broaden the pool and
to connect with other agencies and organizations to help us do a better job
of recruiting for the pool so that we do find ourselves with both people with
lived experience and qualifications because the eligibility under our policy
really is should have to be 18 years of age you have to live in the City of
Toronto and they are not sort of exclusionary in terms of the eligibility
so I thought it was a very good outcome and I hope you’ll pass the
recommendations that we’re hear from committee
thanks councillor Davis Thank You councillor Davis
others wishing to speak counsel shiner a merit ah really supportive of the
recommendations and I understand the perspective I try to understand the
perspective that was put in front of us by by Emily and her deputation here I
think all of us when we come to this job and I know myself when I came to it
no experience in the job that I’m doing here now how do you get yourself
experienced in being an elected official on a board of directors of a corporation
like the former city of North York or the City of Toronto so we all have to
learn on the job and we were fortunate that we ran for an election and we were
chosen to do and serve that job if there’s ways to do more to help people
that can provide different perspectives to us in there I really would like to
support that but on the other side of it maybe there’s ways that we can help
people that are applying understand what the needs are so we can try and address
abilities to needs and also help educate them or a system if we can give them a
role on these corporations and understanding how they work or how to
benefit with us or in that in advance of even applying for them I don’t have the
answer for today but like you know I’m extremely sympathetic to the issues that
were raised I mean I I have a tremendous respect for Emily’s ability I think most
of us do hear how many times she comes into Puetz it’s clear it’s precise it’s
directed towards the issue that’s in front of us we understand what she’s
saying and you know if it’s in it’s very much appreciated that perspective is in
front of us and I think by many of us here so how can we take that now and use
that to better serve our communities at large and I don’t have the answer for it
if there’s ways to work that through with the requests that are here today
and with the city manager and others I’d look forward to hearing that because I
think all of us here I don’t think I’m speaking for myself I think all of us
would like to find ways to do that and hear those perspectives in our everyday
work in the city because it’s it’s really important for us to hear those
different perspectives in particular those that are least able to give them
to us and provide them to us they’re what are their needs are and how we can
deal with them so Emily thank you very much for from I think on behalf of
Olives for coming keep coming out and keep telling us that and keep reminding
us that and just don’t knock over the table because
ever forget that when you blew that table over there and now you but the
bottom line is by you knocking over the table we fixed it so maybe that’s what
it takes is something that dramatic to find a way for us to be able to to do
more because we appreciate you coming here and you you should be very proud of
what you do on behalf of all the people within your community and yourself thank
you very much thanks councillor shiner any others wishing to speak if not I
just want to say a word on this I have a couple of ideas actually that I just
want to put the staff is looking at this and that’s why these recommendations are
here you know when I was the co-chair with Ratan Albert var of the diversity
program we would for example say we wanted to see more doctors or engineers
on television who were women are who were people from racialized communities
and the answer would always come back well we don’t we don’t we don’t know
where to find those people there aren’t any so we simply went out and found them
and gave them a pool of people and I think this is the second time in less
than an hour so I’m getting worried that it’s very late but that you know
councillor Davis made allusion to this and her remarks and I agree you I think
in this case we almost have to have a permanent pool of people one of the the
disadvantages to the municipal system is that people apply each time and and
there’s a separate ad put in each time and I don’t know whether we keep the
pool around and go back and look at it but in this case we probably have to
make sure there is a big enough pool and that we with the community for a people
with differing abilities make the effort to establish the pool which would
include your name Emily but if you wanted to have it there but then then we
go back to that pool and I think the other thing that we probably haven’t
done it to the extent we perhaps should as a group of the group who are as the
council Shannon said the board of this organisation is indicate the importance
we place on lived experience so that it is not worth sort of I’m sure it’s not
worth zero when people go to evaluate people but I’m sure it’s not worth
probably what it should be relative to the emphasis we place all the time on
formal education or employment in a given place or whatever and I think if
those two things were emphasized we would find that there are lots of people
our experience with the diversity program was that when we went out and
got the pool pulled together and then were looked at on their own merits they
got appointed and people were happy to have them there or happy we you know the
same thing with news commentators we wanted people on TV who were and we gave
the news network said we don’t know anybody who’s a woman engineer from a
racialized community we went and found them five and then they used them put
them on TV it was terrific so I think this is a step in the right direction
we’re asking for a report on this and although I will look for it as I’m sure
we all will to seeing it come back from from our consultant in the city clerk so
are we ready for the question then all right I’ll ask for all those in favor on
item 39 twenty-nine point 39 all those in favor opposed to carry and reverently
you got to apply in order to get appointed that’s what it’s like you got
it you can’t win the seat on city council if you don’t run all right 29.41
status of sweet metering and rental buildings in Toronto and this was held
for a deputation and if the person still here they will be winning the award as
the world’s most patient what will host patient individual with apologies
Chelsea I don’t know if it’s Provencher or praval Shay praval Shay okay Chelsea
probe on Shay suburb reading council submetering Council of Ontario
thank you for your immense patience the Bible says the first shall be last and
the last shall be first if that’s any small consolation after all this time
meritorious of the executive committee thank you for the opportunity to speak
today my name is Chelsea provancha I’m here
from enter care on behalf of the submetering Council of Ontario we
represent Ontario’s leading independent submetering companies submitting
measures the electricity consumption of each unit in a building submetering
replaces the system of one bulk meter for the entire building where the cost
of electricity is buried in renter condo fees with meter reads and billing for
each individual unit that is residents only pay for what they use we retain
navigate an independent third party to calculate the conservation impact of sub
metering the savings are dramatic in multi residential buildings sub metering
reduce the average electricity use by approximately forty percent this
dramatic drop results from residents having accurate consumption information
and direct responsibility for paying their electricity bills
sub metering removes the cross subsidization that takes place when
electricity costs are hidden in renter condo fees with no relationship to
actual consumption the best analogy for this is going to dinner with your
neighbor she orders a three-course meal with wine you order a salad and water
when the bill comes you’re asked to split the bill equally it’s the same
scenario with bulk meter your neighbor can leave their lights on run their
appliances all day and you’ll be forced to subsidize their electricity usage
submiting ensures that each consumer pays their actual energy use just like
any other commodity in addition to its conservation benefits submetering also
provides low-income residents with access to provincial programs aimed at
reducing the cost of electricity this includes a fair hydro plan which offers
an average reduction of 25% on electricity bills the O ESP which
provides monthly on bill credits for low-income consumers and leap which
offers a one-time grant for consumers who are behind on their electricity
bills however these provincial programs are
only available to residents who pay for their electricity directly not those who
are in buildings with bulk meter unfortunately the city staff report does
not provide an accurate view of submetering and neglected to include
important information about its conservation benefits and the
availability of provincial programs to assist lower-income households the staff
report also suggested that sub metering companies are unregulated this is false
we are licensed by the Ontario Energy Board and must adhere to the units of
metering code that contains standards and rules similar to those for local
distribution companies like Toronto Hydro also extensive regulations under
the Residential Tenancies Act provide landlords with rules on how to implement
sub metering programs setting tenants are not automatically enrolled and if
they do participate they must receive a rent reduction in accordance with a
provincial mandated formula however in almost every case enrolment occurs on
the turnover of the unit to a new tenant and the tenant is aware at the time that
they rent that they’re responsible for their electricity we are disappointed
that the city’s Housing Commission cursory division made no effort to
engage us or industry members to obtain accurate information as well there’s a
surprising lack of data support to support many of the conclusions drawn in
the report there was also no comparison between the administration fees of these
independent submetering companies versus the city-owned utility you may be
surprised to hear that Toronto hydros rates are almost always higher than
those of submetering companies we recommend that the city staff be asked
to consult with us and draft a report that is based on accurate data if the
city wants to help residents with their electricity bills we recommend that the
city partners with us on a proposal we are developing to improve access to
provincial programs as many eligible Toronto residents have yet to enroll
let’s work together to help those in need getting more Logan income residents
enrolled in these programs would be a lot more effective than what is being
recommended in the report thank you and I’d be pleased to answer any questions very much was robbed mr. provancha a
question of the deputy from councillor Crawford thank you for coming just
wanted to ask you about a program that the province has the Ontario electricity
support program oh yes we do you know much about that yes so that’s a program
that was implemented I believe last year that provides on-bill credits for
low-income residents it’s between I believe 35 to 75 dollars on each bill
and the credits were actually recently increased as of May 1st by about 50% to
provide even more support to those who need it ok and through the report was
there any mention of this program how residents can know the report completely
omitted the OE SP program as well as the leap program which provides one-time
grants for those who are behind on their bills and and both of these programs are
very important programs and and they support those who who are having
challenges with affording electricity thank you and other questions of staff
other questions of the deputy rather because I had one if not it was I clear
and hearing you say that that nobody has to date reached out to to consult you
just ask for your information that you might have or opinions you might have
about this that’s correct so neither myself or any members of the submarine
on or the on tiers of meter and council have been asked to provide information
consult with with the city staff at this point and but we would be more than
happy to to do so all right so so I was just gonna say without getting into
whether your opinions or your information would be accepted or not if
you had an opportunity to provide it you would take advantage of that absolutely
absolutely yeah and that’s why we’re here today we’re really just hoping to
to work with and collaborate and provide information so that the report can
actually reflect the realities of submetering
and those provincial programs that are available and its conservation benefits
not and none of which were referenced in the report thank you any other questions
of staff are there people wishing to speak to this
councillor Davis I’m just looking at the motion and there
may be a way to just add this organization to the list of groups that
are being consulted I to be honest councillor Davis I was looking and I
didn’t really find one that it fit in so I was just doing a number six here just
as suggesting the general manager be requested to obtain information offered
by the sudden leader in council for consideration there is a consultation
that’s being undertaken already but anyway whichever order it goes in I mean
I would simply encourage you to support the recommendations that have come from
the committee I don’t know if many of the councillors here today have
experienced this in their wards but if you have apartment buildings you will
probably know that many of them that used to have electricity included no
longer have electricity included and it leaves residents more vulnerable it
means that they could potentially have lose their hydro they could potentially
lose their housing too when these are things that can’t happen when you have a
combined when you have a combined rent with electricity included I go to visit
and speak to a lot of tenants and what I understand from the experience in my
board many of these companies have quite
significant administrative fees they have on an ongoing basis unregulated
fees that the provincial legislation has left unregulated and this asks for a
report back on what’s happening out there
it there was no submetering up until 2008 and 2008 this sector illegally sub
metered the only authorization was for condominiums to sub-meter
and the Ontario Energy Board was very clear
that it was unauthorized at the time and there were many many tenants that were
exploited through that period of time it was terrible it came out in the end one
good thing when the Ontario government did regulate and introduce legislate and
introduced regulations they prohibited apartment buildings that are heated with
hydro believe it or not there’s still some from actually charging electricity
separately the building that we championed at the City of Toronto what
that went to the Ontario Energy Board was a building that was heated with
electricity and people were getting 200 $250 a month bills so it was supposed to
have been done through in informed consent was not done through informed
consent and if you ask that landlord now what the informed consent is take the
apartment or leave it so unfortunately there isn’t a lot of choice and in some
buildings where heat is an issue landlords have turned the heat down and
people are using electric heat to make up for it and so they’re still getting
big bills they’re buying heaters it’s this simply asks our staff to go back
and take a second look at this situation and to report back to us and I hope
you’ll support that Thank You counsel Dennis any other people wishing to speak
yes councillor Crawford you missed him I think I’m just working on a quick motion
if I could add that I don’t know if it’s ready yet I don’t know if you were gonna
speak first or two seconds we’re told here one to two seconds I don’t know
it’s coming I’m going to alright there’s councillor
Crawford it’s a provincial program that helps lower-income families pay the
electricity bills it’s through the province I don’t think a lot of people
know about this it wasn’t in the report I just found out about this and it’s
something I think we need to if we can get this information to us as soon as
possible and ideally if we can get this before it hits council it’s just one of
these programs that we just need to start getting out to some of our
residents and I just wanted to get some information on it
Thank You councillor Crawford any questions of the mover or otherwise
otherwise a you you’re all finished with your remarks Council conferred other
speakers I will just briefly speak only to say to allow me to put on the table
this motion which just requests the general manager sheltered support and
Housing Administration to obtain the information offered by the submetering
Council of Ontario for consideration in connection with this matter
I can’t opine one way or the other on the information but just it should be
there if you’ve offered it so we’ll leave it at that so anybody else wishing
to speak all right then we have the two motions we’ll deal first with councillor
Crawford’s amendment which is in front of you or was about to be there it is
I’ll call the question on the amendment all those in favor opposed carried and
then on the amendment that I moved on the information from the submetering
council all those in favor opposed to carried on the item as amended all those
in favor opposed to carry thank you last but not least we have the hate
sponsored rallies item which is held for deputations and so we have a number of
decadence that are listed here first of which is first of bloom is Brian De
mattes Brian Matusz here okay yeah and I do again you get the award
together with mr. provancha for outstanding patients
somebody has to end up at the last item I don’t know how that works but thank
you sir three minutes let’s let’s get through this no please
if we can pay attention colleagues thank you sir
what are you greeting members of Executive Council I’m here today to
debutante this very misleading motion carried out by sitting on sir James
Pasternak it saddens me to see such an important effort take out of context
I do believe Toronto should take a stand and send the right message of not
allowing hate rallies to happen however we also need to make sure we are clear
on what is hateful towards an identify both group and what is freedom of speech
sadly this motion is very misleading on the topic of alkyds Day rally that
happens here it is far from an anti-semitic related Subrosa Medic rally
that happens yearly with the roots of its creation being on supporting
Palestine and posting and opposing the illegal occupation of Israel on
Palestinian land let us remember here that Palestinian origin is is of the
Semitic region and the legit and the legit line behind on supporting
Palestine imposing their legal occupation let us remember here that
Palestine Danna Tory rally against an on part state rally against hidden parts
say there’s no hate for Jewish people but a rifle opposition of an apartheid
state and illegal state policies that are happening by the State of Israel we
need better guidelines on what hate speech is and what is not unless caution
all here and those who still have that opposing of I must caution everyone here
and those who will state that opposing a government and its policies should be
classified as hate speech it’s not in fact deeming to crush the no government
as hate Beach goes against all the principles we
as Canadians hold true in our democracy and in our democracy itself our
governments and states including Canada including Toronto including Israel are
held accountable by folks and questioned policies like for example right now I am
practicing a fundamental freedom of our democracy by deputing right right now
what the policy set forth I find problematic
why is Canadians as Torontonians will we ever want to deny that freedom of
protest to anyone else it’s denying that right of Palestinian
Canadians to have rallying to oppose the injustice happening in their homeland
no where where else have where else have we denied this it is a dangerous even
put in a municipal level that questioning a government is a speech
that is a true value of fastest of not democracy we need to amend this motion
to defer it indefinitely as a similar motion has been reviewed by City Council
and the Toronto Police Service board this previous month
we need better guidelines on differential hate speech from free
speech please do not be fooled by this motion as it targets a group of
individuals and limits the rights as Canadians that we all share in this
country of ours again I urge this committee to strike down this motion and
we focus the efforts on previous similar motion that does not violate people’s
rights to assemble into protests and speak upon to compare a valid day of
resistance to white supremacy and Nazism is to disrespect all those who died and
fallen persecuted by such horrific ideals we must we must condemn hate we
must condemn persecution and we must be a city that encourages freedom for all
and not let hate speech be defined as questioning the government’s policy it’s
not who we are as a people as a city or as a nation Palestinian Canadians should
have every right as any Canadian citizen as and this includes
the right to speak on the conditions of their homeland thank you thank you very
much sir are there any questions of this definite yes it can’t surprise me yeah I
don’t see anything in here about Israelis or Palestinians I see reference
justice white supremacist neo Nazi rallies that are the trend in the United
States I think that we’re talking about wasn’t it wasn’t that which is written
in front of you I don’t see anything that’s not the issue that’s not the
that’s what is known before us I’m wondering how you got where you got that
from the outcode today I’m speaking about that’s an Iranian that’s an
Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini day I don’t know what that has to do with white
supremacist and stopping neo-nazi rallies you put it in your motion right
there’s actually no motion from out motion your administrative inquiry was
pretty much submitting that out kids day was a hate rally which is not true
it’s rooted in Palestinian and legit Palestinian were just resistance which
means in Arabic Jerusalem okay I’m sorry I see I see this is trying to stop white
supremacist and neo-nazi roads that are emerging in the United States and
preventing them from coming up here to would you agree that we have to do more
work to stop those I believe we had a previous motion that does that has been
in City Council and in the Toronto Police Board and I do agree that so
trolley should be lemon dessert not to in city policies my issue is not about
white supremacy in the Nazis and is this something we should fit its your
definition of what our cludes day rally in Toronto is it’s my concern well could
just mention is reference in in passing but I’m not gonna keep repeating myself
we’re here to stop white supremacist to neo-nazi rally I hope would you agree
that those are not welcome in Toronto I believe I stated those are very not well
thank you very much thank you very much sir we have next Kevin Metcalf Canadian
journalist for free expression mr. Metcalf here
rosemary Frey can’t believe we’re all here after 9:00 thank you for your
patience and you have three minutes so I’m here just to say that I think you
should proceed with great caution in deciding how and in in looking at the
counsellor Pasternak’s request now I’m Jewish and I’ve known counselor
Pasternak for 20-some years we used to belong to the same Orthodox synagogue
I’ve probably eaten your Shabbos table I think I have you’ve probably eaten a
mine that I’ve davender been at the same show same synagogue dozens of times with
you all of us there on antiphon on Shabbos and I understand your point of
view of your love of Israel and I’ve been there and I’ve been to Israel many
times I’ve done the whole thing I’ve studied there’s an orthodox Institute
but I’ve changed my point of view and I used to see things as a you know is real
good Palestinians bad black-and-white issue
and and I now see it’s a very complex I really believe it’s a complex issue and
I think all sides are being manipulated they’re all pawns and this global issue
so what about a hoods day events I think to say I believe that deseo hoods day is
distinctly anti-semitic is misleading what participants my understanding is
what participants the hoods day make a point of doing is saying that these
judaism yes Zionism no so to say that a hoods day
is clearly anti-semitic to say it’s anti-semitic is a pretty non nuanced
point of view about a very complex complex history of Israel so I asked the
members of this committee to understand that and to not fall for the false
paradigm of lumping in this type of event with neo-nazi rallies I was at in
Quebec City as it happens this past Saturday at the clash between limits and
storm Alliance and me and the people anti-fascists if you want to
characterize us I’m friends and that and they’re people who are simply trying to
stand up for pluralism pluralism and democracy and socialism in Quebec and
the rest of Canada and what happened the police
pushed back the the anti-fascist people they left I saw it with my own eyes they
left they pepper sprayed the the anti-fascists and and then and the day
after or two days after yesterday the Quebec Larry
Mayer laboum said well you know both sides are wrong and there’s a lot of
waste of money here and yet today he changed his point of view and he’s
saying wait a second we have to look at more scrutiny the right-wing groups so
he’s he seemed to like today anyway so I think you should take that into
consideration that it’s a whole different ball of wax the neo-nazi the
fascist movement here to say well it’s an interesting that councillor passed an
act as lump let’s listen in this this item with that would stay so I think
that you should think about that maybe not fall for that and the presence
of the GDL here scares me quite frankly and the fact that they’re here and and
back this request I think speaks volumes so I think that should I’ll give all you
thank you right do we have questions of the deputy like so given what you said
in the previous DEP unit said the same thing about the March not being about it
was about a sort of a legitimate shall we say foreign policy disagreement what
do you do when at that very same event it’s recorded that people say things
that are anti-semitic about Jewish people being inhuman Holocaust denial
calls for the destruction of the State of Israel it was somebody before I cuz I
didn’t know whether to say anything or what to say and I cough just called a
friend of mine you know like you’re could I call a friend so I called a
friend she was there she spoke at this year’s event and she said yes and passed
there have been intemperate remarks but they made a point they now make a point
of saying that they’re really working at they said Judaism yes Zionism no they’re
not going around making you know it’s it’s not it’s not you know you can’t
just say yes um just like in any event there people who say really
inappropriate things but to say the whole to cast aspersions and everybody
there and the hold event is is just that wasn’t quite my question although I
appreciate what you said I don’t know what happened this year myself I can’t
so you’ve got an account that’s better than mine but in the event it starts to
happen you know and you’ve just conceded yourself that in Prior years there were
people who said things and it has been recorded and reported that they said
things that were you know clearly were anti-semitic about Jews being inhuman
and about Holocaust denial and about destruction of the State of Israel what
do you do what what does one do and you spend a lot of time around here and
you’re right these are very difficult issues you have to proceed to address
very carefully but what do you do I just wanted if you had any comments and what
you do about that do you ignore it or do you I think you have to I do I mean I do
support freedom of speech to a large extent I think I think it scares me the
state I haven’t gone to that rally on Saturday and going oh my god there were
hundreds and hundreds of right-wingers it’s a serious force here
I think curtailing freedom of speech does some extent play into their hands
so I think I’m not an expert in this I just
I think we appreciate your coming and other other questions of like a
counselor pastor and I had a question for you just just very quickly following
up on your comment that they cleaned up their actor are you aware that their
keynote speaker in 2017 no it could stay was Kevin Barrett a notorious Holocaust
denier from the United States a friend of mine who’s a colic off survivor spoke
at that event and she I think she would I was just on the phone with her and I
think she she is pretty sensitive about about the Holocaust and so I think I’d
have to check into that but I this is untrue that Kevin Barrett was not their
keynote speaker I don’t know but I think I can have you speak to my friend who
was there who’s very sensitive I mean she’s all Kaustubh up and neither your
nor I are and I think if to respect any other questions of the deputy all right
well well thank you for your patience again miss Frye and for your comments
Miroslav garbage minutes yes sir I’m gonna be honest I am slightly
conflicted I want to agree with camp counselor Pasternak that we should get
rid of all of all hate speech and husband’s that some a hate speech that
they that keynote speakers you just mentioned it’s a pile of garbage
but this if you’re gonna put a hate speech anti hate speech at rally policy
issue include not just this event if you want to talk about hate speech ask
counselor Mary married McMahon about award news and James Sears that’s a hate
speech beyond belief but this motion sort ought to say what the previous day
Payton said about a free speech who’s got who’s going to define what hate
speech and and free speech is counselor Pasternak
going to do it are you going to do it is he going to do it in you know I have
that might one of the biggest worries I fully support getting ready for all
these hateful royal rallies I never only attended one time you know
but first who is going to define there’s no real definition of of hate speech is
more general and you know that is is the one of my issues with counselor
Pasternak’s emotion I’m sure some of this next epicness are going to mention
the same thing worst divide there’s a clear divide between this table this
table but it in hate speech and free speech you know that is not my issue
that’s why I can’t support this motion a hundred percent thank you mister gravich
any questions for this deputy counselor Pasternak if we sent this item to the
city manager to work with some legal scholars to answer your question do you
think that would be a worthy endeavor good that’s the motion I’m gonna be
iboot challenge who’s going to pick those scholars and what’s their
qualification on defining hate speech and free speech with all the respect to
that to the city manager thank you thank you
mr. Pavich Stephen Ellis BDS Toronto I well yes if you’re representing mr.
Ellis yes he fishing is you have been so great please fight a few minutes thank
you great my name is Karen Rodman and I’m doing this on behalf of Stephen
Ellis who is a lawyer here in the city and on behalf of the boycott divestment
and sanctions groups people here in Toronto I’m here to speak directly
against mr. pastor decks underhanded attempt to undermine our democratic
rights to protest and I say that underhanded because in my
opinion I’m using Stephens words here it was introduced very dishonestly
let me explain on the news his proposal to limit for a free speech was framed in
the terms of ways of dealing with the far-right violence that we have been
seeing at Nathan Phillips Square I’ve been there I’ve been seeing it I’ve been
seeing it with some of our friends that are here that scare me too that have
been in the room all day back to Stevens comments when his question gets to City
Hall however it becomes a proposal aimed at the annual alkyds Day very strange I
thought was this intentional is this the same old bait-and-switch so I looked up
mr. Pasternack and lo and behold some years back and many of us know this but
I guess Steven just figured this out that you were at the frontline of the
assaults on queers against Israeli Apartheid
then it all does make sense this man appears to be no ma’am
what we’re here to do is discuss an issue of Public Policy but not to launch
ad hominem attacks on people any more than you’d expect that to be done to you
and so I’m gonna ask especially you’re gonna speak later for yourself and if
you’re reading somebody else’s submission I certainly hadn’t intended
to have you get up and read it if it was gonna just sit here and attack a city
councilor or anybody else in the room so if you can confine your comments to the
issue that’s at hand here and avoid getting into the personal attacks that
would be appreciated in other words we’ll have to ask you to wrap up sure
well I’m reading directly from the text I will respect that but it is context is
very important no but if you’re reading from the text and it goes on attacking
anybody else in this room we will ask you to conclude is correct and context
is around queers against Israeli Apartheid I think it’d be hard to deny
that so I will a lot actually this all makes sense so and in this point this is
50 years of illegal occupation in Palestine it seems that we don’t want
that truth about Israeli Apartheid to be heard so now with some help from Amnesty
International’s report this year I’ll say some words about it mr. Pasternak
does not want us to know that Israeli forces
unlawfully killed Palestinian civilians including children extradition killing
in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories it seems maybe
this motion does not want us to know that Israeli detained thousands of
Palestinians from the occupied territory in Israelis continuing military
occupation holding hundreds in administrative detention which in fact
is a war crime it is against the Fourth Geneva Convention and international
humanitarian law it seems we do not want to know that torture and other
ill-treatment of detail rifle I gave her 15 extra seconds because of my
intervention but she’s speaking about an issue here and I can’t I mean I look
this is the very principle we’re talking about here she has her views on these
things they may differ with yours not talking to issue at all she hasn’t even
read the documents all right order come on now your time is up I gave you 15
extra seconds because I intervened attacking all right that we’ve had we’ve
had enough of this miss Rodman we’ll have to ask you to
Matt Rodman and no I’m not going to be the evening he just told me to get lost
what if your councilmembers one of the City Council members just told me to get
lost I’m covering international humanitarian law Fourth Geneva
Convention universal human rights and I’ve been told to get lost
Reverend Rodman I thank you very much for your deputation and we’ll will your
I I see your name comes up later on the list there I’ll be reading some others
from L codes well I’m not going to get lost quick all right
Michael mauston Benet birth Canada mr. Boston I didn’t see him here okay Zach
patashnik I’m sorry I missed a name at the bottom of the page Meir Weinstein
Jewish Defense League you have three minutes sir and I’ll
remind you of the same the same admonition that I gave to absolutely
I won’t go off on a rant thank you very much I do have some documents that I’d
like to share with the council members if I can you can make those available to
the clerk and I don’t know that we could have them distributed at this hour but
we could certainly make sure they get distributed you please go ahead
good evening it’s a long day but thank you for giving me a moment to express my
concerns about I’ll cut today and mr. mayor the City Council members and
councilmember James pastic thank you for giving me an opportunity
I consider myself an expert on all codes day and certain aspects of anti-semitism
I lead the Jewish Defense League and could stay came into being after the
ayatollah khomeini seized power in iran and every year they have events I could
stay in capitals of almost every country and crowds are incited to hate Jews and
call for the destruction of Israel they burn flags of Israel they burn flags to
the United States they burn flags of England this past all Goods day at that
there was a gathering in late June at the Ontario legislature I have a
document from the American Center for democracy they filmed it they translated
everything just before there was a lot of speakers there so-called anti-racist
speakers as well as radical Islamic leaders and they played a song that
started the rally and it’s from the Islamic Jihad terrorists organization
and it’s on the list of terror groups in Canada and this is a short version of
the song let me just see you okay with a Palestinian woman armed with a knife we
defeated them fill the bottle to the top with gasoline and snatched from him
Israeli soldier the m16 stab whoever he see five six ten twelve Israelis filled
a bottle to the top with gasoline and snatch him the Israeli soldier the m16
stab whoever you see five six ten twelve Israelis declare it a popular revolution
Oh masked man inform us of the special line
make us happy with the bombing the bus Oh masked man inform us of the special
line make us happy with the bombing of the bus cut off their heads stab them
run over them launch an attack on them and it goes on this takes place in front
of these Ontario legislature this was done just not a year ago half a year ago
late June people are incited to hate Jews and call for the destruction of
Israel this is a recruiting instrument of radical Islam and radical Iran I’ll
have to ask you to wrap up now sir okay as the son of survivors of the Holocaust
you know we pledged ourselves never again and I take this very seriously and
I encourage support of the motion and a legal body to determine exactly what is
hate and incitement and to implement Canadian law thank you sir thank you
very much of the dip it in yes counselor pastor today thank you very much for
coming in but today all we’re doing the only motion before us today would be to
refer it to the city manager’s office to get legal clarity on the rights and
responsibilities and authority of municipality has in stopping neo-nazi
and white supremacists rallies would you say that getting more legal advice is
is a positive thing or something that’s valuable for city councilors to make
educated decisions it’s would be fabulous to have that such a committee
set up of legal scholars to determine other questions at the thank you all
right thank you very much sir thanks for patience
next is Zack potage nur Friends of simon wiesenthal center for Holocaust Studies
mr. Potocki are here okay next is very wise letter socialist
action very wise letter socialist action karen rodman again on her own behalf and
i I will ask you again I will not hesitate this time if you get carried
away into attacking anybody in this room or anywhere else so I trust that I will
be protected from being told to and we’ll make sure the rules apply to
everybody probably by g4s what use go ahead
okay so Karen Rodman I am was ordained of the United Church minister 2015 was
sent by the United Church and by the World Council of Churches to spend time
doing human rights observation work right across the Palestine and know the
issues very very firsthand there are two submissions that I’m not
sure have come to you in fact for submissions that have not come to you
that I trust that you will look at one is from Dimitri Lycoris
in regard to the status of the Jewish Defense League also one from David Niven
sure who is a rabbi who has submitted that as well I won’t have time in my
three minutes to to read the Ontario Civil Liberties Association report
submission but it somehow got missed by being put on to your packet this morning
I gather that may be corrected but you may not have read it I would have
preferred to read that into the report what I will use my time to read into the
report is the letter that actually came from L codes that was submitted to this
committee to your committee late last week on Friday which you did not get in
your package I’m not sure what it’s been distributed actually it’s been
distributed what’s that they have been now while I’m going to read it yeah I
have a letter I had it here did you do other members of the committee received
us it’s not posted online I’m Mike I stopped the clock maybe if we’re having
a discussion letter form oh I’m gonna read I’m gonna read it I think I should
read it give me as your time as you wish I think I should read it given the
situation so by way of background the Elkins committee is a group of very
concerned Canadians and Torontonians for justice for Palestinians and their
hearing rights as noted by international law and many UN and Security Council
resolutions to end the occupation of Palestine the alkyds committee organizes
its supporting committees to participate in almost every solidarity action event
in support of Palestine they did the Memon are one very with wrote Inga very
recently as well held in Toronto in particular the elekid’s Committee echoes
international actions around the globe organized by the Elkins day here in
Toronto the purpose is to affirm the worldwide opposition to the 50-year
occupation of alkyds Oh kids of course meaning Jerusalem
these actions typically do occur in the last week of Ramadan the month of the
Muslim fasting according to the motion that you have that alkyds day is heat
infested rally and anti-semitic I have been there the last two years I
certainly did not hear any of the comments that we have just heard at all
sometimes there is things that are done in translations very poor translations
that are used for slander campaigns going back to their letter these are
very streamit extremely serious allegations that have been made in the
form of this motion for which the councillor fails to cite an iota of any
any evidence at all and so very much the committee has indicated that they reject
and object to these allegations in the strongest possible terms and in fact
that the committee is unequivocally condemns anti-semitism white supremacy
and Nazism and I’m not gonna get to the end of the letter unforseen miss rodman
the time is up in front of you a yes we do
it’s distributed to ask you to wrap our hands yeah I I’m wrapping up under
seeing if you could take the chance to read the letter if you haven’t had a
chance the factual information is there thank you very much are there questions
of the deputy all right I seeing not only thank you very much again for being
here today Karen brothers Karen Brothers okay thank
you thank you for your patience miss brothers you have three minutes thank
you I appreciate the opportunity to speak my name is Karen Brothers I’ve
been a member of the United Church for over 40 years
I’ve taught Sunday School I’ve also been an associate member of independent
Jewish voices since its inception in 2008 I’ve attended and spoken at l could
stay events as one of many interfaith participants including the one this year
and i have to say i would not recognize from your description of all good today
what i’ve seen in the many times i’ve been there
events such as oakwoods day that describe the tragic palestinian
situation must not be characterized as hate they are in the public interest
particularly given our government involvement in it
how good’s event how could this pointed out means Jerusalem our annual
international Muslim Spencer sponsored events designed to educate and encourage
people of conscience to work for a just and lasting peace for all those who live
in Israel Palestine how could today’s in Toronto are
inclusive interfaith events that bring people up to date on the situation and
hopefully inspire them to reach out to in their various communities to work for
a just peace these events are in the public interest and they’re held in good
faith the israeli-palestinian situation affects all of us
Canadian schools school programs and even libraries have faced censorship our
freedom of speech in our civil liberties our
threatened the israel-palestine issue is at the root of Mideast violence that
threatens world peace this even affects their own government some of our elected
representatives seemed to prioritize Israel’s agenda over the interests of
Canadian citizens justice organizations of all faiths belief believe that the
only foreseeable solution to this situation is worldwide grassroots
activism and if one is not part of the solution one is part of the problem so
Christian organizations have also called for sponsored annual events like L could
today in 2005 the World Council of Churches called on its members to hold
an annual focus on the Palestinian situation and in 2006 the United Church
called on all Canadian congregations also to hold an annual focus on the
israeli-palestinian issue I’m disturbed when I see public officials elected by
Canadians who seem eager to jettison our civil liberties like the freedom of
speech that our democracy depends on to benefit the agenda of a foreign country
those who support our freedom of speech will reject this this characterization
of events describing Palestinian life and the organizations that sponsor them
as hateful thank you that was three minutes on the dot
good timing other questions of this deputy hearing on I will thank you again
for your patience and for your contribution appreciate that
Floy Dean Charles for a tall fly Dean Charles for a tall and Emily Daigle and
your you are the last for this evening your on this item oh did you want to
speak to this okay I’m gonna speak of this because my
adoptive father and I’m sorry if I sound weird I’m in pain every really horrible
gallbladder my adoptive father who adopted me after my birth father ran
away because he didn’t want a cripple or vegetable for a child my adoptive father
was a survivor of Auschwitz unfortunately he passed away in 1999 I
say Shalom daddy because he told me stories he showed me his arm I say if
these days must happen and we want free speech let’s keep it civil for everyone
I don’t enjoy the thought I told daddy I’d never stopped fighting for justice
I’d never stopped fighting for accessibility
he loved Toronto he was mostly disabled like I am but he also knew that the day
would come that I’d have to fight for the beliefs that I was raised on
I have very upset a few minutes ago with another speaker because I’ve read this
motion and I agree with it I read this motion because hate speech can come in
many forms in many ways some forms that people are not even aware of that it’s
happening whether it’s being said some people are played like pawns by both
sides by through all of this we must come to an understanding that this is
not a place for hate this is not a place for hating one another this is a place
for discussion for being one love and most of all this is a place where we
must respect that’s the word respect I hope all of you have had
a fruitful day and I wish you peace and I thank you and James I thank you most
because this is vital I did not go this year I couldn’t go because if I did I
would have been crying my head off seeing all the pain and the hatred
Palestine in Israel are there we are here the fight is there we are here
let’s not bring hate into the conversation let’s not bring
anti-semitic derogatory garbage to the conversation we are who each of we are
we are who we are in our hearts and may all of us work together hopefully in
harmony and I thank you Shalom you very much any questions of the deputy all
right thank you very much all right we’re now ready for questions
of staff very none then we have speakers I don’t believe there are any members of
council not on the committee still with us so we’d go straight to member Oh
sorry Janet accounts are Davis is here you want to speak counselor Davis no no
thank you okay then we have members of the
committee wishing to speak counselor pastor Knight
thank you Thank You mr. mayor I do have a emotion we could put it on the screen
it’s been advanced circulated it’s not making any decisions about what is free
speech and what it’s not it’s not making any decisions or judgments on politics
in the Middle East or world conflict zones the people some of the people who
deputed had no clue what we were here for and what was before us they hadn’t
read through the documentation nor did they wait for the motions some
of the speakers who were here today defended their their annual rallies
which invited keynote speakers hala Khan deniers and also are currently under
investigation by Toronto police for hate speech this started from an
administrative inquiry on how we as a city can have the legal tools and what
tools do we have to stop some of the white supremacist and neo-nazi rallies
that are taking place in the United States an example used in the wording
was the L could state which has a long history of making racial slurs and
inviting bigots and Hall of customizers as their as their keynote speakers in
the response the response came from two letters of Correspondence one was from
deputy city manager Julie qurbani and the other one came from Toronto Police
Services on the second page of mr. Bunny’s letter she says she makes a
reference I’ll just sort of read the the paragraph here is important to note that
certain activities are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
what specific actions may be permitted would require analysis and legal advice
that considers the rally or protests as it occurs the City space especially
where one occurs without a permit we are simply asking for clarity on the
response that we got both from police service and from the deputy city manager
I’ve spoken at length with the city manager today to make sure that what we
are putting before him is workable it’s doable and I think it’s always incumbent
on us to seek expert advice in complex social situations Toronto has a
reputation to protect as a respectful tolerant diverse City
we don’t want images across the news wires and newspapers of racist or
neo-nazi and white supremacist rallies that are taking place in urban centers
across the United States we need the tools the legal tools to decide whether
we what decide what action we can take and we need the expertise of legal
actors to make sure we work within the confines of the law so I urge you to
support of this motion it is really an offshoot of the correspondence we’ve all
received on the issue it is very important that we keep the city as a
respectful welcome city for newcomers from all over the world and that we
don’t let the the white supremacist and neo Nazi rallies flourish on our streets
so I urge you to support it and we’re asking the city manager to report back I
believe in the second quarter 2018 thanks councillor Pasternak are there
other members of committee wishing to speak out sir w mayor viola question of
the mover when you’re asking with respect to preventing public gatherings
so you were not identifying any specific gathering great you’re you’re you’re
basically asking for clarity and direction and definitions that’s exactly
right we worded it so it’s wide open enough so
that staff can get to work and don’t feel pigeon holed into certain groups or
world conflict zones as you heard from the some of the deputies this is the
thing to do with just one specific event this is gonna be a broad look at it’s a
broader look and it could it could very well work as a as a legal roadmap to
help us guide through you could guide policy as we as we govern an
increasingly diverse City in a complex world I might just have one that just
goes a little further and clarifying what you asked deputy Morrell which is a
councillor pasternak not only the talk you does it not mention a specific
gathering but it says preventing public gatherings and then a few words in
between on the city’s property and so it is it is confined to what we do these be
our own property our own places public places that we’re responsible for well
that’s exactly right the question is does does the City of Toronto through
its public space want to enable white supremacist
you Nancy rallies or hate fest gatherings we have an
anti-discrimination policy all permit holders have to have to sign it they
have to adhere to that policy and as mentioned in the letter legal
complexities emerge when they do so without a permit and we need to know
what what legal framework we’re working in in order to react one more question
if I may are you prepared to accept the fact that that you might not get much
more back out of this notwithstanding best efforts beyond what the letter that
you already had said or the I was I was warned that I may not like the answer
and I was warned that it could it might not go beyond what we’ve already
received and this is an independent review by the city manager and community
stakeholders and some legal experts I would say it’s very important in the
city to go down that legal path all right any speakers we had questions of
the mover do we are there any people wishing to speak to this counselor
shiner oh it’s my microphone on there we are
now I am fully supportive of tensor Pasternak’s motion and I would ask our
staff to dig as deep as they can to try and help to find the ways that we can
mitigate the ability to use the public property that we’ve been given the trust
of for hate rallies you saw some of the vociferous comments that were directed
towards my colleague well that’s not my colleague that who is on issue here it’s
the issues that he was talking about and you could see the way that people deal
with them and we are as a city so proud of the mix and the diversity that we
have here and how we want it to be fair and free and open for everyone and rally
such as the ones that you’re talking about remind me of the stories that I
heard and things that happened before with anti-semitism the way that my
parents struggled and the way that their parents struggled something that I never
had to go through and I was fortunate not to have to go to but the battles
that Christi Pitts the inability if you were a Jew to be able to even buy
product because they wouldn’t sell it to you or properties or the way you were
kept out was things that went on in the city years ago and doesn’t go on anymore
and shouldn’t but the fact that people are starting to use public property to
have rallies like that is something that would totally embarrass me if we allow
it to go on and we should be taking the extra effort because today it could be a
Jew but tomorrow it can be someone else it’s not Jewish related and it’s not
specific against an organization we own and we have to protect and have the
proper use of these public properties and the fact that my colleague is Jewish
is taking it on these issues is I appreciate everything that he’s doing
and I appreciate the stand that he takes we have to support that and we have to
find ways to make sure that our public property isn’t abused in any way in a
manner that any of us we’ll be ever embarrassed to see Hatton
thanks counselor shiner others wishing to speak I’d like to say a brief word
about this then if there are no others just to say that that I think on this
day especially when we just finished passing not to honk off a couple of
hours ago with so very moving and eloquent remarks from some of our
colleagues an anti black racism strategy I think it behooves us to take a look at
there’s a reason why we have hate speech laws there’s a reason why we the city
have an anti-discrimination policy and I think that you know that that those both
indicate that the freedom of speech that we do cherish in the Charter is not
absolutely unfettered at least not as regards say under our
anti-discrimination policy the use of our public facilities people as the
counselor pointed out earlier on do have to sign a sheet to agree to adhere to a
policy if they want to get a permit to use public lands and so I I would if
this was a document that was taking a stand on a given foreign policy issue I
probably wouldn’t support it but it is a document that is asking for further
information being honest I’m not quite sure that you are gonna get back much
more than what you’ve seen in the very thoughtful a letter that came from is
Carboni or the letter that came from the police service but it’s worth asking the
question especially in my mind only in that it relates to public gatherings on
the city’s property I took a point of view earlier this year as as the mayor
and I felt that it was an appropriate point of view to advance people can hold
me to account for that that when it came to the funeral I forget now of a
Holocaust denier or a white supremacist person that took place in a library that
permit should not have been issued and the library board is presently
reconsidering whatever their policy is about giving out these things and I was
very comfortable on that on the context of free speech because I said there’s a
million other places you could have such a funeral service if you are a memorial
service other than a public library and so we I don’t believe we do have an
obligation in fact I think we have an obligation to protect the sanctity of
those public places by making sure that people do it here
termination that they they if they are inciting hatred or preaching this sort
of thing and so I have I didn’t tell every kid get into any of the expression
of used today including even as a member of the United Church the people that
show up all over the place with views on BDS which I completely reject and nobody
ever asked me as a member of the United Church what my thought was on that but
having said all that that’s what free speech is all about I don’t believe in
what they do and they belong to the same church as I do I just think this is an
examination which I don’t think will come back with much more than what we
have today but it’s worth at least asking the question as it relates to
city properties and to making sure that in this place of all places in Toronto
that we don’t do anything to encourage or to otherwise be seen to facilitate
anything that goes on that incites hatred or discrimination so I will
support the motion on that basis all right any more devote party boat will
have a recorded vote we’re ready for the question which is the motion that’s in
front of you here so all those in favor penslar Bulow Caliburn say cancel
Crawford counselor DiGiorgio counselor mere Tory can supply Co cancer Pasternak
councillor Robinson counsel shiner those opposed counselor Ainsley cancel rent
man motion carries would I be correct madam clerk that that concludes the
agenda for the day well I thank the members of the public who stayed all
this time and I thank our staff our city staff for a long day’s work and all the
work that preceded it and I thank the members of the committee and we stand

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