Exploring a Private Island from our floating home [EP 59] | Sailing Millennial Falcon

Almost two years ago we left it all
behind for a chance of the sailing adventure of a lifetime. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing since then but together we are learning and
laughing our way through Our hope is that if we laugh long enough
we can make our merry way around the world And this… this is the Millennial
Falcon We did have the anchorage all to
ourselves as a celebrate there just left there’s a sailboat that just left but all speedboats have arrived now what we’re going to do though is gonna pop the dinghy in the water and we are then
going to explore one of the peaks around this place because… Adam: all of the peaks All of the peaks apparently even though they are really really quite large we saw someone on land
yesterday and he looked like a little pinprick so I don’t really think we’re going to explore all of them but that’s fine! then we are going to…I don’t know! Yeah, we’re pretty much just gonna explore this little
deserted island here please try to contain your excitement This is our first like… not abandoned… this is our first private island where there’s nothing
here there’s no one here except that person that person then those two out
there When I woke this morning though there was no one here then we should, hopefully, depending on who else shows up today have the place to
ourselves again So we’re gonna go for a hike I’m just excited to just do some hiking we’ve got some cool new shoes from our friend Doug We’re gonna go take
them for a bash which is a first for us like actually wearing footwear when we
hike We’re going to yeah probably just tackle one of these hills and we’re
gonna get a drone out because it’s like pin-drop calm it’s really really calm
it’s kind of a dead time for weather or for wind at the moment lovely sunny day
and no wind And we’re on like a completely barren island so it’s
the perfect opportunity to get some drone time in I’m just really happy to
be out of the world Not working on the boat!! That too yeah So well yeah tonight
when we have the place to ourselves it should be really like this is what I
came out here for so I’m excited I don’t know what the day holds for us but I
know it’s gonna be fun Five minutes… Doesn’t even last 5 minutes this dinghy We’re going on an adventure So you’ve done 10 paces – how do you feel? Thoroughly exhausted, I think that’s enough I mean over the last five days have probably done about five paces yeah
so we’ve doubled that I think we should leave it like that Baby steps right yeah
we’re pretty fly there any new shoes They’re working out well I think this is the
farthest off the beach on a foreign island that we’ve ever made it
without having some kind of foot injury I think so yeah I cannot wait to find
some of these spikes though that are in other places and just tromp all
over all over them because we can now I want everyone to remember that she said that… [Rewind noise] I cannot wait to find some of these spikes though that are in other places
and just tromp all over them because we can yeah these bad boys can Wow I wasn’t quite expecting it to be so abrupt
on the other side Yeah Looks like somebody found cell service
Shut up in our defense we did manage to get the drone working So we’ll practice doing it now which is the reason why we had to find some cell service so we go all the way to the top of the hill to get cell service and now we have
to walk all the way down there to practice and launch with it make sure it
functions properly And then we have to climb all the way back up here
to get the shot that I want to get Exactly Well we did say that we hadn’t enough exercise recently that’s true my legs were screaming at me on the way up here yeah, I did a little bit of like a mission walk I was like well we’re not going to get up there without going far and fast so it’s probably why I like the both screaming But we have beautiful, beautiful view So we’re going to give you a tour of the
Caribbean here so over there is St Bart’s Over here is St Kitts and Nevis Over here is st. Eustacia We have Saba over there and all the way behind over there is Sint Maarten And it really kind of gives you a little bit of
an idea of how close all these islands are together so when we’re sailing from
island to island you’ll see that it’s actually not so far apart really hope all this worked out because I totally timed, lined myself up perfectly So we finally got the drone in the air we managed to register the phone went up to
the highest hill got the phone service registered the drone Flew it a bit and now the phone is flat We were thinking maybe coming back here later just to watch the sunset I do recall a very similar incident in the
past Ohh!!
Yeah, did you not see it? I was looking at this one Hahaha! More fascinated by this and I look over and you’ve got one wedged in your foot Had I not been finally wearing the appropriate footwear this would have been incredibly, incredibly painful Yeah, there’s an endorsement for your new shoes Get it off! Thanks Doug! Woah, don’t! Erghh god, look behind you!! Haha
Adam…Oh it’s off now! Stop moving.. don’t move, don’t fall, don’t breathe I’m not picking thorns out your backside all night Can you pick those two thorns out at least? Aw, it’s wedged in there good Owwwww Ehhhhh
Owwwww Hahaha What is wrong with me?! Khiara Parker… thorn magnet For God’s sake! Geez you got a real way of attracting pricks, don’t ya? Ahhh haha! For god’s sake That was a hell of a lot easier to get out than the finger Grrr I don’t like this island anymore I actually prefer those little tiny irritating ones than these things Have you been thinking of that comeback and then you’re like… No it just came to me Yes, I got a chance to use it No it really just came to me Having made it safely back to the beach and putting some charge into the phone I decided to take the drone out on a little solo mission well that marks successful drone flight
number two I think I lost a few years of age It’s a bit hard launching the Mavic
Air from like grassy rubbish like this I need to get a little rug or something or
get proficient at just flying it off my palm But we’re not there yet we’re not there yet We already had one drone die and I can’t afford another one and I
quite enjoy these little infrequent albeit successful drone flights so I’m
just going to keep keep raising the bar a little bit more every time and before
you know it’ll be all singing all dancing all drone flying 24/7 now I have to go back down this hill to the bow down there and then pick up Khiara to go
to the top of that hill to get a sunset time lapse time-lapse Whatcha doing there? Youre not filming me putting all this sugar and sweetner into this cordial that we’re gonna make Are you gonna pour rum into it? We are indeed! we have officially run out of wine, beer however we do still have where there’s a will there’s a way yeah there is always a way to find booze on this boat some mango rum which not surprisingly has not been drunk since we were in
USVI and I stupidly bought a little bit too much of the stuff that was not so great to drink So we still have that And a little bit of cordial, just to pass the time when we’re sitting there and watching the sunset I made some made some mini quiche and some corn fritters For our little picnic snack too Oh health and goodness Actually to be honest, it could be orange juice It appears to be rush hour, everyone is here for the sunset Woah, quickly! Okay well everyone seems to have split up. So they’re heading in that direction, there’s another couple up in that direction And we’re going to head to that one I’ll admit I like this side of the mountain a
lot better than the other side because Exactly This is the shady side of the
mountain I think so the cactus don’t really like this place i think Phew, it’s just starting to get a bit hard though Ads this is the third time today that you’ve done this Your legs must be aching so much It definitely will be quite interesting to
try and get down in the dark Phew! This is nice, that is a nice breeze Just our luck, there’s a rain cloud, Adam was like I swear I just felt rain! Anyway I’ve set us up with a nice little picnic area Do you want to explain the…
What it actually is? Ok …What the gimbal does? So what it does, this gimbal, is that you set it up on a tripod is that it’ll pan from left to right
or right to left, wherever you set it And it’ll also do it when uh, on a gimbal. So do it on a very steady rate as well so watching the sunset we
can pan and watch the sunset going down and pan from left to right at the same time which is what we’re trying to do… What I failed to do, shall I rephrase We may have
miscalculated the timings of the sun set Yeah a little bit It was pointing like out there
somewhere five minutes to go Missed the whole thing! Literally, there was like, that much of the sun left And he was like, should we reshoot this??
Yeah… ok then I have like three minutes left Also this camera the GoPro is not going to be much good to us soon because it’s
just rubbish in low light so we’ll meet down there at the boat in like, 10? So this morning we thought they would go
for a bit of a snorkel we didn’t really do it yesterday because we were
absolutely pooped after climbing up and down mountains and and then Adam also
went out yourself afternoon to climb another mountain so by that stage we
were well and truly over climbing mountains and quite tired Today we’re gonna snorkel back to the original question we’re thinking about heading
over there because when Adam took the drone up yesterday he decided in his
wise wisdom that was probably the best place to go to
So I’ll just head over there now I think How was the snorkelling Ads?
Well it’s actually really good, it’s like beautifully clear water, lots of fish a lot
of barra A looot of barracuda We saw a nurse shark, we saw a turtle We saw…
lobster Yeah, a massive lobster which I couldn’t get And he knew it I’d stay here for a week if I could
If Khiara would let me We would also be having a very nice Lobster dinner tonight if this place was not a marine park But we are good humans and we will not eat the lobster That’s probably why we only saw one, because not everyone listens to that rule Yeah, you’re probably right, yeah


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