Eye Care LilyAna Naturals Eye Cream Moisturizer Review Cruncher Beauty

Review Cruncher Beauty [CRUNCH] Eye Care: LilyAna Naturals – Eye Cream Moisturizer Summarized Ratings: Date of this review: June 6, 2017 Total customer reviews: 1,989 83% good ratings, 13% average ratings, 4% bad ratings. Summarized Reviews: Pros • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, scarring and saggy skin
• Improves skin tone, texture, elasticity and reduces premature aging
• 77% organic ingredients / contains Rosehip Oil and Hibiscus extract
• Gentle on eyes / only requires a small amount / keeps skin hydrated
• Reduces eye bags, puffiness and crow’s feet / pleasant smell Cons: • Using excess amounts will leave a greasy residue on your skin
• It can take up to two weeks to see visible results of improvement
• A few customers have reported no results after a few weeks of use
• Some customers have experienced irritation in and around the eyes
• For some people mold started to form inside the jar or lid Is it right for you? • Can be used on all skin types, twice a day, for eye area, face and neck
• People might think you are using Botox because it works so well
• Well priced for what it does and has a 30 day money back guarantee
• Contains Hibiscus extract and Rosehip oil with 77% Organic ingredients
• Customers have highly praised this product giving positive feedback VESA mount is awkwardly positioned/ poor sound quality speakers Subscribe here. Check out the other reviews:

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