Facebook Ad Targeting SECRETS (2019) Target Interests Like This

so it’s pretty wild because sometimes
you can take a product that’s not necessarily a huge winner for somebody
else and using the methods I’m showing in this video with the correct targeting
and the secrets I show and the interest that you should be targeting you could
make that product profitable now if you have a winning product even better
because you’re gonna make that even more profitable so I test millions of dollars
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relax and take some notes because you’re gonna learn so much in this video what’s
going on guys so today I want to show you a way to find secret targeting
inside of your Facebook ads so if you have a product that you’re selling or
even a service really I’m gonna show you ways to find really really high targeted
kind of secret audiences that most people are not gonna find because
they’re not leveraging tools that I’m about to show you so make sure to
subscribe if you’re not already subscribed and let’s get right into it
so I’m over here and I already showed kind of my ad account here a bunch of
different campaigns these are a bunch of different products that we’re running
right now but I just went ahead and I selected all of these products right
here that are running and I said hey let’s see everything under you know add
to carts that are 5 dollars and I like to do this in bulk because I don’t want
to like you know go one by one campaign buy campaign buy campaign I want to do
everything in bulk because I want to save as much time as possible because
the more time I have the more time I have to launch products find more
products and if we have time here at the end of this video I’ll even launch a
product on this video and show you how we do you know hide you
know very very great targeting with those products so you can see these are
all under $5 added cards and this is like $100 product this is like a $700
product this is like a or this one’s like 400 this one’s like 700 this one’s
like a couple hundred so these are really good products but I want to focus
on this drone quad actually I want to focus on this 3d printer right now so
what I want to do is go over here to audiences and I’m sure you’re familiar
with audience insights but this is a better way to run audience insights
because it will do it all for you so I’m using an ad show which you can grab
below it’s pretty much a Facebook ad automation software and if I were to
type in 3d printer you can see 3d printer world pops up right okay let’s
check out 3d printer world let’s put it into our list of products or interests
here and you can see I have a huge huge list of interest here and you can see iPhone 4 iPhone 5 iPhone
6 and what it’s gonna do is gonna add it to the list
of these products let’s see if I can find it really quickly yeah I think I
already have it in there so good I didn’t search for it here it is 3d printer world and you can
see I have a couple different things here right so 3d printing industry now
it’s going to search audience insights for the best of the best interest to
target based off of that so like 3d print comm right
rapid prototyping probably really good let’s add it to our 3d printing folder
3d printing folder and what’s really cool I don’t need a red folder what’s
really cool is after I do this I’m gonna be able to launch ads to these interests
and these are like you know if you were to spend all your time searching
audience insights these are what would come up so lets you can select multiple
of them design news that’s probably really good 3d artists magazine ah this
looks like it’s a little small so I won’t do that one make magazine perfect
and let’s let’s select this one too so every one of them you select up here
oops I forgot to add to those of the folder every one you select up here is
gonna go find other good ones down here art station pretty much anybody who
likes our it’s probably pretty good for a 3d printing right now I’m sewing a 3d
printer if you want to go ahead and see it here let’s see if I can pull it up I
launched it in like two seconds with AD chill and I’ll show you that later if we
do have time if not then I’ll go ahead and make it into another video but if we
look at my ads here you can see the 3d printers launched right pretty cool
video made really quickly you got six shares I just literally launched this
yesterday it’s already got six shares which is pretty awesome but now since
I’m adding these to the folder I can launch ads to them so let me go ahead
and add that to that folder and watch this when I go up to dashboard here and you can see my ad campaign here on
Facebook ads right you see there’s three ad sets run into
inactive I want to show you how awesome this is so now I have the 3d printer
campaign selected or the ad set selected and usually what you do is you go to
audience insights and find all these interests and then duplicate and put in
a new interest cuz you want to test more ads right I’m gonna simply select this
right and then I’m gonna pick those interests that I have right here that
just created boom one two three four five six seven eight nine ten or nine of
them right I could even schedule you know like five
today and five and 24 hours I’m gonna make them all $5 and then watch this I’m
gonna create just like that I hit schedule now and it create nine new ad
sets I could do that literally with all look-alikes I could do a hundred
look-alikes if I wanted to make one hundred ad sets I could do a hundred
different videos if I want to test one hundred fifty hundred different videos I
could do a combination of both and you can see it’s uploading right now so you
remember I had five here let’s give it like you know a couple
seconds got nine coming in if i refresh at one time there’s probably two more in
there boom as you can see they’re being uploaded in review at five dollars a
piece going to Maker Faire going to digital
modeling and fabrication and if i refresh again there’s probably even more
so as you can see it just kind of automates the whole process and this is
just kind of a way to find you know different audiences really really easily
and you can do this for any interest that you have like let’s say you’re
selling basketball gear you could type in basketball and then at Joe’s gonna go
find more basketball interests for you that have high affinities
you know maybe Facebook suggestions and you just really want to rapid test as
many interests as possible because the more interest you test the more winning
ads that you’ll find and then everyday I’ll go in and I’ll say hey anything
under $5 Add to Cart I’m gonna keep on maybe scale while anything over $5
I wanted to turn off or maybe you want to do anything over you know a couple
bucks Ling click whatever your metric is you can do that here on ad show so we’ll
just let this finish uploading looks like there’s two more ad sets to be
uploaded and that’s about it guys I wanted to just show you this really
quickly it looks like we’re running out of time here so I’m not gonna hold you
around too long but check out the other videos as well I want to show you how we
can launch products in literally three minutes instead of spending you know an
hour hour and a half for each product if you do want to grab at show you can do
that will set you up with a free demo and I’ll jump on a call show you exactly
how you know how it works or somebody on my team will you can see all of these ad
sets with no stress on my side got uploaded so other than that check out
and show by clicking the link below make sure to join the mastermind group we
have below as well you’re gonna you know level up your game so much just by being
around people who are absolutely crushing it with Facebook Ads and then
if you have any question you know let me know one question below that you do have
about Facebook ads and I will answer it either in text or a video format so
other than that I hope you have a wonderful day and how these ads upload
as you can see they’re probably done yep they’re all done by now I’m gonna keep
launching new products launch your new ads and keep crushing it so I hope you
have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you soon bye I want to show you exactly
how you can find the most profitable Facebook ads and audiences in 5 minutes
per day that will provide you a consistent reliably low CPA which will
enable you to scale with an ROI like you’ve never seen before let’s face it
Facebook ads are extremely competitive and the only ones that are actually
crushing it are those that can identify the perfect audience to advertise to and
not just the perfect audience but the perfect creative whether that’s image or
video but also combined with the perfect copy for that perfect audience so a
combination of all three enables them to absolutely crush Facebook ads and if
you’re not able to do that you’re not gonna see optimal results so what’s
awesome about this is it works for all Facebook ads whether you’re doing
e-commerce apps SAS lead gen coaching consulting maybe you’re an affiliate
whatever you’re running Facebook ads for this is
help you save 95% of your time and double if not triple your conversions
and don’t worry at the end of this short presentation I’m going to show you
examples proof all that good stuff of all of these niches so like I said these
days in Facebook Ads the only people really crushing it are the ones who have
the combination of the perfect audience the perfect creative and the perfect
copy Facebook Ads are getting more and more competitive by the day so if you
can’t identify those three things and combine them your results are not going
to be as great as your competitors and we both know every single day ads are
getting more expensive and more competitive and the prices are not going
to go down with the surge of marketers just flocking the Facebook ads because
of the endless amounts of data it’s just simple supply and demand right
more marketers that the ad costs are gonna go up right so as more marketers
come in and they want to advertise on Facebook the prices will continue to go
up making it harder for you to acquire customers clients users purchasers
whatever for the price that you want now how do you find that perfect creative
copy and audience so you see results that you’ve never seen before and it’s
simple the same exact way that anybody who is great at anything does it
they put in their 10,000 hours they test they practice they practice they
practice you know Edison we all know that he failed a thousand times before
he created the light bulb but guess what he made 999 tests tweaking testing and
refining his formula before he created light bulb and we all know Wayne Gretzky
you know you miss 100% of the shots you never take and that’s so true
and doesn’t it hold kind of the same for testing different images or different
videos if I test one image or video am I gonna see as good a results if as if I
test 10 or 20 probably not if I test 20 I’m gonna see a couple huge winners I’m
gonna see a lot of losers but I’m gonna take those winners and combine them with
other elements and if I never would have tested those twenty different videos
then I would have never seen those results in Michael Jordan you know one
of the best basketball players ever he said I’ve failed over and over and
over again in my life and that is why I succeed and it’s so true look we all
know that word sell if you test one type of copy but you don’t go on and ten
10 20 30 you’re not gonna find which words really relate to your audience but
if you sit there even if you’re not a good copywriter if you sit there and you
write 10 20 30 different types of copy you launch them to your ads one of them
is gonna stand out maybe two three are gonna stand out they’re gonna really
relate to your audience and you’re gonna keep rolling with those boom you just
doubled your conversions now whatever you think of Kobe Bryant you have to
respect his his sickening work ethic this is just a little quote he says you
wake up at 3:00 you train at 4:00 4:00 to 6:00 come home eat breakfast relax
now you’re back at it and 9:00 to 11:00 relax back at it again from 2:00 to 4:00
now you’re back at it from 7:00 to 9:00 by year five and six it doesn’t matter
what kind of work they do during the summer they will never ever catch up and
that is so true if I am competing with you and every single day I’m testing 10
20 different look-alike audiences you know I scale the winners kill the
losers every single day I do that and I know that you’re sitting there testing
maybe 5 10 per week or per month what’s gonna happen I’m gonna find so many
audiences I’m gonna crush it right so if you sit down and you test audience after
audience after audience and you just have a sick work ethic and just do it
over and over again you’re gonna find so many profitable audiences and you
combine them with your new creative and your new copy and you absolutely crush
it right that’s how it works if you test more you find more winners right the
more you shoot the more you score right now you might be asking yourself but how
do I test all of these ad combinations every single day I only have so much
time right we have like 956 other things so doing our business we can’t just sit
inside a Facebook Ads all day switching things out making new
tests duplicating fiddling with Facebook Ads right so let me introduce ad show to
you ad show is an ad crushing machine that will find highly profitable
Facebook ads and audiences in 5 minutes per day so you can get reliably low CPAs
without wasting your time Achille will constantly test different audiences and
create different audiences videos interests and ads so you can really
figure out which ones are your winners while killing off your losers really
quickly so you don’t spend any money and it’s gonna help you find profitable ads
24/7 365 without you sitting there in your ads manager all day long pretty
awesome right so we’ve been using agile for the last
couple years internally to spend millions of dollars on Facebook Ads
extremely profitably now we open that chill up a few months ago and now there
are thousands of top-tier marketers absolutely crushing it with AD show by
using ad show you’re going to double if not triple your Facebook and Instagram
conversions while spending ninety five percent less time and you won’t be
spending more money now it’s gonna enable you to spend more money if you
want to because you you will have winning ads that you can spend more
money on and become even more profitable but the key here is you’re gonna be
eating header conversions and spending less time pretty amazing right so to go
over a few things that you can do for you you know it will create hundreds if
not thousands of look-alikes in seconds and then you can launch them to your ads
we all know the process right you find a custom audience and then you make a US
one percent and then a US two percent then a US three percent look-alike
audience and you go four or five six seven and so on and so on and then you
do that for every single custom audience you created why because it’s extremely
profitable and you take all those custom audiences that you spent you know seven
hours on and you put them onto your ads you duplicate you test this audience
test this audience it’s extremely profitable but it takes so much time so
now with ad show what you can do is you can say hey for these ten custom
audiences I want to select these countries and make one through seven
percent look like audiences and then boom just in you know three seconds you
make 400 500 different audiences and then launch them to past winning ads now
this is a huge time saver as well we’re able to manage multiple accounts and
multiple campaigns at the same time this saves at least a couple hours every
single morning because we can say hey anything that is over 5 dollars per
purchase let’s turn it off anything is under let’s see it let’s scale them do
whatever we want launch new ads new look-alikes and so on so it’s pretty
cool right you can say hey I’d show I want to see all my losers I want to turn
them off with one button ok I want to see all my winners I want to scale them
up you know by 10 percent 20 percent or individually or hey I want to take some
of these winners and launch a new look like ads based off of them pretty
awesome right you can see how much time you’re gonna be saving every single
morning now if you’re in the manual bidding same thing I can see say hey at
you let me see all of my winners and then I can Manuel been on him click
click I want to increase the bid here I want to lower the baby err you know I
want to turn this one on I want turn this one off across multiple campaigns
across multiple accounts at the same exact time but what about new campaigns
maybe new products new services whatever I need to find some new audiences well
instead of going over to audience insights or stocking your competitors
customers pages to see what their interests are
how about typing into ad show one interest and a chill goes and finds
hundreds of high affinity extremely targeted interests that you can just
simply add to a folder save it forever and your yoga folder or whatever and
then launch a new ads to them over and over again and see which ones have the
best cost per click over time which ones have the best click-through rate over
time and you build these folders of different interests that you can target
over and over again and then you make different selections of those interests
and you add chill spits out more interests that were like those interests
so it’s a you know it’s an interest building machine it’s pretty awesome
right so then you can take those ten interest or one hundred or a thousand
and create tens or hundreds of ads just like that schedule them over time so you
don’t spend too much money kill the losers and scale the winners
Achille also makes it super easy to build out ads or page posts whether
that’s dark posts or on your page instead of filling with
Facebook you can just create your you know video or image ad right inside of
AD show then save it to a folder and take it in apply it to other ads so
maybe you have five different look like audiences that are doing really well you
want to test them against five new page posts with new copy on them right you
want to see what resonates and you go click click boom twenty-five new ads
schedule them over a couple days five ten bucks apiece scale the winners kill
the losers so isn’t that pretty awesome like want to take those look like
audiences that you just created and then apply them to brand new page posts where
you have brand new copy maybe hitting a different angle to see if it resonates
with your you know your client now if your Shopify user I understand not
everybody is but we also released an app they’ll allow you to do the whole
process of testing a new product you know find in Aliexpress putting it on
your store and then creating the video and creating the ad campaign targeting
different interests and launching the the ads that process used to take us an
hour and a half now with our Edgehill app it takes three minutes so we can
test ten products per hour and I’m talking the video the interest targeting
the whole campaign launched into my ads and
three minutes you can see if you’re launching different products you can
absolutely crush your competition now that you can test ten to fifteen times
faster than they can you’ll be able to get rid of your extra ad buyer on your
team or maybe you have an agency right now running your Facebook Ads doing
these tests for you ahead chil can beat your new agency because it will go
harder than any agency possibly can go and it will test more ads find more
profitable audiences and save you so much time and money you’ll also be able
to get rid of any outdated ad tools that you might be using look you know we’re a
bunch of marketers building an ad show to work for marketers like us right
we’re not a huge corporation that couldn’t really care less about your
success we have a mastermind group where if you ever have a question a strategy
question a problem whatever we’re there we want to see you succeed now we all
know videos are way better than images right so sometimes it just it’s hard to
make videos right 30 minutes 45 minutes to make a video you have to pay somebody
or you have to you know pay with your time we also built a really cool you
know really quick video maker inside the ad show that you can take a few images
create a video and then it’s saved inside of your Facebook ads and you can
use it inside of agile to make new ads and then take that video that you just
created in two seconds test it against your your look-alikes that you created
test it against different interests test it with different copy and you’re
finding more and more winners so every single day your ads are improving you’re
getting better you have a sick work ethic without having to spend all day
inside of Facebook ads you spend five ten minutes a day and every single day
your ads will get better so a chill is created simply because we saw this huge
problem right it was a good problem to have
it was simply hey if we launch more ads testing different things you know
different different images different videos different interests different
look-alike audiences different copy if we test with all these things every
single day we were guaranteed to see better results from the day before and
we were able to continue to do that every single day and dwindle down that
our CPA was absolutely crushing it and the only problem there was it just took
a lot of time like myself and my team we were all sitting inside of Facebook ads
eight hours a day like you know everything else in the business took a
backseat to Facebook ads because we knew if we spent the time there
we would get conversions for so cheap so we decided you know we’ve been building
software for the last seven years why not build out something that will test
all of these elements for us and that kind of brings us to add Joe right it’s
all about finding these golden nuggets inside of your ads what copy works what
audiences work what look-alikes what you know what videos work best and then you
combine them together and you’re starting to see how you’re absolutely
gonna crush it with a Joe right yeah of course
so I know I just threw a ton at you you know we went over look alikes
interest you know managing bulk accounts or both campaigns at the same time
manual bidding creating ads really quickly page post dark posts the video
maker the 3-minute campaign launched for Shopify how you can run this for your
e-commerce business your app business your agency your affiliate business and
so on and so on I know there’s a ton so I mean really I kind of want to invite
you if if you are struggling with scaling your Facebook Ads because of
time or conversion costs book a demo below will show you inside of AD show
and exactly how it’s going to work with your specific business like I said if
you’re running any Facebook Ads ad shows absolutely gonna crush it for
you so you know take twenty minutes jump on a call with either me or somebody on
my team and we’ll walk you through the exactly the full platform how it’s gonna
work for your business and how you’re absolutely gonna crush it so there
should be a big button below to do that now and you can book that and from here
I just want to like show off some some cool results some little case studies
the people who are crushing it and all that good stuff so with ad show we were
able to grow stores Shopify stores from a couple hundred dollars a day so this
is one store and you can see you got up to twenty four thousand dollars per day
why because we were able to find the perfect audience and the perfect copy
that resonated perfectly with them and then the perfect video to go with that
because we tested every single day new element new element new island every
single day we got to three percent better to three percent better over the
course of 30 days you see what happens right so absolutely crushing with the
Shopify process and add show here’s Chris who’s super pumped he’s like day
two of using that show I created a ton of different look-alikes I created a
hundred different ad says just like that long story short he said I am blown away
I have never seen an ROI like this for so don’t you want to see an ROI that
you’ve never seen before right like that’s the whole goal here is to be able
to test so quickly that you absolutely crush it now a little example of mobile
apps if you’re running a mobile apps like ad show helped us get over 25
million downloads in the App Store published on a bunch of blogs and you
can see in the bottom right here I highlighted this because this is the
cost per mobile app install and we typically you know clients that come to
us and say hey we run our mobile apps or can we use a trail they typically see
two to three times better results now the reason I highlighted this below
because that those screenshots 69 cents our iPad installs and 44 cents our
iPhone installs now if you’re in the industry you know iPad installs are more
expensive iPhone installs are a little less expensive but the point here is
this is in a niche where competitors are spending up to $10 upwards of $10 per
install and we’re paying 44 cents 69 cents why how because we find the
perfect combination of the perfect audience the perfect creative plus the
perfect copy because every single day we’re launching new ads with AD chill so
make sure to book your demo below if you are you know running Facebook ads and
you want to absolutely crush it here’s Deon he he jumped into the group – just
the other day new ad show user and he said once this app catches on people
will be buying it like ice cream in the summer
mark my words on this I’m rarely wrong on apps take it from the laziest man in
econ and I know Deon absolutely crushes the shopify ecommerce game so it’s
pretty cool to hear that I hear that from him
but uh you know take it from him he’s using it out absolutely crushing you can
book a call be low and yeah let’s get started now like I said it’s not just
for EECOM or apps you know this is some lead gen so if you have an agency or you
know you trying to set up consulting calls or coaching calls whatever it
might be like I said had show works wonders for all Facebook ads because it
finds the perfect audience perfect creative and the perfect copy combines
them and you crush it right that’s the element of any winning Facebook ad you
can see this is one day of calls that are set up all day long and this is what
the calendars look like every single day so if you need people to put calls or
make appointments you have to be using ad Jo for your
facebook ads so there still should be a button below where you can book that
free demo now let’s just check out some more success you know the guys over
Jonathan and Bridget over at way of truths they said being a team of to time
is always thin ad show solves a bunch of problems we used to have with Facebook
ads it helps us create a ton of interest and look like audiences that we would
have never tested before and that makes sense right then launches them in
seconds which used to take us hours we’ve been able to dramatically drop our
CPC with these new audiences we also love being able to create videos quickly
inside of add show instead of having to create them manually the only thing I
wish that I I had a drill during the holiday season though the only thing I
wish is that I had had children the holiday season so cool I chose a must
for anyone running Facebook at school thanks to Jonathan and Bridget that’s
nice a little comment there I know they were absolutely crushing it with a Gio
and you know they’re right on so I’m really excited to see all our clients
just dominate during holiday season because they’re gonna be able to find so
many profitable ads now Robert also said you know I’ll try not to read this whole
thing but he said before I used to create weight I used to spend way too
much time creating ads before the video creator has helped me from stealing
videos so if you have they’re stealing videos you know you can use our Video
Creator to launch ads really quickly and he said they find the interest inside of
actual are extremely valuable as well and then just some results from another
client of ours it’s using an ad show to absolutely crush it so you can see
people are absolutely dominating with ad showed you can book a call below and you
know we’ll stop here with Dean I could go on for hours if you have any
questions we’ll answer them in in the demo call but he said until we started
using heo we were having a problem we’re having to use multiple apps plus a lot
of manual work to manage ads and we run a lot of them now that we’ve gotten the
hang of things took about an hour we’ve cut what took hours down to about 15
minutes so that’s awesome you know a chill is changing the way
people run their businesses imagine you’re spending a couple hours on
Facebook ads or maybe more and you can cut that down you know to 15 minutes 10
minutes whatever you know there is a little bit of a learning curve to add so
of course it’s a really really in-depth piece of software but Dena was able to
learn it in one hour and the cool thing is as we walk you through everything we
have onboarding calls and like I said we’re not a huge
we’re not a huge company that you know we don’t really listen to people we’re
there for you that anytime you do have a question we answer it you know whether
it’s making a video or text whatever we’re there to help you crush it so guys
if you are struggling with scaling your ads because of either time or conversion
costs you can book a demo below we’re gonna walk you through the entire back
end of AD she will show you exactly how it looks and all that good stuff you can
have any questions you have we’ll answer them for you
and we’ll show you exactly how odd shows gonna work for your specific business as
I mentioned it doesn’t matter what type of Facebook ad you’re running ecommerce
people are crushing it drop shipping people are crushing it mobile apps
people are crushing it you know online apps Shopify apps all that good stuff
consulting coaching Legion agencies affiliates if you’re running Facebook
Ads you will crush it with AD show please do let me know me or my team know
inside of the during the call if you have any questions we’ll answer them all
for you I’m gonna hop off here because I know this is getting a little long but
thank you so much for sticking around to this point and and learning a little bit
about AD show I hope you can see the value that it will bring to your
business like I said multiple times we’re here to help if you have any
questions bring them to the call ask him in the group and yeah I’ll talk to you
soon all right


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