Failing At Affiliate Marketing? Here’s WHY…

hey everybody this is Branson Tay here
and in this video I’ll answer one of the question that I receive through my
recent email and this is one guy from one of my subscribers
he asked me this question okay he asked me that why do I fail in
affiliate marketing business despite I put in just so much effort on promoting
the same exact products I try to model other people I promoted simplest on the
same company and I have run targeted traffic but I’m still not getting the
sales he did make some Commission but it is not consistent okay he has worked
over tree two four months and he has only made two sales to Commission and
he’s wondering why why are not getting the sales why I’m premiering the same
products the products has been convert has been proven to convert for other
people and why I’m not getting the sales that I want and getting the results that
I want so today I’m answering this question and and I just decided to make
up this video and share more information with you guys who are struggling in your
affiliate marketing business maybe you have bought in to some online causes
maybe you have tried different methods but you are still failing you’re
struggling to even make your first Commission or to make a consistent
results and growing that into a six-figure affiliate marketing business
and I’m gonna answering and give you tree the most tree common and the
deadliest mistakes that beginners they do when they’re first starting your flip
marketing business because I do when I first started okay when I first started
my my journey when when I decided to start my own online business where I
want to become an entrepreneur I go on there okay I just like you right now I
go on there and YouTube eyes try searching for videos and that’s what I
do okay I show you exactly what I do like how to make money online okay I
search this kind of thing and I every single day I was bombarded with all
these kind of videos that you know how to make money online fast 300 per day
how do best we make money online how to make money online you know I’m just so
overwhelmed and every single a I was watching this video our following
different people I subscribe to different people those different gurus
and at the end of this video there will be two things happening okay the first
one is that they are selling their own products and the second thing is that
they are the affiliates for other products they want to sell you online
courses on how to make money how to start a flame marketing business and
they are doing the writing they are doing a marketing they are putting up
content they are offering value and they are driving the traffic and through
there are causes or there are affiliate for other courses and that’s why
beginners when they are starting out they they they they’re feeling stuck
they are not getting results because they are just so overwhelmed they are
following ten different gurus watching 50 YouTube videos a day and you know
they’re just so many ideas they want to create a Twitter account you want to
start Instagram account you know making YouTube channel don’t stop talking and
there’s just so many things that you don’t bombard them every single day
where they they are paralyzed and they are not taking action they don’t know
where to start the bind causes and they think that it is a scam I’m not getting
any results and I want to break down what you as a beginner when I first
started I know exactly how it feels and I want you to make that breakthrough I
want you to help you to get your first Commission setting your first results
and scale that into your six-figure business okay I’m not going to sell you
any courses I’m not going to sell you anything it is completely free
information pure value pure content in my channel and you know I I started to
think that making money online it’s like a rampant disease is the contagious
where people come out here where they are doing the same thing as other people
they are just copying other people that do it over and over again
yes it is one of the fastest methods which is you modeling other people’s
success you model the results you model how they do and you copied it and you
get the same results but people are not doing what they want to do and at the
end of the day they they are struggling to find out
identity to do whereas should I do this is it I’m scamming other people is it
I’m attracting the wrong people what what I’m doing okay
you will have this struggle believe me so today I want to break down the three
common mistakes on why you fail at affiliate marketing and how why you are
not getting any sales okay and the first mistakes that most beginners do is they
are gabbing getting that quality traffic what I mean is that when you look at a
videos online okay when you find them different videos you see it even be they
when they search on how to make money online for free let’s say you are
targeting these keywords on YouTube videos so these kind of people they are
making this kind of content and they are trying to attract people who want to
make money online and Internet drive the traffic to the opt-in page to the sales
funnel and promote it on press or digital products may be a 497 cost may
be a two thousand dollar costs so you imagine when you want to promote this
kind of products and you’re promoting to people who are searching on how to make
money online for free those are the cheap people you want to try free stuff
they are not committed to their own success they don’t spend a single dime
to grow a real business and you are attracting the wrong people okay how to
make the Daedelus but I’m not bashing on this guy they are doing your marketing
but you know how to make money for free trees trees stupid way to make money for
free like now earn $1 to $10 per click for beginners so you know this kind of
the thing that we are facing every single day on internet on YouTube that
they want attract people want to make money for free they are tracking people
who want some magic loophole some some bubbles some fat some magic push button
to get rich quick and at the end of the day if you think about this if you get
this kind of quality of traffic will they buy into your causes will then
really invest into learning to buy into the causes the chances are no okay the
chances are yes a rich very white a lot of people where they want to make money
for free you’re gonna get a lot of subscribers system traffic but those
kind of traffic it is very very difficult to convert at the end of the
funnel ok because you are just getting not the right clients not the right
audience daunted right traffic so when you get a bad quality traffic you go
through your funnel and you present the offer in front of them they are not
gonna buy it very high chance this is make your sales process your conversion
the make everything become so difficult that’s why you’re not getting any sales
so you have to think about it what kind of traffic that you want to get other
people to buy from say solo ass okay the other solar as from other people some
other choose email is some other huge influences who has a huge list in a
specific niche let’s say an online business as a marketing niche so the
pilots on there like like cheap clicks like 30 set that 30 cents per clicks 40
cents per clicks 35 cents and it get those kind of traffic just to get up in
take the bill email list but they find difficulties in converting those kind of
list because they are not responsive they don’t know who you are you don’t
have personal brand they don’t know who you are okay that’s the big question
that is number one commodity to building a successful flea marketing business is
you have to build your personal brand people buy from you because they know
like and trust you the products are out there okay the complete and serve they
are driving traffic every day and you as an affiliate how you can outsell the
original company how can i’ll sell other felis is people buy from you i was just
so many people why should i buy from you because i know you i like you a trust
you i buy the certainty i if you recommend
these products i trust that it is a good products that’s why i’m buying from you
okay there are no people they skip the stamp they forget about personal
branding the forget about building fans and audience and they’re just presenting
products they’re just spamming links their affiliate links and crowing that
annoying people and expecting some of the people who click through your links
and buy your products it’s like a whole marketing hope marketing it won’t work
it won’t work in 2019 it is the place it is the era where you have to build your
personal brand you have to produce content you have to build your story you
have to build trust and relationship with people you have to offer value up
front okay hurry beside value and you get sales at the back end where you have
to sacrifice presence business they’re willing to go in red
okay four months four treatments for one months for few weeks and after that the
game back they’re high return on investment maybe even two times three
times four times on return on investment after six months they are willing to
invest the relationship upfront getting the right kind of traffic and follow up
and get a sales after three months or six months okay that’s what real
business real company they are doing okay that’s what you should know when
you first started instead of just going out there you know find different gurus
that you know I just do so much videos out there okay that they tell you that
it’s easy to make money is very quick and as soon as you know that you embed
that into your mind and if you don’t get the results you are disappointed you
don’t get the instant gratification and you feel like quitting because you don’t
get the results that you expect right now okay that’s why people they fail
that’s the bigger mistake so in order to avoid this mistake by quiet your traffic
you have to think about what kind of products that you are promoting okay and
you have to think about your audience your your avatar your your ideal client
what are the people who will want to buy my products you have to seriously think
about it a lot of people just skip the stuff they
forget about or they think that it is bullshit it’s not important but at the
energy okay here’s the thing about who are the people who will buy it and you
have to craft your message and speak to them directly
okay speak to the people who want to buy your products let’s say you are selling
a supplement okay want to lose weight you think about your avatar the quality
of the people that were carrying maybe 25 year old lady from the United States
who won the lose weight want to get married but they get
discouraged by the friends the family because if they lack of confidence so
you have to think about what your ideal clients look like and you speak directly
to them when you are crafting your message your content your Instagram post
your YouTube videos your blogging you speak directly and pierce through their
soul and that’s why when people opt in and you’re offering a real products and
congruent products in front of them and they will buy okay that’s the whole
process but a second mistake that I see a lot of beginners
my being do is there yes your product sucks
okay I have to be upfront with you I’m sorry to say that your products
truly Sons okay so for me a good products a good affiliate marketing
products a has to have two different models okay
and the first one is the products that has two recurring Commission like a
subscription-based products like email marketing software like you or maybe you
want to promote Aweber like if you like get response like MailChimp like
infusions of their different mailing like convertkit okay different email
software tools that you can promote that will earn your recurring Commission that
once you get acquired a customer they come in and they buy the products you
get an initial Commission but after that every single month as long as they are
still using the products the platform you are still earning Commission that’s
how you can quickly build a passive income in IPO of the amount in business
because you are keep on increasing the customer that you’re getting in okay
let’s say this man you’re getting 10 people using a software next one you
adding another 10 people okay it’s 20 people using right now and you earn 20
recurring Commission every single month okay and I keep on increasing that
increasing to that point where at one of the day where you didn’t premiering any
stuff you are not adding any any new customer in you have a hundred people
who are actively using the platforms and you get a hundred people’s Commission
every single month without you doing any extra stuff that it’s a true passive
income that’s why you have a good recurring commission products and you
want to promote okay and then just have so many out there like click funnels
like builder or like leadpages like our Bluehost they’re just so many recurring
based products mainly are the tools resources and software that you have to
incorporate in somewhere in your sales funnel and you have to start promoting
that and they give you a solid foundation of your fear marketing
business because if you have recurring Commission coming in that has to build a
solid foundation you have the consistent income coming
in every single month passive income okay the second model the second
products that you should be promoting in your affiliate marketing business is a
high ticket products okay some product that has sell over for $97
$1,000 $2,000 $4,000 where you can get commission like $500 Commission $1,000
Commission this is where your affiliate marketing business will skyrocket and
explode okay because there are people they go on there to find clickbank
amazon associates they find products that maybe get them $3 commission $5
commission $10 $20 commission and it sucks man
because you just get one-time commission that’s not gonna do you you’ve spent so
much money to acquire the customer to buy the traffic you do the sales process
invest so much time and effort and just get one Sun Commission let’s complete BS
okay and you have to find products that has a good sales funnel that has
different upsells that walk your customer true a value ladder value
ladder meaning but I buy something cheap a price to get this more value and they
are experiencing and they like it and they want to invest more maybe they want
to spend more money and invest into a bigger products that give them a greater
value okay think about Apple you have iPhone you have iPad you have man night
mac computer so they have different products upselling the customer when
they go in a system the Koala first customer they’re using iPhone they like
it and they invest into their buying iPad okay and I like so you have to walk
your customer true different value ladder because if you don’t okay your
customer will go to become other people customer they’ll buy from other people
because when they start to invest is something they are looking for more and
more value to have them to increase the results if you didn’t sell that if you
didn’t promote that if you didn’t recommend anything they will go on there
and buy from other people that’s the truth
so think about is today offering two kind of products subscription products
and also high ticket products because if you don’t think Robert both of this
there is a failing affiliate marketing business you don’t have a consistent
passive income and you don’t have the big sales to cover up the the revenue
they wanna make okay imagine you getting $1,000 Commission in one sale okay and
you can immediately may just make two or three sales per day or two or three
sales per month and you will easily hit the six figures okay if you not okay it
takes you a lifetime to really hit six figures okay that’s what I want to share
with you in these second mistakes why you fail in a flea market business
because your product sucks they don’t convert they don’t high high conversion
and they didn’t pay you big Commission okay
another mistake is that a lot of people when I first started they didn’t know
about the numbers the analytics they didn’t track what are the percentage of
the up in water percentage of the conversion how much traffic I’m getting
how much cost pearly whites LTV the the lifetime value of my
customer what are follow ups what are the
break-even point in my email marketing and how much money I make up front for
the first week and how much I make after six months so they didn’t know what are
the exact numbers and when they don’t know the numbers it is very hard for
them to scale their business I don’t know how much money I cost per liter I
bring it from my facebook ass so how can I know how much money can I spend okay
if you don’t know how much you earn you don’t know how much money you spend so
you can spend to acquire customer so let’s say you know that you spend a $5
per lead from oh that’s it again $5 per leaf that you get in okay you earn $5
revenue for each leader coming so the only question that you have to think
about is you have to spend less than $5 to acquire a customer through Facebook
as lessee you get $3 per lead further us believe and you can you know that doer
earn $5 back pearlies so you can assure that as long as you get the number low
world and your revenue you will make profit from there okay so you have to
know your number you’re trying your number you have to understand the number
if you want to become successful in your flip marketing business and a lot of
tools that can help you achieve this objective like click magic light or even
some free stuff like Billy calm okay Billy where
you convert your URL link into a building and they were happy to track
how many clicks you get per day okay and you can know that how much clicks that
you get from your sales you can use clickmagick
or just so many software okay I’m not gonna promote anything to you I’m not
gonna leave any link on my description I just want you to know that you have to
know you’re a number in order for you to scale your affiliate marketing business
to six figures okay that’s what most people they ignore it and gladly that’s
why they don’t know what they are doing they are struggling they don’t know what
the hell they’re doing okay so these are the three mistakes that most affiliate
marketers do when I first starting and that’s why they failed they are not
getting any results they are not getting sales even they are promoting the same
products from other people because they get bad quality and if they promoting
the right kind of products a good products and why okay because they don’t
know any numbers they don’t know how to generate the right traffic put it in
front of the right audience okay so that’s it for today’s guys I hope that
you find it valuable for my videos if you don’t have more videos just like
this to help you to grow a successful online business and affiliate marketing
business to doing lead generation conversion so make sure to subscribe to
our channel and stay tuned for the next video and thank you guys for watching us
see in the next one you

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