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hey guys! Shawn here. Welcome. If you are
new, welcome to my channel prayerlights. This channel is all about mommy
lifestyle vlogs to help you raise a Jesus loving child. Today’s video is
my fall clothing haul for myself, my 9 year old son, and my newborn baby girl so
if you enjoy watching clothing hauls like I do
thank keep watching. Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I love watching fall clothing
hauls because it gives me ideas and gives me a little time away from my day
where I can just focus on watching other people shop which I love to do. I
recently acquired some new items. This one is from Target and it is a
shirtdress. It’s a size large and it was on clearance which is
the best thing. 14 dollars down from $28 which I thought was really good.
It’s so cute and the button downs will be easy to nurse from. which all my dresses
… the majority of my dresses I cannot nurse from. so I’m excited about that.
I also want to point out my sweater is from Target as well. I think it’s mossimo
brand but it’s that cute blush pink color. I love wearing it with my
Miranda Fry long necklace. and I needed some new nursing clothes because
nursing clothes yeah exactly… Nursing clothes… you guys the majority of my
stuff I can’t nurse from. so it’s very difficult. I love wearing Motherhood
Maternity campis, nursing camps, which I have on. I thought it would just be
cute to have like a chunky cardigan or some kind of cardigan that would be
easy access but still cute and cozy. so that’s why I have this one. and one of my
must-haves for cardigans is if they’re long enough to cover so that I can wear
leggings with them. this is this one. if I was really cute and I likehtem oversized and
large. they’re just more comfortable. and then I got this cute little cardigan.
it’s thinner material and it’s gray. it’s also from Target. Is that how you say it? This cardigan which is really cute.
as you can tell I like gray colors. and then I picked up these mukluk socks.
they came as a 3-pack and they are a cute little winter pattern. I had never
had a mukluks brand before. I think I got these off of Zulily for nine dollars. it
was a pack of three so they were nine or ten dollars and I would definitely
purchase these again when I see them again because they are so comfy. I’ve
already worn one pair last night and they’re not so thick they make your feet
sweat, if you know what I’m talking about, but they are thick enough. And they
have a little bit of cushion in them. I feel like they’re really good quality.
they’re super soft. then I got this cute sweater it’s the poof brand. I love
this shade of blue .I love this blue but it’s a shorter sweater and it has the
cute little detail with the loops on the sides which I don’t remember why. that’s
on trend so I’m excited to wear that one. When it gets a little colder, right
now it’s hot and I’m wearing this cardigan, and it’s really 77 outside
right now. I don’t know what I’m thinking. for my 9 year old son soon
to be 10 year old son he wears a 10 -12 right now but I wanted to size up a
little bit and Target had some really good stuff on clearance. So this is the
champion brand and it’s a large 12-14. This is just a little cut off. I though
the pattern was cute. He loves these athletic shirts and it was four dollars
down from $13 which is excellent in my opinion. And then here’s another athletic
shirt which he’s going to love in the 12 to 14 size.
“come to the dark side” anybody else have children who are Star Wars fans? or are
Star Wars fans yourself? our family is big into Star Wars. this was three
dollars down from $10, again excellent. and then I found this cutoff sweatshirt. I
mean cut off sweatshirts! “off the grid living the good life” my son loves to go
camping and he’s got a camping trip planned with his uncle coming up in
November which he’s excited about. so there’s that. and then for baby girl, how
much fun is it to shop for girls? I mean my boy was fun to shop for
but not on the same level. yes, there are cute boys clothes now but girls are so
cute. anybody else have a baby girl that you’ve loved shopping for? but hair
bows, headbands, can’t have enough of these. I only have three so I needed some
more casual looking floweredy ones and these are Carter’s. I got these at Target.
I think they were five bucks. these were not on sale. And then I got these off the clearance rack. It is an orange, as you
can see of course, orange onesie. “history-maker” how cute with a little
goofy skirt. she doesn’t have a poofy skirt yet so I’m excited for her to wear
that. it’s the next size up, six to nine month. And then oh how much was that one?
let’s see. that one was on clearance for eight dollars down from $16. and that was
the Cat and Jack brand. This one’s also Cat and Jack. I thought was really cute
with the white and black gold “my mom saves the day” onesie. My husband
gets upset that she has all mom themed clothes and he doesn’t, he doesn’t
have anything. She’s doesn’t have any dad themed clothes. so I’ve got to find something
dad themed. so if you know of a really great place that sells dad themed
clothes for little girls. let me know. something for dad. I want to get him
something because I feel bad. but it has these cute little leggings with the
ruffle butt. I mean, come on, a ruffle butt on baby girl?
it’s so cute! oh yeah so I love that one. I think this is six to nine months sorry
to say the price I don’t know. $3.50 down from five so I didn’t save too
much on that one but it was super cute. I did a little bit. Thanks so much for
watching this video! If you are new please subscribe and consider hitting
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video which will be Halloween next week. see you then. thanks for watching.


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