FAQ | How YouTubers Get Paid, Sponsorships, & Working in Korea!

hi everybody I’m here with Eddie hey Eddie and then you always do it to me yes you need me do that for all of my gosh oh my dear video yeah so today I am going to film well we are going to film be highly requested frequently asked questions about our job as a full-time youtuber and then right now or just five minutes ago we just filmed so get ready with me using this free my palette yeah oh man what’s supposed to happen go check out the review that we did it’s up there this side yeah it was fun to film and I was one actually and you’ll hear the honest review about how we felt about the palette I know you guys are curious because I blocked it and a lot of you guys want the review so yeah but today on the channel we are going to answer the frequently asked questions and we have a lot so this is going to be a very long video but that’s not new because whenever whenever I’m with you I feel like my blog and my you know they’re over the 10 minute mark over to quani minute bar grace period we just talk a lot whenever we’re together we’re going to try to quickly run over things and for each of the questions I’ll put timestamps because I know some of you guys might not be interested in like what camera do you use yeah so alright let’s get started first question is how do you become a youtuber and what’s the first step umm it’s obviously literally just make an account make it accessible and upload a video yeah no that’s know right so you just have to make a Google email account and then link it with YouTube and then start uploading videos that way number two is briefly explain what an MCN is so an MC s stands for multi-channel network and the meaning what it is has changed over time however it’s basically supposed to be like your name suggests a multi-channel network to have multiple channels in which the people that run the MCN are supposed to kind of connect all the channels under that network may help you make collaborations um except but over time it’s become sort of thing where this will specifically Korea where are MCN they try to find sponsorships for you um I know unsure to say for you they told me that what if I’m ever getting late because we have our business emails inputbox usually so if you ever need if someone wants to do business with us the content does look for us we have to go or tit really a fire management and they take care of it yeah so how did you find out about your management company so we’re both in different women I’m under treasure hunter and I’m under siege a diet is easy the first I said wasn’t the first was the first time she getting creator yeah yeah yeah it’s the biggest – the second largest I believe and on a rival company that we’re like really cool yeah we found a yeah actually the person that started my MCN came from your MC yeah yeah so they literally because I’ve know the rest have heard of beauty beast but that was a mine one of my several managers one of them it was kind of her project for the company and she was looking for people to put on the show show so she stopped me she’s mag male Beauty youtuber yeah for me I found out about my management company like because they were the only management company to ever contact me for once I signed with him I got a bunch of a mail from many different bands but I thought CJ was like the only thing I had no idea about MC n but then I signed with them and that’s how I learned about CJ enn like diet ami which leads to the third question when did you decide to join and what made you want to join that specific company and how did you know it was trustworthy so when did you decide join um for me I literally cuz visit is actually my second essay my first one was um called collected digital but I don’t exchange to studio 79 I believe it’s home to pseudo 7ey federal number one of the city one of those studios and the main thing for me in deciding well when I got on the ‘black here summer and I’ve been with him since and the main thing for me was give me hey be some of that tube Ankara and they were the only one that would get me one I mean we don’t know there’s only two options this one were Jones with Jones the Halloween oh man yes so they gave me a visa right so that’s why he joined and then for me I’d join officiated AIA TV because it was the only one that contacted me and I didn’t know anything at the time so I thought I’ll find you with a hope you would help me out is supposed to right yeah yeah but then you felt that way of all at the studio one of the studios that you signed with before they gave you the same thing also will help you enjoy your channel but we’ll talk more about them yeah we’ll talk more about that later the next question is well so how did we know it was trustworthy I think is because for me I saw a lot of other creators under that network so I loved it well I might have a chance to work with them even though that’s not the case for me but because we have really big creators and it’s just kind of hard to find like something that we can both talk about a little bit so that’s why like I don’t really collaborate with you talk about when you’re with other yeah yeah but yeah I just knew that it was trustworthy because I knew a lot of creators were under that label you to go read most of listening oh I forget how did you know it was a tough house um okay I’ll be honest with you at the table you’ll be getting desperate to find a visa so that may be wiser but from the conversation I had with my manager she seemed very genuine and um that’s not to say that if you feel if they feel like if they feel genuine trust when does this join because that’s how I felt about studio the first step knows it sounds very like promising all that but at the end is like whatever but for the one I had in Korea she the main thing was he said that’s pretty much the reason why but they seemed like being pretty legit and the main point for them was that there never they’re not the type to have a bunch of creators under them so that told me that they were focus on me that’s something I’m very jealous about because we have over a thousand creator unload iotv but then for you guys it’s if it wasn’t not to manage yeah pretty much and then you have friends at treasure hunter so you knew that it would be trustworthy yeah I really I check the list that they had and I believe it’s less than 200 overall in the whole comment yeah that’s something I’m very jealous about the next question is what does your manage do for you what are they responsible for so like I said earlier they’re supposed to help you get old for us that’s supposed to help you basically grow your channel I’ll be buying sponsorships except they’re self collaborate with other people from my MCN they have healthy with collaborations I can’t see much now but they helped me get in touch with another crater group under them so they’re helping us out and um whenever what is it for like the beauty peace thing that even they help you know find sponsorships for that beauty program that’s uh so and also want to be um what the managers there she has connection to like moon shot Tony Malin up so we can get often we get free stuff from them and action under treasure hunters this is lop buri yes which is kind of it’s actually not treasure hunters but it’s just under just like on Jake really yeah it’s a beauty MCN basically a they have what you said like that room what a beauty room the key to room yeah yeah we have one of this to add CJ but when I checked it out we have a beauty shop boy shop because we have leaders that through all kind of create window so I think there was like cooking related stuff too because you could just go in and pick up stuff depending on like the credits that you have and then for my I’m Stan specifically because it’s under CJ entertainment I couldn’t use a lot of music under that uh a lot of the CJ artists their songs that’s why I use a lot of kpop in my videos sometimes because I won’t get copyrighted all right so that’s like one of the main things I like about it and then also a lot of events that oh what the yes we have a lot of events and even like going to festivals they usually invite me and ask me to film which is fine because I love going to festival but then another thing that they do or should be doing is helping me get sponsorship but like companies could directly email you and I do this like right but I have to forward it I’m part of the contract I can’t mmm-hmm like just decide to do once you ships on my own where else you I will get those going right yeah for me they do tell me like let us know but I just become so used to just getting emails and the thing is I don’t get as many as you either um either I don’t get as many as you so I was used to just like responding my cell right but you know when I do remember to you know it’s not like a legal day but yeah for is to them no because it’s not so much like a money thing as a mole I’m sure some of it is but it’s much she always tells me like it’s more of like oh let us know about this much so that we can help you make it the best that it can be you know yeah because when it comes to companies emailing me asking me about my great I don’t really know what to say right my company does that for me but then there are companies that just email saying oh we want to send your products we would love for you to try it out you don’t have to film it but it would be nice just like gift it over and I get I Sept all of those and I can respond to those email on my own because it has nothing to do with money but when it has to do with money I have to forward it but I have not done paid sponsorships on my channel yeah like I’ve done it once on the face shop but other than that I have never known so just want to put that out there does your management company control what you can endorse or not endorse um for me not really yeah again here it’s just a matter let us know but other than that I just do whatever well if it has to do with money I have to go through my company but other than that they’re ok with like the brands I talk about my channel because they don’t care about that yeah it might sound shady like but it’s answer is we don’t are very specific about our channels yeah so we get I’m sure you get a bunch of random sponsorship like please say something about this app for like five yeah I’ve gotten this much yeah have you wanted to dogs away or like oh yeah I don’t even have enough a little I got that one through yeah yeah we both get like random ones but then we’re not the creators that will accept it even more like a good amount of money right we have integrity yes okay you want it that way I get it all are expected yeah right so just want to let you guys know that because some people think that just because we talk about a brand for like once like what I don’t know 10 minutes for that video they think sponsored usually at the very bottom of our description box week saying if it’s sponsored and perhaps assist we do have to and company send you to a different country do you get paid it depends a lot of times uh well I haven’t really done that traveling sort of thing but I would imagine it’s more like for this freaking will pay for everything on your trip um in exchange for video content yep okay so that was your Malaysia that was that wasn’t really a thing for YouTube but that’s kind of base is the same thing I know there are people that are paid yeah so you don’t go yeah I haven’t gotten paid to go to the countries I’ve been to I know a lot of you guys thought that Malaysia and Japan was like a page like video but usually for Malaysia I went with closer X and what I did for them was host a beauty show but I didn’t get paid for that but they did pay for my hotel my flight and all of the food that I have so it was kind of like a trade oh yeah which honestly for me I would be my payment-free yeah I guess and then also like they didn’t require me to vlog it so I did it because I’m a daily blogger and I wanted to share that and then for Japan it was a conference that we have to go to I didn’t get paid for going but every all the travel expenses were paid morning I didn’t have to film anything but they appreciated the vlog yes where do we get our income YouTube or management this is a question a lot of people wonder about and even be be people outside of water like oh you did you two how to get paid so penance basically in terms of like YouTube alone you can get pay for sponsorships um affiliate programs you know that was recognized but for YouTube alone what happens is used to the advert unless you don’t have a blog correctly obvious you see the ad before your video or in the video basically the ad companies will pay Google to put them on the video and whenever the video basically your tab is paid if you’re under an MCN the money goes to the MCN first before the MCN takes a little bit of their income and they’ll give you the rest of it and that’s one thing about the FCN is thursday have like a split of like 80/20 70/30 like the percent how much you yet how much they yes but you don’t have to they are fancy a change recently to where we get a hundred percent of the profit and zero right but say Mel goodbye I was like how do we make money then if it reads advertising we don’t worries me a little because if that’s the case and while do war sponsored stuff and then not like the look I want but there are other ways we’re doing merchandise right now no yeah but basically that’s how money is I get my monthly yeah my Espeon we get paid monthly and they take 20% of my earnings into or 50,000 right if you’re over 50,000 from 8 to but if you’re zalo bad it’s 10 0 of it oh and also that there’s one thing is that if you don’t have an MCN you have to be you have to get over a hundred dollars in the month for it to be paid out if you make like 190 if you make off 99 below they don’t pay you out until sending over 100 yeah on but if you’re an MCN they’ll pay you out every month no matter what so again a 10 cents will still pay you they will pay you the 10-cent system or 80 cents no no in say yes maybe special okay next one is what are the requirements to be a full-time youtuber and for this question I think the answer will be different for everybody because when did you for me I don’t really know how to explain this because I feel like you’re able to write on YouTube some people just eat we’ll start with being a full-time position alright um one thing I saw on internet before that I kind of like but until I think in full-time was in my head like oh you got to make it over a hundred thousand says there’s a little comment Zippo on average if you have over a hundred thousand subscribers that you be able to live off YouTube but especially with the formula that YouTube has now where they prefer longer videos um retention is extremely important like they prefer it when do the subscribers watch the entire detail on and you like the numbers if we have so much more to say one thing is extremely important you need to think about as a youtuber is audience retention and like this ratio of the number of subscribers to the views you get if you have it doesn’t matter if you have a million subscribers if you’re only pulling in less than 10% of that in views you need to think about what you’re doing because um that could be a sound like you’re not going to make that much money from that you know at the number of subscribers that you have so it’s important to be consistent right and you know that the hold of it the hold of it we’re going to talk about that but um I think requirement so it’s just like really up to you you want to do a full time you go for it but for me it didn’t like I wanted to make sure that I made more money on YouTube than my radio job down or to do it full-time and I know you did that up your daunting job so we wanted to go the safe route yeah and we will talk more about like Halloween quit and stuff like that in the future in this video right and also keep in mind edgy is youtube so fluctuates yeah it’s not the same not every month yeah so that’s another thing like our paycheck like a lot of people say how much you make like a month how much do you make yourself it’s really hard to explain that because this month we might not get that many jobs but two months ago our views were skyrocketing and also like even with the affiliate linking you never know how much products yourself yeah and also the times of the year because years important as well I couldn’t pass the Cyrus’s you know James January right March is very slow so money though it is so it’s just really difficult to really answer like how much do you make a month because it changes every month next question is why did you start YouTube and when did you start taking it seriously and I feel like whenever we have meet-and-greet we always forward question and we answer it but we never really did it on YouTube Justin so I started youtube to document my life in motion because I was living in Korea and allowing my friends yeah we’re in America so I want to kind of capture it in block all those videos are hidden now because it’s all has that certain basis yeah I don’t want people seeing this right so that’s why I started and then I think one day I uploaded and Industry empties and then that video did really well so I thought okay maybe I’ll do like Beauty content and then in that Edward and then he kind of like pushed me to do it so that’s why I started YouTube and now there’s one thing I like about Jonas that she’s kept it going and she’s doing really well I feel long to collaborate on YouTube and then they get a ton of subscribers from their friends but they don’t do much with the success that they get yeah kind of like whoa but Joel she keeps it going so thank you but then your answer my answer um well I thought about when my account was me I pretty much started when YouTube came about 2008 9 yeah um and it really just started I would really to michelle phan you’ve heard the story before I have Michelle Phan I also like teaching people like not teachable I give you my tips etc and I also had a couple at the same time so if you laughing although you’re kind of it to make it like what do you use so the tide lines are kind of like reviews for like BB creams and things like that win k-beauty was making motions on the internet um and my love for teaching / Michelle Phan kind of helped push it and then taking it seriously was 2013 where I thought that was when I got an FCN yeah okay I need to make a schedule upload at least once a week and from then on it became like a thing but like really taking off with like about a year and a half ago so that’s why you know much much more seriously right I think what you just said earlier about how when you signed with an MCN you wanted to take it seriously that was kind of a thing for me too when I signed with diet TV I was like okay I’m under this big I feel like I got to like a role my channel but then I think two months after signing I met up with Edwards we met the very first time and then using okay like let’s let’s get this going and then he immediately was like I’m coming over were filming this yeah so we look like babies now like the second time we met and using we’re filming a video they okay yeah so that’s kind of what when we started in the story behind the beginning YouTube channel the next question is how did you turn YouTube into your full-time job okay here we go it just got to the point where a combination of you helping me is talking to me about affiliates that I did not know those things so let’s quickly talk about the affiliate linking because I know I get questions about it both Eddie and I we will say at the very bottom of our description boxes that each of the products that we link or not all but some promoted enya our affiliate fee which means that if you purchase using our link we can make a couple cents like appending us how much you buy we always say you don’t have to use our link you won’t have to buy the product yeah it’s just a matter of if you want it but you don’t want to doesn’t just open another travellish up but we’re doing it for your convenience and if you happen to use our link that would help out our channel no that’s what an affiliate link is I know I get questions on all the time it does not mean that it’s a sponsor video yeah yeah I love people confused especially recently with like red tails are like cracking down Michael if you click this link you know this really is black and white honestly yes’m but how did you turn your YouTube into your full-time job I call a bottom billion yes billion that helped um and just the fact that um I was really making a move for moonsoo on YouTube um I really stress for my foreperson personally I really stress making sure my personality was before it doesn’t matter what I mean it matters what kind of caught that means but I want to make sure that I don’t change in terms of I wanted I want to make it more of like a friendly sort of thing even though I like teaching about makeup except for etcetera giving tips I want to do a long time talking to like a friend so that helped with retention audience retention and um audience like having people come back to my channel to watch so that you know that helped me gain more money honestly and that helps me with my job and also there’s a lady that I met I was working to spend with a counselor must sorts that was working at the dick Adele’s or Nina and she told me she’s like you know Edward there’s something about you I don’t know what you do but you can’t be stuck in a cell forever if you have something else that you’re doing that you enjoy way more you can go do that how’d you know I quitted I’d say what back to visit the next week and I totally oh you know you’re the reason why but that’s not for everyone yeah for me to was Plan B yeah that should be a big very limp kid tolling online I’m on a tightrope right now so you need to make sure if you do you do full-time you got to put your all in all into it and you’re in the right situation yes so for me I was working at a radio job he’s working at it every Mondays now I quit oh yeah I quit but no time yeah it’s not a lot it was a lot of it’s a lot of work it is it is I believe once a week but that was already admitted every day long hours a day I wrote the script and I was somehow managing my youtube channel three times a week and it was a lot of work but I really enjoyed working as a radio station a lot of people have been asking me why did you quit your job but it was also like part of me wanted to kind of pursue a youtube full-time and it meant that I would be able to have more time to take care of it and also start my daily vlog channel and then ever since I stopped working at the radio station it’s gotten so much better for me but on YouTube has grown a lot and I mean focus on it now well and I can’t speak for you how much fun you were having at your job it seemed like a bunch up but it seems like when you have a job job it’s like homework in a way oh yeah wouldn’t you sue I for me I do got my gear which edit fill I don’t mind doing it I have fun so they always he likes to be be like Oh get a job you know that doesn’t feel like a job but she’s been a hobby of yours I’m doing it man we’re doing it oh yeah and also yet he does have a lot of stuff oh yeah you just kind of mentioned it on it but yeah yes yes there’s a yeah all about Chris Herren I am really excited for today no we’re not going to say anything soon yes okay so pros and cons of being a full time youtuber pros um just depending on what you do it’s quite as easy like fishing for blood for blood I know you say why do you just put the footage together again dependent for me it depends the blood of what much easier to edit one Beauty videos where I think that effects and things like more time-consuming but in putting it to perspective it’s not a difficult job for me because I do have like you know there are people that do go out like you that must be difficult finding a place to go every day but for me I just like sit in my room it just you know feel myself putting makeup on you only blog when he hangs out with me or ARA yeah cuz we’re likely get out of the house anywhere doing something today cuz if i daily vlog you adjust you a twenty five minutes go home hahaha what that was funny yeah so for pros it’s quite an easy job for us the more Roble for me and speaking for myself is quite easy job cons uh okay I’ll see my friend giggle it’ll kind of lead into the con the pearl is you are your own boss yeah you don’t have anyone saying this is you at this time yeah mom but the con is also being your own bullet in your own den that takes a lot of self-discipline cons just like the same thing Pro for me was I got to meet people like Eddie good we’re like really good friends yes we’re like really good friends and I come off to some people that we’re only friends on camera but look boss Kayla be perfect our no I think I’ve met some good friends on YouTube that’s another Pro for me but another con would be like you have to be careful you have to be careful out opportunities for things for me people as well a lot of like to be completely honest II there are a lot of people that you know they don’t have the same kinds of values and some other people so you know I’ll just say there are a lot of fake people out there um I would say that we do with super close but um well I’ve seen it from all the PDA yeah we stay away from them that’s why does like be honest if you can get when I go to LA just slay me I feel like the energy yeah I feel like something Bad’s gonna have so even just I’ll be on camión since a lot oh my god there’s so much jobs like oh my gosh being created like we’re in a bubble either way are in a bubble because because we’re doing take content there are audiences like outside of Korea so we’re almost like in a bubble work we’re like safe for now so for now how did your parents react to you deciding to become a full-time youtuber ah at first you know she’s my mom and WI and a whole édouard you’re like are you sure are you gonna end up on the streets but now I think she’s slowly you know we get it she’s just now like I would show her clips of me yet mean grease all these people are screaming at me yeah oh my god to come down here much um so you know it took him a while it’s like even when I came out to them they’re just like no it’s the next we do it same thing with YouTube saying ah there’s mostly about the worry of being able to provide yourself providers which I’m sure is like a normal parent thing but yeah the other into it no same for my mom exactly yeah they watch your videos my mom watches it all the time she loves watching my blog especially when I’m like abroad because she wants to my Kari and Lee Child ask me but yeah my mom was especially worried because working at a broadcasting job in Korea you make a good amount of money for the time that you work every day she was like to quit that for your own freelancing she I think she couldn’t understand it for about a month or two actually all she it took her a very long time but then when she realized that I was going on trips and also the clips from meet-and-greet she’s like oh okay slowly assessing it yeah I think she’s like slowly accepting a job in the face of like trying to focus because I started full-time youtubing in November and this is you to be a new thing it isn’t yeah so yes okay next question is if you weren’t a youtuber what would you be instead I think what painting doing I feel like I’d be doing some kind of broadcasting alright cuz I wonder what the route you wanted I did I wanted to be like a news reporter and my ramie oh and like my first step into doing that because but then I think I would be pursuing that yeah I think I was going to video you design maybe something in the arts so many video games oh I know I know and all my computer especially yeah oh my gosh what does a normal day for you guys look like you first um well because I am a daily vlogger I try to do something new even though I feel like I’m always in home deck how to secure and know so the way you presented it’s still refreshing every time it’s not like monotonous yeah that’s why yeah this much before is that both of us a lot of our channels rely on a personality so because Otto state what’s being a little exciting for YouTube that you want to be successful on YouTube you have to either number one have a really great personality if not the really gorgeous and amazing on what you do alright sup speak honestly and read yeah so I’m not saying like we’re we’re like sauce or feels like we look like a beat but we’re yeah yeah I think we have pretty good personalities that you know I look for you too yeah and I feel like the reason why my vlog channel does better than my main channel I’m saying enough is because you could see more of my project right through that because you know when I’m feeling beauty videos it’s usually just behind the camera I’m just sharing a lot products that I like but in my blog I can tell you where I can buy the product and sometimes it’s update you guys on that so I love love stuff but that’s what my normal daily shows usually in the morning I’m usually an early riser that will respond to comments depending on the days because my main channel videos go up in the morning so I respond to comments or edit videos and then find something to do you know for like a good six hours and then come back edit and then go to sleep that’s like my normal day yeah yeah ah for me wake up fly something to eat like the topless thought I guess material and now it’s been the chocolate oh yeah mostly just fighting a thinking of something to film because I maintain for much mainly beauty videos it’ll just be beauty videos so I can just so much to talk about in terms of beauty yeah yeah and it’s not that NLP philosophically these people then ask you for blogs so if I love your vlogs all of your closest on you you’re no sorry that’s because it’s snapchat yeah anything else like how do I do this like you’ve lost barque just yes move it is so exciting I’ll hear your perspective that question how do you deal with negativity I learned to ignore it in a kidney I I was like oh I don’t care whatever but then at a certain point those negative comments coming they give you guys normal yeah and then I would talk to you and then I would talk to like funny and then you guys are just don’t worry about it and then I just kind of learn to just ignore it isn’t it weird how you can have a million nice positive one comment like kind of yeah yeah naturally assume but you always want to please people and then when you see what prison is like perturbed by one thing even then you’re like oh right but um you do you definitely do get used to it you almost like for me it’s almost even laugh at it now I know I don’t see users laughing hurts funny is for me I was like it’s not funny I would be so but now I kind of think negative problems can be funny now self right but a lot of convent I the thing is my office is actually for the most of quite very nice yeah mine too oh yeah we’re very lucky very lucky off and I do there is a feature on YouTube you can filter words you comments so I learned that about here yeah I found it so hands yeah any negative comment or worth I do put on my list so um they do get filtered out so that really helps me get yeah so yeah so that’s how we deal with negativity um and just in general talking about to someone really help yeah cuz it’s terrible sitting there alone think about in your head but when I talk to someone about it I so much I usually just like screenshot him you’re like look at this comment yeah they’re like yeah this is weird but one thing I do is I’ll respond to it I love you look like a whole paragraph again actually not even telling it I’ll delete it I wasn’t letting it out really help yeah that’s true okay let’s talk about behind the scene be another nutrient number one what camera do you use we only I link it i always link the camera that I use in the description box do you oh no for by blood Lee’s the canon g7x i plan on buying this so really good but even for few videos I think if you just have a city on this tripod the details really nice it’s like oh it’s nearly the quality it’s pretty much a DSLR quality but you know handheld or I digital point shoot 4-minute for my main videos like we’re actually using mine it’s the a7s2 from talking yes you should start linking or telling them what can I use I know I’ll give this been getting that like up or any long I would get that question but it really helps you when someone wants to buy a camera a lot yeah what do you use to edit your videos I can just so many please here Dobby premier I use Final Cut Pro which is easier for me it’s actually for Mac computers because of the process yes Final Cut is much better for my for my graphics cards premieres better yeah Kinnear and Final Cut Pro and I also include that information in the description box as well as very bottom so for future you know now next question is how long does it take you to edit a video how about you for okay vlogs it takes me an hour okay so quick because I kind of have an idea of what I want to block to look like that day so I usually film it put it all together add music and parts where I don’t want like I don’t know like that’s annoying and then it’s super easy to edit those blobs before my main channel like beauty videos it takes me about three hours max sometimes because it’s not just like a video of me talking it’s like I have to take a shot of like the product and then include that in there and sometimes if I want to go like overachieve I will put the price of the process and it takes me a longer time to do the beauty videos fashion videos take the longest time it’s just it’s absurd here you try that dumb fashion videos I’m like yeah it takes a long time and it also takes a long time to film fashion videos that’s why I give major props to fashion the yoga it takes a long time to film like five outfits for three minutes yeah imagine yeah physically changing okay by July imitation yeah so props to all the fashion youtubers out there yeah for me vlogs are the easiest it’s just a matter of going to the footage to taking out what I don’t want um so however long the vlog is that’s how much time you will take me to edit I just click it yeah I don’t want anything when I come with you it’s usually exactly that yes yeah pretty much and I have because of uploading five videos a week I have to have a workflow that will help make editing as quick as possible so what I do is I have a file that are called new video so it has like my intro my ABS already in there it has like the transitions already with all the presets and things that I need I need to learn yeah so just amount of dragging dropping all the clips in there cutting the main thing is cutting up the fish that I don’t need it taking it out and after that is like the transitions or whatever’s coming subtitles yeah um little so the hollows takes red-eyed that’s why yeah that’s why I use the CC tool so please be attending I Jenna yeah because then I can take a however long I want like I feel like when I used to include subtitles in my videos I felt like it would take forever for me to upload the video oh that’s international video yeah oh now I’m just like I want to get the video up there and then I’ll put this up time Jo yeah so there we go Oh beauty videos for me to take up to 3 to 3 hours yeah it takes a long time especially the ones where I’m like posing or whatever the beginning I had a little product in the corner that’s no take a lot of this but yeah and then like a thumbnail many me how long does it take you to do this for sometimes I also like the video I have a preset thumbnail thing doesn’t matter like for vlogs I just find it cute screenshots and I like and it’s a law on it for beauty once I do that sort of like for product reviews and what size like so I’m just opposing stuff so I like a set yeah so that’s why there’s a pattern in anything you you’ll know like on Monday you’ll be this yeah yeah so the next question is do you ever plan or note down what you want to stay in the video for me I used it a lot for long mm-hmm review because I don’t open in foundation reviews I don’t do like specific like review reviews for a lot of things um but if I do I need to make sure I want to say what is that I’ll write it down yeah I usually make bullet points about things I have to say and I like to answer like who what where when why I’ve liked each product I try to in a very short way as a foreigner how do you become a youtuber um there okay there’s two rounds the one rather I know a lot of people do is the leap Korea after 90 days to go to Japan maybe even that that will reset their 90 days yeah um I guess um and then there’s me I have a visa but the thing is actually my patients like the first case of an MC and having wrong remaining so that was like a whole different process so it might depend on you know your company or whatever but I ought to cast because I know you’ve had a job other than we get an English teacher same as me but he was in the RTS and that’s a whole different story applies to the job was all the furring just applying to a job in America so but you need to have base asses because my parents are affiliated with the military so I can get on base and apply but so that’s a whole different story but for you how what up for the people that want a meeting with teachers and then I have an F for visa because my my parents my Korean I was able to get like a very good visa for me to stay for 3 years and I just have to renew it all the time but then when I was working as a teacher I had the teaching visa and then I was able to work on YouTube but there are like big tech companies like Google always to Facebook they’re all in curious I know that there are non teaching jobs but it would just be under big companies like and then you would have a visa there and then you can probably work on YouTube on the side that way yeah I haven’t a few people that don’t have our are just English teachers like I’ve met someone that’s like a marketing person for us you know the glasses brand everywhere collaborating with he was from England but again these are things you need to have like a certain degree for right I know for English it doesn’t matter what degree you have but for you other specific jobs that they’re looking for english-speaking people that can deal but I get questions about like oh can I be a makeup artist in Korea it seems like that all the time but for a lot of jobs if they have a Korean person they have a foreigner with the same exact skillset they’re going to choose the Korean one because it just easy to do what you have to do the visa thing they are just be creating a separate entrance though um the visa it gets really complicated really close yeah I the f-4 visa is like super nice but I remember when I was trying to get the broadcast visa there’s like seven is for broadcast e 2 is for like teaching these authorities all we need is clear that it does get really complicated so uh I like recommend that you kind of look into it if I can find a great post on it I’ll link it down below but yeah it’s really hard to answer because for him to like the reason why he joined treasure hunter was because they offered a visa and that’s why he’s able to stay here yeah so yeah yeah sorry we’re not very knowledgeable when it comes visa we just got lucky yeah we got really lucky so now we’re moving on to tips what is one advice you would give for other starters um find your own this kind of to dis let’s hide your own editing style and be extremely consistent with your content that’s my answer be consistent yeah inconsistent is being consistent it’s very important other times like even FL I feel like even when I switch to my main channel 2 from 3 videos a week to 2 video I felt like there was no I agree with ya but that’s why I’m gonna close three videos a week on my main channel I’m going to go back to that but just taking a break even for a week like at this day it’s time in YouTube like you can affect the channel I want yeah you don’t take right yeah do nothing don’t hey Franco yeah that’s the thing add up I guess another con of being together is that we are working the moment we wake up till we go to sleep we’re always working even on Saturdays and some things were only working pretty much yeah so that’s that answers this question our tip would be be consistent and have your own editing style yes I can no yes No ugh money for a lot of lifestyle Ritu youtubers though they all end up looking the same yeah baby baby music like the copyright free music it’s edited transitions and they use so try to make your other because there’s so many people that want to do YouTube and don’t do you to okay here I was about trying don’t do YouTube for money boss and I doing for money that’s when it’s fun but I needed to survive but having a good time we but you didn’t start out that way exactly exam there are met people don’t live like oh I just want free stuff yeah no people who did that’s cute and we’re like oh man yeah you’re you impression burn real quick mmm worthy now sadly my tips on blogging it son blogging I’m just extra bit I get so many questions about like how do you block in public and to be honest I’m just like in my little world yeah a clogging when you hit that rapport you almost like autopilot mode yeah you know those clear balls but you can go on rivers with basically like anyone is yeah yeah yeah and I feel like it makes it really easy when I’m with a friend like when I’m ready or like another youtuber it just makes it so much easier for me to just like talk freely on the camera and because I’m going it’s just like kind of block out what’s going on yeah I really really show your personality people will tell when you’re being like awkward especially your public there’s people like what’s he doing yeah and you’ll get scared that you might not but you know people school but that is a day easier not you’re never gonna see them again does take time and you will get it I remember like elda cave I have a skin care appointment and I really don’t want to walk say please take my camera and take over he took over and he was like he was like noona I failed you like do you have to upload it but I he realized how hard it was I mean I’m sure like if a did it like a couple more times you’ll be will – but yeah it takes time don’t expect like my first vlog and then your confidence like it’s definitely took this time to get the personality our personalities out there yeah yeah so take a friend with you the help yeah it’s easy next question is where do you get your ideas um like I said earlier on my digital Beauty video so it’s just a matter I think the main thing where I struggle especially lately is kpop idol video oh yeah baby this is not because I don’t do like transformation videos they’re more inspired and I don’t see a lot of like like trendy things happening in life in terms of life or uniqueness having and make a bridal so I’ve been doing those lately so that black paint comes out within you I don’t know my teeth I know uh for in terms of getting ideas for me because I do some beauties and very easy areas to get ideas but try not to rely so much on like trendy oh yeah hundred layers of life yes then it’s just like that video does really well and the other videos are just kind of like Oh back to all rely on oh yeah I’ll focus on like oh this video will go viral I don’t yet yeah just kind of have fun with it I feel like for you a lot of your ideas come from when you’re walking around stolen oh yeah pack pop by Cleo like new product yeah check it out I just write it down yeah overdose and that’s how that’s where he gets his inspiration from and for me I feel like it’s just what products work like yeah walking around school that gives me a lot of inspiration and also finding places like how I decide where I want to go in Korea is usually through Instagram yeah I like hashtag like oh like I don’t know like cool museums or some German if they pop up I’m like oh I’m gonna go here because if it’s Instagram worthy its block worthy yes jealously yeah so that’s where we get our ideas and Korea there’s just it’s always changing yeah so it’s a very easy place to blog about yeah yeah so that’s where we get our inspiration Korea yeah and that final question is what motivates you to produce videos so consistently why nice hey Ally is again going into the hole you have to be consistent in maintaining your channel true that is really the fire under my butt that is it keeping me afloat honestly oh my god filtering a lot of like cardboard furniture I know but really on can I be honest yes go ahead like I’m making quite a lot of money and that really motivates you to make more videos quality guys I mean I know I’m making five days a week but I try to maintain a level quality in videos so uh I know like I I don’t want you guys to watch this video and you’re like oh my gosh Eddie’s doing it for money yeah how does it but like Eddie really puts a lot of time into his video and I feel bad like skip a day I’ve ever been late even by a few minutes per video yeah I feel bad yeah where’s your video and not because they all know is my schedule it’s more like all MonaVie do Squatch cuz there are people that like live for our videos know and look again but yeah I don’t want you guys to think like fabulous like he really puts in a lot of time it is a full-time job it really is it’s like YouTube is our baby and we have to take care of it and we have to you know just take care yeah alright so I hope this answers a lot of the questions that you guys have been asking please check the description box because I’ll be adding in timestamps and if I can find helpful links on like visa information all and get down below and check out this channel for this makeup tutorial that we just should first get ready with me that we’ve ever done our live always do topple is what we ever do different now and you know he had a lot of fun yeah yeah go check out his channel and thanks for watching [Music] give you life you lie to me [Music]

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