Fastest Way To Make Money With Clickbank – Even As A Beginner

– Hey, this is Russell Brunson and Jim and I made
a really cool video for anyone who’s
trying to figure out how to get started online. How to be an affiliate
and in this video we showed you how to use funnels and ClickBank to
make a ton of money. A ton of affiliate commissions, creating a very
simple opt-in funnels, that, basically, will
help you sell products as an affiliate
through ClickBank. And if you’ve ever
used ClickBank before, they’re super simple
and easy to use that, basically,
set up a funnel, drive some traffic,
make some sales, and they send you
checks in the mail. Or they can wire you money
in your bank, as well. But it’s really awesome. Super simple process. Check out this video
and you’ll see exactly how to do it for your
business, as well. – Yeah, well, let’s
explain what we’re gonna do today, okay? – All right, give us the link. – So everybody kind of knows and basically what
we’re gonna do is, this is a cool idea ’cause
a lot of people are like, “Well, I don’t
have a product yet. “I don’t know.” (fake crying) So what we said is, you know, if you
don’t have a product, one of the ways
to test a market, certainly, is to sell
someone else’s product as an affiliate so you can
start building your tribe. And seeing whether or not you
can resonate with the people, sell, make affiliate
connections, then, eventually, come
out with your own product. Right? – Boom. That is- – So, what’s the biggest
marketplace of affiliate offers that, basically,
anybody can sell? ClickBank. – Do we have an offer
we’re doing it for? – [Jim] Well, I
thought we’d pick one. – Okay. Gotta be careful. – Well, I mean, I found one that’s actually the
three week diet. What I was hoping
we could do, also, is just talk about, Russell, ’cause I know you used to do, I used to do a ton
of bridge pages. I know you did bridge
pages and stuff. So just talk about,
maybe, with the whiteboard what a bridge, or you and Julie. Actually, let’s have Julie
tell us on the whiteboard what a bridge page
should be and do. – Okay, so a bridge page
pages is, basically, so when you are selling
an affiliate product, the way that it works is that
you have to become the bridge between the customer and the person who’s
selling the product. So, a bridge page acts,
as like, your salesman. Like, if you can’t actually
be there in person, to be like, “Hey, I
tried this great product. “It’s amazing.” Like, “Let me tell
you abut my story.” Like let’s say you’re
selling, I don’t know, whatever, skin cream. And you had eczema. You would normally, in real
life, tell them the story about how you had eczema
and how hard it was. And nothing worked,
and then, eventually, you found a product that worked. And you would tell
them this story, what would happen? They’d be like, “Oh,
well let me try it.” Or, “Oh, my mom needs it.” So, online, you need to create that exact same
environment, digitally. And so, the bridge
page acts as your way of telling your story, giving
context, creating a hook for why this product matters. So that by the time they
get through the bridge page, they’re totally sold and
they’re ready to go buy. – So, listening to
what Julie was saying, one of the best ways to
create a bridge page, is around a testimonial
or case study. So, that’s one of the best ways. So if you think about the
structure of a bridge page, what does, what’s it
gonna need to have? It’s gotta have a headline hook. It should have a video. – [Russell] All
right, we’ll steal- So this is the
ClickBank product. – [Jim] Right. – [Russell] What do
we call this one? This is the three diet, three, – Three week diet. – Diet. This is the bridge page that Julie so
perfectly explained. What I, what she was saying
that I completely agree, is, typically I’ll do is have,
like, an opt-in page first. It’s got like this really
big curiosity based headline. CBH, curiosity based headline. Corey Barton Homes, that’s
the big home builder in Boise. They opt-in. Then they’re taken to this. Give a good headline here. Maybe a little Brunson Box,
or something, down here. With a link. Then push people to here. The only thing I’d add, so Julie did a good job, this is like the self person. Builds the context for
why you care about this and gets you excited. Other thing that I like
using this page, right here, for is to up the offer. So, like, if you’re
an affiliate, there’s like 500 other
people all promoting the same three week diet. And so, it’s like, why
would they buy from me versus everybody else. What I would do, is like, ‘kay. On the next page,
the three week diet, and you can go directly
buy if you want, but if you want, if you buy through
my link down below, I’m going to give you
something really special. What I’m going to do for you, is first thing I’m going to do, is I’m going to give you one
of these amazing Superman USB drives. – What? – With diet recipes on it. And so we’ll send you this, plus I’m going to send you some toothpicks because
all the diet food is green and it gets stuck
inside your teeth. And this way you can get
it out of your teeth. Plus, I’m going to give you
a bobble head Russell doll. You can pick from
either the, this one, or the Batman one. And you can make it- – [Jim] What? – [Russell] Better. And that’s the big. – But if you buy right now, you can get the Jim
Edwards bobble head, too. Three bobble heads
for the price of one. – I bet a lot of people
are asking, like, how do you actually,
technically, pull that off. What you do is you just tell
them to send you the receipt, once you’re done. – Yeah. – And then that’s how
you deliver the product. – Yeah, so like, Step one, buy these things. Step two, send me your receipt. And step three, I
send you the gift. This is the secret. This is the difference between, oh (mumbles), you can make
a little money or a lot. The other thing’s cool is
you get their email address, then you can send
them an email here. And then you can send
them another email here, and another one,
and another one, and you can, like, have- – Market to them. – You take away this thing, and then what happens is say
they buy the three week diet, then you could be like, “Oh,
what are the things that people “who are on diets like to buy?” And they’re like, “Oh,
well, I like to buy,” – [Jim] Food. Ice cream. – Keto drink that’s
in my Hulk cup, right? And you’re like, I’m
enjoying an MLM called Pruvit over here. So you join Pruvit MLM and
then these people over here, who you know through the diet, and then you’re like, “Hey, by
the way you can do the diet, “but how would you like to be
in Ketones at the same time?” And then, boom,
start selling this. And then all of a sudden,
you’re the number one affiliate inside of Pruvit,
and then you’re like, “Oh, well what about Organify? “I like green drinks.” You become an
Organify affiliate. And then, you tell the people,
“Being in Ketone’s good, “but drinking
green’s even better.” And then, you get, and you just keep taking these
people on a customer journey, to serve them at higher
and higher levels. And that is how
you play this game. Yeah. – Dude, I want everybody to
realize what you just got shown. This right here, what
you just got shown, and explained to you somebody
else would have charged you $2000 and taken three
days to explain. All right? They would have called it
Affiliate Marketing Lalapalooza. And you’re, I mean, it just, Russell just laid out for you
how to create a real business with Click Funnels and
Funnel Scripts of course. Without even having
to have a website. Without having to have, you can instantly have a
million dollar business, set up, your results may vary. With no product of your own. Think about that. – Can I share one more
thing I think is key? – It’s okay, as long
as you’re quick. – ‘Kay, this is quick. We don’t have the
next meeting place, we’re good for a
few extra minutes. We’re good.
– [Jim] Okay. – All right, this
is what people miss, you come over here,
you go over here and you give Mark Zuckerberg
a dollar, or two, right? And then it drives
people in to here. And if you locked in,
then scoot by here, and the problem with
traditional affiliate marketing is that a lot of times you
spend one dollar right here, and after everyone come through
and see this right here, you drop out and you made
like, 75 cents, right? These are quarters. You make 75 cents, right? Oh, this
inter-marketing’s a scam. I put in a dollar and
got 75 cents back out, I’m broke, ah. What happened is you
have to understand, the value in any business
is the customer, right? So the customer comes here,
gives you the email address, this is now a customer. And this customer starts going
on this journey with you. So he’s going along
and maybe he buys. Maybe he’s like, “Sweet,
three diets, awesome.” And he’s like, “I already
bought three diet last week.” Or maybe he’s like, “Well,
I don’t believe in it.” Or whatever the thing is, right? But he’s still, he’s on your
list, going down this journey, until he gets this email and
he’s like, “I’m not buying. “I’m not buying.” “I’m not buying.” He comes over here and
then, like, Pruvit. He’s like, “Ah, I’m not
into network marketing. “I don’t want that.” Then he’s like, “Organify,” he’s like, “Oh, my gosh. “Did you see Drew’s six pack? “I want a six pack just
like Drew Canole’s got.” I mean, he goes, and he
buys the stuff here, right? And the next customer comes
through and he’s like, boom, all three diets. And he gives you money
here and that person comes. And so everyone kind of gives you
money from points. What happens is that
somewhere between here and the end of your
customer journey, which if you treat people right, will be forever. There’s this magic spot that’s
called the break even point. Break even point. Where you spend a dollar
here, but you’ll keep respending dollars
on these people here. They’re already on
your list, right? And so, maybe you’ll only
make 75 cents by day one, and then 80 cents by day three. And by day five in your
sequence you break even. And what’s cool is,
everything after day five, is pure unadulterated profit. – [Jim] Free money. – All right, so. – We’re going- – Let’s go, I think Julie can do
squeeze page and bridge page in 20 minutes. – [Jim] Okay. – You’re giving me
the copy, right Jim? – For a dollar. (Russell and Julie laugh) – And we’re sending
them to this page. This is the actual
order page, right? – [Russell] Post,
yep, post bridge page. – Yeah. – Okay, so the first, while
you’re setting that up. The first thing I’m
going to need to do is create, actually, I’m going to need to
create a headline. – Okay. – [Jim] So I think what
I’m gonna be doing, so I’m showing my screen and I’m just going to
be quiet a little bit while you’re working on that. ‘Cause usually Russell talks
while I’m doing my magic, over here. So I’m going to let
you do the same thing. So I’m actually going to
use the Killer Headlines Scripts version 2.1. – All right, so I have
actually only 18 minutes to build this, so you want me to start talking? (all laugh) You guys. – [Jim] Tell them
what you do then. – No fair. All right, so I’m going to
create the squeeze page first. This is going to have the
curiosity inducing headline that Russell talked about. And then, we’re going to
get their email address, and then we’re going to send
them over to the bridge page. So, I’m just going to look
here, at what the style is. I mean, really when it
comes to squeeze pages, you guys, you don’t
really have to do anything other than what’s
already in Click Funnels. If you’re really fussy and you want to
change the background, I can get rid of
the background here and I can make it a prettier
color, or an uglier color, depending on how I am. I can change the fonts, but really, like, this
is all you have to do. Now the one thing I will say, is that you just
want to make sure that you’re connecting this
to your email service provider or Actionetics, or
whatever you’re using here, so you can just go ahead
and do that in settings. And integrations, and just select where you want to go. So that’s it. You have a headline, Jim? – [Jim] Actually, I don’t have
one headline for you, Julie, I have over 125 headlines. And I’m just trying to you know, sort through
them a little bit. – So, all right, so
Jake just sent me a cool background banner. So let me put that background
on so I can show you how to do that real fast. – [Jim] How to Melt Body
Fat in As Little As 21 Days, Even if You’ve Tried Every
Other Diet in the World Before, and Failed. – One of the things I
want to tell you guys, here, is if you’ve got
a headline like this, it helps if you take it and you make them
two different sizes. You create the main headline, and then you create
the sub headline. And you make it like that. But I’m going to actually
move this background because it’s going
right over her face. There we go. So I just changed the setting
on that background picture and now what I’m going to
do is make this headline really big. Well, not that big. Make it on two lines and then pick your font. Doesn’t really matter, just something really
bold, really obvious. And then, make your tag line. Jim, I think that works, as a tag line, right? – [Jim] Even if you tried
ever other diet in the world before and failed,
yeah, absolutely. – All right, what about a
call to action on the button? – [Jim] Well, you
know, it’s funny. I’m just going through the
call to action script here – [Julie] Well look at that.
– [Jim] at Funnel Scripts. And I’m just one or two
little variables away from coming up with some.
– [Julie] Right. – [Jim] And, uh. – I’m going to underline that. So that people understand. And then, we’ll do
a call to action and we’ll save this. Okay. There you go. That’s a squeeze page. I mean, that’s like,
literally, all you have to do. I’m gonna probably bold that. Okay. – [Jim] Look at you. Look at you.
– Whoo. All right, I’m just going
to clone this funnel step so I can save my work and just
keep the branding the same. And I’m adding it to the funnel, so now I have a
second page, here. And so now, this is going
to be my bridge page. Okay, so we’re
going to do a video. And, are we going
to use the same, we’re going to use the
same headline, right? – [Jim] You know, I
think we should use a different headline. – [Julie] Okay. – [Jim] What do
you think, Russell? Should it be a
different headline? – [Russell] We do have 150 of
’em, so we might as well test – [Jim] I mean, I was thinking
more like Top Weight-loss Expert Reveals How
to Melt Body Fat in the Next 21 Days. – Yeah, go ahead,
paste that for me. That’s awesome. – [Jim] Well, no, top, I want you to spell it out now. Top Weight-loss Expert
Reveals How to Melt Body Fat in the Next 21 Days. What I’m thinking
is that, probably, this is going to
be a testimonial. – New – So a sub headline
would be something like, along the lines of,
here’s my story. Here’s one person’s,
or something, here’s one person’s
weight-loss story. – I like that. All right, so, Russell’s
talking about the Brunson Box. This is a Brunson Box. It’s a spoiler box. It, basically, kind of,
teases what’s in the video because some people don’t
like to watch a whole video. Or they’re like, “Ah, I don’t
know if it’s worth my time.” And so when they see these,
like, little teaser things about what’s covered
in the video, then they are more
likely to stick through and watch the video. Let’s create a simple,
step one, step two. So, what I like to do, is
grab a headline, like this. Jim, what do you want to
put under the step one and step two, and step three? What kind of copy
do you want there? – Step one is,
basically, go buy, go claim your copy
of three week diet. Step two is, send
me your receipt. And step three, I’ll send
you all these cool bonuses. What I would have
under step one, would be a big fat button that took them through
your affiliate link to the three week diet page. But make sure it
pops in a new window so that they don’t
leave this page. – And then we’ll add a button. Claim your three week diet now. Okay. – Here. – Here. All right, then what
your going to do, guys, is you’re going to
duplicate this whole thing. So you don’t have
to do all that work. Step two is, email us your receipt, right? – Mm-hmm. – And then step three is
going to be something simple, like we’ll send you, – [Russell] Send you. – We’ll send you all your
cool bonuses including and then you would
list them all off. Well, and let’s
talk, real quick, about what you would
do to make that video and then we’ll give you
amazing kudos and stuff. But what I,
personally, would do, is I would use the Million
Dollar Testimonials Script inside of Funnel Scripts. And you can, basically, use
that to interview yourself or you can have
somebody interview you. Basically, you want to tell
your story about the results that you’ve got. And then, I would end the video by telling them all the stuff that you
would give them as a bonus, in order for them to buy it. Because you believe
in it so much, you want to make sure that
everybody takes advantage of it. So you want to sweeten the pot. That kind of way. I mean, that would be a
way that you could create an amazing video that would
have a real impact on people. I want you guys to really think
about something there, now. Okay? Using these tools, using what she knows how to
do at a basic level, under pressure. And they always say
that you always revert, whenever you’re under pressure,
you’re going to revert to your training. Knowing how to
use Click Funnels. Knowing how to
use Funnel Scripts and having to get
something done, the stress that she was
under is no different than you’re working
a full time job. You’re trying to figure out
how to create some income. It’s 1:00 in the morning and you’re trying to
get something done to feel like you’re
moving forward. That same level of stress. Is exactly what she was
experiencing right there. And we use the tools to
create something, actually, it looks pretty darn good. – [Russell] Good. – In that 20 minutes. And I think that is
amazing and Julie deserves a big round of applause. – Whoo! (Jim and Russell Clapping) I think it’s funny, though,
because people always I talk to people all
the time who are like, “I’ve been in Click Funnels
now for a couple of months, “hoping to get
something done soon.” I’m like, “A couple months?” Like, “What are you doing?” – Yeah, that is the number
one thing that stops people, is the fear of failure
and perfectionism. The only way to get out
of that and get over it, is to go right through it. – And think about
what we did, though, as far as before we got
into using Click Funnels or using Funnel Scripts, we
drew out on a piece of paper in effect, or on the whiteboard,
what we needed to get done. So it wasn’t a situation
of, “Hey, let me get in here “and I’ll figure it out.” It’s like, I drew out
exactly what I need. And that’s all there was. That was it. You’re done. You have that video done, you could start
promoting this thing. – So, awesome. [Jim Claps] All right, well we’re
going to wrap it for today. Thanks everybody. Thanks Jim, thanks Julie. Thanks everyone who’s back
here filming, as well. We got Nick and
Corbin and David. – Hi, guys. – Melanie was
fighting the spider. Jake for doing the images
and finding this thing. We appreciate everybody. Love you all and we’ll see
you at Funnel Hacking Live. Bye, everybody.


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