Faux Calligraphy Basics and Getting to Know Me…Why I Started Lettering

hey YouTube it’s Chelle with The Lemonade Store and I wanted to come up with a series it’s like gonna go over just some
of the very basics of what I’ve learned and kind of just have you go along the
journey with me learning how to do art I don’t think I’ve ever actually told you
guys what or how I got started so a couple of years ago—Ha! a couple of years
ago like five years ago I had my youngest child and I was so sick after I
had him that it was like I physically couldn’t even get out of bed like I was
having crazy weird things happen like super lethargic couldn’t even feel my
hands and my arms and then I just started getting really like sad and
upset over the fact that Here I am a mom and I can’t do anything and one of the
things that I would love to do is I would sit in color with my two kids and
at the time my oldest was like three and so she would sit in color like all the
time and I would sit and color with her and I remember kind of going on
Instagram and you know looking around on Pinterest and seeing all these beautiful
lettering things and I’m like you know I used to do this in high school
I used to doodle and have fun and create all the time and just out of the means
of having to like live and support myself
I went totally away from art and being creative to being like analytical and
having to do spreadsheets every day and budgets and things of that nature so it
was kind of a really great epiphany for me as I’m sitting there not feeling good-
can’t do anything else- coloring became kind of my Zen so I started
learning how to color. I picked up a paintbrush and that was actually I think
some of my first lettering things were picking up a paintbrush and just trying
to learn how to use paint with paintbrush and form the letters. so today
I’m always still on a health journey I’ve been fighting and trying to
get healthy and healthcare holistically for like the last seven years and I was
diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder but that doesn’t define who I
am I think what defines Who I am is how I’m going to respond to that so
in this little I’m gonna try and upload a couple of these videos a little bit
more frequently to help you guys but I want to go over like basics such as
today we’re going to talk about folk calligraphy and why I think folk
calligraphy is really important and it’s kind of the basis of everything because
you need to know folk calligraphy in order to learn the formation of the
letters and once you’ve got that you can letter on like anything with any pen
paintbrush whatever so it’s gonna be not super long video but just something to
kind of get us started anyways thanks for watching I appreciate you guys
commenting and subscribing okay so let’s start off with what am i using in paper
wise today I am just gonna use some cans and mixed media paper because I’m going
to show you how to do the folk calligraphy with just like a pen and
then I want to he was like some watercolor so let’s
talk about there’s just basically two rules okay upstrokes you’re going to do light pressure the lighter the pressure the thinner the
stroke right and then when you’re gonna go down you’re gonna do heavy pressure which is gonna give you that sticker
strip and for folk who liquor fee you you’re basically just doing those two
things but you’re gonna do it with like a pen that doesn’t have a brush tip so
you’re doing it with just a regular pen okay so we have different pens if you
aren’t familiar you have the brush tip which is like a tombow and that this
doesn’t really apply to focally Rafi because you can get the upstrokes thin
and the downstrokes thick just by using the tip of the brush however if you have
a Sharpie you’re gonna go up same size and it said no matter how hard you press
it’s not really that much thicker so this is where faux calligraphy is gonna
come in into play so I’m gonna pick somebody’s name from the jar that
subscribes because I want to letter some of your names today also and I have Kara
so let’s let’s grab another let’s grab another piece of paper
all right so let’s do Cara so I’m gonna just write Cara’s name out normally like
I would write it right
okay so now we got to fill in using the Focolare core fake concept of where’s my
upstroke and where’s my downstroke so if I’m going up just go back this is the
how I learned it so as I’m going back up and then right around the turn is when
you’re gonna start your thicker strip and then I just draw in a thicker line
just like that now you can fill this in with different colors you can do designs
or you can just for this purpose of learning we’re just gonna fill it in and
you can make it as big as you want you can add little details to it whatever
this is the beauty of the calligraphy on the K I usually like to make those a
little bit thicker you know it’s kind of sideways but to me it’s like right about
there I like to add the thicker line so let’s start with the a when you’re
starting an a you go up to about the curve and then you’re gonna come back
down so kind of fill in the way you want I like chunky the Lions so I’m gonna
make a chunkier and then the curve just so that’s thin I’m leaving that the same
not gonna touch it the downstroke is the a the stem of the
a so we’re gonna go down that’s what we were doing so let’s fill that in make a
Down stroke and you’re basically drawing in your letters and if you don’t like
the way something looks like I don’t want that to get up a little better
that’s all you have to do you have the power there’s no there’s no crazy right
way if you want to fill it in you can fill it in so if I’m going all the way
up the our I like to fill in my arse to like that and then down again so we’re gonna need
to draw in our down stroke so let’s pull it up there’s my number in my line
that’s all I’m doing not making it thicker cuz that’s an upstroke and then
here’s our another a we’re going up up and draw in the a and then that stays
the same they’re just color that in then we got
the down stroke for the a step and that’s it and then as long as you kind
of follow those rules you get to do that with any pen any pencil paint if you’re
lettering with like a paint marker most paint markers don’t have brush tips
they’re all like bullet nibs or chisel tips you need to know how to do foe
calligraphy to draw in your letters alright so if I’m gonna do like painting
a lot of times I don’t press down super hard when I’m painting because it’s at
first it’s a little bit difficult so if I’m doing like an a I try to like get my
letter just formed right and then I’ll go back over it and add the downstroke like we did then you can
just drop in some color so so who do we have San Jonna I hope I said that right and I’m doing this in this faux
calligraphy style so I’m getting the letter down and then I’m gonna kind of
fill it in and then I might go in and fill it in with some of this other color
to give it some variation it’s always the easiest way to get the
thick down start is obviously just a straight line at least for me it’s the
curving ones that are hard because you can tilt your but even then
I always like mine thicker so I will end up adding more to it so see like I like
to make it thicker and I’ll add to the paint okay and when I’m painting I like to come I
don’t know does everybody do this I don’t know
comment below is this how you use your paint however my just weird I like to
come at it from different directions because it’s not like a pen you’re
painting obviously and let’s see yeah it’s the curves that are the tough
toughest you know you know obviously even have to
do this if you don’t want to do whatever look you want to go with but so if there’s a basic technique I’m
gonna go over some Crayolas next but if there’s something that you’ve been
wanting to know and you haven’t been able to find an easy solution to it
comment below and I will add it to my this little basic series that we’re
gonna go over and I just like to experiment and there
you go voila so it’s cool like with the folk calligraphy once you learn the up
strokes and the down strokes of all your letters there’s so much variety that you
can do so I hope this was helpful for you guys I really do appreciate you
hitting the like button and subscribing and leaving me a comment tell me what
you want to learn I will share everything that I know alright guys
thanks have a good one


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