FB Chat Bot for Affiliate Marketing Training with Nico Moreno!!!

yeah we did it we’re live we’re live
we’re live or alive okay she’s gonna drink my
coffee it’s alcohol just it’s not no it’s no it’s actually it’s a it’s
instant coffee I went to Israel and started drinking like instant coffee
there so now I always make instant coffee but we can I tell you a secret
I always only drink some coffee oh well you know what I do I put instant coffee
and then I also put powder like the other kind of called like the sweet kind
really sweet kind – yay so people are gonna come on the lie but we’re gonna do
this will Nico was gonna teach us all just probably even try to stump him try
to act smart sounds smart I’ll be like what about but what about this what
about that um and as you guys have questions he has a presentation prep for
us but maybe towards the end he can get all the questions answered so be sure to
ask them so this is so cool I can see the track I see the chat without
meteoroids yeah and symbols on here Eddie Nev hey guys these are the massive
action takers and kalenna all four of the names I just said are all people
already in DCC Niko was like how do I get a cup I’m like well you’re the
affiliate marketer bigger affiliate Commission’s yeah guys are lucky those
are super cool tops well and then we were thinking we kind of had matching
water bottles but you’re not almost you got the click funnels one mine’s a Brita
with a filter and I was thinking we can we can put our GCC branding on it and
got bars branding and maybe drink more water less coffee cool Simon’s on here
so I’m so excited because I’ve been using chat box and I’ve been learning a
bit from Nico on the stuff he puts out online and you know you guys if you guys
know I’ve been working with someone to help with chat BOTS to Rita
but it really is good too even if you have an assistant or you have a
marketing person or you outsource you still want to have an understanding but
you also don’t have to hire someone to do your chat but you should be able to
as an affiliate marketer you can get help with your email sequences you can
get help with your funnels but you still need to know how to do it so that’s why
I was so stoked to have Nikko on here just in time too for like I just think
chat bots are gonna be bigger than ever so maybe we can just get into it yeah
let’s go for it oh and so for those of you guys who
don’t know me my name is Nico Morano and Rachel and I actually connected at a
final hacking live like what a month ago or something like that yeah I invited
him to a party and he said I don’t want to come in while anyway yeah so Rachel
and I connected back there yeah yeah so we’ve just been chatting a little bit
yeah I would decided that I really wanted to come on here and help you guys
learn about help specifically affiliate marketers learn how they can use chat
bots in their business all right so if you guys are excited about that give us
a big heck yes down the comments I can’t actually read the comments but Rachel
will be able to see you guys believe like emoji in the comments or say oh
yeah my favorite emoji is the cantaloupe slice oh that’s a good one yeah it’s
very exotic all right cool so a lot of you guys you probably are promoting
different things like clickfunnels or maybe you’re promoting what number k or
maybe they’re promoting clickmagick or you d me or maybe even just promoting
like just different courses warrior plus things maybe even their own coaching
yeah you might also have your own products your own services to that you
kind of mix in there so this is gonna work perfect for both of those types of
things okay so I’m super super excited to tell you guys about this
and what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna share my screen cool
perfect it’s all connected to zoom you guys I figured this out we’re not even
using OBS super cool he’s gonna share a screen and I’m sharing my screen so
we’ll be able to see this all we already got 28 people on here why okay so I just
want to make sure though all exit this full screen to make sure every yeah it
looks good I see your screen I’m gonna see my screen yeah okay if I need to
guys it’s like have trouble with let us know in the comments but it looks like
we’re good to go so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna get
started so first of all you guys I want to ask you guys if anyone are you guys
using chat bots like your business at all have you maybe like heard of them
have you so let us know in the comments but I’m gonna assume that you know we’re
just getting started with chat BOTS here some of you guys might have a little
experience but I’m gonna start like kind of from ground zero okay so if you have
no idea what they even are or like the patek kind of like confuses you don’t
worry you’re in good hands I’m working that we’re gonna walk you click that’s
perfect alright so first what I like to do how I
kind of like to explain and chat BOTS is so let’s take it kind of from the view
of an affiliate marketer okay so what we’ve got is I’m gonna draw this is a
super cool tool that I really like to use by the way it’s called aaww I think
I stands for like a web whiteboard or something oh nice yes cool roaring yeah
so super cool and let’s see here so I’m gonna draw like kind of like a simple
funnel of how you know something that you guys are probably gonna be very
familiar okay so let’s say right here we’ve got our opt-in so Rachel I’m not
sure exactly like oh how you how you teach it but yeah a lot of us are from a
lot of the people here are doing they have a funnel affiliate business in a
box which is an opt-in page and then the next the Thank You page like is the
steps and I actually have set up a bot for that but there’s always like room
for improvement in it okay god and it’s not the only thing we promote
but a lot of people I get I have them get started on their two-step funnel
okay gotcha so it sounds like it might be a little might be like slightly
different but are you for those of you whoever promoting maybe like like
clickfunnels person person like that so you’ve obviously you’ve got you know
some sort of a capture page some sort of an opt-in page where you’re collecting
the details of your people who are going to join your list right and then you’ve
also got like the sales page or the order page or checkout page where
they’re gonna actually like learn more about that product see if it’s right for
them and then you know if it is and they’re gonna check out right yeah it
depends you know if we go straight to the sale or a click there we actually
have I have a lot of my people have click funnels funnels so their opt-in
page explains click funnels but then to get to the sales page they got to opt-in
okay gotcha there’s many ways doing a really good job of drawing these
hopefully you guys can tell that these are like sea beans but yeah so this is
kind of if you guys are not let’s I guess let’s give us some comments down
in the in the comment section if you guys have seen any sort of like funnel
structure that looks kind of like this right so essentially you’ve got your
often weird like in the details of of people who are gonna join your list or
join their community and then you’ve got you know an email series email sequence
that’s eventually gonna you know warm them up a little bit for the sale and
then eventually like point over to the sales page does that kind of make sense
to you guys yeah especially since you can’t just if
they just opt-in and if it does go straight to a sales page that might be
too quick for the sale so that’s what we have email follow-up to keep like
warming them up and educating them so when they get to the sales page they’re
more primed to buy right exactly so that’s kind of so I’m going to just draw
this simple funnel out right here to kind of illustrate and kinda nice for
you guys that the strategy behind Chapuys
is really really similar it’s almost exactly the same as email marketing for
you know for affiliate marketers so how this would actually work for a chat bot
instead is you’d have your opt-in page you have your you know your link maybe
it’s a Facebook ad maybe it’s a blog post maybe it’s a link in a YouTube
video or something where you’re collecting people’s information you’re
getting them the opt-in to your list here so you would have everything would
be exactly the same from the perspective of a chat bot and I’m gonna show you
guys exactly what it would like visually like just so that you guys can kind of
like understand that if it’s not quite making sense yet but essentially what
you would do here is you would really just be following up with them I’m gonna
try and do a little chat logo okay please have a menu chat logo I’m not
doing such a good job anymore but hopefully you guys are able to tell if
this is kind of like that the messenger logo actually kind of unciekin nicely
but essentially what you’re gonna be doing in here these are gonna be doing
pretty much the exact same thing right so you’re gonna be warming people up I’m
gonna try and use the sales page you might not do this sort of you might not
like you know like Rachel was saying you might kind of want to warm them up
before you ever send them to the sales page but essentially what you’re gonna
be doing is you can think of it just like a condensed version of an
autoresponder sequence or an email series where you’re essentially you know
delivering the value kind of explaining how the product can help them in a much
more condensed form oh yeah I made that mistake when I first got my bot
connected I was like oh this is gonna be so easy let me just copy and paste my
emails over until I learned from you know yeah so that’s one point of
difference where it’s there’s a little bit different strategy but you’re gonna
want to use so what works really really great with chat box is either sending
them to a piece of content so let’s say you have like a youtube video it’s it
works really really great to send people over to
a different piece of content outside of messenger and actually the open rates
for chatbots and things like that there for chatbots
is about like typically like 80 to 100 percent just depends if you ruin it ruin
the relationship with them or not yeah if you start to ruin a little
relationship then you know it’s gonna drop down a little bit but typically you
can get like you know 50 60 70 and sometimes like even more than that open
rate and then you know somewhere between like forty to sixty percent
click-through rate that’s not uncommon at all so yeah and you know we like
right now just so you guys know like my emails I get like sixteen percent open
rate on my emails and I have people in this group you guys are getting
sometimes ten to eight percent open rate and it doesn’t mean don’t do email
marketing it’s just how we need to be adaptable with the times and how can we
just be adaptable is these chat bots and yeah my chat BOTS get eighty to ninety
percent and then I click through rates I’m finding or depending on what I’m
promoting like thirty to sixty just depends what kind of flow they’re in
mmm-hmm yeah so it’s like again like Rachel says like you can’t ignore email
marketing and this is not really to take the place of it at all I don’t
personally don’t think that email marketing is ever gonna die but you got
them like making use of this like incredible tool that we have at our
disposal I mean it’s so so simple to setup and
yeah you really get like four times the open rates four times the click-through
rates so like there’s really no reason not to be doing right so yeah this is
kind of how it works from a high high level and like we were saying before in
the chat bot actual messages it works a lot better if you do one of two things
so one would be sending them to a piece of content so maybe you’ve got a blog
post that is gonna you know sort of pre sell them on your product or something
like that or let’s say you created a short video whether it’s on Facebook
whether it’s on YouTube whatever it works really well as kind of like a
direct response marketing so you know sending them like maybe two to
three to four sentences maximum and then you’re telling them to like click the
button below to like go view the content or something like that now the second
type of thing that works really really well and this is totally unique to chat
box right like you can’t do this sort of thing anywhere else is you can start to
engage in a conversation like enough flow right so that’s a really cool and
really powerful part because it kind of feels like a one-on-one personalized
experience even though the prospect is most likely they’re going to be aware
that it’s a child lock actually not always yeah I get a lot of replies to
mine saying like oh but like what if like they actually like typed back in
and they’re like oh but like what if I wanna which is good because then you can
you get the notification and you can reply to them or get your VA to reply to
them make sure they get the help they need yeah absolutely it’s kind of funny
and I actually get for those of you who have like let’s say your Facebook page
is actually like just your name as well like you’re not running like a different
brand or something like that like sometimes I get people who are trying to
message me on like my personal Facebook and they’re like Nico like I wish I’ve
messaged you like a week ago and you never responded no that was my boss yeah
and then you know what the I like the conversation thing because it lets say
you do have you want to kind of you can send them like one sentence and ask
permission if they want to hear the next sentence or not like this is sound
interesting to you yes or no and if they say yes then you like continue the combo
exactly yeah that’s one really really cool thing that you can do with chat bus
and you can’t really do anywhere else right so you kind of get to ask
permission if it’s like you know that’s something that they want to hear more
about or if it’s something that they think you know would suit them and then
if so then like you can kind of start to you know ask more informational
questions tell them more about the product or the service and and then
eventually you know really warm people up much more quickly than you might be
able to do and like an email nursing home so that’s super super cool
and another cool thing is that you can actually go ahead and you can include
like images videos emoji is different things like that just to make it more
gay yeah you can include gifts – yes that’s super cool just to really make it
a more engaging and unique experience I mean everyone on here probably has seen
a chatbot because most people on here probably RSVP’d to this webinar by
clicking my chat button link and got the reminders to show up via my chat but I
think I put some gifts yeah yeah I think you did – cool
so is this making sense you guys before we go into mini chat I want to make sure
that everyone’s like understanding this a kind of like a high-level now we’re
gonna kind of get into how to actually set this up for you guys okay sound good
I think it’s good I think we got serious marketers on here awesome you guys very
cool okay so let’s go ahead and I’m actually going to my admin echat let’s
see so actually I’m gonna hop over here and just for a second and what I want to
do is I want to show you guys there’s two parts to a messenger bot or to a
chat bot but you really need to understand in order to make them work
properly for you okay so the first part is I’m trying to figure out what the
best way is to like draw this out visually but the first part is you have
like a growth tool and so what a growth tool is is you can kind of think of it
like an opt-in okay so this is where you actually get the person subscribed to
your chat bot okay so you have to have your growth tool in order for them to
like get into your world right like you can think of it in terms of email
marketing like if there’s no opt-in like you’re you don’t have their information
right so in order for them to interview to be able to send them emails like you
need that first step where you actually collect their information and they but I
realized too lately it’s not been like double opt-in so for my growth tool I
chose to use for this webinar was a link grow stool
so when right when you guys click the link or maybe if it was their first time
clicking the link they had to like confirm or do they not maybe they didn’t
it just automatically subscribe you guys yeah I think if they’re not subscribed
you’re bought already then it’ll make sure that it’ll prompt them to say like
get started okay yeah but sometimes I don’t know sometimes it doesn’t always
work it’s a little bit weird like most of the time it should be that yeah so
there’s different so I like to use the link growth tool often and sometimes I
am and I hide the link in a button which is cool yeah yeah that’s what I love to
do it’s you because then you can still kind of customize what the button looks
like make it match with like your branding or your landing page like what
you want that to look like and you can still in bed at the button right in
there which is super cool so we’ve gotten the first part of our chart which
is the growth small right so that’s again with email marketing terms it’s
kind of like the option page and then step two or the second part which is
like where the real magic happens this is our flow or we can also think of it
because like oh well just take your sequence yeah we can also call like a
sequence tool so we’ve got the flow and that’s where you you know you have those
conversations with people right or you can set up an autoresponder style chat
bot sequence that’ll drip out over like you know sending the one message per day
over like seven days for mm-hmm so it’s very similar to email marketing from
that respect and that’s good that’s something we’re working a lot just in
this group is I tell people yeah send broadcasts and write up newsletters and
stuff but honestly all of us should be more focused on setting up our
automations cuz that’s what we’re here for
passive stuff yeah and that’s what’s so cool about chat box is that you can
really you can really leverage the power of automation there and it’s they make
it really really easy to do with him any chat at least so so yeah hopefully this
makes sense you guys there’s like the two main parts to a chav ah it’s your
growth tool then your flow and so let’s hop into a
mini-trial right here and I’ll show you guys like kind of some examples on how
to actually do this for you okay so the first part so by the way for those of
you who aren’t familiar we’ve got mini chat that’s just like the standard like
bot software there’s another one called chat fuel which is really popular too I
I recommend mini chat just because the user interface is like it’s really
really clean it’s really really like simple and it’s thing to do so I highly
recommend mini chat and that’s what I personally use but there’s also chat
fields and can’t you import seek flows into other people’s accounts right yes
yeah you can you guys here sharing so instead of if I just instead of me just
giving you guys swipe copy it’s giving you like a share funnel kind of like you
click the buttons and it just courts all the emojis of everything so buddy so
it’s own mini mini chat is a free account but it’s like $10 if to do a pro
just get your own so how it works is it’s free to start your mini try to
count I think that’s up to 1,000 subscribers and then once you pass the
thousand then it’s $10 a month or if you want to upgrade to the pro account right
away you can do that for just $10 a month and I do highly recommend that
because there’s a little like there’s kind of like a branding thing down the
bottom yeah I have it I have the pro but there’s more features yeah you can have
more growth tools too yeah there’s a couple different growth
tools to that you can’t get if you’re on the free plan so if that’s in your
budget I highly recommend that you just go for the $10 and just car but many
chat needs to have a click an affiliate program one day they totally do I was
thinking I want to make two dollars of each referral no I mean that would be
awesome because like I mean it’s such a it’s such a like minimal you know cost
for a lot of people at least we’re like literally you could just like you know
get your and get your own entire bot list to like sign up for you and like
then it would be pretty cool but they don’t have one yet so so how it works is
let’s hop in here and take a look at growth tools
and I’m going to show you guys how to create a growth tool for your chat bot
and again that’s again what a growth tool is is this is where you’re gonna
actually be getting people subscribed into your box right so let’s call this
test tool so what you guys are gonna notice when you go into your account and
you click growth tools here you’re gonna notice you have quite a quite a lot of
options to set what your growth tool looks like and where it’s gonna kind of
like yeah what what the behavior and what the like what it’s going to look
like visually so let’s take a look at a couple examples you can kind of tell
right here like more or less what its gonna look like but you can actually
click and see a preview over oh yeah so you can see a preview kind of over here
of what its gonna look like darnit kind of like that’s a bummer I
was hoping that I wouldn’t have to create a whole bunch of new ones every
time but anyways you which one do you use the most
yeah so I like to use a box is a great one that you can embed kind of like on
really anywhere but what I like to use the most is the messenger rect URL or
the Facebook comments so let’s take a look at and in both of those so just
quickly quick overview these early widgets or something where if you have
like a website or a blog yeah like WordPress so we’re gonna make
photos yep yeah so those would be those like these would be great for that
because there’s like simple you just plug them right in you get like a piece
of code and you plug them right in and you’re good to go
um if you want a little bit more flexibility then we’ve got the other
growth tools down here and that’s where so we’ve got a landing page here so
let’s say you don’t have a landing page software you can actually host an entire
landing page within here my two favorites though are messenger r fu RL
and Facebook comment all right so let’s take a look at the
messenger r fu RL and by the way for most of you who are viewing this
training right now you probably click on Rachel’s messenger r fu RL to get the
notifications to come on the training office so really what it is is it’s
literally just a link all right so that’s actually why it’s gonna make me
everyone I’m gonna show you guys exactly what that looks like but it’s my
favorite because so versatile right like you can put a link into a button you can
put it underneath a YouTube video put it in every mail marketing yeah and
your email marketing you can put it on Instagram even right Oh put it in your
bio yeah you could put any Mario so that’s why the rest the wrecked URL is
super super cool and really really versatile but let’s go ahead and so the
cool thing that many tribe is it shows you right here you know what it small
look like right so it shows you kind of the experience of what people are gonna
be seen so let’s go ahead and let’s edit this first message here and so this is
super super cool and why I love money chat so much like you literally you
don’t have to know how to do any any sort of coding or anything you don’t
have to be that technical at all really it’s just it’s pretty much drag-and-drop
so we can see like we can add an image here if we wanted to do that we could
have like another block of text to it’s really really I’m kind of like rearrange
this it’s really intuitive and just really used for a friendly okay and so
all I’m going to do here is literally just type in like what we’re gonna say
to the person and we can also add in some of the mode use and stuff like that
so essentially this is going to be our opt-in message so right after they click
the link I’m gonna show you guys how to get the link where to grab the link in
this a second but we have to write the message first right so we can just say
welcome first name like thanks for subscribing
I’ll change a little bit thanks for signing up thanks for opting in to your
free cheat sheet yeah thanks for sign are you opting into your free cheat
sheet she comes click below to get it get it
now and then you can balance a little oh gee
just kidding tell him would you so good and I won’t say and then the cool thing
here is you can open a website so let’s say you have you can also attach a file
to if you want that can actually be a little bit slow okay so if you have like
a PDF link or something like that or you’re hosting it again hosted on Google
Drive or something yeah on Google Drive or something I would recommend just
doing that and click like open website and then you can just paste the URL
right there so for because I have to put in a URL in
order to actually save this we just need it out yeah but you would actually put
in your chichi link right there or if you’re already gonna be you know sending
them to an affiliate offer or something you would put your affiliate so that’s
that’s the first step right here again you guys can see the super super simple
really versatile and all we do is we do put publish right here and then that
means that we’re saved and we’re good to go and so now let’s go back over here to
it’s a little bit confusing the navigation yeah there’s so many names
but I don’t even bother naming all the little yeah you don’t have to worry
about naming that it’s really just to help you because nobody ever sees that
but now we can see right here what this is gonna look like for our users once
they click on the link and all we want to do is I want to just make sure that
this is tied to a queue okay so that’s a step that I used to
forget a lot of that’s for one very simple thing we’re just people get
tripped up so just make sure that you’re set to active right there and then all
you have to do is go over to set up and then boom you’ve got your rec URL right
here but you can also change the name of it right we can call it cheat sheet oh
yeah like you can yeah I think Rachael you good bass we can call this like
change free or something like that so if you wanted
then you could then you could like customize the link a little bit right
there and we and you technically could like mask it still we use clickmagick a
lot or you could put it in bitly but oftentimes I like to just leave it that
raw link so people know like they’re clicking a messenger like yeah
yeah it’s always good to kind of like let people know what’s gonna happen next
you know once they click on the link like we might get it because we’re like
marketers but like other people might be like why is my chat my messenger but
like chat opening so they know yeah yeah I know it’s so funny to me and it’s not
funny but like it’s it’s so like crazy to me to think like you know for us like
stuff like this is just like second nature but for like 99% of people out
there who might be interested in our affiliate offers they’ve never even like
seen a chopper but they think it’s cool they think it’s so cool it’s a way
they’ve never been sold maybe I mean they’re not used to getting
sold to so that’s why the clicks our rates are so high yeah so that’s why
right now is like the best time ever to get onboard with these things so yeah
this is this is your rep you are L right here and then you’re good to go
okay so like rachel is saying you can put this on your females you could even
put it in your Instagram bio you put it Facebook you can even put it in like a
Facebook app – hmm so this is your go-to link right here to get people subscribed
to your chat box okay so that’s step one right here is that link that we just
created now for step two what you’re gonna want to do is you’re going to want
to create a sequence and then so I’m gonna show you this we we first have to
create the sequence and then we just have to like make sure that we hook it
up to our growth tool so that people who enter our growth will start receiving
ours like an email marketing we make a new list or a new form but then we gotta
make sure it’s connected to the proper sequence yep exactly
exactly so in order to start creating our automation sequence we’ve got to
click over here automations oh and actually I want to show you guys how to
do this too because it’s a pretty cool little feature and where you can get
your most important links in front in front of your
well sure you guys not after okay so what we want to do here is go down the
sequences so once we get in the automation tab we click on sequences and
then we create new sequence so let’s say cheat sheet sequence yeah actually it
jeepers oops can she affiliate sequence cool so let’s
go ahead and start a new message so let’s say we want to do like a five-day
sequence or something like that I’m not gonna write all of those right now but
just to show you guys kind of what that would look like is we would just keep
hitting the plus message right here and we can create as many messages as we
want so let’s say we’re doing like a hundred day of challenge or something
you can literally create a hundred messages and just keep going down here
and it’s super super simple you just keep adding as many as you need but but
the purposes of this let’s say we got like five so how this is going to work
is first we would go in and we would create a new reply okay and so this
would be like you know we’re gonna be sending this like one day after they
actually opted you okay and so actually I’m gonna figure this how to change the
timings too if you wanted to do anything I’m a little bit more advanced like
where you want to just send something immediately or maybe like a couple hours
later or something like that I’ll show you guys how to get back to you but what
you want to do here is you would start typing your message would say it’s hey
first name did you or let’s see there hope you
enjoyed yeah I hope you enjoyed the chat the cheat sheet I sent yesterday but
this cheat sheet there’s nothing good about this cheat sheet unless you take
action on it which is why I want you to sign up for my webinar or like for or
like make sure you actually send them to like click funnels affiliate starting up
or something yeah she she isn’t quite enough to get full use of Australia News
we’re teaching here so I wanted I want to invite you to a special webinar we’re
holding holding tonight yeah tonight and really you can have automation yeah
my students here literally can just send people to their affiliate link of my
webinar you say you say so I want to invite you to my friend
Rachel’s special webinar affiliate training special on our holding tonight
on so yeah and it does look like it’s tonight because the way the webinar set
up it looks like you sign up for us yeah as a like a top about yeah yeah cool so
hurry though there’s a limited amount of space and once it’s gone it’s gone I
don’t know should you put one of those three second delay things in between the
path oh yeah so you guys there’s a lot of cool features you can do down here
and one of them like rachel is suggesting is we can do a delay so drag
that right here so what this to do is when someone receives this first message
right here they’re gonna get this first message like instantly and then if we
set in delay in here for three seconds a lot of you guys improve as are probably
like been chatting with like another person on Facebook Messenger and you can
kind of see when they’re typing it out like there’s a three little dots they
kind of like go like that and you know what I’m talking about
mm-hmm yeah so that’s what that’s what would go on here for three seconds okay
so that would actually look like the chat bot is you know typing on a message
kind of like a normal person and then the button would be kind of like a real
feel and also if you’re you know if you’re sending more than one message
sorry the button could be like click RSVP
I can hear you yeah whoa I think there’s I think there’s just a little delay but
the button could tell them to RSVP okay now just do something like that and then
we would do again you have to have an actual URL here in order to like publish
and save it but for the purposes of this I’m just going to put in like google.com
don’t worry I’ll get you an affiliate link to my program to my webinar yeah I
know it’ll be yeah you know sign me up and then you can do you can even do like
cool stuff here its name like a thumbs-up site or something like that so
that’s why I really like chat bots because they’re super cool it’s a super
cool way to like adding your personality right so if you like to use a lot of
emojis like I do I don’t know about you guys but I love using your the emoji
King I’m the emoji King but yeah so that’s kind of what this would look like
right here you can set up any sort of message that you want right here and
then all we have to do is just hit publish and then that message is saved
into the sequence okay so then let’s head back out here and then this message
you can give it a name if you want you four sequences it’s actually it’s it’s
helpful if you do have a name so let’s say like webinar RSVP and then we
and then we’re good to go okay so this would happen one day after the after our
new lead is entered into our automation now we can also if we want to do it like
immediately for whatever reason I think we would we maybe maybe we would or a
two hours later you know to it yeah we can maybe do like two hours later and
you can also do let’s say you don’t want to invite them like on a on a Sunday for
whatever reason you can also like said the days to you so you can actually get
pretty complex if you want but you can I like to keep it really really simple so
if you want you can just ignore all of this stuff and just set the time so it’s
really really customizable to kind of whatever situation you want your or
whatever experience you want your users to be having right so after we would do
that then really it’s just kind of it’s really similar to you know what you guys
probably are already familiar with in terms of billion mark you could set up
rules right so if they did not click the webinar RSVP we send them another invite
but if they did click webinar RSVP we don’t send them another invite yeah so
we could do that too so we can get let’s say that we want this the purpose of
this sequence to be like getting an assignment for the webinar and then once
they do so let’s say they click this now here’s where it gets a little bit tricky
because the check hasn’t quite like caught up the text not a hundred percent
there so we’re not going to be able to know like you know if they actually
let’s say they hit the thank you yeah yeah but if they clicked it at least if
they click ticket tags buncher was just talking about this and his live stream
earlier with email marketing yeah so if Lee is let’s go back to edit so if we we
can also yeah so like Rachel is saying is we can we can add a tag right here or
we can just remove them from the sequence oh that’s good don’t we would
rather just do that we’re gonna get you both all right yeah we’re you could do
both right so you could say unsubscribe from the sequence and then whatever this
sequence so you would have you’d have whatever the name of this sequence is
I don’t think I’ve given in yet but see what unsubscribe from the sequence or
any can also look like add a tag so let’s say like attended webinar and then
you can really tailor your message to the proper people yeah exactly and again
like if that’s too like complicated for you for whatever reason like you can
kind of like skip all that stuff yeah you don’t have to do you like to yeah if
you do like to be of them are really really personalized experience then mini
chat has a lot of these capabilities that like a robust email marketing
platform would have to so it’s really really cool and really powerful so is
that making sense to you guys it’s not all sound good makes sense to
me we’ll see you guys we saw the chats go
and people are asking good questions but I’m kind of doing any questions that you
want to start to absorb them I’m sure I mean gosh I have this question too what
do you think about a pasta Oh pasta I actually I personally have never used it
okay so I don’t know I’ve heard I’ve heard from others I’ve heard good things
about it but I can’t say from personal experience
like one way or the other okay cool so Derek is saying he’s
understanding it and that’s good and like we’re saying you guys don’t have to
do all the advanced stuff at first just get up you know the gross tool and a
basic sequence with some affiliate offers that would be the first steps for
sure affiliate marketers mm-hmm yeah so that for very first step sorry I’m just
like totally like tripped over my words there but first steps for marketers
would be getting your growth tool together and then getting some sort of
an automation sequence like this oh I told you guys I would show you the main
one the final thing though that you do need to make absolute sure of though is
you want to make sure that you hook up your growth school to the seats okay
this is super super important because you’re gonna run into a lot of confusion
if you if you forget this little step and if you
no like you had send all these people to your opt-in and then they’re not getting
the automation solutions which is where the real like where the real money isn’t
right so you want to make sure that you add them to the sequence so right here
we would just say a like t treat affiliate sequence and then oh oh and
then that’s it so super simple just we want to make sure that we are actually
pushing them into the right sequence right so final thing this is super super
cool you guys and a lot of people don’t know about this but this is a really
cool feature called the main menu so this it only shows up on mobile though
but you can see right here let’s say you’ve got like three you’re going to
have to have three if you don’t want to if you’ve got like one two or three like
links or resources like let’s say you have an FB community or you have like a
YouTube channel or something like that you can get your most important links in
front of people in front of like anyone who’s interacting with your chatbot at
any time okay so these are always going to show up there down at the bottom and
you can see right here there’s a little gray thing so like if you’re actually on
your mobile device you can kind of like drag that down if you didn’t want to see
it but these would show up to people who were interacting with your child I’m
gonna do subscribe on YouTube and put my subscribe you are oh they click it and
it automatically subscribes them yeah I think that’s what I’ve got there so I’m
pretty sure I would have to double check that well actually let’s see you can
only say you could do three links right yes and it really is and what’s pretty
cool is it gonna actually create like it’s me yeah I got my son yeah and you
can actually do you can create like a submenu to it you want oh I’d like it
maybe your videos yeah like your top three videos or something like that and
you could get more advanced like that if you want to so this is pretty cool and
another cool thing is you can also let’s say you don’t have like any of this any
of this stuff like setup like you don’t have
community you don’t have like your own program or you don’t have like a YouTube
channel or anything like that you can have like you can have these buttons
here at the bottom just go into chat bot sequences so that’s pretty cool too so
let’s say you have a cheese free it free one cheat sheet and the next can be free
affiliate training which can be your guys’s business in a box and then last
one you can also just be your affiliate link to my affiliate marketing webinar
mmm yeah so super simple you can push people to wherever you want whatever you
want with these three things sounds about and this is just so so powerful
because you get a lot of eyeballs on these three things so that’s how to do
that and yeah a lot of people don’t know how to do that which is super cool
it’s super simple but it’s like kind of one of those things that a lot of people
just like don’t know what it’s called or where it is inside a mini chat so that’s
what that’s what that main menu is so Rachel how are we doing on time by the
way it’s good we’ve been going for 45 minutes it’s 5:45 people are commenting
that they’re getting it that they’re understanding it so not too many
questions here’s the thing though is you know you guys can be watching this but
like I I’m so mean to everyone here because I tell them I outwork you all
I’m gonna outwork you all and there it says right Rachel or including some
other people have a superior superior handle on chatbot sequences and you know
what thank you I received that compliment I acknowledge it and I agree
with it and you know why because I put in the work and and I’m I wake up early
and I’m oblate and I’m setting this stuff up cuz I’m taking action and you
know that’s what I want for you guys I actually just hit 600 subscribers on my
chat bot today I’m literally I’m trying to like double it in the next couple
weeks yeah totally doable – mmhmm yeah so I wanted to ask you guys are you guys
enjoying this like do you see you how you can use this in your business does
this look like something that you would want to get implemented and get started
like quickly right because you see how powerful this is right and you see like
it’s kind of like that opportunity where you really need to hop on it like now
before it gets to like saturated and before everyone else starts doing it
right I agree Derek Derek saying he’s getting on it
right now I had we have oh it’s what’s my friend’s name on here Leah doing a
lot of all the like bombs I like those Dennis Dennis so sometimes you know in
the in the chat a bunch of likes means that they agree okay awesome you guys
awesome so now what I wanted to do is and Rachel and I have talked about this
before and she’s given me the heads up to go go ahead with this so I want to
present and I want to make sure that you guys are excited about this to you but
I’m Rachel and I have kind of worked out a very special offer for you guys here
tonight on the training and so what we’re going to view is I would love the
chance to tell you guys a little bit more about that if you guys want to hear
about it okay so hopefully you guys have received a lot of value and seeing like
where you can use this in your business and I would love to give you the
opportunity to learn you know all of this stuff like at a much higher level
and also save a bunch of time save all the headaches and all the questions and
just get a ton of these bot flows like kind of ready to go import it into your
account right away okay so who hopefully you guys are interested in that again I
can’t see the chat but yeah I mean Eric says he understands it’s important to
get started now before you know it maybe a later it gets oversaturated we want to
be pioneers people were like oh I’m not going to move over to Facebook because
it’s not going to be a thing I’m just gonna stick with MySpace or I’m not
going to start doing face with lives because it’s not going to be a thing and
it became things and this chap I think it’s a thing now I’m going to cash out
on it while I can I already am profiting from it
and the thing is too is like you guys can go set up the what Nico showed you
but when that’s done you’re not done that’s what you’re that’s not it you
need more flows more sequences more cool things yeah and I actually want to show
you guys like would you be interested in seeing a full-on chatbot flow that made
me literally twelve thousand four hundred and eighty nine dollars in one
week I want it and I’m gonna copy it and I’m gonna double what you made alright
that’s a challenge okay so for those of you guys guys can want to see that I’m
gonna show you guys that right now I’ll show you a quick walkthrough of it and
then I’m gonna tell you guys how you can get that imported straight into your
account okay so with zero guesswork no guesswork at all and literally the
entire flow that took literally like four days of solid effort to build out
so I’m gonna go ahead and yeah so it was called the same event in seven-figure
sales pot I’ve been watching a lot of his stuff lately yeah I know so Sam
Evans is super super legit those of you guys who don’t have never heard of him
he does like teaches people how to become consultants
he’s also got this cool sales script that I purchased which is called the
seven-figure sale script so it essentially if I teach is you how to
sell higher ticket items and higher ticket products over the phone so what
I’ve done is I’ve taken this script and I’ve imported it into a chat bot right
so you can sell like you know higher ticket things or at least get people
warmed up to higher ticket offers right from within your chat bot okay so that’s
what I’ve got going for you guys right here and as you can see by the way like
the stats are just incredible okay they’re like absolutely incredible like
never will you see a 100 percent open rate and 88.3 okay it was very targeted
right yeah so it was very targeted this for these were people who like they knew
what they were opting in for and they knew what they were gonna what they were
gonna start going through so that’s the importance of like making sure that you
kind of like trying your traffic basically like you tell people like what
they’re gonna be expecting when they enter your chapter but yeah even see
like the stats here are extremely just like a mind-blowing right and so I want
to show you guys exactly what this flow looks like why it was so powerful and
then how you guys can get it imported into account like literally right now
okay so let’s go ahead and take just a really fast overview because there’s
actually kind of a lot here like I said this took this took a while for us to
know about just like the strategy and the
psychology what we’ve got going here is we’ve got people like opting in and
saying yes okay so essentially this was promoting two different offers these
were kind of like expensive like you know more expensive like products more
expensive offers but we had like a done-for-you offer and then also like a
service or sorry of course like a program so we’ve got so a Rachel for you
I’m not sure what this would look like maybe we could do we can I would I would
set this up to sell of my program daily commissions Club which current price
point is 697 so and then I guess I have a more expensive program that’s daily
Commission’s called Plus more advanced coaching which is $2,800 so maybe I
would see which like those would be the button it’s not by priced but like what
are they looking for like are you looking for group support are you
looking for group and I want one-on-one support yeah so you can kind of like
split them off like Brett the beginning – yeah – match exactly and you guys can
do that too so my students who have an affiliate link to my program they can
put their affiliate link to DCC and then the second option can be DCC and you
one-on-one coaching them yeah absolutely and the cool thing is is this absolutely
has sold like courses that were like six hundred seven hundred nine nine hundred
dollars without a webinar Wow okay so it absolutely works so super super cool I’m
gonna show you guys really quickly is so we’ve got this done for you option up
here and essentially what I did was I just gave people a tag so that I could
follow up with them later and I put them into a sequence here and
basically I’m not gonna go through all the psychology here because we would be
here for literally hours but basically what I did was a like I just kind of
like agreed with and I said like awesome I figured that she’s like that
hmm now I’m gonna tell you a little bit about the offer does that sound good and
then we get them saying yes long as we’re doing like try out poses mm-hmm
again I’m not gonna get too much in the psychology but this is really really
good stuff like really good the big sales psychology and priming them to get
excited about our offered and then right here oh I’ve got like a video video
testimonial and then once they see you that testimonial in here again you guys
you can add like videos and put in pictures whatever you want and then I
say do you want to see how we can implement this into your business and
then most people you see eighty-three percent said yes of course
and then from there we can get them to actually apply so what this option was
above this was the apply now for like a done-for-you service this was where
we’re gonna get them on the phone and then close them there oh really
yeah so I did really well deploying people for like a very expensive offer
was about five thousand dollars or at the time maybe it was three thousand
something like that but that was for a more expensive offer and then here we’ve
got this other option right here it’s just teach me how and this is for
leading to a course okay so what we did there is I put them into
his follow up sequence again you guys obviously know the importance now I’ve
like following up not everyone’s gonna buy right away and in fact you make a
ton more like off the back end if you’re following up with people consistently
and properly which I’m sure Rachel talks a time about so what we do yeah so what
we did there is essentially I just asked a couple like probing questions just say
like I’m gonna ask you a bit about your business and your goals and I’m gonna
see if I can actually help do that sound good and then we get them saying yes of
course and then here’s a really really cool thing that you can do with Chavez
to write is we’ve got and you can see like you got a 165 answers
we can say like what is your number one goal in your business over the next 12
months and they can type in whatever they want and you can collect that and
store that data right in here so if I wanted to do like my customer research I
could literally go in here and I could just look at all the answers Wow then
you’ll know exactly how to sell to them yeah isn’t that perfect like literally I
could create like all my headlines or email open or email subject lines just
from like the data that I’m getting in here for free right isn’t that cool
and so then we would essentially go like yeah just a couple more qualifying
questions to see what exactly you know what exactly they’re looking for and if
we can actually help them so I’m not again I’m not going to go too much into
the details here but this gets a little bit but we were like all we would have
to do is just replace certain like words so certain things would still yes is
going to be a question yeah we can still say awesome we would just change out
maybe like the pain point or change out the benefit sense in quickly yeah
exactly original so essentially what you want to do is you want to change out
that’s kind of like the link and the wording is gonna be a little bit
different right because depending on the type of program that you’re selling or
the type of offer that you’re selling the wording is gonna be a little bit
different but essentially like all the steps are right there here like ready to
go you just swap out your links so I put like your offer names yeah then you’re
really good to go so this was a final message right here after all of that
stuff um I’ve heard all of the sorry someone asked a good question said what
are you offering to get them in this funnel in the first place I think you
sent this to your already existing warm list right actually this was I think I
think I’ve been in this yeah you might have I think what I did here was I told
people this was about how they could get see this is about how that they could
get us like a 2 to 3 X increase return like elemental weapon
and this is based off Sam ovens sales script I’m so good yeah so I base it off
his seven-figure sales script literally like I was building it with my friend
and we were looking over like the sales script like at the exact same time and
we’re saying like okay how can we get this question into the box lo like up
the right at the right spot so we were literally following his language
patterns which it was not an easy feat to get it in here but we did it it was
actually a lot of fun but it was a lot of work to wants this okay so cool out
of you guys watching here in the audience wants this instantly uploaded
into your account where you can literally just swap out the links for
your you know offer everything and this is all downloadable like with one site
and you can once it’s in you can clone multiple versions of it right yep you
can clone multiple versions that were suggesting Ashura funnel like rachel was
talking about so you just click import it right into your account and you’re
ready to go and you can make copies of it and like kind of play around with it
too like if let’s say like one of the buttons like or one of the run of the
flows like one of the messages like doesn’t really fit with the offer that
you’re selling then you can just take that one out I will go in and customize
it for like my program which everyone get an affiliate link and I would also
want to cus I would probably leave since I’m gonna be doing more affiliate
marketing for your like using my affiliate link for your thing I would
want to set something like that up too so I can get more commissions off of
your programs we got Ravi in the chat really likes is he’s taken Sam Evans
course before Derek says let’s go renessa says she’s raising his hand
Robbie Robbie said he’s give his first board or do you have kids Robbie
kolima says me John says thumbs up awesome you guys
awesome so Rachel why don’t we do you want me to pull up on my screen like
that yeah show us what you got because because this is a cool flow
yeah so we’ve got this and this is just one yeah that’s like the advance so I’m
gonna show you guys a little bit about I want to make sure that they’re going to
your I have a oh here let me paste a link in the chat I can send you
it’s the same as the same

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