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– If your Canadian and
looking to sell on Amazon.com, then this video is for you. (upbeat techno music) – Alright Empire Nation, my name’s Nick, I’m a seven figure Amazon FBA seller. I sell on Amazon.com,
like I said in the video, I do not sell in Amazon in
Canada, I sell only in the U.S. I sell a lot of beauty products. Now, let’s just dive into it. So, is it viable for
Canadians to sell on dot com and what are the thing
you have to look out for. So, a couple of thing that
you’ve gotta look for is, banking, bank account right? So your bank account is
going to be different. You’re probably gonna go
with the BMO Harris account, so like, it’s, I won’t go into too depth in this video, but you’ll
understand the reasoning, why I’m doing this video later on. So, number one is the bank account. So, number two is taxes and
legal side so like entities, like LTD rather than
your LLC in the states. You’ve also gotta make
sure you’re doing things and you’re not getting double taxed, also mastercards, what not and
there’s a lot of other things we’re going to be bringing
up in this video as well. And also, shipping, so when
you’re living in the states, you can actually like buy
on a different account, with your own product,
maybe ship to buy your own, maybe ship it to your self for photos, for whatever it may be,
images, for you know, whatever it may be, just see what it is. So, that could be an
issue because you actually don’t live in the states,
you can’t actually ship it, unless it does ship internationally, which is not the case for all products. So those are some of the difficulties that people struggle when,
trying to sell in Canada or trying to sell from
Canada in the U.S.A, so today we kind of what to go over that, and we created an ask page,
so like Russel Brunson does when he launches any course out there, and yes we are launching
a Canadian FBA course, because we do have a
lot of Canadian people that enjoy our course,
maybe because I am Canadian, and a proof of that is S.K.
right here, he’s Canadian. A.N. I believe he’s from Texas. This guy is literally a half
an hour away from my home. He’s all the way from Toronto
and this guy’s from Vancouver. So, we literally have a lot
of Canadian success stories, only one American out of the five. We have lots of other success stories, but these are the ones on the board. These are our most successful stories, so congratulations to them,
but we created an ask page because we want you guys to ask us, or ask any question whether it be dumb or, whatever you think it might be, you think it’s stupid just ask anyways. We want to know what you have struggles with if your Canadian, what you are struggling
with if you’re Canadian, what are your fears when you’re trying to sell as a Canadian? Maybe you’re looking into
it, whatever it maybe. We have an ask page down
in link in the description and you guys can go to ask
questions and as a result of you asking a question
there you will get 50% off on our launch date, so
when we launch the course, you get 50% off, now for the people that already have joined the course, we might just give it to you for free so there’s no issues there, but for people who are looking into it, make sure to just hit
that ask page because that really helps us build out
something for you guys. We don’t want to just launch a course just trying to make money, we
want to help out the audience we want to help out you guys. We want to make sure that
everybody is successful. Like I said in other videos, you know 10% of our students are successful and what successful
means for Empire Nation is 10,000 per month in revenue. Alright? So that might be whatever, like three, four thousand
dollars a month in profit, that’s what we consider to
be like a success story. Because otherwise we could be
like other YouTubers saying we have 50% success rates
which we do not have, I will unfortunately
say that, I wish we did but we will get to that eventually. So, also of course, we’ve only been out for
two and a half months but, guys make sure to ask
as many questions as possible because we are making sure this
one is absolutely the best. I know I sell from Canada myself. I am from Vancouver B.C
or Outerbank ‘couver. But, there are a lot of
things that will help. Whatever the questions you
guys ask, we will literally send them off to a lawyer,
to whoever it may be and we’re gonna get every
single possible answer in the most correct way possible, the most systematic way
of how to get set up, how to help you guys do it in the course and stuff like that, we really
wanna make sure you guys have a guaranteed success rate, and so that’s the video for today guys. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did make sure to hit that subscribe button. Smash that like button, like,
yeah I actually did smash it but my fist is pretty sore right now. I don’t know if you guys have
seen it from the other videos I did actually injure
my fist, I hit somebody, but, that was off topic,
but besides the point. Just make sure you hit
that subscribe button, and the like button and
make sure to hit that, or check out the ask page and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Did you like that? – [Man] I did actually,
hit somebody. That’s funny.


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