Fell Asleep WHERE?😴

(funky upbeat music) – What? Was that awesome? That is so much candy. And then I hear Jeremy say, I fell asleep on the toilet. Who wants some more baby peas, raise your hand? – Look at these dresses. – [Jeremy] First hot
chocolate of the season. – Yep, it’s a real pumpkin. – Today is a crazy busy day. It’s not unusual for
me to start off the day early in the morning editing, trying to get something done before the kids get up. But I think I hear that
they’re just getting up, so I’m gonna head upstairs. It looks like almost everybody’s awake. – Good morning. – Everybody but Isaac. – Janae said her first word, onion. – [Jared] Onion was her first word? – Yeah, she was making sounds and apparently it sounded like onion. – And today is Michael’s birthday. – [Jeremy] Oh you have a birthday party that you’re going to later today? – Yeah. – I just couldn’t sleep, I was so excited. – [Jeremy] Alright, who
wants to go eat breakfast? – Me.
– Me. – [Jeremy] Let’s go. – And Nae Nae. (sweet music) (uptempo funky music) – Isaac was trying to play trying not to touch the lava. – [Jeremy] You’re on the lava. There we go. – If you get past this obstacle, you have to kiss Mom four times and kiss Janae two. – [Isaac] Are you allowed
to stay on one obstacle? – Nope nope, you have to move. – Unless you’re mom or Janae and then you are an obstacle. – [Jeremy] Alright the floor is lava. Ready go. (chill music) Good job Laura. Whoa. – I’m still on. (piano playing) ♫ But now they’re laughing
at our face, saying, ♫ Wake up you need to make money ♫ Yeah (rock music) – Every year, our county gets 25 to 30 different churches together to go out into the local community and help rebuild and repair houses for people who need it who
can’t do it themselves. It’s one of the coolest things that we do in our community. I remember the last time
I participated in this, there was a widow that we were helping, and her husband had just
died a year earlier. And there were a lot of
things around the house that she wasn’t able to
do on her own anymore, so we came and help with those things. It was really great to meet the person and to help them out. – Caleb and Laura have
been really excited. It’s their cousin Michael’s birthday today and he’s having a birthday
party, he’s turning five. You guys ready? You’ve got a present all ready to go. Are you gonna hold it? (knocking on door) Here he is, hi. They’re so excited. Are we going shopping? These are so pretty. Well we’ve finished up our shopping and we got more than I planned. Isaac, what was the thing that you bought? – Sport cards. – [Kendra] Yeah. – Like always. – Yeah, with your own money. It’s amazing how helpful
Isaac and Elise are becoming, like nine year olds and seven year olds, they can seriously help out. Okay, can you guys help
me load it into the van? – [Elise] Yep. – They’re awesome. So we’re trying a new flavor of gum. It was right there at the
checkout and it sounded good. So it’s a pineapple one. What do you guys think? – Very good.
– Amazing! – You like it? We like gum. Two hours go by fast, it’s
time to pick up the kids. What? Is that awesome? That is so much candy. What’d they have buddy? – I have a ton of these. – [Jeremy] It’s so powerful though, with serving other people, that something that’s really simple for us brought this woman to tears. She came out and she was
just crying and grateful as she was able to walk
down to get her mail. Rebuilding Together is the organization that put this together. They do it in all different counties. So you can look up in your county, in your local area and
see if Rebuilding Together is doing a type of project that you could get involved in. – Okay so we figured out a
little secret with Janae. She still fusses and
cries in the car a lot, but when you roll down
the window, she stops. She we are going to be driving
with our window rolled down. – We’re hoping for good
weather, for a long time. – We’re hoping for a good winter. – We might be moving to California. – My hair’s going crazy. – My hair’s going crazy too. – So we just dropped Caleb and Elise off at an art class today, and there’s a new store that’s giving away free smoothies and we want that. (bright music) – So all three of our flavors are amazing. – [Jeremy] They’re really good. So Isaac, what flavor did you go with? – Angel food. – I have strawberry extreme. – Mine is like Caribbean goodness. It’s really good. – Poor Janae, she’s like, what’s going on? (enchanting music) – So friends of ours built this house. – And decorated it. That’s a cool door. – [Jeremy] I love those doors. – What do you think? (elegant jazzy music) I love these light fixtures. They’re just cool. So I love Parade of Homes so much I wanted to bring Jeremy
out to see a few of them before the event ends, and we have Isaac and Laura with us so they can see some houses too. – Can I check upstairs? – [Kendra] Sure, let’s go check upstairs. – This crocheted blanket is so pretty. This is awesome, I love this I love this shower. – [Jeremy] You just had to climb up? – Yeah. This is the sister’s room. Look at these dresses. Look at this one. (lively music) – So we get home from Parade of Homes, and Jeremy has to go to the bathroom, not a big deal, right? So I’m helping Isaac with something, then I’m doing something
with the little girls and I’m like, he’s been in
there for like a long time, so finally I walk outside the bathroom and I’m like Jeremy,
are you okay in there? And there’s some silence, and then I hear Jeremy say, uh, I fell asleep on the toilet. I’m like are you serious? He honest to goodness,
fell asleep on the toilet. So he comes out, and we’re talking for a
minute, he disappears again, look where I found him. – I did put him to bed. – [Kendra] Did you put your daddy to bed? – Yeah. – You put him to bed in your room? (sweet music) I feel really bad that
I have to wake him up, he’s obviously super tired. But I have to go run some errands that I can’t take the little kids on. So he has to wake up,
so he can watch them. So what you need to do is you need to give Daddy kisses. Climb up here right next to him and give him a nice big kiss. – Hey. (laughing) Did you kiss me? – [Laura] Yeah. – I liked it. – So Isaac is headed to a birthday party for a friend that he’s known for years, probably since he was about two years old, and his friend is getting ready to move. So that’s the bummer part, but the exciting part, is that it is a Nerf blaster party. That sounds fun. Have fun dude. (knocking on door) Elise, can we see what you made? – A pumpkin. – [Kendra] Very pretty. – [Laura] Is that a real one? – Yep, it’s a real pumpkin. – [Kendra] Janae’s so into it. Caleb, can I see yours? – Very artistic. – [Caleb] It’s like a cloak. – [Kendra] Ooh, is this the cloak? – [Elise] Yeah. – [Kendra] Too bad it’s
not an invisibility cloak. That would be awesome. – That would just be all black, so I thought that would kinda be boring. – [Elise] So he put some red. – [Kendra] Yeah, there it is. Do you like their projects? So fun, huh? – [Elise] Yeah, I just want to eat ’em. – [Kendra] Is this fun? Who wants some more baby peas, raise your hand? (screaming) If you want more food, raise your hand. (screaming) Or scream. Check out that bib, born to be loved. That’s right, baby girl. Today’s one of those days as a mom I feel like I’ve been in the car all day. Birthday party drop off,
then art class drop off, and then birthday party drop off, and then art class pick
up and bla bla bla, there’s just days when as a mom, you like live in the car. – Well we have a babysitter here for the kids tonight, because Kendra and I are going on a date. So as I’m getting ready to go, Laura stopped me and said
Dad, I want a big hug. I love you, I hope you don’t die. It was pretty cute. (ambulance siren) – It’s been awhile since Jeremy and I have been out on a date,
just the two of us. And so we’re excited. We’re hitting a restaurant
where we can hopefully eat outside because it’s so gorgeous out. So today is obviously
homecoming in the town we’re in, there’s all these little cute couples with their dresses taking pictures, and it reminds me homecoming and dances, and you took me out to
homecoming when we were dating. – At BYU. – At college, yeah.
– At college. – Have you been to homecoming this season? Let us know up here in the poll. (bright piano music) So it’s gorgeous out, but I’m almost a little bit cold, and it’s funny, because
it’s the first time of year, where it’s like, oh wait,
I need to start bringing a jacket when I go places. – [Jeremy] So I had a jacket in the car. – Jeremy ran to the car
and got the jacket for me. (bright music) – So we decided to half
and half their cheeseburger and salad, and we’re really hungry. This looks good. – That way we can feel healthy and keep the burger and fries. – [Jeremy] Even though this isn’t healthy. – Oh come on, there’s lettuce in there. – So after dinner we were
walking around the square, and it was feeling a little bit chilly. And there’s this amazing place that does hot chocolate right here. The first hot chocolate of the season. – It’s like so pretty. – [Jeremy] Isn’t that yummy? – That is really good. – [Jeremy] And it has a
dark chocolate taste to it that’s different than your
normal just milk chocolate, I feel like, it was good. – That is good. – [Caleb] Good night, J House out. – Shake it out. (bright music) (laughing) – There it is. – [Kendra] Can you guess
who didn’t take a nap today? – This is the winner. – Go!
(screaming) – Yum. – [Elise] Three two one.

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