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hi everybody
I’m Tanika thank you for clicking on Simply Tanika today’s video we’re gonna
talk about supplements and this video is brought to you by the request of one of
my subscribers mrs. living in hope hi mrs. living in hope thank you for
the suggestion so we’re gonna talk about supplements disclaimer I’m not a doctor
I did take a lot of notes and I have some references that I want to give you
guys but please check with your own health care provider before you take any
of these supplements and you can always you know google and do your own research
but definitely loop in your health care provider all right I also want to make a
note that supplements are in addition to your regular healthy food supply lots of
healthy whole fresh fruits and vegetables and all that good stuff I
will do a follow-up video on nutrition but first let’s get through the
supplements my sources for this video are two books that I read in addition I
did a lot of research but I do want to acknowledge which books that I read the
first book that I read was how to improve egg quality by Darja Wagner
who’s a PhD and the other book that I read was it starts with the egg by
Rebecca FET so I highly recommend you check those out they have a lot of good
details both of the ladies are very well informed and they go into a lot of the
science because this is on YouTube and it’s a shorter video I won’t go into
every bit of it I will hit some key points also I have a new subscriber
Shannan Ariel who has mentioned that she has PCOS so Shannon I took a few notes
about PCOS which which supplements are good for it and which supplements to
avoid I didn’t go into a great amount of research but hopefully that helps you as
well alrighty so first supplement is DHEA and let’s
see if I can find it here we go so there it is it is micro ionized DHEA I take 75
milligrams so these are 25 milligrams each individual tablet so I take three
of those a day DHEA is something that occurs naturally in the body it
in our body between the ages of 20 and 25 and then it declines at about 20
percent every decade after that so it goes very quickly this is not
recommended for women with PCOS real PCOS do not take DHEA if you were
thinking about taking DHEA they recommend that you have your
testosterone or your androgens tested prior to taking it there are some wonky
side effects you get like acne and facial hair so be warned there has been
research that demonstrates that pregnancy loss was reduced after taking
DHEA by 50 to 80% it’s something that I’m taking specifically because of my
advanced maternal age right so after 40 they do recommend that you look into
your DHEA and perhaps supplementing it so that’s what I’m taking another one
that I’m taking is cod liver oil it’s ultimate Omega here we go there and it
is omega-3 so I take 12 hundred and 80 80 milligrams a day or two tablets two
capsules is the recommended daily dose for that and Omega threes I touched on
this a little bit in another video so what’s the big deal about the omegas
right so they control the quality of the membranes and the importance of the
membranes is that they impact how the cells communicate with one another so
obviously that’s important for an egg cell right like you want it to be
communicating properly you want messages to be understood and sent back and forth
properly between the egg so the ideal ratio is a one to one ratio and so in
addition to reducing your omega sixes you want to increase your omega threes
to get you closer to that one to one ratio things to avoid are like fried
potatoes potato chips all of those things are going to increase your omega
sixes and so that’s why it’s recommended that you supplement as well so moving on
alpha lipoic acid or ala I take 600 milligrams a day of that it’s another
antioxidant it gives electrons to free radicals
in order to kind of keep chemicals at peace so free radicals you want to
reduce which is why the antioxidants are so important there’s a lot of
oxidization that happens in the body so one of the authors mentioned it of like
thinking of it is like adding lemon to an apple so that it won’t turn brown
right so your body is naturally oxidizing as we get older and the
antioxidants kind of help freshen it up a little bit another supplement that I
take is ubiquinol which is a form of coq10 so you can see that there everybody you know talks about Co Q 10
particularly for women over 40 ubiquinol is the form that is processed
more easily in the body so you want to look for that I am currently taking 600
milligrams prior to my large FSH that I just got last week I was taking 300 it
takes a couple of months for it to get into your system so as it does with the
DHEA so you want to take it for about three months before you can expect to
see any results the important thing about the coq10
is it helps feed the mitochondria the energy of your cells so I know you heard
the expression I know you’ve heard people say well we’re born with all the
eggs that we ever have the eggs are in slumber though right and so they’re
they’re gonna wake up and and myosins are waking up from decade’s old sleep
and they’re they need energy so the more energy I have to feed the mitochondria
the better and the the Co Q 10 ubiquinol helps with that all right
PQ q so here’s what that looks like there and this is recommended with the
Co Q 10 there are completing studies about this
so it’s not recommended in the books I did some research and decided to take it
on my own it’s reported to improve cell functions by stimulating growth reducing
oxidative stress and it helps this is why I liked it with the spontaneous
generation of new mitochondria within aging cells so again when I went
those eggs are waking up every month they need all the help they can get so I
thought PQ who was a good supplement not a lot of studies so take that one at
your own risk that was just something based on what I read that I was
interested in and thought you know why not so I’m taking that for now the next
thing that I’m taking is evening primrose oil here we go so evening
primrose oil I take 1300 milligrams it’s one capsule
per day this one I do want to say you only should take it if you were actively
trying to conceive doing you’re collec Euler phase no this month because I’m
sitting out a cycle I can take it all month but it does have it does initiate
uterine contractions and so it’s not good if you’re you know obviously if
you’re trying to conceive after ovulation to take it because your little
baby is trying to implant so you don’t want it your uterus contracting you want
it nice and calm things that the in being Primrose help with our cervical
mucus obviously if you’re having sex you know baby dancing the good old-fashioned
way it’s cervical mucus it’s important in my
instance I’m doing I you I so we’re spooning right past the cervix but you
know just as an FYI for those of you who are baby dancing the pros of the evening
primrose oil are that it improves cellular growth it helps with the toning
of the uterine muscles again because of that contracting it’s so that’s good
prep for pregnancy and it helps regulate hormones and so I thought that would be
good to continue taking that especially my hormones seem to be all over the
place as of late so you know I’ll take all the help that I can get next thing
that I’m taking is to mark and yes it’s like what you find in in curry so this
is I don’t so this is turmeric curcumin I think is how you pronounce that I take
500 milligrams so I take one tablet a day recommended dosage on this ball is
three I don’t think I don’t feel that I need that many so I don’t take that many
and it’s a very potent antioxidant so that’s in its favor
it has herbal and thyme maggiore properties it protects the
liver it its stimulate it stimulates enzymes that are responsible for
flushing out toxins in your body so it’s good to keep things moving or anything
that helps the liver helps restore things just gives your body a rest so
yeah – marker all right vitamin b6 vitamin b6 there are studies that show
that it has increased the chance of conception by 40% it helps balance
hormones and lengthen the luteal phase so the luteal phase is after you ovulate
it’s averages about from about twelve to fourteen days that’s the time when the
baby is trying to implant obviously the longer the better if you have a short
luteal phase or a little phase defect there usually are recommendations to
lengthen that light from progesterone and other things so vitamin b6 helps
with that things that can inhibit the absorption of vitamin b6 is this is
important oral contraceptives food dyes especially FD&C yellow number five
alcoholic beverages and excessive consumption of protein so if any of
those are going on with you it might be a good idea to supplement with the b6
all right moving on neck there we go so neck is also another is also for free
radical supports or another exit antioxidant it has selenium and Mali I’m
not even gonna butcher that that word right there with the M it has that in
there so I take one tablet every day at 600 milligrams it maintains cellular
growth it’s an antioxidant and and it boosts the activity of glutathione which
hopefully I didn’t butcher that that is like the master antioxidant the super
antioxidant which is critical also they there are studies that show
that with women with PCOS when they took this with clomid those five days on
cycle cycle day 3 through 7 it gave them like a super boost to their ovulation so
there you go alright vitamin E
200 milligrams I take that there we go and this is another antioxidant it helps
with the heart health the respiratory health circulatory health brain health
and PMS symptoms relief if you’re having those this is good for both men and
women there are lots of studies done there are lots of studies conducted for
men’s infertility and it showed a great boost not as much for women but the ones
that were there definitely showed pros for women where it helps improve the
cervical mucus and helps prevent or reduce egg defects so that’s something
to look into the next supplement that I take is bite X and this is more of an
herbal remedy it has different names so it can also be called chasteberry
or taste berry and then there’s like Agnes cactus something like you use
fertility friend I think that’s what it’s called in there Agnes something or
cactus Agnes anyway vitex helps balance of hormones so I take that I’m doing
this cycle I’m going to do 3 tablets every evening so that’ll be 1200
milligrams especially because my hormones are a little wonky so we’ll see
how that goes it also helps it inhibits FSH which is
good which is why I’m upping my doses month it increases the luteinizing
hormone which is what happens LH is what you get when you are about to ovulate so
that’s the thing that that’s the hormone that the OB K’s are measuring so it
helps increase that so it gives you like a stronger lead up to ovulation and then
it also increases progesterone by stimulating the formation of the corpus
luteum so as you probably know right after you ovulate the follicle that had
the egg becomes a corpus luteum which is why that face is called the luteal phase
and it is sending out progesterone to help the baby implant so vitex is
supposed to help with that could help create help create a stronger corpus
luteum thereby producing more progesterone so it could also
potentially lengthen your little face vitamin C so 500 milligrams of vitamin C is what
I’m taking it’s found in large amounts in the ovarian follicles and so it’s a
big antioxidant there was a 2014 study that women under 35 over normal body
weight had a shorter time to pregnancy when they were taking vitamins age so
obviously I’m not under 35 but I figured you know if it’s in cells and it’s in
the follicular fluid why not and I also like a lot of oranges and so I that’s I
only take 500 milligrams of that and I try to eat the rest in the vitamin C my
prenatal vitamin I owe me GYN it has DHA in it which is another omega-3 I think
any good prenatal vitamin you want to have something that has folate in it or
folic acid and you want to have something that also has DHA or some sort
of omega-3 to help again increase that so that you’re closer to the regular
balance so yeah the the Vita pearl is what I’m taking for my prenatal but just
take a prenatal I don’t think you know do your research on what works for you
so next we have the desiccated liver so I take that I’m taking 750 milligrams I
don’t know if you guys can see that so it’s from grass-fed cattle again
avoiding the grain fed animals because those increase the omega-6 so that’s
from grass-fed cattle it’s nutrient-dense it’s got iron and
other minerals it’s got choline it’s got b6 and b12 and vitamin A you can eat
liver if you like it I am NOT such a big fan although I went to Venice and the
Venetian liver was amazing but it takes a little bit of work to prepare and so
how often are you really gonna you know cook liver so chicken livers I will eat
again not really preparing them so you whatever works for you this is what I’m
calcium so I hide take these which are really good their calcium supplements
these are organic it’s dark chocolate so it’s gluten-free no GMOs it also has
vitamin d3 and the glare and magnesium so I take 1,500 milligrams a day so I’ll
show you a little they’re little discs and it’s evening so I’ll just leave
these out but they’re like these little discs in a foil I take three of them
when you look online there’s a recommendation for women who are
pregnant or trying to get pregnant to take about 1,500 but again depending on
how you’re consuming food and where you are and your TTC journey you you know
make an informed decision of what works best for you so Reserve at all this is
the one who make this made a splash couple years ago there we go you can get
it in wine obviously we can’t have that much wine when we’re TT saying actually
I stopped drinking wine in October when I found out that it could impact my
ability to conceive so I I’m not having it at all but anyway this is another
highly potent antioxidant it impacts egg quality and quantity studies in mice
ovaries show that it slows down the aging process and extends the
reproductive lifespan of the mice am i a mouse no obviously not
but I felt like that was a good indication and so I included it in my
redeem if you will spirulina that’s this this is an LT I took this before I was
trying to conceive this one and chlorella are very closely related
they’re complete proteins and foods so let me just kind of group them together
they have protein in them they have vitamin A vitamin b2 vitamin b3
chlorophyll they help detox and support the liver they do also keep me regular I
take the in the evening if they’re gonna flush
out everything so it does help your system like rest as far as excavation I
have an evening packed and a day pack so I divide these pills up I’m not taking
them all at once like some of the deflected DHEA it’s recommended or some
women take one tablet at different times during the day to get the 75 milligrams
I am NOT as regimented with that I’m gonna have the am and my PM pills so um
yeah it’s up to you how you gather it so Sunday nights I just sit here and fill
these all up with these supplements it’s it a lot of supplements it is there’s a
lot of supplements I’m not recommending that everyone take them and I’ve
switched them up as I’ve gone through like at one point I had Vario jelly I
had like the raw royal jelly which was a little spunky I did that for two months
and then I did the capsules with bee pollen in it I’m not taking it anymore
I also take an herbal supplement from my acupuncturist when I am actively trying
and being triggered I will take the three milligrams of melatonin that is
not recommended when you are not on a medicated cycle because it will delay
your ovulation so yeah what are you guys taking that’s what I want to know what
do you guys what are you doing like I’m curious to know and to hear and how do
you feel on them I do feel zippier on all of these so it’s good it’s good in
that sense it does get expensive I think in the new year I will be looking at
kind of cutting back on some of these down to the bare minimum I wanted to
like jump start my system coming off with a miscarriage and put in as much
goodness as I can and keep a well-balanced diet so yeah it’s been
interesting I look forward to hearing where you guys have been doing oh I’m
gonna do a Q&A video guys so if you ever need questions for me please send them
to my instagram at simply Taneka cinema be a DM and
I will do the video probably the next two or three weeks so send them to me
you know within a couple days and I will put together that Q&A video alright
everyone thank you so much for watching thanks to all the new subscribers if you
guys have any video recommendations and things you would like to see I would
definitely take a look at those and see what I can do the next thing that I will
do is a stork OTC review that was requested by Tameka TTC so I’m working
on that girl and yeah also just a shout out to Tameka ttc and to Sandra TT c-45
for all the love thank you guys I’m so glad that I found
you guys and I’m proud to have you as part of my TTC community you guys are
just generous with your time and information and I greatly appreciate you
alright everybody thank you talk to you


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