Fillamentum Rapunzel Silver PLA Review! #Filaween

Coming to us from the Czech Republic, we’ve
got the Fillamentum Extrafill PLA. This one is the Rapunzel Silver metallic version, which
is Jo Prusa’s and my personal favorite, but it is available in the full range of colors
at a reasonable 35€ per kg. I’m sure the metallic effect contributed to the awesome-looking
prints with barely visible layers, while in the technical tests it ends up at 16 out of
20 points, showing a high tendency of stringing and an average performance for bridges and
overhangs, but a practically flawless 3DBenchy print. Mechanically, it gave consistent results
at a high level, ending up at a weighted strength rating of 51.5kg, while, as expected, temperature
stability under boiling water is poor. Overall, the Fillamentum Extrafill PLA is a good PLA
filament that is easy to print at 210°C and a 55°C heated PEI bed, showing no signs of
warping, while only needing a slight bump in the retraction settings to give spectacular
prints in the metallic color versions.


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