Filmora GIF Creator | Make Your Own GIF!

Giff. Jiff. Gif! Jiff. GIF! Jiff? Gif. JIF!
GIF!! jif. gif? JIF! GIF! GIF! You know what I’m talking about, right? Those little animated videos that you can drop in private messages or on social media like
Facebook and Twitter to reply to people’s posts the GIF or “graphic
interchange format” is the second most widely used form of image on the entire
internet after the JPEG well how would you like to learn how to make your own
in Filmora stick around I’ll show you how Hit the subscribe button and click the notification bell to be part of the conversation You can make a GIF out of almost any piece of footage The only things you need to keep in mind is that these will be read by whatever platform
they’re viewed on as a series of images so there won’t be any sound any message
you want to convey will have to be done with just words and images alone bring
your footage down into your timeline and clip out a short section that you want
to use like I said you won’t be using any of the audio so you can just mute
that by right-clicking on the footage add any text that you might want to put
into your gift by clicking on the titles feature and bringing that down into your
timeline many of you already know that clicking on your text track allows you
to access the text features to change the color the font and the size of your
text you can move the position of your text by clicking on it in the preview
window try not to get too busy with the amount of text because these will end up
being small and usually hard to read keep your gift simple these can be great
assets to help you build your brand awareness increase recognition or just
personalize any conversation that allows you to upload a gift once you have your
elements in place click on export and then in the format type on the left
click gif you can change these settings to improve the resolution frame rate and
bitrate so that your gifts will be more crisp and placed smoothly but keep in
mind that facebook Messenger Twitter and other social media applications have
different limits on how large these files can be so keep your total file
size at 5 megabytes or under so that they’ll work in most applications now
filmora is going to tell you the file size here but don’t believe it
the truth is it exports at a larger size than listed here so once you’ve finished
your export click on find target and then right click on the footage to see
the properties and you’ll be able to determine the actual size of your gift
file if it’s too big or over five megabytes either change the export
settings or trim your footage down a bit once you’re done and it’s five megabytes
or under they are ready to share but be careful you might get in a gift war with
a gift master so wield your new power wisely and
that’s how you make your own jiff, gif, g-g-jif…? Peace


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