Finding A $100,000 Per Month Amazon FBA Product In 90 Seconds (IMPOSSIBLE!?)

What is up ninjas! Today we’re gonna talk
about how to make $100,000 in 90 seconds Start the clock now sup ninjas today
we’re gonna find a $100,000 per month Products in 90 seconds or less so I’m
not gonna explain all this stuff about Categories but trust me when I tell you
that these are the most profitable Categories the only two variables and
filters that we’re using for this Particular tutorial are going to be
monthly revenue and if you count why is It 87,000 because people love to do in
multiples of 10 and we’d like to do it a Little bit differently so we see
products that other people don’t Later on in this video we are gonna talk
about the one secret that you need to Know really make this Amazon FBA thing
work in the long term so don’t go Anywhere but for now we’re gonna get
into this and let’s start the clock so What we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna
press you a filter results here and we See that 3 seconds have already passed
and I’m kind of getting stressed out we’re gonna take a look at 3d printers
we’re gonna take a look at some of these other things we’re skipping some of
these just because you know they’re electronic and there’s things that we
aren’t really interested in selling power in just balloons might be an
interesting one but we’re gonna skip that one to deal in precision I’ve no
idea what this is so let’s take a look and most of these are right doing more
than 80 thousand dollars per month on Amazon we’re about 30 seconds in already
so 90 seconds is kind of a bold claim here but we are going to try to do this
for you guys let’s get maybe one more product as we’re about halfway through
and then we’re going to check on the rest of these and see what we see so
we’re gonna run the viral launch market intelligence Chrome extension on all of
these simultaneously to try to save time and get into this 90 second window here
and see what we see so if we look at this one here we see one hundred and
eighty-nine thousand dollars per month in revenue with 24 reviews 181 with 7
reviews we see you know 7/3 30,000 here not very good two hundred and ninety
four thousand dollars in one month one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars in
one month with one review guys and we’re only at right 75 seconds we still got 15
seconds left and we see this one as almost three million dollars a month in
monthly revenue guys so there you have it we found right we found one two three
four five products with over a hundred thousand dollars a month in revenue and
less than 25 reviews for most of these now why is this important what is the
point of this what am I about to say right the moral of this story and the
moral of this video is that what you’re looking for is actually not products
that have over a hundred thousand dollars a month in revenue and I know
that’s counterintuitive cuz people out there who are thinking about you know I
want to make the most money I possibly can I want to make the most money you
know and the most the best way to do the mint to make the most money on Amazon is
by selling products that make the most money but this is actually incorrect the
people out there who are trying to get those quick rent products that are
making you know three million dollars a month in revenue right everyone is
looking at those everyone is looking at those and what everyone’s looking at
those it means that there’s a ton more people you know creating supply and the
demand can’t always necessarily keep up that is exactly what happened with the
fidgets spinner it’s what happened with letter boards it’s what happened with a
variety of different products and that’s why viral launch is so on such an
amazing tool because they show you popular results right but you have to be
smarter than you know the majority of sellers out there and if you’re watching
this video then hopefully you already are a little bit because I try to tell
you the best information possible and be completely transparent right a lot of
gurus out there saying look for the you know the product that’s selling the most
possible money so you can make the most possible money but that’s actually not
the case what we’re looking for product wise is the sweet spot we’re gonna talk
about the sweet spot and we are going to talk about the best way to use these
advanced filters because advanced filters in viral launch are incredibly
powerful and if you guys don’t have viral launch product discovery it’s
super cheap we have a an incredible discount it’s right down here
in the description if you guys do want to take advantage of it I think it’s
thirty percent off which is incredible it’s already you know very fairly priced
but with an additional thirty percent off it’s a complete no-brainer and we’re
gonna go through exactly how to use this thing from an advanced filter
perspective guys but before we do that let’s talk about the sweet spot so we’re
not looking for products that have over a hundred thousand dollars a month in
revenue and I know the title and maybe the thumbnail were a little bit click
baby guys but the point of this story and if I can get
and get it through to someone’s head that you’re not looking for these ultra
competitive products because with ultra competitive products that are making a
hundred thousand or more a month that means that there’s a bunch of people
looking at and all these Chinese sellers and big conglomerations and corporations
are trying to sell these products it’s exactly what happened with so many
products angle eyes ruler’s fidgets leather boards a bunch of different
examples over and over and over again and so what I’m going to do is teach you
guys what we’re actually looking for the sweet spot as far as revenue is
concerned and when I’m saying revenue we’re generally assuming a 50% profit
margin and you know you can calculate that once you know your cost of goods
sold once you know the cost of shipping and you know the Amazon fees to fulfill
that right just google search Amazon FBA fee calculator and you can calculate the
profit margin on any a cent any products out there on Amazon so what we’re
looking for guys is 9/2 you know twenty thousand dollars a month in revenue that
is what I’ve proven has been the sweet spot where it’s not going to attract a
million people trying to compete with you and then you have to deal with
hijackers and you have to do with people you know giving you fake reviews to fake
one-star reviews all of kind of the nasty parts of Amazon that nobody really
wants to compete with and you know people out there can have different
opinions that’s okay and this isn’t to say that there’s no product out there
that you can you know do well with it has over this amount or under this
amount of revenue just what I’ve personally proven in Amazon is that the
sweet spot is generally about nine to twenty thousand dollars per month in
revenue where it’s where you’re making enough profit right you’re making like
around $10,000 profit per month with that one product that you’re not gonna
attract a million competitors but it’s still worth your time and effort to
create this because once you make one product guys it kind of exists forever
you start to you start to build more reviews you start to kind of you know
submit your place on page one but through sales history and sales velocity
and you know all the factors that kind of cement you on page one and it just
starts to add up so quickly because if you’re making $10,000 profit per month
it’s not you know gonna completely change your life necessarily but once
you add two products and all of a sudden you’re eight to twenty thousand or you
know even if you’re even if you’re only making five grand a month profit right
if you add two products now you’re making ten thousand if you had ten
products right now you’re making fifty thousand dollars profit per month and it
adds up quickly guys and the way that you do this without getting stressed out
without getting even competitors and hijackers and
things like that is by being smarter than the people who are going after the
gold rush right the products that are making a million dollars a month because
then you have all of these like unlimited pocket corporations going
after those same products and so let’s go into how to actually do product
research right specifically let’s go into the advanced filters a little bit
more in depth what I like to use with them so we can find you those sweet spot
products that are going to just make you a ton of money without stressing you out
and giving you all these hijackers and all the bad parts that come along with
being Amazon seller alright guys so we switched over from product to keyword
keyword is one of the most incredible tools that’s been released um for a long
as I’ve been selling on Amazon FBA what this does guys is kind of what we’re
used to is product search databases we put in variables we put in filters and
we see products but what keyword does is it kind of takes out one of the
unnecessary steps because one of the things that’s a problem about searching
for products is you can find those outlier products like right one garlic
press that has three reviews and it’s doing $30,000 a month but then you
search the term garlic press and every other person on page one has like a
thousand reviews right keyword takes that you know it takes this step of
having a search for the you know the main volume keyword out of it for you
when you look at keywords you’re actually looking at the whole
competitive landscape of a niche of the keyword right what the actual you know
set of products represents rather than sometimes seeing outlined products which
can really screw people up especially if they’re specially if they’re beginners
and so we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna do you know just in the sweet spot
a little bit outside of the you know multiples of ten because we like to be a
little bit different here we’re gonna do eighty seven hundred through twenty one
five we’re gonna do above twelve sixty nine for average price um and we’re
gonna do less than twenty nine reviews right so average price the reason that I
always do a like above thirteen is because if you sell it’s very difficult
to be profitable with Amazon FBA if you sell a product under thirteen dollars
just how it works with Amazon’s minimum fee is for fulfillment I’m and the
referral fee it’s very difficult to be profitable in a meaningful way if you
sell the product less than thirteen dollars that’s why I do the average
price here um and if you’re watching this and you’re saying you know
everyone’s kind of doing this cuz Kevin’s teaching it this way then make
this like fifty dollars or hundred or thirty or you know change this to two
eleven thousand or change this to fifty or or ten
or you know there’s infinite things only look in one category right there’s a
million different ways that you can do this guys I’m just showing you some of
my favorite ways and then you have to get creative then you have to test
things the people who test the most who go down the rabbit hole the deepest are
the ones who are gonna find the winning products that’s just how it works and so
what we’re gonna do is these ones right here again categories these are the ones
that I’ve proven are profitable you know books are impossible almost to make
money on Amazon now CDs how what am I gonna do sell like a resold album of
Will Smith like yeah I’d buy that but you know people are gonna buy it off
Amazon FBA clothing too many SK use Kindle Store doesn’t make sense right so
the reason that these are unchecked is because I’ve proven that they aren’t
profitable they aren’t realistic for Amazon FBA the reason these are checked
is because they are profitable I’ve proven myself with my own products and
companies that they’re incredibly profitable products and millions of
products in these categories and so what we’re gonna do with advanced filters
just a the first one that I’m gonna look at right is sales change percentage so
this means over the last 90 days the increase or decrease in average sales so
this means that over the last three months every product that we see when we
when we hit you’ve you sold view filter results in case if you’re watching this
change this to views filter results man just cook show products is what that
should say I love you though and I’ll see you in Las Vegas for the meetup in a
couple of months Las Vegas June 1st through 3rd if you guys are
interested leave a comment down below that says Las Vegas and I will
definitely shoot you the info it’s gonna be our first USA Meetup just giving a
little shameless plug there and you know we already have a few hundred people
that are signed up just out of the students so I love you guys
and so we’re gonna do is 47 percent sales change over the last 90 days and
we’re also going to do sales pattern up and coming so what this does guys is it
looks at the combined average sales for the keywords of top products declining
up-and-coming increasing seasonal or typical right so we’re gonna do
up-and-coming some of these other ones seasonal I like to do also but we’re
still look at up-and-coming because I’ve generally seen the best results the
fastest with that particular qualifier so we’re going to view filter results
here hemp gummy bears that’s a that’s an interesting one couples vibrator I have
no idea that is so what we’re gonna ignore that one for now
so hemp hemp gummies is an interesting one definitely let’s see what we’re
working with as far as as far as
these are concerned and I always like to use the market intelligence Chrome
extension it gives the most accurate and up-to-date kind of metrics the product
databases whether it’s jungle Scout or viral launch they do you know either
point in time or rolling averages meaning that the data could be a little
bit older the Chrome extension is significantly more accurate in real time
which is why I like to use both in tandem and we do have a super deep
discount for product discovery which is the database that we’re looking at here
and we have a super deep discount for market intelligence the little chrome
extension that we see right here both down in the description so if you guys
want to check them out it’s 30% off it’s an incredible deal it’s literally the
cheapest most best best the use of your money that you could possibly basically
use if you are thinking about joining Amazon FBA so what we see here is you
know three hundred and two thousand ollie goodbye stress gummy supplement so
yeah so I mean these products are already so much more interesting to me
than the crazy $100,000 a month product ones right we see zero reviews – reviews
5 reviews 16 reviews right organic hemp hearts gummies so let’s look at this
organic hemp heart gummy so I mean these have 16 reviews right a 3 out of 5 bio
pure but they’re selling for 40 dollars right 25 mega man mega milligrams per
coming back ribs milligrams per gummy so these are definitely something that
would be interesting right getting into grocery gourmet grocery it is a gated
category it gives you a little bit of a competitive you know advantage and you
know if you do if you are a student or you want to you know invest and join the
ninja family we do have ways to get on gated in every category possible on
Amazon and getting them gated is a really unique advantage because it means
that you’re all you’re cutting out you know 75% of the competition immediately
because they’re they’re gated to sell in this category so you know selling in
gourmet grocery or things like that can be hugely profitable and again hemp
gummy bears is fantastic and this is just an example I mean I probably should
be more focused but I want to type in hemp and space right and we see hemp
wick hemp hearts hemp protein powder hemp seeds organic right let’s look at
what is hemp hearts hemp hearts is apparently like a grocery thing so let’s
do hemp I’m gonna see hemp wick lighter hemp
went to sponsor hemp wick raw right there’s so many different things here
already so hand wicks I assume or like for lighting things without having like
the butane of gas or something like that it’s been a while since your boy has
smoked anything so I don’t really know how these work but you know we see
moderate and we see moderate revenue there but it’s definitely something
that’s worth looking at hemp a should I have ankle bracelet it
could be interesting tent be hemp backpack hemp bracelets for men hemp
blunt wraps try that so we see some interesting ones here see what the
monthly revenue is looking like for these again not particularly interesting
and you know paraphernalia for drugs is a why I tend to stay away from that on
Amazon just because you never really know what can happen as far as that’s
concerned but again you know the moral of the story guys is always look at
things that could be interesting hemp might be I might have missed a product
there that could have you know a hundred thousand dollars a month filler you know
between nine and twenty one thousand dollars a month and it would be it would
be a fantastic Friday and the only reason the only way that I would ever
find that is by you know going down the hemp rabbit hole looking at all of the
different you know search autofills that Amazon showing me couples vibrator no
idea what that is a pastry lipo laser egg cooker set take a look at this it’s
also a load of a couple more what’s cavitation machine actually probably
shouldn’t know what that is but I don’t smart Shrike let’s try that a nursery
baby trend earthquake chipper shredder it’s interesting chicken coop and run I
actually have no idea what any of this is baby cache Vienna Starbucks here so
let’s take a look at some of these what the heck is this is this like for us for
like keeping chickens I guess see what’s going on as far as numbers are concerned
with all of these will do it a little faster so you guys want to wait for
these to load even though we’re probably still will and here we go this is a
fantastic one right five review six reviews three reviews $23,000 a month
right this is this is perfect example and you know maybe maybe
it’s not perfect anymore because I just showed it to a hundred plus thousand
people but you know this is a perfect example can you think of something less
sexy than a chicken coop right and the people who understand that you know
selling the unsexy things like that the first person who sold like urinal cakes
on Amazon made a freakin fortune I guarantee you guys that right people who
understand that going after the non sexy things is what makes money with Amazon
the things that nobody thinks about that nobody wants to sell right when when
somebody’s getting started on Amazon they want to sell like you know HD TVs
are like the the newest coolest you know weightlifter hour fitness
pants or something like that but everyone wants to sell that if you want
to make money and you want to be profitable right because we want to be
profitable first there’s two steps of entrepreneurship the first step is
making as much money as you need to do anything you want always and the second
step is to actually pursue what you love and what makes you happy and which makes
you fulfilled right and selling chicken coops probably would not be the ultimate
fulfillment and enlightenment for me but it would make me money to do that right
and this has another barrier to entry because these are expensive right and
because they’re expensive it means that people are turned off to selling them
because people a lot of people can’t afford it and so you know this is just a
this is a fantastic product it has you know great numbers from a product
research perspective as far as market intelligence you know very solid you
know ten thousand or higher on all of these incredibly low reviews one one one
three three five six ten and all of these have you know ten thousand or more
in the sweet spot right we see some with even 60 grand so this is just a
fantastic interesting product that would be you know very very interesting to
pursue further if you had the capital get started so let’s take a look at this
next one again really interesting I want to see actually what this is okay so
it’s like a baby stroller or something every time I see a baby products ooh I
got like a million comments for like moms and dads out there that are like
okay every you should know what this is but I don’t I haven’t seen a baby in
like two years I’m you know I’m not in that stage yet but we do see a bunch of
whatever these are I think I think it’s a stroller right like for exercising
with your baby or something I think I I can feel all of you moms out there
laughing at me so I’m sorry but this is an interesting one so let’s take a look
a little bit closer at you know the numbers here so we see five thousand
eleven thousand right eighteen thousand hundred and forty thousand definitely
some interesting stuff here so it’s organized by reviews so some of these
you know four and one baby tricycle Riaan one baby tricycle why would you
rather have a three and one the four and one for $0.99 extra that’s just crazy so
another one yeah it’s very interesting this one’s a little bit more brand
specific so I might you know have to do a little bit more research into that I
don’t know if smart strike is like some big brand and the baby world but I know
that there’s no you know Nike of chicken coop so I can guarantee you guys to that
so let’s take a look at one more again these are absolutely fantastic numbers
very very low refuse here zero reviews with over $12,000 a month one review
with fifty six thousand dollars a month and this is a facial machine and so you
know lots of different brands here tops are gizmo character air gizmo would you
like to see right you don’t want to see it dominated by a single brand because
if it’s nominated by a single brand that probably means that it’s gonna be
difficult for you to get in it probably means that they have a patent or
something like that but if you see a ton of different brands obviously you still
need to do your you know your copyright trademark and patent research which you
know shameless plug we teach you exactly how to do in the Amazon FBA ninja
masterclass free training down in the description right here but you know it
means that if there’s one brand it’s more likely that they do have a patent
or something like that but if there’s a bunch of brands it’s more likely you
still have to check but it’s more likely that there’s not like a patent or they
don’t control it in some way so this is an interesting one as well I’m an egg
cooker machine we see some relatively low reviews here with some crazy numbers
but there’s also some that are not that crazy egg cooker hard and soft yeah 18
reviews right 28 reviews with 22 grand is a perfect range right here we see a
bunch of other people I’m kind of in that under that hundred mark right here
with very very solid reviews you know just by solid reviews I mean low reviews
so that’s just a perfect example of how to use advanced filters guys because
advanced filters really really make the biggest difference and there’s a
other of these that I love as well on sales change and sales pattern are
probably my third and fourth favorite um and I’m gonna do a little cliffhanger
for you guys right here if you want to see another video on Amazon product
research using the advanced filters do your boy a favor leave a comment down
below that says advanced Amazon product research those four words advanced
Amazon product research as a comment on this YouTube video and if we get five
hundred like always guys I’m gonna make another video and I’m gonna review up my
first and second most favoritest ways to use the advanced filters on a viral
launched to find amazing products guys so I’m sorry for the clickbait title we
don’t want products that are over a hundred thousand dollars a month it
attracts too much competition it attracts the Chinese sellers it attracts
all of the things about Amazon that make selling on Amazon a little bit more
difficult like hijackers and things like that guys the sweet spot nine to twenty
a thousand a month you want to do you know around ten grand a month profit and
the way that you look and find that is the Amazon FBA fee calculator which we
go into much much more detailed again in the shameless plug Amazon FBA ninja
masterclass free training located down below in the description guys and before
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enjoyed this video guys and we’ll see you on the next


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