Five Steps to Starting a Successful Affiliate Program

Hi there. Matt here, your resident
e-commerce guru at Volusion. Welcome to two minute
Tuesdays, where I give you two minutes of e-commerce advice
to bolster your online success. Now when it comes
to boosting sales, two heads are always
better than one. In fact, the more
heads the better. That’s why using an affiliate
network to drive traffic to your online store
is a popular choice for business owners like you. Today I’m going to teach you
five crucial steps to launching a successful affiliate program. Now before you do
anything, the first step is to choose your
affiliate platform. Now this is essentially
the technology that allows you to manage
your affiliate program. Now if you’re a
Volusion customer, we have an affiliate system
built into the software. Or if you’d like to
choose one on your own, consider a popular tool
like Commission Junction. Next up– and don’t
take this lightly– you need to decide on
your commission structure. In other words,
how are you going to pay out your affiliates? For example, it could be
a flat fee for each sale, or you could give them a certain
percentage for each sale they send your way. Step number three,
give your affiliates something to work with. Get started by creating
affiliate banners and pertinent
marketing materials. The most important piece
includes affiliate banners that members of your network
can place on their site to drive traffic back to yours. Others include unique content,
special offers, and more, to encourage them to
publicize your online store. Fourthly, recruit affiliates
into your network. There’s no point having
an affiliate program if you don’t have any affiliates
in your network, right? Get started by finding the
right people for the job. For example, there are affiliate
specific recruiting sites, you can conduct online searches,
or even reach out to bloggers that you might know. Last on our list, keep your
affiliates working for you. In other words,
keep your members happy by sending them
frequent email communications, providing them with updated
marketing materials, and catering to their
needs so they keep working to send traffic your way. Keep these five
steps in mind as you work to launch your
affiliate program. With a little time
and elbow grease, you’ll have an
army of affiliates working to boost your
business before you know it. Have any questions? Feel free to drop me a line
in the comments box below. From me to you, happy selling.

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