Fixed Setup for Xbox One Bluetooth Controller with RetroPie on Raspberry Pi 3

in this video I’m going to show you how to hook up your Xbox One controller through Bluetooth on a Raspberry Pi, it’s not as simple as you think stick around because you know what time it is So I’ve always been a fan of the Xbox 360 controllers for pc gaming and so forth and I love the fact that you can buy really cheap xbox 360 USB controller but now with the Xbox One out and so forth there’s a few different controllers out there you can use them through USB however using them through bluetooth wasn’t able to be achieved until now Now this does only work with the newer Xbox controllers and I’ve actually rebranded them to just Xbox wireless controller instead of Xbox One controller, but you will have to jump through a few hoops to get this work Before we get started make sure you subscribe this channel if you’re not already, and if you are make sure you hit that bell icon too because it helps you to get notified when I release a new video Let’s jump over to the Raspberry Pi and we’ll see how it works So before we get started you’ll need to do a couple of things: Number one: you need to update your Retro Pie installation. Number two: you’ll need to make sure the Xbox One controller you have is the Bluetooth version Now the version to look out for is called model “1708” And the way you can figure out what your model version is in the battery compartment behind the batteries it will have the model number there And if you just bought your Xbox One controller and you sure that it’s Bluetooth One of the things you have to do before you can even use this with the Retro Pie installation is you need to hook it up to a Windows 10 PC and go through a firmware update Now that should be automatic it will actually do that through “Windows Update” itself so Once you’ve done that you’ll be right to use your Xbox One controller in your Raspberry Pi And lastly for this tutorial you will need a keyboard connected to your Raspberry Pi so make sure you have one handy Ok so the first thing I’m going to do I’m going to run through the normal way you would do it and i’ll show you the message you’ll get just so you can see it And then we’ll explain how it will actually be fixed and how we can get this working properly So with your RetroPie installation what you need to do is you’ll need to go into the “Configuration Menu” And then choose “Bluetooth” Once you’re in the “Bluetooth” menu, what you’ll need to do is you’ll need to choose “Register And Connect To Bluetooth Device” Before you press this, make sure you press the “Sync” button on top of the Xbox One Controller This will search for a little while and eventually we’ll find your Xbox Wireless Controller So if you choose that And then choose the option number One which is “Display Yes/No” Then you’ll come up with this error message so basically it can’t communicate or sync properly or In this case, pair properly with the Xbox One controller So this is where the tutorial really starts, so what you need to do is you’ll need to be in RetroPie and you’ll need to press “F4” on the keyboard Once you are at the “Command Prompt” what you need to do is you’ll need to type in the following “sudo nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/ This will start up the nano text editor and it will allow us to edit the “” file So basically this will automatically start this fix every time we start up the RetroPie installation So what we’ll need to do it will need to go to the very start of where it says “Emulation Station” with the arrow keys and then press “ENTER” so we bring it down to a separate line Then above that what we’ll do is we’ll type in the following which is “sudo bash -c ‘echo 1>/sys/module/bluetooth/parameters/disable_ertm’ Now what this does is disables “ertm” which is a mode of Bluetooth it’s not required for the Xbox Controller so it shouldn’t affect anything else all its floor is it something to do with Wi-Fi And it’s an extra protocol that Bluetooth introduced so most devices are backwards compatible so not having it there it should be fine for other devices So once you’re done in the document we just need to press “Ctrl X” “Y” and then “Enter” And now that we’re out of there we just need to type in “exit” to get back to RetroPie Now before we go any further I highly recommend that you do a reboot a complete reboot on your RetroPie installation Once we’re back up we need to go into “Configuration”and then we need to go into “Bluetooth” Once you’re in there you need to go to “Register And Connect To A Bluetooth Device” Make sure you press the power button on top of the Xbox One controller before you go into here Once you see the device in the list make sure you select that and choose “Display Yes/No” as your security mode And if everything’s going to plan it should now say successfully registered and connected But wait, there’s more You do need to stop here because Keep watching as the setup for the actual binding for the keys Does not go to plan so, don’t quit out on the video just yet Stick around because I’m still going to show you how to do this properly So once you get back to the main screen you need to get into the main menu which is the “Start” button And you need to get to “Configure Imput” And you need to say “Yes” you sure you want to configure the input Now what you need to do is hold down one of the buttons on the Xbox One controller and it will recognize that that device is the one that you want to use Now going through and hitting all the buttons to configure this correctly Won’t work exactly the first time so it will work for “Up”, “Down”, “Left” “Right” “Start” “Select” “A” “B” “X” and “Y” But this is where it gets a little bit tricky to my particular controller in my particular RetroPie installation the right trigger and the right thumbstick button didn’t work for me so what I had to do after I’d gone through the setup is go back up And then redo this again the second time around for whatever reason it worked so you need to go back up the list make sure you do select the right trigger And the right thumbstick button and then go all the way down the bottom and hit OK And now every time you reboot your RetroPie installation It will be properly configured you and automatically pair with your Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth controller Awesome So after all that you shouldn’t have your Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth controller hooked up to you Raspberry Pi Awesome So if you stuck around to the end, thanks for that and thanks for watching my videos if you are subscribed make sure you hit that bell icon And if you’re not a subscriber and make sure you do it now because it really helps me a lot Like this video and let me know how I went down in the comments below and as always, Imagine, Learn, Create Oh, and one thing don’t forget to like and share this video too because it really helps the channel grow a lot Thanks


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