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Review Cruncher Technology [CRUNCH] Mobile Accessories: Flir One Pro Gen 3 Only time will tell how good this product really is as we find and take a look in to future customer reviews. What we know: Pros • Resolution for digital camera is 1440×1080 and 160×120 thermal camera
• Male USB C and Lightning connection / 1.8m drop and shock proof
• 8.7Hz frame rate / radiometry range is -20 °C to 400 °C
• 40 minute charge for 1 hour battery life
• Can assign temperature readings on objects in real time Cons: • 8.7 frames per second causes stutter for fast moving objects
• No battery replacement option
• Produces blurry images in completely dark scenes
• Radiometer is not medical grade for measuring human fevers
• Cheaper than a professional camera but expensive as an accessory Is it right for you? • Suited for devices with a female Lightning or USB Type C port
• Digital camera has 675% more pixels than previous GEN
• Great for home and professional use to find insulation leakages
• Male port can be adjusted to fit nicely against the mobile phone
• 1 year warranty or 18 months with product registration VESA mount is awkwardly positioned/ poor sound quality speakers Subscribe here. Check out the other reviews:

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