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Good morning everyone I’m here with Angel of beautifymeeh Were in Dallas, Texas in front of what mall? North Park? Yes. Its one of the biggest mall in Dallas Yeah, I’m so excited This is my first time here, and I actually arrived last night, but didn’t vlog because I was airport fashion And we were both no makeup everything so, yeah, we’re gonna pick up some outfits for the conference that we are here for which is reward style and We’re gonna get something to eat because she’s really hungry. I’m hangry I am too Alright, let’s go Here we are Angel unni just picked up some dresses right? And then Jessica’s here to join We’re gonna go look for food now. I didn’t buy anything nope Here is La Duni I think we’re all gonna pick a sandwich because it comes with fries Thank you so much I really wanted a sweet potato fries We had hash browns for breakfast She went to chick-fil-a and picked up chick-fil-a for us in the morning So I woke up and had chick-fil-a. Thank you unni Lunch is on me though On our way to the conference now. We’re going to the hotel Crescent, right? okay, all right, so we made it to the hotel crescent and Now we have to check in Look how fancy that is Time for the pool party hosted by Supergoop. Are you excited? Sunscreen oil Setting mist They said we could take these So after the pool party we are now gonna go get dinner We just changed or I just changed back to my dress I’m hungry. I’m so hungry So this is the restaurant, it looks super fancy. I wonder what kind of food they have Perks of having a vlogger friend, she’s like “do you want me to vlog you?” I was like sure I’m like not used to getting this perspective ever. aren’t you always with your vlogger friends? Yeah, I’m just doing it by myself though There’s my ride I’m kidding So here we are Guess who’s sitting next to me? Surprise and in front of me. We have JK Lee Hi Day two All right, let’s go find the conference the main stage. Apparently Aimee Song going to come today So what’s changed in that entire period of time in the last five years? Maybe even more rapidly? What would you say in the last five seems like the biggest difference for you? I the biggest difference is that plants are so excited to work with influencers Just ended the… what did we end just now? Yeah, we just ended the conference and now we’re getting lunch hosted by Banana Republic Woah Stay cool, hashtag its banana. Oh cool Looks really yummy Yay So here I am at the brand room. I’m gonna meet up with each of these brands. I’m super excited I’m stopping by the Urban Outfitters booth and check out all of the hair products I met a staff and she had products waiting for you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Hello So I’m with Jiwon, Angel and chickie. What is it Shinji, but we’re at Shake Shack Because we have two hours to kill right Yeah, but I got the chicken. I always get my Its my favorite And the fries Good morning everyone Day three of the rStheCon Its the last day, I wanna apologize for not vlogging as much, but it’s been a very busy couple of days Seriously, we were out from morning til night I know Like we wake up at like 7 o’clock, and we come back home around nine 9 p.m.. By the way So, today is gonna be another full day And Tomorrow I’m leaving for LA. I feel like I didn’t get to do a lot of Dallas things But maybe we could leave like at the middle of the convention today, and they get tex-mex. I really want to try tex-mex So, yes Alright, so we’re on our way to the hotel Crescent Yeah, I’ll catch up with you guys there So I’m here to get breakfast, Angel actually went to a meeting But I have an hour to kill, so let’s get some breakfast And get a breakfast sandwich I’m having a meeting with the daily edited right now, and they gave me a bunch of products So I’m going to open it while we have our meeting Woah So I think we’ve given you travel based products I think, for your beauty products Yeah So like lipsticks and stuff I love that one JK it, thank you so much, and then I love seeing this in action, this is amazing. This is like the best … look at me action What is this? Its probably a bigger version of, A bigger version of the Alright, here we go I think I know what it is Yeah I saw it yesterday The pink version Like you can put jewelry or like makeup brushes section Amazing And the bottom section, like skin care or whatever You guys knew me very well Well I did some stalkng prior Thank you so much Thank you for stalking me G floor We’re getting lunch now Here we are with the, with the teams They’re’s so fancy Woah So much food Bon appitite Just finished everything and we are leaving the hotel now And then we’re gonna go home get ready and then go to the ball Should be fun Hi everyone. I’m back from the conference Angel Unnie and I we are going to rest a little bit But I also have to pack and I received so many free things today like This is just like one of the bags, so I’ve been consolidating here and there But one of the things that I received is this bag right here And I’m so glad I received this because I came with one carry-on suitcase and I was like how am I gonna take everything back so I forgot which brand this is from but It’s from a brand called soul society like this I’ll link it down below, but I’m really grateful that they gave me this and yeah I’m just gonna finish up some packing because I leave tomorrow morning and We’re gonna get tex-mex today because I’ve been wanting to try it for so long so I’m gonna get some packing done, and then we’re gonna drive over to the cocktail parties, so I’m really excited about that so Yeah, it’s been a long day as well, but a good one. We’re at LaVista Okay, we’re here for Tex Mex. Are you excited? She’s always hungry every two hours she needs food Me oooh what to get There’s so much It’s warm salsa and it tastes so good the plates a little hot okay. Okay. Thank you Everything’s seriously so big here I know Ooh and then your quesadilla I Know Thank you Everything good so far? Yeah, thank you so much This is so big I think this is the size oppa bought So even when he went to Dallas So this is so good With like pizza, Korean pizza I always eat it with Korean pizza Yeah same here oh, you know, you know what’s up We’re on our way to the final event and listening to Taeyang of course Unni has been driving so much Yeah, but we’re on our way everyone Its raining I know Hi everyone, I’m back in LA now as you guys can tell I’m currently editing my Dallas vlog and I just realized that I didn’t say bye in the end I didn’t have a chance to wrap it up because After the cocktail party we were just so exhausted so we just went to sleep And then I had to wake up at 5:30 Because my flight was at 8 o clock in the morning and once I got to LA I was just too tired to do anything, so I just kind of stayed home and relaxed a little bit So that’s why I didn’t really have a chance to end it Dallas was a lot of fun. I learned so much at the conference if you’re kind of wondering What reward style is in all of my videos at the very bottom, Ishare that some of the links are affiliate links and affiliate links are all kind of from rewards style so I basically went to this conference And I learned about how to be a better blogger and youtuber and I also got to meet a lot of Influencers as well as well as connecting to my fellow Youtubers and influencers from Korea, so it was really great meeting them as well But yeah, thank you so much for watching I definitely want to go back to Dallas and even have a meet and greet there because when I was uploading photos A lot of you guys commented asking for a meet-and-greet, and I just didn’t have the time to this time around But I definitely want to go back Especially for the food as well But yeah, thank you so much for watching Here’s the shout out today for those of you guys who translate it and transcribe this vlog right here Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to do that and for my previous vlog I shared about a giveaway for the Cosrx PHA set here are the two winners Congratulations, and look out for a DM from beauty tap official for Information on how to receive them, so thank you guys so much for the support And I’ll see you guys in my next vlog. Have a Joan Day! Bye!


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