Foundations of Digital Marketing – 3 Key Areas You NEED to know

– Today we’re gonna go over the basics and the foundation of what
digital marketing means. Stay tuned. (thoughtful electronic music) Hi everybody, welcome to today’s video. Today we’re just gonna quickly go over the foundations of what
digital marketing is. So just to give you an idea of what I talk about digital
marketing when we’re gonna go over these different things, there’s five major categories
that I say are relevant today. However, these categories
are consistently growing because digital marketing is growing at a rate that is almost immeasurable. So the digital marketing foundation is based on your website,
paid advertising, search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing, so those are five major pillars of digital marketing. So each one of these are
important for their own purposes. Whether they be for attracting clients, whether they be for
projecting your message, or whether they be for maintaining your relationships that you already have. So one big thing that we talked about with digital marketing is that you need to know the difference between owned media, borrowed
media, and paid media. So what I mean by that is
three different things. Owned media means things that you own that cannot be taken away from you. No, when I say this, I’m talking about websites and email marketing. Those two platforms are
things that you actually own and are parts of your brand. This means that there’s no
algorithm changes, there’s no changes in policy as far
as what you need to pay or different things that affect you. No you may need to change hosts, you may need to change email providers at some point for different reasons. But that home page and
that email marketing list they are yours. So what I mean when I’m
talking about borrowed media is typically the social media platforms. These are great for outreach, and they are amazing
at building an audience that is receptive to hearing your message. However, at any point, any of these platforms can change the rules. So different platforms that I’m talking about here are Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, there’s a lot
of different ones out there. And they change on a consistent basis. So you just need to understand that these are great
tools for reaching out and actually gathering an audience. But at any point, those platforms can actually sever your
connection with your audience. That’s why it is so important that you use this borrowed media to go back to your own media. So this is why it’s important
still in today’s world to have a good website, and
to build your email list. Again, those are the
only ways that you own that, regardless of what
any of these platforms do, you can push people back
to those properties. So if, for example, when
Facebook changed their algorithm, you saw a dramatic drop in
your outreach for any post. So you used to be able to have most of your audience see your post, and now, for a lot of companies, you’re lucky if it’s two percent. So that has a dramatic impact on both your reach, and ultimately
your bottom line. So, if you’ve spent time keeping
people on your owned media, and all of a sudden these
platforms make a change that is not conducive to you business, if you own their email address or you have access to their email address and they’ve said yes, you can email me, you can email them, and
you can push them to either a new platform that
is being little more friendly or to your outreach, or you can send them back to your website. You can always do a blog or
something similar to that. Or take those same posts that
you’re making on Facebook, and put them on your website, where people can actually
get a notification from email and they can see that post. So, it’s important just to understand that borrowed media
tools are extremely great for outreach, community building, communication in that manner, but you are ultimately kind of at the
mercy of those platforms and any changes that
they make from now until you decide not to be on them anymore. So it’s just something to keep in mind. Now, when I talk about paid media, this one is pretty simple, and
most people understand this. I’m talking about advertising. Now, there’s a lot of different ways to advertise with digital media, so we’re not gonna get into
all of the different ways. But the thing to know about paid media is your ultimate goal is to get people from paid media, where
you’re paying for them to see or interact with your brand, to one of your owned or
your borrowed medias. So, once you pay, say it’s
five dollars for a week. You wanna pay five dollars for that lead. But you want to ensure
that you consistently have access to talk to that person. So, the big goal here
is take the paid media which is things like Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, Google AdWords, programmatic banner ads,
other things like that, all of them have varying
degrees of success and are used better for
different types of campaigns. So you need to make sure you understand what you’re trying to do, what
you’re trying to accomplish. But in the end, your ultimate goal is to basically either sell your product with this paid advertising, or to get them on either a owned or a
borrowed media platform where you no longer
need to continue to pay for access to that person. So this is really, really important. One of the big reasons
why paid media fails for people that don’t have a whole plan. If you think that you’re
gonna be able to just spend some money, get some views, get come clicks, maybe get some sales, you’re gonna find that
you’re gonna have a struggle with paid advertising or paid media because there needs to
be kind of a back end to that entire system, so if you’re paying a certain amount for that lead, you need to understand the
lifetime value of the customer and you need to know how you’re going to contact them in the future. So take them from paid advertising, put them on your email list. Take them from paid advertising, get them of your Facebook
group, or your Facebook page, or get them to follow you on Twitter. Some way where you can consistently continue your conversation and tell people why they should do business with you. All right, I hope you
enjoyed taking this look at the foundation of
digital marketing with me. These are just three ways that
I look at digital marketing as far as an overall strategy. You need to know what
you own, what you borrow, and what you need to pay to access. So these are three different parts that ultimately all need to work in a synchronization, work together to have a successful
digital marketing campaign. You can work with each one
individually and grow them, but if you take a step back and look at the holistic view, all three of these are consistently interacting. I wanna say thank You for
joinng me for this video. If you like videos like this, or you wanna lean more about digital marketing, please subscribe below, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video. I’ll talk to you soon, thanks, bye! (wooshing) (mellow music) (clicking)


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