Fox Network Snatches Up TV Affiliates, Shaking Up Industry [1994]

Very well, you leave me no choice. This gun is filled with ketchup. Bart Simpson’s home network, Fox,
jolts the television industry. The new
kid on the broadcast block snatches away a dozen affiliates of the big 3
networks. Most of the defections are
from CBS. Nothing like this has ever happened
in broadcast television before. CBS scrambles to find new stations
to run its programs. …and chances are, that new affiliate
is going to be weaker, and it’s going to hurt. It’s a big loss in the amount of people
who can receive the CBS signal. Today’s announcement is really a
giant step toward our goal of becoming the #1 television network in America. That step is a costly one. Fox makes a
half-billion dollar investment in the company that owns its new affiliates. That’s after spending big money for the
rights to air NFL games, which had been on CBS for decades. Hey, where’d everyone go? That’s what some viewers are left
wondering as they try to sort out the network changes and the changing
channels of some programs.


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