Free Affiliate Marketing Training – Passive Income Affiliate Training – Day 3/7

all right welcome to day three of the
passive income affiliate training and day 1 step 1 you learn you set up your
14-day free trial to click files in step 2 on day 2 you downloaded the free share
funnel the free passive income affiliate training share funnel so now they three
step three what we’re gonna do is we’re going to use the really super powerful
editor inside click funnels to customize this funnel so it sounds like you and
looks a little bit more like you okay so which one of those you want to find the
passive income affiliate training mines listed under affiliate because that’s
just what I tagged it as named it as grouped it as yours could be ungrouped
it could be under your share funnels it could be under your favorites if you
have if you click that yellow star made it yellow then it’s in your favorites
wherever it is you just want to click on it and if you’re not at this screen you
can always go to click funnels browse funnels and it’ll take you this to this
screen it shows you all your funnels so you just click on it
the passive income affiliate training it’s a simple two-step funnel you just
have an opt-in page and a Thank You page so the first thing we want to do is
click on the editor they click funnels editor and it page in the opt-in page then UT you can leave this totally as is
you do not have to change anything if you don’t want to but if you do want to
change it to make it sound more like you you can totally just change anything you
want so you could click in here and see see where it’s blinking you can just
back up right now it doesn’t know just to leave it that word I can just type it
free again right you can it’s all drag and drop so if you know the buttons
right here if you want to move it up top I don’t know why you would but if you
want to boom there it is let’s put it back to where it belongs oh all right
now instead of saying give me my training and funnel can’t click on that
and you can right see that’s it download my training and
funnel I see it’s on two lines we want to make it just one line so you just
make the once more okay
also if you want to you can go to advanced I like to do this icon picker
watch where watchword says right next to download that’s on the left hand side
and then watch where it says if their funnel on the button that’s right there
okay so you could do whatever you want you can change it to whatever you want
just remember – no I’m gonna leave it like that just remember to always make
your changes right within this one this is the button
so this is set action okay you click on set action leave it as open the pop-up
okay what that means is now you go up to the pop-up show pop-up and you can
change this to whatever you want make it say let’s make it same or do whatever
you want to and then right here it’ll be set action
it’ll be submit order submit form and I’ll show you how that all hooks up in a
later step but you can change this to say whatever you want okay
free training reveals how to earn 3 a month with affiliate commissions plus a
bonus get a free done-for-you plug-and-play affiliate marketing fall
right so you can leave that whatever you do whatever changes you make click Save
if you don’t want to make any changes you don’t have to you can leave this
completely as this okay you can leave this page as is but let’s go and edit
the Thank You page just super you do a lot of your editing and customizing so
you go to click on thank-you page and on left hand side click on edit so now up here it says congratulations
your free training yada yeah you can say whatever you want you can leave this the
same if you want to or you can change it and say whatever you want to again you
just click on it and then type whatever you want okay remember every time you
make a change you just want to save it just to get into that habit so now
you’re gonna come down here there’s videos all right so again you can leave
this entire thing as is if you want to if you want to not make videos you don’t
have to but you can actually replace my videos and not there but down here in
the steps you can replace my videos and make your own videos and you know use
your own voice and you know your own spin on things okay or you can just
leave mine as is right if you want to leave mine as is you totally can do that
all right if you want to leave my videos as is that’s fine but there are some
things you still need to change for instance right here click here to get
your 14 day free trial clickfunnels you need to click on that you need to click
on set action you cannot make sure go to website URL is picked and you are gonna
put your clickfunnels affiliate link in here okay you’re gonna
put your clickfunnels affiliate link in here if you do not change this step then
when you send out this share funnel the folks they’re gonna be going under my
code funnels affiliate and I’m gonna get paid to commission you don’t want that
so you want to get paid the commission so you want to put your click funnels
affiliate link under there okay where you go there is in your click funnels
account we just go to this main screen so you’ll see it so when you’re on the
main screen or at from any screen honestly you go over here alright you go
up here where that little drop-down is and you click on affiliates and then you
will work your way through the affiliate Center so you find your affiliate link
for the 14-day free trial of click funnels
and then you just copy and paste that like copy that link and they’re gonna
come in here click here and paste your link in here so when you send out this
share farm to people and they sign up for clickfunnels you’re making the 40%
Commission and not me okay so you definitely you can leave all the video
is the same but you definitely have to change your clickfunnels link I mean you
don’t have to but you want to so you can pay for them alright so then let’s say
but let’s say you do want to make your own videos like you want to make your
own videos so it sounds like you you know you kind of have your own vibe your
own spin can you have the way you would put your video in here as you go here
and see where that Settings button is the orange Settings button click on that
go over here and I use YouTube so you’re gonna just put your YouTube URL in here
okay whatever that YouTube URL is and then boom the video will be good to go
okay and then again safe that’s how you change the videos okay is that simple
and you’re gonna come down here oh and all these headlines all this copy you
can totally keep it the same I mean read it make sure you know everything sounds
cool to you if you want to change a little bit change it up all this you can
keep the same okay right here is where you’re going to put your share funnel
for the funnel okay you remember how to get that your font right so let’s back
up a little bit and the sheriff oh no you go to the funnel that you want to
share which is the passive income affiliate training you go to settings
and you come down oops come down and grab the share phone you
copy that and you go back to Thank You page edit the page go down to the share funnel click on
that settings right here the orange button right here settings set action
and here’s the URL you want to go to website URL and then you’re gonna paste
your share funnel in there and then save and when you paste your share funnel in
there it automatically embeds your affiliate
ID your click funnels affiliate ID okay so you scroll down again if you want to
change out the video if you want to make your own video to do so if not just
leave mine in there it’s no big deal again you can leave this there’s not
much to do here you know if you want to change the video you can change the
video if not leave it as is then get your new funnel online again
same deal you leave the video as is or you can create your own video come down
here your email software marketing same deal so if you have make sure you have
the Edison suite okay if you have the Edison suite which is the 297 a month
plan you can share that entire action funnel with folks and you’re gonna go in
there and you’re gonna get your um you’re gonna get your share funnel your
share actually found on the way you do that again as you come out of here this
is an action funnel this is the email sequence I already have it written for
you so you go to action and X up here come down to action funnels come down to
your passive income affiliate onboarding sequence and then right up here there’s
the arrow click on that you copy that whoops copy that
come back to your funnel go back to the Thank You page scroll down to that step click here to
download autoresponder emails into your account must have Edison suite plan
click on the settings click on set action copy
well not copy your gonna paste paste your action funnel in there save ok and
then right here if you’re not using action it so you did the 97 dollar plan
you can just click here for the PDF version and you can use this with any
email marketing software you’re just gonna have to type it in you can leave
that set if you want as is use that s3 account and it’ll just it’ll already be
in there for you if you wanted to set your own one up
there you would just change it right here okay then you scroll down again the
video if you want to keep it you can keep it if not you change it alright and
then quickly and easily get traffic you can again leave all this stuff the same
what you want to do those when you create your YouTube account you actually
get an affiliate link like they give you an affiliate link ok so what you want to
do is get your affiliate link from you to me you don’t even have to buy any
traffic from YouTube as soon as you register for the free account you get an
affiliate link so you want to get that link you want to come in here to
settings and then you want to paste that in here because then if the people that
you refer this funnel to that are using this funnel when they when they actually
if they buy traffic through you to me you’re gonna make a commission off of it
ok if you’re gonna do solo solo ads there’s a PDF you can just copy as is
use this PDF ok you can just keep these settings the same if you want to make
your own you know you can do that then change this link but you can just leave
it as is and let folks download the PDF ok and make sure you save the video you can leave the same or
create your own and then step 7 okay so step 7
this is actually my Facebook group this is cash flow hackers and I connect this
to if they click here they connect to my passive income community cash flow
hackers and set action is go to the website cashflow hackers calm alright
it’s a Facebook group if you do not have a Facebook group you can send people to
here we go I’ll show you to click funnels Avengers
group so there’s a bunch of people in there but this is the affiliate page for
click files okay so it’s click funnels Avengers that’s click funnels affiliates
a lot of useful info in here so you always send people here if you don’t
have your own group if you do have your own group I highly encourage you to use
that here instead so you can send people to your own group and you can constantly
be marketing to them and then again you just go to settings and whatever group
you want to send them to you put that link in here ultimately and then you
would change the headline and change this for whatever you wanted to say okay
then you scroll down to this bonus part and you don’t have to do anything here
just leave this all the same and leave the video the same and then but then you
do want to come down here where it says start your 14-day free trial and you
want to put your click funnels affiliate link again for the 14-day trial so you
click the settings set action boom put your free trial in there and then save
and you just customize this this funnel for you ok now I will see you in the
next video to go over more more steps of the passive income affiliate tray

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